Last update: 2008-07-28

HG-13: Trying No-S for Real

2008-07-28 :: (Jonathan)
I'm finally giving the No-S Diet a good try, feeling pretty good about that (though I'm having my difficulties with it as well) and taking a longer-term view on the whole issue. Audio: HG-13 (~12 min.)…

HG-09: Obstacles to the Routine

2008-01-26 :: (Jonathan)
Checking in after an extended absence of almost two months: I've had some challenges and regression, but I'm still better off than I was at this time a year ago. Links: All Is Forgiven, Move On Mission Bracelet I welcome your comments or questions here at…

HG-05: Clawing Back Onto the Wagon

2007-09-11 :: (Jonathan)
When you fall off the diet wagon, even briefly, you have to use certain muscles to pull yourself back on. I think I'm giving those muscles a good workout lately. I welcome your comments or questions here at, or voicemail…

HG-03: Training Wheels Off

2007-08-08 :: (Jonathan)
I spontaneously decided to try taking off the "training wheels" of Weight Watchers this past week and a half, not counting Points but still following the Core Plan in my head. Plus, I was called thin--three times. I welcome your comments or questions here…

HG-02: Much Ado About Not So Much

2007-07-26 :: (Jonathan)
I've had some trouble with overindulgences this past week--for the first time since starting Weight Watchers! What's up with that? The curse of Week 15? Anyway, listen in for details. I'm still exercising regularly, lately with the help of the excellent s…

HG-01: Back with a Recap

2007-07-17 :: (Jonathan)
I'm dipping my toe back into the podcasting pool again, with a new name: Jonathan's Healthy Groove Journal. I've got a recap for you, covering the last three months where I lost 28 pounds doing 100 Days in the Core Groove, on the Weight Watchers Core Plan…

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