Last update: 2010-01-30

That Awful Man From Church (skit)

2010-01-30 :: Chabbey
Janis meets up with her friend Ester after Church. …

The Movie (skit)

2009-08-20 :: Chabbey
Janis tries her luck at the cinema. Her and the ticket taker have a brief exchange regarding Janis' exit plan.…

The Purchase (skit)

2009-08-13 :: Chabbey
Janis is cleaning out the grocery store on a particular product. She has a few quirks when it comes to checking out. Her hygiene and cleanliness cause problems with the staff and other patrons.…

The Mechanic (skit)

2009-08-06 :: Chabbey
Janis brings her car in for some repair work. Apparently her car started having problems after she left Big Time Burger.…

The Dumpster (skit)

2009-07-30 :: Chabbey
Janis takes her sister on vacation. They find themselves filthy and charitable.…

Drive Thru - Part 2 (skit)

2009-07-23 :: Chabbey
Janis has just departed from Big Time Burger and has run into car troubles. She is confused about the woman in uniform that tries to address the situation.…

The Refund (skit)

2009-07-16 :: Chabbey
Janis tries to return a rotting loaf of ham to the grocery store. The staff is perplexed by her expectations and hygiene.…

Winter Formal (monologue)

2009-07-09 :: Chabbey
Janis reflects on her winter formal. She gets a bit off topic and reveals too much information.…

Table For Two (skit)

2009-07-02 :: Chabbey
Janis goes on date with her friend Leonard. Things take a turn for the worst the moment they enter the restaurant.…

Expectations (monologue)

2009-06-25 :: Chabbey
Janis sets expectations for those around her. She may be going about things the wrong way.…

Tech Support (skit)

2009-06-18 :: Chabbey
Janis has trouble typing a letter with her computer. She attempts to call tech support but doesn't manage to get much accomplished. …

Laundry Day (monologue)

2009-06-11 :: Chabbey
Janis makes an effort to explain where her son came from. She ends up telling a disturbing story about doing laundry. …

Public Address (skit)

2009-06-04 :: Chabbey
Janis speaks publicly to a captive audience. She has trouble captivating them.…

Terrible Stew (monologue)

2009-05-28 :: Chabbey
Janis is torn as to who she should invite to her dinner party. …

Pills (monologue)

2009-05-21 :: Chabbey
Janis' compassion gets the best of her. It seems her frail frame is weakening and she is looking for options to prolong her life.…

Drive Thru - Part 1 (skit)

2009-05-14 :: Chabbey
Janis is hungry and stops by the drive thru to order a meal for her and her grandson. She's frustrated by all the rules and expedited nature of fast food.…

Ailing Joyce (monologue)

2009-05-08 :: Chabbey
Janis is very upset with he sister Joyce this week. It seems Janis isn't very good at dealing with other people's needs.…

Meet Janis (skit)

2009-05-03 :: Chabbey
Janis is in the studio for the first time recording her introduction to her podcast. She has trouble grasping the concept.…

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An old lady named Janis takes you through her day to day affairs. Stop by every week to see what Janis is up to and how she handles various situations.

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