Last update: 2015-04-04

Inversion Mask Trick in Photoshop

2015-04-04 Length: 5s

Masking can be a time consuming process, depending on how intricate the object is that you're trying to mask. With a little ingenuity, and a little cheating, you can invert the object and use the inversion as a mask. You can use levels for contrast, helping to to refine your mask, but the results are great. It does take a little trial and error at first, but it can save you from having to mask each and every little object.

Your Design Business and Partnerships

2015-03-28 Length: 9s

Many of us like to work alone. We think that working by ourselves means that we'll rake in more revenue, because we don't have to share it with anyone else. This is a common misconception with graphic designers and web designers. You can actually get more work done and make more money by focusing on your strengths and your partner's strengths, instead of trying to figure out how to handle it all by yourself. In this episode, I'll cover finding the right partner, and what to look for when partnering with other designers or service providers. There are a lot of benefits to patnering with other designers, which will help your graphic design business to be more successful, with less effort.

Tracking User Actions Using Heat Maps

2015-03-21 Length: 6s

Despite all of our expertise, sometimes it can be hard to judge why you're not getting the results you're expecting. heat map are a great way to gain vital insight into how people are using your website. See where people are clicking and where they aren't clicking. In this episode, you'll see a live example of a heat map on my own website. You'll see where users are clicking the most, and other parts that are being ignored.

Offering Additional Services to Boost Revenue

2015-03-14 Length: 7s

In this episode, I cover how you can offer additional services to boost revenue. It is important to diversify your income, so that when one aspect of your business slows down, you have steady revenue to keep you going. I talk about using the right tools, like Hootsuite to help you manage those accounts. You can grow their social media following, driving traffic to their business. This can be a great way to supplement your income, while adding extra value to your services.

Using WordPress to Streamline Your Business

2015-03-07 Length: 12s

In this episode, I discus using WordPress themes to build landing pages to drive traffic to your businesses. I discus the best WordPress themes to use for building small websites that save you time and help with productivity. I discuss one WordPress theme service in particular, called Elegant Themes, who offer 87 WordPress themes for a low price. I also walk through using their drag and drop page builder to create your own custom landing pages in minutes. Their Divi WordPress theme is a great marketing tool, because it allows you to create custom page layouts in minutes, without know how to code. If you do know how to code, you can customize Divi even further, giving you even more control over to look of your websites.

A Low Cost ALternative to Photoshop

2015-02-28 Length: 8s

Photoshop has long been the tool of choice for graphic designers and web designers. It has all the tools you need for creating graphics for print and the web. However, Adobe switched to a subscription service, which is very expensive, so many companies are building alternatives to Adobe's software to save designers money. The problem in the past was that many alternatives were poor quality and weren't in the same league as Adobe. Serif is a rival company that is creating competitive software to Adobe's. One is Affinity Photo, which rivals Photoshop. In this episode, I review Affinity Photo and all of its features.

Sharpening Images in Lab Color Mode

2015-02-14 Length: 3s

Learn how to sharpen images using the LAB color mode in Photoshop. The way the channels are set up in LAB mode enable you to sharpen the lightness channel without affecting the color information. This gives you much better sharpenign and enables you to avoid discoloration in your images.

Introduction to LAB Mode in Photoshop

2015-02-07 Length: 5s

Learn about the LAB color mode, what it is, and why it is different from RGB and CMYK. This color mode will enable you to control color and edit your images in ways you've never imagined. LAB is made up of the Lightness channel, as well and the alpha and beta channels, which contain the actual color information. I'll walk you through the LAB color mode in Photoshop in this tutorial.

Create An Animated GIF in Photoshop

2015-01-31 Length: 6s

In this tutorial video, I'll show you how to create an animated GIF in Photoshop. An animated GIF is lightweight, and can loop infinitely. You can create an animated GIF in Photoshop using 2 images, or a video file. It may not be straightforward on how to create one, but this tutorial will show you exactly how to do it. By the end of the tutorial, you should be able to create your own animated Gifs with Photoshop.

Creating Emphasis in Photoshop

2015-01-24 Length: 9s

In this episode of graphic design and Web design success, I show you how to create a dramatic black and white effect, with a splash of color. I also add a little field blur to the background and show yu how to use Smart Filters in Photoshop to keep everything editable. I also talk about the concept of emphasis in graphic design. I show you how to use emphasis to draw extra attention to design elements and parts of an image.

Appearance Panel Tricks in Illustrator

2015-01-17 Length: 4s

See how you can apply multiple strokes to text and objects in Adobe Illustrator. The Appearance Panel is the key to controlling these attributes. You can layer stroke effects with a little know-how. In this tutorial, I'll show you step by step how to apply multiple strokes to text using the Appearance Panel.

Promoting Yourself and Your Design Business

2015-01-10 Length: 9s

Pick up valuable tips for promoting your web design and graphic design business. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out, or you've been around for a while. Everyone needs to promote their business or their services. Also, you can get your name out there and land a good job, if you show your work in the right places. In this episode of the Graphic Design & Web Design Success Podcast, I'll discuss various places you can go to get listed and upload your work. These sources will generate leads and get your work in front of the paying clients that are looking for it. If you want a more in-depth guide and even more sources (a lot more) visit

Essential Tips For Professional Landing Pages

2015-01-03 Length: 12s

In this episode of the Graphic design and web design podcast, I'll show you the essential parts of a highly effective landing page. Your landing pages are the real money makers for your website, so it is important that they are optimized for conversions. I mention the design elements that go into a professional landing page. We'll also discuss the graphic design principles, such as organizing content into easily digestible chunks, that go into a great landing page. I'll also show you several of my own examples from landing pages that I've built. If you want to know more, go to

Export SVG From Adobe Illustrator Files

2014-12-27 Length: 4s

Learn how to export SVG files in Adove Illustrator. You can export logos and graphic files from your design projects as SVG files. SVG files are essential for the web, because they create crisp, scalable vector graphics hat are rendered in most browsers. I'll show you how to export SVG files from Illustrator in this tutorial. You'll see how to adjust the settings to get the best SVG files.

Photoshop Time Saving Tips

2014-12-20 Length: 10s

In this Photoshop tutorial, I'll teach you ways of working quicker and more efficiently inside of Photoshop. You'll learn shortcuts, hidden menus, and a lot of extra information to make you faster in Photoshop. These tips are powerful productivity enhancers that I use every day. Imagine skipping the task of sifting through menus, and doing what you want with just a keystroke. In this episode, I'll show you those exact Photoshop techniques.

Blend Objects in Steps in Illustrator (Cool Trick!)

2014-12-13 Length: 4s

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to blend 2 shapes in Illustrator. You'll have total control over the utcome. I'll show you settings in Adobe Illustrator that will enable you to blend shapes in steps, allowing you to make transitional copies of objects. Also, You'll learn how to alter the path in which the objects flow. You can blend it, flex it, and the changes you make to the path afffects the outcome of the blended shapes in real time.

Making Selections in Photoshop

2014-12-10 Length: 9s

Learn how to make tough selection in Photoshop the easy way. Don't spend a lot of time making tough selections in Photoshop. In this tutorial, I show you great tips for easily making selections in Photoshop. You can select tough objects like hair and fur in seconds.

Buy Hosting, Install Wordpress, and Install a theme in under 9 minutes!

2014-12-10 Length: 8s

I walk you step by step through buying website hosting from a company like Bluehost. Then I show you how to install Wordpress on that webhost. Then, I show you how to install your own Wordpress theme. You can do all of this in less than 10 minutes. You could do it on your lunch break at work. Watch this episode to see how to set up your WordPress site step by step.

Intro: Hello Graphic Designers & Web Designers

2014-12-10 Length: 1s

In this episode I briefly welcome designers and let them know about my podcast. I talk about my background as a professional graphic designer.

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