Last update: 2015-03-20

Shower thoughts…texting in yo face and talking during movies…

2015-03-20 :: David Simonsen

We are back with shower thoughts from reddit…David shares how being in your face to family members doesn’t turn out well…Is it okay to talk during a movie? David thinks so and we talk about adoption…

Starbuck…questions and the dress

2015-03-05 :: David Simonsen

Hey we are back. We talk about a variety of things. Of course everyone knows about the dress. What color did you think it was. Jordan gets to know me a bit more and I share about a Starbucks experience I had.


Fathers are important

2015-01-29 :: David Simonsen

Hi there, first off thank you for keeping up with us. Life has been getting in the way of regular podcasting. We have been on vacations as well as talking to some production people about a potential show (exciting). So listen in as we talk about a pedophile, being psychic and fathers and daughter.



5 reasons that lead to divorce

2015-01-02 :: David Simonsen

I wrote an article that had tons of views. 

People care about divorce and relationships. They want to avoid divorce at all costs. Listen in and let us know what you think!

Merrry Christmas…Happy New Year and all that stuff…

2014-12-29 :: David Simonsen

Hey it’s been a great year. I’m not just saying that as a cliché. It has been great and I hope it has been for you. We thank you the listeners as well as give some tips on how to find a therapist in case your year hasn’t been so great and you need to talk to someone. Go into the New Year with a new perspective and it could change your life!

What is Spiritual Abuse?

2014-12-11 :: David Simonsen

We recently did a pod on legalism. Spiritual abuse often goes hand in hand with legalism. We talk about things that lead to this abuse and how to possibly take care of yourself.


Suicide and the Bible

2014-12-04 :: David Simonsen

There was a young woman in Oregon who killed herself with the help of a doctor. There was an uproar from the religious community about it. This woman had a terminal illness and made the choice sooner than most people think she should have. We talk to a pastor about this decision and how a person of faith should approach it.



2014-11-26 :: David Simonsen

We talk about the Ferguson decision. Now remember we are 3 white guys. We weren’t there…we don’t live there…and we have opinions like everyone else… Hopefully you like use can openly have good conversations about this very relevant topic.

Legalism and the church

2014-11-20 :: David Simonsen

Don’t do this, don’t do that. It seems too many times that people are turned off by church because of rules. We talk about legalism and our experience with it.


Consistency and random thoughts

2014-11-06 :: David Simonsen

Most podcasts won’t give you a behind the scenes look at how they put their show together. Since we are of the people we don’t mind letting you see what goes on behind the microphone. In this episode we try out our minute to spin it idea, have many random thoughts and then end up talking about the importance of consistency. Along the way you see how producing works. Enjoy and comment.


Do video games cause violent behaviors in kids?

2014-10-29 :: David Simonsen

Recently there was another school shooting in the Pacific Northwest. Several astute Facebook posters proclaimed that violent video games are one of the big causes of violence in these school shootings. Surprise, surprise we disagree. Listen in and chime in with your opinion.  


Being a Manly man

2014-10-23 :: David Simonsen

What does it mean to be man? Does it mean we must be the befuddled father? The butt of jokes or can we actually be compassionate, thoughtful and wise. We talk about this, hunting, eating testicles and writing poetry.


We know what Mark should do

2014-10-01 :: David Simonsen

Several weeks ago the Mars Hill lead pastor stepped down for about 6 weeks. Well, 6 weeks is about up. In case Mr. Driscoll doesn’t know what to do we have some thoughts about it. We love giving free advice and this is no exception. What are your thoughts?

Domestic violence gives the NFL a concussion

2014-09-18 :: David Simonsen

The NFL is overrun with controversy right now. It all seems to involve various forms of domestic violence. We talked about it today. What is the standard? If you do it should you be fired, suspended, put in jail, fined…let us know what you think. Perhaps cover girl needs to rethink their relationship with the NFL…





Head Shrinking : Ben Solenberger

2014-08-28 :: David Simonsen

We had the opportunity to interview Ben Solenberger. He loves Pringles and likes to talk about deep things. I felt a bit awkward in this pod because Dan and Ben seemed to be having a Bro moment I wasn’t included in. Listen in…


What’s up with Mars Hill?

2014-08-06 :: David Simonsen

There have been many rumblings in the church of Mars Hill in Seattle. What is this all about? Bloggers have written about it as well as local Seattle news papers. Listen and give us your thoughts on what is going on…

The Importance of Fatherhood

2014-07-10 :: David Simonsen

Guess what???? Dan had a baby…well his wife did. He has now embarked on a whole new world of no sleep, dirty diapers and cleaning bottles. At least that’s what you hear fatherhood is about. We talk about what fatherhood is REALLY about.


Did your parent ever do this?

2014-06-05 :: David Simonsen

Hey there we are back. I was gone on vacation and Dan was twiddling his thumbs. We discuss things that parents do thinking they are good parenting skills. Really they are cognitive distortions which tend to be poor parenting skills. Feel free to add what you think your parents did wrong.

Head Shrinking: Sachin Sahel

2014-05-08 :: David Simonsen

This guy is quite the funny man. He can be seen on the current hit show “The 100″ He has also been in several other shows throughout the years. Listen in and laugh. He is originally Canadian, but we can forgive him for this.





Breaking up is hard to do…

2014-05-01 :: David Simonsen

So you meet with a therapist for a long time. You tell them all your deep dark secrets and then poof it ends. What do you do? What does the therapist do? We talk about this today. We also talk about some very interesting news stories. Enjoy!



Dan the Jew gets interviewed by the Goyims Pt. 1

2013-06-29 :: David Simonsen
We get the great opportunity to interview Dan. He is From Israel and heads up the ministry there. I learned some things I didn’t know before and I felt picked on. I felt awesome…enjoy… [...]…

This ain’t no fake actress, she’s for reals yo…

2013-06-26 :: David Simonsen
We got a chance to catch up with Hallie Jordan.  She gives some insight into what she does and what living the dream in Hollywood is like. [...]…

it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Jesus

2013-06-19 :: David Simonsen
We are back! the studio is all put back together and looks great. We went and broed it up at the Superman movie. We give our opinions and Dan gets really rude about me.   [...]…

Disneyland is the fakiest place on earth

2013-06-13 :: David Simonsen
I love Disneyland. Dan doesn’t seem to understand why. I debrief about a recent trip I took there. While it is the happiest place on earth, we all know it’s fake happiness. That’s okay right?? [...]…

You ask we still answer

2013-06-06 :: David Simonsen
We were stood up by an interviewee (jerk). Yet, just to show how versatile we are, we took some listeners questions and answered them. Hope you enjoy. Please remember to share with your friends or like on facebook etc…etc… [...]…

It’s all about the Bromance

2013-06-02 :: David Simonsen
Dan is into the Bromance. He discusses it in almost too much detail. Relationships are important, Dan may just make it a bit creepy though…  [...]…

I’m wayyyy more tolerant than you Pt. 2

2013-05-27 :: David Simonsen
Here is # 2 coming at you. Hey, if you like what we do, would you be willing to SHARE with one other person? We are trying to get the word out about our podcast. If you do and have proof we will pay you in Cheetohs. [...]…

I’m wayyyy more tolerant than you Pt. 1

2013-05-20 :: David Simonsen
This whole tolerance thing has gotten out of hand it seems. If you don’t agree with someone then they hate you which is in itself is intolerant. If you like the “right thing” at the moment you are gladly accepted. We talk about how if people were simply civil to one another there wouldn’t be so much vitriol in the world. [...]…

Don’t go number 1 next to me please

2013-05-13 :: David Simonsen
We talk about a recent case in the court system related to shy bladder syndrome. David gets personal and describes how he may have an actual disability. [...]…

Did you just roll your eyes at me???

2013-05-07 :: David Simonsen
I have 6 kids and Dan has no kids. Yet, Dan brings a great question to the table. Do you parent in public or in your home. Why or why not??? [...]…

Whats the 4-1-1 yo.

2013-05-01 :: David Simonsen
We interviewed Michelle. She has written several books on relationships. If this interview was boring we apologize we will do better. [...]…

I’m such a D and you are definitely a C

2013-04-28 :: David Simonsen
Today we talked with Angel Tucker. She is a mother, wife and a DISC personality profiler. She attempted to tell me what I am. No one will put me in a box! It seems I might just be a big ‘ol D. [...]…

Terrorism is a mental health disorder

2013-04-24 :: David Simonsen
It’s been about a week and a half since the Boston bombing. Dan and I sit down to talk about our thoughts and observations related to all the news stories. We did this podcast prior to the suspects being caught.   [...]…

ALL you need is an EXPERT by your side

2013-04-22 :: David Simonsen
Today we interviewed Drea Bauer. She is an online dating expert. She seems to know a lot about a lot and has done a lot of a lot. At the beginning of this interview we had technical difficulties so Dan and I had to share one mic. Hope you enjoy. I think we will be having Drea back for more conversations about feminism. [...]…

If you LOVE me, you’ll SHARE your password

2013-04-18 :: David Simonsen
We talk about Facebook and privacy. We also talk about sharing a password with your significant other. I think you should, Dan doesn’t agree…what a loser… [...]…

WE are the REAL psychic friends network…

2013-04-14 :: David Simonsen
Let’s be straight, we believe in the supernatural. So when we had the opportunity to talk to someone who talks to angels we couldn’t pass that up. I can’t say we totally agreed with him, but we did have a pleasant conversation and did find some common ground in the end. Do you think Psychic’s are the real deal? [...]…


2013-04-11 :: David Simonsen

You ask We answer…

2013-04-08 :: David Simonsen
As therapist we are often asked a variety of different questions related to relationships. Dan and I sometimes see eye to eye and other times don’t agree at all. Take a listen to our first Q & A segment. If you have a question send it our way and we may answer it on the air. [...]…

Jesus loves GOOGLE

2013-04-04 :: David Simonsen

Starbucks promotes gay marriage or did they?

2013-04-01 :: David Simonsen
Recently the webs was all a flutter with a Starbucks shareholder being rebuked by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. We weigh in on this while also talking about Charlie Sheen and Jim Carey. Enjoy!! [...]…

He gained HOW MUCH weight??

2013-03-27 :: David Simonsen
Have you ever figured out how much weight you gain on vacation? Dan has figured it out and it is AMAZING. We also need a problem solved. Dan thinks he came out the winner at the Casino over his wife. Please give your opinion. We also consider the idea of charging people more if they have a larger girth when they fly. [...]…

Is your smartphone making you dumb? #2

2013-03-21 :: David Simonsen
We love technology, but the tradeoff is that it makes us more connected. This seems to cause more problems than it’s worth. [...]…

Listen to this first #1

2013-03-14 :: David Simonsen
Hi there, we are David and Dan. We have opinions about things. We make each other laugh, so hopefully you will laugh with us not at us…well I suppose you can laugh at us if you like. …

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