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Joel Radio #66: Fishing With Jake


Joel Radio returns with power. Really. Power, meaning the utility company actually managed to keep the lights on long enough to finish the podcast. This follows a long, hot, sticky week in Detroit, where the power went out, a comedy show was ruined and the people were miserable - sounds like every week! Actually not, as Joel saw Paul McCartney perform live this week and gives a full, enthusiastic review. Corey, meanwhile, is stuck at home watching reality TV. Especially his favorite show, Storage Wars. But for God's sake, don't watch the sad, 2nd-tier knock-offs. Also, the guys join Google +, Jake Gyllenhaal goes to the wild, Hillbilly Handfishin', and Katy Perry's ass comes out for the Smurfs. Plus, Falling Skies soars, 30 Minutes or Less is the summer's best comedy, and new website is imminent.

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Joel's view of the Paul McCartney show at Comerica Park. It's OK to be jealous

Joel Radio #65: Unskimmed


Joel and Corey are joined on this show by Eric Thomas, a comedian, radio talent and podcaster. Eric claims he can talk about anything - and he does! This is a really fun show. The guys memorialize the end Club Bart's Comedy Night and look forward to Joel's new show (info here!). There's also much irreverence about the Casey Anthony not guilty verdict, including Florida's future stripper prospects and Joel's explanation of why "reasonable doubt" isn't what people think it is. Also, the top movies of 2011 so far, Joel revamps the blog, Corey cries for old media, and Corey and Joel play old school hip-hop experts - about as well as you think they would.

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Joel Radio #64: Cars 2 Sucks


Cars sucked. The sequel Cars 2 comes out this week. It sucks too, according to Corey Hall. Joel hasn't seen Cars 2, but will go along will that sentiment anyway. Other things that suck this week: Club Bart closing, the first half of that ESPN book, Ryan Dunn's death, The Green Lantern, David Bowie's saxophone and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 at the drive-in. Things that don't suck this week: X-Men First Class at the drive-in, the second half of that ESPN book, jokes about Ryan Dunn's death, Paul McCartney live, Super 8, this show, and you.

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Joel Radio #63: Weiner U


It's the week of E3 - that's the big videogame convention - so nerds like Joel and Corey Hall are excited. Usually. This year's show was a bit duller than usual, although Nintendo announced it's new console, the Wii U. The guys talk about the innovative new controller, whether they'd actually buy it, and why the original Wii was a failure. Also, congressman Anthony Weiner put his junk on Twitter in one of the dumbest career-killing moves of all-time. But the guys are divided over the humor of the situation whether it's not something "every guy" would do. Plus, X-Men First Class gets reviewed, the guys split on Hangover 2, USA is better than Canada (in soccer!), and rumbling seats = fail.

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The congressman from New York is first in line for the Wii U

Joel Radio #62: Too Long to Be Funny


The title is not indicative of the quality of this show! Oh no, that's a reference to the length of the recent comedy hit Bridesmaids, which at 126 minutes is way too long - funny or not (and it is!). This brings up the point of comedies being too long in general - thanks Mr. Apatow! Joined in this extended faux-radio show is frequent guest, John Tenney, of soon-to-be basic cable fame, and Corey Hall of, well, this show. Plus, The Macho Man is dead, but his insanity lives on, The Office is gone for the season and Corey is gone as a fan, and John lives a dream by working the comic book convention. Also, Corey sees The Hangover Part II. It sucks, apparently, but so does every comedy sequel - we think.

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Osama's TV!


Joel Radio #61: One Hit Wonder


It's party time! With Osama bin Laden dead, it's time for everyone to get along and love each other. Of course that won't happen and nor will Joel and Corey ever really agree on anything. While Joel thinks you can draw a straight line from waterboarding to the capture, Corey thinks the Bush-era policies are still outdated and give our current Prez all the credit. They both, however, want the "death photos" released, and gleefully look at the leaked pics of the dead Osama associates - drop the squirt gun! Also, Thor is alright, Joel's Oprah insider isn't all that, and gays and blacks have a long way to go. Plus, Joel's secret film nerd crushes revealed - Kubrick, Scorsese, Peckinpah and 80's pro-wrestling.

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Joel Radio #60: Steampunk Convention


It was recently Record Store Day. No, keep reading, I promise it won't be THAT boring. Anyway, Corey recently shopped one of the last remaining indie record shops in Detroit and came away both satisfied and sad about that industry's decline. That leads Joel to ponder the future of technology, get nostalgic about the beginnings of podcasting, and actually be optimistic about where everything is going. For example, Joel recently checked out online music service MOG, and found it, with a few reservations, to be compelling. Listen for a LIVE Android demo! Also, a big TV rundown with Joel taking in AMC's The Killing and HBO's Game of Thrones, while Corey revels his hopes and fears for the end of Steve Carrell's run on The Office. Plus, Corey gives the history of comic books, Joel takes a trip through Portal 2, and BioWare rules - Bethesda sucks.

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Joel Radio #59: Charlie & Arthur


More bombing in Detroit, and this time it's not from Joel or Corey, as Charlie Sheen decided to launch a US "comedy" tour and found the Motor City less than welcoming. Actually, it was so bad Charlie probably wished he was "The Situation" at the Trump Roast. This week, Joel & Corey break down how and why Charlie cooked up a mega-bomb, the lack of planning and preparation, and why the opening act comic is not to blame. Also, the guys break down the state of morning television, Corey defends The Celebrity Apprentice and Joel is thisclose to being in a major comedy film. Plus, A movie round-up as Joel likes Hanna and Source Code, Corey is freaked out by Your Highness, and all people, animals and most houseplants absolutely hate the new Arthur.

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Joel Radio #58: An Unfunny Situation


Comedy ain't easy. This show will be an example of that. That's not a reference to Joel, co-host Corey Hall or the quality of this week's show. Instead, it's a reference to Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino of MTV's Jersey Shore, who appeared at last week's Donald Trump Roast and laid a giant egg. You'll hear the clips, the guys' analysis, and decide for yourself if he's really the unfunny douche on display - or if it was just a joke played on him by the producers of the show. Joel thinks the other comics are complicit in his bombing, but YOU decide! Also, Joel's early favorites for Asshole of the Year 2011, the bully video that proves that white trash are even in Australia, a Celebrity Apprentice debate and more. Plus, it's movie madness as Corey reviews Paul and Limitless, and Joel loves Win Win and great batch of new films on DVD and Blu-ray.

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Joel Radio #57: Kirk Hit That


Eschewing the normal Oscar pre-show predictions, Joel Fragomeni and Corey Hall return with a post-Oscars wrap-up. It was largely a snoozer, with first-time hosts actors James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosting and demonstrating a lack of experience, and an inability to tell a joke - who knew!?! But the night was saved, in the comedic sense, by 94-year-old Kirk Douglas, who hogged the mike, mumbled incoherently, and generally acted like drunken old Grandpa giving a Christmas toast. A highlight of 2011 that won't soon be topped. Other low lights were Melissa Leo's acceptance speech, Jennifer Hudson speaking a foreign language (English!), and Florence badly needing her Machine. Also, Corey goes nuclear - hilariously melting down during a character actor quiz & the best news anyone's ever heard - unless you're Oprah.

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Joelradio's official proposal for the 2012 Oscar hosts. Make this happen!

Joel Radio #56: Beware of the Green Tilt


It was only five shows ago that Joel and Corey Hall discussed friend John Tenney's new show, Paranormal State: The New Class. On this show, John returns to the studio, and the show barely gets discussed! In fact, there's more on John's mind, like Robocop getting a statue in Detroit, a computer competing on Jeopardy!, and how he was disappointed in a recent comedy show he attended. He also gets Corey and Joel to fight over integrity, open mike politics, and why Joel - not Corey - is the more qualified to host the show. This is endlessly entertaining to John, and it's all fueled by the guys' consumption of the evil beverage Sparks, and it's twice-as-powerful rival, Tilt, which is sampled in both the green and blue varieties. By the time the cans are tapped, John finally spills the details on the new shows plans, his new podcast, and the real truth behind his mysterious, ever-changing phone number.

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The now empty, heat-bringing, alcoholic beverages. Fuck that green one!

Joel Radio #55: Hyper-Dimensional Mega Gay


Just a note, halfway through this week's show, Joel called it "the worst show ever". He doesn't feel that way now that it's over. Maybe it was because Corey was bringing politics into a non-political discussion about Keith Olbermann. Maybe it's because Joel's grumpy after his fabulous mid-winter vacation. Not even the television departures of Regis Philbin and Larry King helped out Joel's mood much. But, the mood was finally lightened by discussing the sanctimonious self-importance of the TV show Glee, including it's creator calling out one of Joel's favorite rock bands. Does Glee thinks it owns all popular music now? Is everything fodder for a gay, high-school glee club re-make? Joel thinks the show has become the Special Olympics, while Corey think it's just too damn gay! Worst show ever? Listen and decide!

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Joel Radio According to Wordle


Yeah, they pretty much got it right. Generate your own at

Joel Radio #54: America's Next Top Critics


If the guys hadn't given you enough lists with the last two shows, this week's show is dedicated to the best movies of 2010. Well, it's Joel and Corey's favorite movies of 2010, a detail that will be oft repeated throughout the show. Where Corey is largely in lock step with the critical mass, Joel's list is more unusual and documentary heavy - although one film is described as being "middlebrow" by Corey, starting a furious debate. Corey also picks a curious #2 selection, a film that Joel sees as Corey's ultimate fantasy life, and Corey agrees! Will your favorites make the list? Where can I see some of these obscure pics? How many films feature naked boobs? It's a spirited 2+ hours full of fun viewing suggestions that film geeks, and even non-film geeks will enjoy.

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Joel Radio #53: Assholes of the Year 2010


As the calendar changes to 2011, its a great time to look back on the the biggest, and most accomplished, villains, scumbags, celebutards, and douche bags of 2010. Joel is helped in this by Corey Hall, and between the two of them, they know assholes - sometimes intimately. They've got assholes on speed dial. Anyway, enjoy 2+ hours of ball-busting goodness as the guys the guys rip politicians, self-serving celebs, egotistical athletes and more (including a dead guy!). This is must-listen radio, and without question some of the funniest stuff that only two actual assholes could create.

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Believe it or not, some of these people are NOT the assholes of the year! But a lot of them are....

Joel Radio #52: Marty and the Widgets


It's a big week for movie lists as Joel and movie critic Corey Hall give you their lists of "Movies That People Like, That Actually Suck". It's quite a couple of lists, too. Oscar winning Best Pictures, legendary directors, Pixar - no one's safe! It's a wild and controversial discussion, so thank God the guys have the legendary director "Marty Scorcese" to weigh in on lists, too! This "Marty" is hilarious! Also, the guys get iced out of a free football game, Corey won't watch The Walking Dead, iPads are are for assholes and one of Joel's most satisfying bits ever - removing an annoying "friend" from his Facebook profile. After too many status updates, someone has to go - find out if it's you!

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Former movie star Zach Braff. He made Garden State. Garden State sucked.

Joel Radio #51: An Abberation


It finally happened, after years of one scheme after another, show friend John Tenney, finally cracked through to the mainstream on his own TV show. While Joel, and guest host Corey Hall, are happy for John, the actual show - as you'll hear in clips - leaves something to be desired. Hear clips of "actual" ghost hunting research, turgid voice overs and scared hillbillies. It's typical basic cable fare, and not extraordinary basic cable fare like Joel's favorite new show IRT: Deadliest Roads. That show reinforces a point that must be repeated here: White people - stay out of India! Plus, 127 Hours rocks, Leslie Nielsen croaks, and Corey vs. Joel in Buzz Quiz TV on PS3. It's the ultimate interactive trivia game show, can you guess who wins?

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John tries to keep a straight face on Paranormal State: The New Class

Joel Radio #50: Goodbye Wacky Gene


Joel is back, as is Conan O'Brien. So is Corey Hall, for that matter, and the guys break down Conan's TBS debut, discuss the realities of basic cable TV, and why pretty much anybody is better than Jimmy Fallon. Joel gives his theory on the first show's unusual guest booking, and breaks down the show's boffo ratings - he beat Jay! Joel also reviews Bill Carter's new late night insider book, which he consumed in one weekend! Plus, The Talk is a lot like The View (they both suck!), Due Date is a bit stale, and Corey's "biggest story in TV" is hardly that.

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Joel Radio #49: The Cider Mill Is Ruined


This week's show is completely wacky. Guest Harry Artin Berberian returns, and he's got a brand-new rap/parody single called "Change That's Loose". It's a knock on Obama, which, nowadays, may help him get some play in the Midwest. What's Joel's verdict? Listen and find out! Also, Joel's quick TV debut on Detroit 1-8-7, Jackass 3D in all it's glory, and the cider mill has some strange new clientele. Plus, meet Randy, Harry's buddy, who's a descendant of Daniel Boone, and looking for love on the internet in 2010. He's also Harry's personal trainer, which is about as fun as it sounds! A weird, wild, and hilarious good time!

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Yes, that's Joel on network TV! From Episode 4 of Detroit 1-8-7. This was NOT shot at the cider mill...

Joel Radio #48: The Housewives of Comedy


The full rundown of this week's show will be posted later! It's two hours - another dead comic, Corey Hall sits in and no housewives!!

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Joel Radio #47: Dancing With Caskets


The Fall TV season kicks off and Joel has his thoughts and predictions on the new, and returning crop of shows. In the reality world, Survivor adds a new wrinkle, Dancing With the Stars has some pretty dim "stars", and Amazing Race is already amazing Y…

Joel Radio #46: Just Add Ron Jeremy


Yeah, it's been a month, but so much has happened you're being treated to a super-long, jam packed show! Since he last joined you, Joel performed at the annual Gathering of the Juggalos. With this year's edition being one of the

Joel Radio #45: The Dixieland Jazz Band


It's the last Joel Radio for a couple of weeks, but it's a doozy as Corey returns for nearly two jam-packed hours of fun. The big news is a full review of Carrot Top's recent Detroit-area show. Hey, I know you're thinking Joel didn't like the show, but…

Joel Radio #44: Free the Hostages


Joel Radio welcomes back one-time sports reporter Chill. Turns out Chillian Thomas (his real name!) has a new project, a comedy show called Comedy Held Hostage. Chill and his partners, Susan and Jared, discus…

Joel Radio #43: Farewell to the King


Corey Hall returns and Joel is back from vacation - it's show time! This week, the guys discuss Mel Gibson's meltdown, Larry King's retirement, and the summer reality returns of Last Comic Standing and Big Brother. Also, hear the details on Joel's vaca…

Joel Radio #42: Blowing the Vuvuzela


Joel Radio has World Cup fever. OK - now it passed. Actually, the USA Soccer win to claim the group title was really exciting and former associate Corey Hall was there to watch it unfold. The guys give a full post-game recap, including the revelation …

Joel Radio #41: You Porky Pig


Though he's late to the party, Joel finally dives in to the wild, wacky pool that is Chat Roulette. While expecting to find weirdos pleasing themselves, and he did, Joel actually met giggly girls from foreign …

Joel Radio #40: Lawnmower Girl


Movie critic Corey Hall returns for a summer movie preview, as this is a really good summer for movies if you're a female or eight-years-old (or both). The guys discuss the box office future of The A-Team, if Scott Pilgrim can save the world, and how I…

Joel Radio #39: The No-Dough Show


This is a "No-Dough" show in that it's free! Just like all the other shows on this site! What a deal! Show #39 features the return of Harry Artin, who's busy invading Sign of the Beefcarver, making rap so…

Joel Radio #38: I Love Dickipedia


This week, Joel weighs in on the Kick Ass movie controversy. Is it too violent to be starring an 11-year-old girl? Was Roger Ebert right, or is the new b…

Joel Radio #37: Touch Here


Corey Hall's retirement tour continues and the guys get together the ol' Corey and Joel magic for show #37. We're not talking Vegas-style magic, more like Cub Scout talent show level magic with a shitty rope trick, the linking rings and gimmicked deck…

Joel Radio #36: No Cheesesteaks


Joel is back from Philadelphia, and despite performing at a sold out show for 1700 people, the number one question he's asked is "did you have a cheese steak?". The answer is "NO" and Joel's reasoning for that are on the show, plus hear about Joel's Ph…

Joel Radio #35: Vanilla Gorilla


After last week's doom and gloom, it's back to fun time on Joel Radio! What could be more fun than Tiger Woods' dirty text messages? His porn star ex-lover posted a bunch of them on the web, and Joel has the full list and analysis. Find out how long Ti…

Joel Radio #34: Drugs, Alcohol, Death, Kitties


To the surprise of almost no one, another child star is dead at a young age. This time it's Corey Haim, who was one of 103 child stars named Corey in the 1980s. Joel examines the phenomenon of why child stars go bad, and how drug-related deaths of cele…

Joel Radio #33: Jaw Dropping


It's a huge week at JoelRadio, so let's bring back a (ahem) huge guest in Corey Hall. There's so much to talk about as the Winter Olympics wrap-up, Alice in Wonderland debuts, Jay Leno returns to late-night, and the Oscar race concludes. But the bigges…

Joel Radio #32: Right On Her Ass


It's Olympic Season again, you got the fever yet? Yeah, well go get that looked at - it won't clear up on its own. Seriously though, Joel has watched some of the coverage, and found nothing more entertaining than

Joel Radio #31: The Guest From Hell


Secretly, Joel recently became a reluctant rap music producer, taking a shot at recording MC Sampler's new single, "Change That's Loose". Of course, MC Sampler (aka Harry) has since moved on from his servi…

Joel Radio #30: The Corey and Jay Radio Show


Jay Leno finally decided to do his first "sit down" interview about the late night debacle. And even though Oprah Winfrey was chosen as the host for said interview, Corey Hall found the event worthy enough to sit in on the playback. Listen as Jay wease…

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