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Lesson 112 - Boating

Leah and Benny meet during their coffee break to plan the team-building retreat. Benny is planning boating activities on the Jordan River, but Leah wants to make sure that the activities are safe for all the employees.…

Lesson 111 - Camping

Leah and Benny are organizing a team-building retreat for the employees of their department. They like the idea of camping and they are working out the details.…

Lesson 110 - Fashion Week

Yael has tickets and she's inviting Uri to the fashion week in Tel Aviv. Although they have different taste in clothes, they're both excited to see the new fashion for the upcoming season. They're part of a big crowd of fashion enthusiasts, so parking is going to be a problem.…

Lesson 109 - Yad Sarah

Udi called his neighbor Nily and asked her for help. His guest fell and hurt his leg, and he needed her professional help as a nurse. Nily helped him and calmed him down with practical and moral support.…

Lesson 108 - A Ride for a Soldier

Yossi gave Gali a ride. She's an army soldier traveling home on a short leave. Their conversation brought back old memories of Yossi's own army service.…

Lesson 107 - A Golan Winery

Sarit and Arie go on family trips together. Last time it was Sarit who planned the outing to the Marzipan Museum, and this time it's Arie's turn. He's planning a trip to the wineries of the Golan Heights.…

Lesson 106 - The Marzipan Museum

Sarit and Arie go on family trips. They take turns planning the outings and this time it's Sarit's turn. She's excited to plan a trip to the Marzipan Museum, but before Arie embarks on the trip he wants to make sure that she took care of all the little details.…

Lesson 105 - Beit Hatfutsot

Tami is making a family tree as a present for her grandmother's 90th birthday. She is asking her father, Yoram, to accompany her to Beit Hatfutsot to research her family roots. She is hoping to find new relatives to add to their family tree.…

Lesson 104 - The Windmill

Noa and Danny own a Judaica store in Jerusalem. Noa wants to attend the re-opening of the restored Montefiore Windmill. Danny is worried about the store's declining sales but gets excited about the prospects of benefiting from the windmill re-opening.…

Lesson 103 - Natural Disasters

Batya is surprised by the amount of rain this summer. She calls Moti early in the morning to discuss it with him but soon realizes that she needs to lift his mood.…

Lesson 102 - ATM

Amnon and Ilana become hungry while shopping. They need to withdraw money from an ATM because they don't have small bills. Amnon discovers that Ilana has a fear of ATMs and he steps up to help her overcome these fears.…

Lesson 098 - Taxes

Eli had a sleepless night being anxious about filing his annual tax return. His wife, Daphna, reassures him and offers to help.…

Lesson 003 - School

In this beginner-level lesson we'll meet Noa again and talk with her about her school. We'll learn some new vocabulary related to school and we'll touch on the subject of counting and ordinal numbers.…

Lesson 003A - EASY - Prelude to Lesson 3

This special lesson is designed to prepare you for the dialog in lesson 3 by teaching the vocabulary that's needed for that lesson. This lesson should therefore make studying lesson 3 easier and more enjoyable.…

Lesson 002 - Alphabet

In this beginner-level lesson we'll learn the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. We'll say the name of each letter and hear a word or two that begin with that letter. We'll then discuss pronunciation.…

Lesson 001 - Introduction

Welcome to the first lesson of Hebrew Podcasts. In this beginner-level lesson we'll meet Rina. She'll help us practice some greetings such as saying hello and "how are you?" Rina will tell us about her school and her favorite teacher. Through the dialog with Rina you'll learn some new words.…

Lesson 001A - EASY - Prelude to Lesson 1

If you are just starting to learn Hebrew and find that our lesson 1 goes too fast, then this easy-level lesson is for you. It's designed to prepare you for lesson 1 by covering the basic vocabulary that you'll need in that lesson.…

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