Last update: 2015-07-20

Episode 16 - Tim Mathis on the Slow Death of Comedy

2015-07-20 Length: 50s

We live in a world where lefty comedians play it safe while feigning edginess. When someone actually does something edgy, the culprit is crushed by a circle-jerking dogpile of white knight self-righteousness. Houston stand-up comedian Tim Mathis recognizes this just as I do. Amy Schumer is the latest example. Last Sunday, we had a long conversation about it. 

Episode 15 - SA - Dumping on Trump

2015-07-09 Length: 32s

Let's not make the mistake of thinking that the Donald is any more than an opportunistic rich guy who is screwing around with American politics out of pure boredom. He also has donated tons of money to Democrats, like a true a 1%er. Why do conservatives get attached to ridiculous characters like Trump, Palin, and Ted Nugent? Why can't we keep our eye on the ball? Is it a coincidence that Trump's surname rhymes with a synonym for defication?

Episode 14 - Special Assignment - The Implications of Confederate Flag Gate

2015-06-28 Length: 29s

The Confederate flag is a far more popular topic in the news this week than was the slaughter that took place two weeks ago in Charelston. While the Confederate flag is lame and in bad taste for a US state to fly over its capital, it's important that we don't create an emotionally-fueled culture that holds individuals to that same standard. Rush Limbaugh is wrong: They're not coming for the American flag next. But there could some slippery slopes to navigate down the road if we don't watch ourselves.

Episode 13 - CULTURE WARRIORS - The Obligatory Rachel Dolezal Show

2015-06-19 Length: 1s

You KNEW that we were going to talk about this. The idea that a white person can change their race just because they feel like it is hogwash. Rachel Dolezal is not biologically black. End of story.

Episode 12 - Special Assignment - The Creator of Rand W. Obama and Other Delightful Facebook Farces

2015-06-10 Length: 58s

One of the few Facebook communities that reflects the spirit of this podcast and its hosts is that of Rand W. Obama. This collection of memes lampoons Republicans and Democrats for their hawkish ways. It also mocks the happy hoardes willing to put these kinds of hypocrites in power. I smell a recurring guest in this gentleman. Well done!

Episode 11 - CULTURE WARRIORS: Mike Huckabee's Transexual Fantasies

2015-06-06 Length: 57s

Devin and I reunite after a month break to discuss Mad Max, Mike Huckabee and other facets of our doomed society.

Episode 10 - Who Killed Roger Rabbit?

2015-05-28 Length: 37s

I am back from my two-week break and am fired up. So much idiocy has transpired since I left that I am shocked I could fit it all into one show. I discuss climate opportunists, inconsequential election and what rationale one must have to kill a 9-week-old rabbit to death with a bicycle pump.

Episode 9 - CULTURE WARRIORS: Baltimore/Garland, TX/Operation Jade Helm

2015-05-09 Length: 1s

In an EXTRA-LONG format, Devin and I are all over the map. True, we chat Baltimore, the Garland, TX joke-of-a-terror plot, and Baltimore, but we go a lot of other places too. One of these I've always wanted to discuss with Devin: the liberal notion that science is somehow beyond morality and that scientists and technocrats cannot be sadistic, machiavellian douchebags.

Episode 8 - Special Assignment - CLINTON CASH

2015-05-01 Length: 37s

Hillary Clinton must be defeated, just as Cato the Elder said about Carthage. However, Republicans need to stop making unsubstantiated claims about her, because it makes them look dumb and will ultimately hurt their chances of gathering Indepedents. Go for the jugular, i.e. use claims that are 100% vetted. True, sometimes these verified claims are not as sexy, but the fact that Hillary has not disclosed foreign donations or that Bill lied about meeting a Kazahk nuclear energy official HAVE been verified and are safe. USE THESE and wait until you have more ammunition that is 100% verified. These are the Clintons after all. It will get juicier. Just wait and don't spoil your credibility in the meantime. 

Episode 7 - CULTURE WARRIORS: Ben's Slave-Owning Grandpappy

2015-04-25 Length: 55s


Oh man, where to start? Now that most major announcements are out of they way for the 2016 primary season, we can focus once again on the juicy stuff--the instances where liberals make us mad or get mad at us (the second being the most common scenario).

Ben Affleck, Hillary Clinton, and Ricky Gervais are just a few people in our ideological crosshairs. (notice how I qualified the crosshairs remark for overly sensitive liberals? Nice of me, right?)


Episode 5 - ELECTION 2016 TALK - Marco Rubio's Announcement

2015-04-19 Length: 37s

Marco Rubio gave an impressive announcement speech last week that gave Barack Obama's speaking style a run for its money. Is he the savior candidate who will be all things to all conservatives? No, but he did a good job here.

Episode 4 - Rand Paul Talks the Talk

2015-04-13 Length: 1s

Rand Paul's April 7th announcement was shockingly good, coming from someone who could actually appear on a presidential ballot. On this episode, my wife and I cover the high points of Paul's speech and make fun of Hillary Clinton's non-announcement infomercial thing. We are not endorsing Rand or any other candidate, but the few clips we cover in the show pleased us.

Episode 3 - Paul LePage vs. the Flying Vaseline

2015-04-07 Length: 24s

This episode I recorded alone, because my wife wasn't feeling great. I discuss the Indiana Pizza Wars, Rand Paul, loony Maine Democrats who express their disagreements through violence and the Iran deal which should be putting people to sleep, rather than making them angry or jubilant.

Yes, I realize we need a theme song. It's coming. Believe me.

Episode 2 - Ted Cruz Enters the Ring

2015-03-29 Length: 47s

Episode 1 - A Right-Leaning Introduction

2015-03-22 Length: 51s

On the first episode of LTTR, Devin and I are mostly winging it. Due to some Wi-Fi problems at the beginning of the show, a good chunk of this is political rambling. We covered a lot of topics for our first episode though, including guns, abortion, feminism and millenial hipsters/the stupid shit they like.

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