Last update: 2010-02-23

#56 - Laura Wilkinson

2010-02-23 :: Gabe Taviano, Lee Love and Kary Oberbrunner Length: 29s
Laura Wilkinson created one of the most memorable Olympic moments. God's using Laura today through speaking, involvement in the U.S. Diving Program, and building a world-class training facility. Hear how technology supports the platform she's been given.…

#55 - God's Mac 2.0

2010-02-16 :: Gabe Taviano, Lee Love and Kary Oberbrunner Length: 12s
We welcome you to the new, shorter podcast format and improved website at! We've taken some time to re-focus the mission of the podcast, and believe that it will be a service that you'll get much more out of. Thanks for listening!…

#54 - Brandon Riley

2009-09-22 :: Gabe Taviano, Lee Love and Kary Oberbrunner Length: 1s
Brandon Riley shares how God is using his creative talents in Sugar Land, Texas. Gabe and Lee jump into discussion on both old and new technologies, and Kary Oberbrunner joins Gabe as they discuss many misconceptions that the church has regarding women.…

#53 - Michael Hyatt

2009-05-06 :: Gabe Taviano, Lee Love and Kary Oberbrunner Length: 1s
Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson, joins us this week and discusses an array of subjects, including social media, blogging, and publishing. Gabe and Lee dialogue on tech, while Kary Oberbrunner joins us for a discussion on free will and predestination.…

#52 - The Sticks Conference and Charles Hill

2009-03-15 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
Charles Hill joins us this week and discusses The Sticks conference and his move from Ohio to Salt Lake City, Utah. We review online video with, the Safari 4 browser, and urge our listening audience to follow Lee on Twitter!…

#51 - BibleTech Conference

2009-02-20 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
J.D. Elgin, with BibleTech Conference, joins us this week. Join us in Seattle on March 27-28th for the conference! Gabe will be speaking there. Final Draft AV and TweetDeck reviews, and a discussion on the future of Christian conferences and their focus.…

#50 - Sam Soffes

2009-01-29 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
Sam Soffes, developer, has been instrumental in the development of the online Bible and iPhone application. We review the BlacX hard-drive dock, some nice WordPress plugins, and conclude by discussing the economic crisis.…

Christmas Episode - Logos Bible Software

2008-12-24 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 40s
Merry Christmas from God's Mac! We're excited to partner and interview Logos Bible Software. They are extending a 25% discount on their Bible study software. Call Logos at 1-800-875-6467 or use the coupon code "GODSMAC" when ordering online at…

#49 - Travis Cottrell

2008-12-08 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 56s
Enjoy the fun interview with singer and worship leader Travis Cottrell! This week we share ways you can have fun using Terminal on the Mac, review Google and Facebook social networking, and conclude with a discussion on our culture and Christmas.…

#48 - Kary Oberbrunner

2008-11-28 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
Kary Oberbrunner joins us and discusses his newest book, The Fine Line. We take a look at some of the new and more powerful iPhone applications and conclude by discussing how Christianity is more than just a religion, it's a relationship!…

#47 - Brent Spore

2008-11-10 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
Brent joins us and discussed the world of a web designer and reviews how the church is doing with technology. Be sure to check out! We also review SonicFire Pro and the new MacBook, and conclude with a review of the election.…

#46 - Bart Lewis

2008-09-11 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
Bart Lewis shares his call to speak to both youth, their pastors and their parents. Join the new God's Mac Prayer Group! A look at podcasting hardware. A look at when a poser takes it a step further, not realizing he / she is betraying Christ.…

#45 - Aaron Marshall and iPods4Africa

2008-08-07 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
We are partnering with our guest, Aaron Marshall, to challenge our listeners to give at least 20 iPods to educate teachers and leaders in Africa. We also discuss how to record and edit a podcast, and take a look into the life of a Christian poser.…

#44 - Erwin McManus

2008-07-25 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
Erwin McManus, pastor of Mosaic Church in Los Angeles, California joins us this week. Reviews and suggestions on various iPhone applications. We conclude by talking with Bart Lewis about today's youth and their relationship with youth leaders and parents.…

#43 - Eric Granata

2008-07-13 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
Entrepreneur and web designer Eric Granata join us this week. A preview of what is to come in the next tutorial series, and a few website and software reviews. An interesting spiritual comparison with "Tar Babies" from the familiar Br'er Rabbit story.…

#42 - Matthew Paul Turner

2008-05-07 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
Author and speaker, Matthew Paul Turner, joins us this week. Be sure to download a free chapter of his latest book on our site! We focus on the installation process for the Joomla content management system, concluding with a study on "Fighting For Peace".…

#41 - Renee Swope

2008-04-23 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
Renee Swope, from Proverbs 31 Ministries, join us and discusses how God is working through her and the staff to impact the lives of women. We begin our discussion on using a content management system for websites, and why leaving a legacy is important.…

#40 - Rhett & Link

2008-04-02 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
The hilarious duo from join us this week. We surprise a longtime listener from Australia with a phone call and discuss RAW photos. To wrap things up, RevTim joins Gabe and they discuss how to be "Live Today With an Eternal Perspective".…

#39 - Fred McKinnon

2008-03-19 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
A great interview with Fred McKinnon, worship leader at St. Simons Community Church in Georgia and entrepreneur with Session two in our technology segment on Better Photography. We close by discussing how to live in the moment.…

#38 - Christian George

2008-02-18 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
Christian joins us and discusses his newest book, Sex, Sushi & Salvation. Lee kicks off our first technology series by looking at the basics of better photography. Gabe concludes by sharing about his commitment to observing Lent and focusing on the cross.…

#37 - Nick Hamm

2008-01-30 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
U.S. soldier, Apple employee and God's Mac listener, Nick Hamm, join us this week and gives us an inside look at life in Iraq! We review Fluid, the new site specific browser app for the Mac. This week we also conclude our discussion on the joy of giving.…

#36 - Angela Hunt

2008-01-17 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
Angela Hunt joins us this week to discuss the most recent of the over 100 books she has authored, as well as her recent switch to the Mac. This week we review the news coming out of the MacWorld Expo and wrap things up with a look at the joy of giving.…

#35 - Rob Greenlee

2007-12-20 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
Rob Greenlee, Microsoft's Zune Podcasting Lead, shares about Microsoft's Zune and podcasting community. A review of the Nikon D3 camera, Remote Buddy and Digital Lifestyle TV. In conclusion, we discuss Christmas being referred to as a happy holiday.…

#34 - Mac OS Ken

2007-12-01 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
Ken Ray, from Mac OS Ken, joins us this week and discusses a wide range of tech topics. Apple has approved the God's Mac web app for the iPhone. We also review how much we've been blessed and look at opportunities we have of being a blessing to others.…

#33 - Collide Magazine

2007-10-31 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
Scott McLellan, editor of Collide Magazine, joins us this week and shares how the magazine and staff have come together recently. God's Mac is now on Facebook! A review of the Leopard OS launch and a look at the SuperDuper backup software are included!…

#32 -

2007-10-15 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
Aaron Conrad, from joins us and shares how he and friends are reaching the world for Christ through the use of blog networking. Gabe has enjoyed being a part of the AC180 team - you'll never think of blogging the same after you hear this!…

#31 -

2007-09-09 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
An interesting review on the iPod product line and on Lee's iPhone., the excellent hosting provider of our site and podcast, joins us this week to discuss their great service they do. Do we really believe that God designed us to need rest?…

#30 - Mark Graalman

2007-08-10 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 58s
We jump in on the excitement of the new, powerful, aluminum iMac! Mark Graalman, the only band member of Sanctus Real still using a computer from that other company, hangs out with us and discusses a point in his life that was very challenging.…

#29 - Chris Rohman

2007-06-24 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
The iPhone hype is at its peak and we bring you news a week out from launch. Chris Rohman, a guitarist with Sanctus Real, joins us this week to discuss his long-time love for all things Macintosh. Come hear a unique story about defeating sin.…

#28 - Stanley Leary

2007-06-07 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
Photography is of growing interest these days, but how does God want this specific talent and medium to be used? Stanley brings tremendous insight into using the equipment God has blessed Him with to capture moments in a way that will inspire us all.…

#27 - KJ 52

2007-05-25 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
New father and recent winner of two Dove awards, KJ 52, joins us and opens our eyes to the world of Christian rap. KJ stands strong after the world has tried to hold him back, and has come out on top once again with his latest album, The Yearbook.…

#26 - This Beautiful Republic

2007-05-02 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
The new site is live! This Beautiful Republic joins us as they head out on their first big tour. They are now in the top 10 list of Christian albums on iTunes! Listener Martha shares how the God's Mac community helped her win a contest!…

#25 - Ara Derderian

2007-04-17 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
Welcome to our Silver Anniversary week on the podcast! In this week's technology segment we cover the new Mac Pro, a useful spam filter, and coloring your folders on the Mac. Ara Derderian from the HDTV podcast at joins us this week.…

#24 - Nick Champlin

2007-04-06 :: Gabe Taviano and Lee Love Length: 1s
Apple gives the Mac Pro a boost. An encouraging week on the forum. Our weekly contest is back with a unique twist! Nick Champlin gives us an interesting view on the resurrection of Christ as we celebrate His death, burial and resurrection this weekend!…

#23 - Lee Love

2007-03-28 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 1s
Christian Musician Radio is a unique mix of nationally known and up and coming independent Christian artists. Christian Musician Radio is a community of musicians and music lovers who are dedicated to sharing the Gospel around the world.…

#22 - Eugene Ware

2007-02-16 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 55s
Eugene's great experience and bright future with video over the web and into your living room will inspire you. Come hear what God is doing in Australia and across the globe in some of the newest technologies. Eugene also discusses his new video podcast.…

#21 - Emery Wang

2007-01-24 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 1s
Emery claims to have been a Christian in the past, and attempts to define how he has since separated himself from God. Did Emery lose his religion or his relationship? Was the relationship ever there, or is it possibly still quietly there today?…

#20 - Gary

2007-01-19 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 1s
Gary joins us for his first week as the co-host on the podcast! We're excited about the future of the podcast and added value that Gary will bring to God's Mac. We discuss many of the new improvements that we are building into version two of the website.…

#19 - GateSeven Media Group

2007-01-11 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 59s
Andrew, with GateSeven Media Group, shares how God is using their staff to assist ministries and businesses with web design and services at the same time. This week we focus on how easily idolatry is taking hold in our lives, and ways to guard our faith.…

#18 - A Christian and An Atheist

2007-01-04 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 1s
You will hear agreement and disagreement from both sides as we cover issues of morality, parenthood, adultery, homosexuality, intelligence, etc. We are not looking to prove an answer right away, but to come to a better understanding with time.…

#17 - Chris Christensen

2006-12-28 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 53s
Chris Christensen informs us of his two podcasts from Silicon Valley. A study on the Pope's Christmas message on worshiping God and not technology. The poem and wallpaper downloads this week focus on the topic of worship as well. Have a safe New Year!…

#16 - Livi and Ava Taviano

2006-12-21 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 40s
My two oldest daughters join us this week and share a look at Christmas from a kid's point of view. Come hear how they have prepared to celebrate the birth of Christ! They have an exciting review on a movie, some great tips on gift and activity ideas.…

#15 - Roger and Angi Courville

2006-12-14 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 55s
Roger and Angi Courville share how If God could save that train wreck then maybe there’s hope for me. Sylvester Stallone shares the power of Christ inside of the new Rocky Balboa movie. A study how, as Christians, we have to have the Eye of the Tiger.…

#14 - Peter Fokos

2006-12-07 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 55s
Peter and Digital Praise have created excellent Christian computer games and dance pads. Everyone on the podcast gets a free snowglobe! Our study this week is on not living a legalistic life of faith, but one with a focus on love.…

#13 - Steve Hewitt

2006-11-30 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 57s
Steve Hewitt of Christian Computing Magazine shares some great insight on utilizing technology as a ministry tool. Come hear how some engineers rescued my family this week! Our study this week is on effectively reaching our circle of influence.…

#12 - Grits

2006-11-22 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 44s
Grits joins us on release day of their new album, Redemption, and gives us an update on the future of the rap duo and the need to take this genre to the next level. What would your life look like in high definition? Come join us for some soul TiVo!…

#11 - DecembeRadio

2006-11-16 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 53s
DecembeRadio brings their old-school rock to the podcast and even two free gifts for lucky listeners! The atheists seem like they want to hear from us this week, so we're giving poetry a shot in response!…

#10 - Cal Lehman

2006-11-09 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 1s
Cal Lehman from joins us and shares his testimony of converting from a Jehovah's Witness to Christianity. Maybe you can help us take care of the internet issue with our iMac?…

#9 - Gabe Taviano

2006-11-02 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 33s
God's Mac t-shirts are available on! Updates on browsers, laptops and mp3 players. I give you a better understanding of my past and how the podcast was started. We contemplate whether to serve or be served?…

#8 - Marla Taviano

2006-10-18 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 31s
Red and rotten Apples all in one week? My wife, Marla Taviano, takes over the podcast! We discuss her book and how many couples are deceived about marriage.…

#7 - Rod Robison

2006-10-11 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 53s
Rod Robison, from, joins the podcast and informs us of the deception found in illusions and magic, the contests continue to roll, and we start our series on Fake Identities.…

#6 - Jamar Butler

2006-10-05 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 34s
David Crowder gives us a new contest! A college hoops preview with Ohio State's point guard - Jamar Butler, and a look at being an unselfish athlete in the spotlight. We learn to appreciate the example Christ gives us of relying on God's will.…

#5 - Red

2006-09-28 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 56s
Adam Christianson from the MacCast and the new Christian rock band Red hang out with us this week. Our favorite podcast and rock band together - this can't be true? We wrap it up with a study on true humility.…

#4 - Starving Jesus

2006-09-21 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 1s
Debut contest and a good variety of tunes. Great interview with J.R. Mahon of and and a new study on Theologically Driven Ministry with Reid Monaghan from…

#3 - Buzzplant

2006-09-14 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 44s
Updates on iTunes, iPod and iTV. A great chat with, and a study on how to impact the world.…

#2 - Jason Holdridge

2006-09-02 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 48s
We discuss how you can interact with us via the new website. A great interview with Jason Holdridge, who has just released an exciting album available online. The episode concludes with an important study on being a father to daughters in today's society.…

#1 - 1280music

2006-08-25 :: Gabe Taviano Length: 1s
We're finally live! Review of WWDC, Time Machine, Web Clip. Interview with 1280music from Nashville, TN. Realizing that technology is a tool and not an idol. My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-55c47974fb9a8d7827609f48c8abe9cb}…

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