Last update: 2008-05-12

Jeremy's Drama Ep1: Pilot - Chapter 2: Downunder Blues

2008-05-12 Length: 9m 3s

Most of us had one of those moments at the beach when time stopped. The DJ spun in our head, and we dropped the shit to some babe-liscious babe we hadn't noticed. Someone you wouldn't introduce to your momma, but would fly to the moon with right there and then. Oh, the guilt... Jeremy had one of these beach guilty pleasures just last year down at the beach in Australia. This year he hopes to find the pleasure of love as he gives that naughty Australian beach a second browsing.

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Jeremy's Drama Ep1: Pilot - Chapter 1: Fashion, Sex & Love equal Drama

2008-05-12 Length: 10m 2s

Young, hot, and successful model, Jeremy, finds himself missing despite his self absorbed and flaky nature. Out to find true love and always ending up in pure momentary lust, he's determined to change his game, attitude, even location to find whoever it is that will finally rock his boat. Of course this match would have to be young, rich, and romantic. A clean cut, pretty boy like just like him. Or does he?…

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Jeremy's Drama

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Jeremy's Drama