Last update: 2011-03-06

JV587 (Indigent and Savory)

2011-03-06 :: Jan Folmer Length: 5s
INDIGENT (adjective) extremely poor, Experiencing want or need; impoverished, lacking the necessities of life, e.g. food, clothing, and shelter Synonyms: destitute, impoverished, needy Antonyms: affluent, wealthy Tips: Indigent is derived from the Latin indigere, literally meaning “to lack in,” which comes from egere, “to need.” Indigent is used to describe a person or group of [...]…

JV586 (Repertoire and Vigilant)

2011-02-28 :: Jan Folmer Length: 5s
REPERTOIRE (noun) The stock promo of songs, plays, operas, readings, or other pieces that a player or company is prepared to perform. The class of compositions in a genre: has excellent command of the chanteuse repertoire. The range or number of skills, aptitudes, or special accomplishments of a particular person or group: a collection of works of [...]…

JV585 (Pungent and Stolid)

2011-01-12 :: Jan Folmer Length: 5s
PUNGENT (adjective) 1.    strong and sharp in taste or smell; 2. strong and biting in expression 2.    Affecting the organs of taste or smell with a sharp acrid sensation. a.    Penetrating, biting, or caustic: pungent satire. b.    To the point; sharp: pungent talks during which the major issues were confronted. Synonyms: bitter, tangy, tart, biting, [...]…

JV584 (Preclude and Spendthrift)

2010-12-23 :: Jan Folmer Length: 6s
PRECLUDE (verb) 1.    To make impossible, as by action taken in advance; prevent. 2.    To exclude or prevent (someone) from a given condition or activity: to prevent something from happening, especially by action Synonyms: inhibit, cease, discontinue, restrain, impede, interrupt, prevent, Antonyms: allow, permit Examples: -    Hank’s warning will not preclude Andy from making the [...]…

JV583 (Myopic and Sodden)

2010-12-17 :: Jan Folmer Length: 6s
MYOPIC (adjective) MYOPIA (noun) 1 short-sightedness. 2 lack of foresight or intellectual insight. 1. being nearsighted–having myopia; 2. lacking foresight or understanding Synonyms: nearsighted, short-sighted, narrow-minded, closed-minded Antonyms: provident Examples: - While the Dutch coach saw the less successful team as being capable of developing future talent, the fans were more myopic, wanting only to [...]…

JV582 (Intransigent and Sanctimonious)

2010-12-07 :: Jan Folmer Length: 7s
Download your FREE Audiobook from Audible INTRANSIGENT adjective:   refusing to compromise: stubbornly or unreasonably refusing even to consider changing a decision or attitude noun:   unyielding person: somebody who refuses to compromise or change an attitude or decision, especially in politics Synonyms: unyielding, adamant, difficult, determined, obstinate, Antonyms: yielding, compromising Examples: - Convinced he was right, [...]…

JV581 (Pristine and Undermine)

2010-11-24 :: Jan Folmer Length: 6s
For a FREE AUDIOBOOK – click here PRISTINE (adjective) 1 in its original condition. 2 clean and fresh as if new. 1. completely free from dirt and contamination; 2. clean and unused Synonyms: pure, clean, unsullied, untarnished, perfect Antonyms: dirty, spoiled, tarnished Tips: Pristine is a more sophisticated and also a stronger way of saying [...]…

JustVocabulary introduces

2010-11-19 Length: 9m 34s
Hello everybody, and welcome to This show is not a regular JustVocabulary episode, but I know that you will like this show very much. I would like to recommend…

JV580 (Preeminent and Stipulate)

2010-11-10 :: Jan Folmer Length: 7s
PREEMINENT (adjective) highest in superiority or achievement and standing out above all others. Superior to or notable above all others; outstanding. highly distinguished or outstanding: standing out among all others because of superiority in a field or activity Synonyms: predominant, superior, foremost, leading, distinguished, highest, above. Antonyms: inferior, humble, undistinguished Tips: Preeminent originates from the Latin [...]…

IDS 211 Laughter on the 23rd Floor & Samla

2010-11-01 Length: 43m 58s
In this episode we cover a wide gamut of subjects in what has to be one of the most ADD/HD Dumb Shows of all time.  We discuss MWSU's production of Laughter on the 23rd Floor,  Tee's adaptation of Julius Ceasar for SAMLA,  Einstein Bagels,…

JV579 (Pander and Ruminate)

2010-10-28 :: Jan Folmer Length: 5s
GET YOUR FREE AUDIBLE AUDIOBOOK HERE PANDER verb (pander to) gratify or indulge (an immoral or distasteful desire or habit). to facilitate the fulfillment of others’ or another’s desire, especially one of questionable appropriateness or morality Synonyms: solicit, procure, provide, pimp, indulge, gratify, cater to Antonyms: reject, deny Examples: - Despite Adam’s better judgment, Eve [...]…

IDS 210 – Brian Webb Russell

2010-10-25 Length: 25m 38s
This week week, we talk to the BEST ACTOR IN NASHVILLE, TN*:  Brian Webb Russell - Deep Fried Theatre: - Nashville Scene's Best of 2010 Writer's Picks Kentucky Repertory Theatre - *According to the Nashville Scene - Whattya think?…

IDS 209 UPTA with Lights and Tights

2010-10-18 Length: 16m 34s
This episode is a discussion of upcoming auditions and university service...sort of...we guess.  We discuss the upcoming UPTA auditions in Memphis this coming February which John (#960) is going to attend and Tee discusses his new bout with tights.…

JV578 (Interim and Rash)

2010-10-12 :: Jan Folmer Length: 6s
INTERIM (noun, adjective) (adj.) serving du ring an intermediate interval of time; (n.) the time between one event or period and another Synonyms: (adj.) temporary, transitional, acting, pro tem, (n.) meantime, interval Antonyms: permanent Tips: Interim is often used in the phrase: “in the interim.” It’s a more sophisticated way to say, “in the meantime.” [...]…

IDS 208 Kristoffer Diaz and Welcome to Arroyo’s

2010-10-11 Length: 23m 47s
In this episode, we have a great interview with playwright, Kristoffer Diaz, sans hangman.  Instead we discuss his new (first) play and the production out west at the Old Globe in San Diego. - Payin the Rent: - Kristoffer Diaz Welcome to Arroyo's ...…

IDS 207 SETC Recap, Tee’s Voiceover, & T-BALL

2010-09-27 Length: 42m 36s
This episode...John gives an update on his SETC Fall Audition, Tee showcases his first voiceover work for MWSU, and the drama that is T-BALL!!! - Payin' the Rent: - SETC Dollywood Harold Clurman Laboratory Theatre Company - Dumb Show University: ...…

IDS 206 Voice123(dot)Com

2010-09-20 Length: 45m 26s
This episode we have an international discussion via Skype with Steve Lowell (based in NYC), Leo Lopes (Bogota, Columbia), Tee (in Missouri) and John (in Tennessee).  We are discussing voice-over work and the voice-over marketplace with the innovative ...…

IDS 205 – SE(T)C

This week, John reports on gearing up for his SETC Fall auditions in Atlanta and we talk about one of our other passions:  SEC Football. - Break-a-leg John!!! - Give us a call!  (615) 866-1282 or on Skype.  Email us!…

JV577 (Indigenous and Quotidian)

2010-09-11 Length: 5m 36s
INDIGENOUS (adjective)1. belonging to a place: originating in and naturally living, growing, or occurring in a region or country. 2. natural: natural or inborn ( formal ) naturally living in a place or country without having moved there--originating t...…

IDS 204 – Return of the Tee

This week marks the day you've all been waiting for.  Right?  It's the return of Tee to the show!  I had to take a month off to move my entire family across country to start my new job at Missouri Western State University. - So,…

JV576 (Prospect and Surfeit)

2010-09-03 Length: 5m 29s
PROSPECT (noun, verb) (n.) 1. the possibility of future success; 2. something that is expected to happen in the future; 3. someone who is likely to be interested in purchasing a product or service; 4. someone or something that is likely to succeed; 5.…

JV575 (Preempt and Sanction)

2010-08-30 Length: 6m 47s
PREEMPT (verb) 1. to prevent someone from doing something by doing it first, or by doing something else that would make it impossible or unnecessary for the other person to do what he intended; 2. to take the place of something less important - to do o...…

JV574 (Pervade and Reprobate)

2010-08-18 Length: 6m 25s
PERVADE (verb) to spread and be distributed throughout, spread throughout something: to spread through or be present throughout something - Synonyms: permeate, penetrate, fill, diffuse, saturate, overrun Antonyms: empty, leak [out], leach -…

JV573 (Overture and Redundant)

2010-08-10 Length: 6m 29s
OVERTURE (noun) 1 an orchestral piece at the beginning of a musical work. 2 an independent orchestral composition in one movement. 3 an introduction to something more substantial. 4 (overtures) approaches made with the aim of opening negotiations or...…

JV572 (Incursion and Integral)

2010-08-07 Length: 5m 57s
INCURSION (noun) an invasion or attack, especially a sudden or brief one. hostile invasion of a territory Synonyms: invasion, intrusion, attack, raid, infiltration, violation, encroachment Antonyms: protection, defense, exit - Examples:…

JV571 (Propagate and Satire)

2010-08-03 Length: 5m 43s
Check out our new vocabulary quizzes: go to - PROPAGATE (verb) 1. to produce (a new plant) from a parent plant, or (of a plant or animal) to reproduce ?2. To propagate (ideas, opinions,…

JV570 (Ponderous and Salutary)

2010-07-29 Length: 5m 38s
PONDEROUS (adjective) 1. Having great weight. 2. Unwieldy from weight or bulk. 3. Lacking grace or fluency; labored and dull: - Synonyms: cumbersome, bulky, awkward, dull, tedious, lifeless, heavy, massive, weighty Antonyms: easy, light, spirited,…

JV 569 (Panegyric and Responsive)

2010-07-23 Length: 6m 11s
FREE AUDIO BOOK DOWNLOAD (AUDIBLE) PANEGYRIC (noun, adjective) praise: extravagant praise delivered in formal speech or writing (n.) a formal speech or writing that is intended to praise; (adj.) expressing praise - Synonyms: (n.) commendation, reward,…

JV568 (Irresolute and Reprove)

2010-07-15 Length: 6m 11s
FREE AUDIO BOOK DOWNLOAD (AUDIBLE) - IRRESOLUTE (adjective) Uncertain how to act; 2. lacking decisiveness and resolve. Unsure of how to act or proceed; undecided. Lacking in resolution; indecisive. - Synonyms: indecisive, hesitant, doubtful,…

JV567 (Inconsequential & Quibble)

2010-06-15 Length: 5m 23s
INCONSEQUENTIAL (adjective) 1. Lacking importance, not important or significant because there are no consequences 2. Not following from premises or evidence; illogical.? - Synonyms: irrelevant, insignificant, unimportant, immaterial, inadequate,…

JV566 (Scintillate and Verify)

2010-06-11 Length: 5m 41s
SCINTILLATE (verb) 1. displaying dazzling spirit and clever wit; 2. shining brightly - Synonyms: sparkling, dazzling, brilliant, amusing, entertaining, clever Antonyms: dull, boring - Examples:- It was an interesting debate and it sparked some sci...…

JV565 (Proscribe and Tumult)

2010-06-08 Length: 4m 25s
PROSCRIBE (verb) = to condemn or prohibit something Synonyms: condemn, denounce, prohibit, forbid, prevent, outlaw, exclude Antonyms: approve, allow, invite - Tips: Proscribe is often confused with the word prescribe, but the two are opposites.…

JV564 (Platitude and Syllogism)

2010-06-05 Length: 4m 22s
PLATITUDE (noun) =an obvious, banal, pointless, or empty comment or remark made as though it was significant or helpful. A platitude can be a proverb or adage, but it can also be any comment that's pointless and unnecessary. - Synonyms: triviality,…

JV563 (Novelty and Sublime)

2010-05-31 Length: 5m 6s
NOVELTY (noun) 1 the quality of being novel. 2 a new or unfamiliar thing. 3 a small and inexpensive toy or ornament. 4 before another noun intended to be amusingly striking or unusual: a novelty teapot. Synonyms: originality, newness, innovation,…

JV562 (Inalienable and Integrity)

2010-05-26 Length: 5m 20s
INALIENABLE (adjective): protected from being removed or taken away - Synonyms: unassailable, inviolable, natural, inherent, basic, sacrosanct, absolute - Antonyms: vulnerable, assailable, unprotected - *************** INTEGRITY (noun) - 1.…

JV561 (Refractory and Voluminous)

2010-05-23 Length: 4m 51s
REFRACTORY (adjective) - 1. stubbornly resistant to authority or control; 2. heat-resistant and difficult to melt, bond, or shape; 3. difficult to treat or unresponsive to treatment - Synonyms: stubborn, obstinate, intractable, untreatable, hard,…

JV560 (Prodigal and Verve)

2010-05-18 Length: 5m 16s
PRODIGAL (adjective, noun) - 1. wasteful, especially with money; Rashly or wastefully extravagant  2. lavish and excessive; 3. being generous and giving abundantly; Giving or given in abundance (n.) a person who is wasteful with money,…

JV559 (Occlude and Torpid)

OCCLUDE (verb): 1 stop, close up, or obstruct. 2 Chemistry (of a solid) absorb and retain (a gas or impurity). 3 (of a tooth) come into contact with another in the opposite jaw. to block or stop up a passage; 2.…

JV558 (Intangible and Slate)

INTANGIBLE (adjective): 1. not existing in a physical form--incapable to being touched or seen; 2. difficult to define or describe clearly, but nonetheless perceived - Examples: - John received the football scholarship not only for his performance,…

JV557 (Imperious and Salutation)

IMPERIOUS (adjective) : proud, arrogant, and acting with an air of authority and superiority. - Examples: - The new professor was an imperious woman who considered herself to be quite important. - The imperious dictator made laws that all citizens h...…

JV556 (Squalid and Winsome)

SQUALID (adjective): 1 extremely dirty and unpleasant, dirty, run-down, or unsanitary, especially because of poverty; 2 showing a contemptible lack of moral standards: - Examples: - The TV host made a squalid attempt to save himself from public emba...…

JV555 (Relish and Voracious)

RELISH Definition (noun, verb): (Verb) 1. to enjoy or take great pleasure in an experience 2. to enjoy the taste of a particular food or drink 3. to give a pleasing taste to food, e.g. by adding spice or relish Noun: 1.…

JV554 (Procrastinate and Unwitting)

PROCRASTINATE (verb): to delay doing something that should be done, To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. To postpone or delay needlessly. - Examples: - Marc warned his students not to procrastinate on the a...…

JV553 (Palliate and Turgid)

PALLIATE (verb) : 1. to try to make something seem less serious or severe, especially by offering excuses; 2. to make something less intense or severe; 3. to relieve the painful, physical symptoms of a disorder or disease. - Examples:…

JV552 (Insouciant and Synthesis)

INSOUCIANT (adjective): a relaxed and happy, without worry or guilt: without worry, anxiety, or guilt--unconcerned. - Examples: - Frank’s insouciant attitude toward money and the importance of saving will surely land him in financial trouble.…

JV551 (Pariah and Preface)

PARIAH = someone who has been outcast from society and is avoided by people, a person who is not accepted by a social group, especially because he or she is not liked, respected or trusted - Synonyms: outcast, vagrant, abomination, derelict, renegade,…

JV550 (Sanguine and Prudent)

SANGUINE = (adjective) having a cheerfully optimistic temperament or outlook--hopeful - Synonyms: upbeat, optimistic, positive, hopeful, expectant, enthusiastic, cheerful - Antonyms: hopeless, pessimistic - Examples:…

JV549 (Rectify and Impecunious)

RECTIFY = (verb) to make something right again, to correct it - Synonyms: remedy, repair, right, correct, adjust, amend, fix, mend, improve, revise - Antonyms: ruin, damage, worsen - Examples: - Frank tried to glue the vase back together,…

JV548 (Nepotism and Imbroglio)

NEPOTISM: (noun) favoritism shown to relatives by those in power, favoritism shown by somebody in power to relatives and friends, especially in appointing them to good positions. using your power or influence to obtain good jobs or unfair advantages f...…

JV547 (Sporadic and Retort)

SPORADIC = occurring occasionally at intervals that have no apparent pattern - Synonyms: occasional, infrequent, unconnected, scattered, uncommon, irregular - Antonyms: frequent, regular - Examples: - The ambiguous economic report caused sporadic b...…

JV546 (Inculcate and Fret)

INCULCATE = (verb) to teach or fix something in someone's mind through forceful repetitio, to fix beliefs or ideas in someone's mind, especially by repeating them often - Synonyms: drill, instill, impart, impress, imbue, condition, brainwash,…

JV545 (Infuse and Prodigy)

INFUSE = (verb) 1. to fill or cause to be filled with emotion; 2. to fill by pouring; 3. to steep or soak something in a liquid in order to extract its flavor - Synonyms: steep, soak, introduce, inspire, instill, saturate, fill, ingrain, permeate,…

JV544 (Sloth and Paramount)

SLOTH = 1. a disinclination to do any work or activity; 2. a person who is lazy; 3. slow-moving animal found in Central and South America, an animal that moves very slowly and spends much of its time hanging upside down from trees - Synonyms: inaction,…

JV543 (Lampoon and Levee)

LAMPOON = (n.) an artistic work that pokes fun or ridicules; (v.) to poke fun or ridicule - Synonyms: (n.) joke, parody, satire, skit, (v.) ridicule, make fun, satirize - Antonyms: documentary - Examples: - No matter how good a leader he may be,…

JV542 (Penchant and Intrepid)

PENCHANT = (noun) a strong liking for or tendency toward something, especially something that others may not look favorably on, liking or tendency: a strong liking, taste, or tendency for something. - Synonyms: inclination, affinity, tendency,…

JV541 (Obsolete and Foster)

OBSOLETE = (adjective) no longer used, usually because it has been replaced with something better - Synonyms: outdated, discarded, unfashionable, old-fashioned, archaic, extinct, unused, antiquated Antonyms: current, modern, fresh, up-to-date -…

JV540 (Mercurial and Nonchalant)

MERCURIAL = (adjective) 1. containing or being somehow related to mercury; 2. having a temperamental, active, or unpredictable personality; 3. quick, lively, and shrewd, like the god Mercury - Synonyms: erratic, changeable, fickle, volatile,…

JV539 (Hospitable and Influx)

HOSPITABLE = (adjective) 1. welcoming and kind to guests; 2. pleasant and favorable; 3. open-minded and receptive Synonyms: welcoming, accommodating, cordial, generous, open, accessible, receptive - Antonyms: inhospitable, hostile…

JV538 (Precursor and Prosaic)

PRECURSOR = (noun) 1. something which happened or existed before; 2. an indication that someone or something is approaching; 3. in chemistry, a substance from which another is formed Synonyms: forerunner, predecessor, originator, messenger, trailblazer,…

JV537 (Robust and Reiterate)

ROBUST = (adjective) 1. healthy, strong, and energetic; 2. built to be sturdy and durable; 3. requiring physical strength and endurance; 4. boisterous in manner; 5. hearty, full-flavored; 6. crude or rough Synonyms: healthy, strong, energetic,…

JV536 (Prevaricate and Rationalize)

PREVARICATE = (verb) be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or withhold information, get out of telling truth:to avoid giving a direct and honest answer or opinion, or a clear and truthful account of a situation,…

JV535 (Obviate and Plumb)

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JV534 (Sluggard and Mollycoddle)

2009-06-08 offers Hosted Exchange, Hosted SharePoint and wireless services for your BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile or Symbian device (ActiveSync). USE PROMO CODE JV001 TO GET FREE SETUP ! Go to http://www.syncmymail.comSLUGGARD = (noun)…

JV533 (Haven and Provisional)

HAVEN = (noun) . safe place, refuge or shelter; 2. an ideal spot for something.Synonyms: refuge, shelter, sanctuary, haven, anchorage, port, marina Examples:- The new, beach-front hotel was a perfect haven for tourists.…

JV532 (Wax and Trepidation)

WAX = 1. to grow larger or more intense; 2. to take on a state or quality Synonyms: grow, increase, expand, broaden, intensify, become - Antonyms: wane - Examples:- I sat on the shore and watched the waves wax and wane.…

JV531 (Moratorium and Temperate)

MORATORIUM = (noun) suspension of activity for an agreed amount of time.Synonyms: suspension, freeze, halt, pause, stop, standstill Antonyms: beginning, commencement, continuation Examples:- The Financial Director issued a spending mora...…

JV530 (Purvey and Riveting)

PURVEY = (verb) 1. to provide goods and services, especially as a business; 2. to circulate gossip or information Synonyms: supply, provide, furnish, equip, stock, store, transfer, inform, circulate Antonyms: hinder, impede, limit…

JV529 (Pathology and Probity)

PATHOLOGY = (noun) 1. the scientific study of diseases; 2. a deviation from a healthy and normal condition - Synonyms: study of disease - Examples: - Ask Angela about the disease that's killing your roses; she specialized in plant pathology in coll...…

JV527 (Foil and Harbor)

FOIL = (verb) (v.) 1. to hinder someone's efforts or thwart a plan; 2. to enhance something by using contrast; (n.) 1. something that serves as a useful contrast to something else; 2. thin, flexible metal, often aluminum - Synonyms: (v.) thwart,…

JV528 (Impair and Oasis)

IMPAIR = to worsen something or to make it less effective - Synonyms: weaken, damage, injure, deteriorate, reduce, lessen, diminish - Antonyms: improve - Examples: - Everyone knows that too much alcohol can impair a person's driving ability.…

JV526 (Fidelity and Extrovert)

FIDELITY = (noun) 1. faithfulness to vow, duties, obligations, or observances; 2. truthfulness and accuracy in reporting details or facts; 3. degree to which electronic engineering accurately reproduces the sound or image of its input signal…

JV525 (Galvanize and Ineluctable)

GALVANIZE = (verb) 1. to stimulate a person or group into action; 2. to stimulate a part of the body with an electric shock; 3. to coat iron or steel with zinc for protection from rust and corrosion Synonyms: rouse, stimulate, provoke, excite,…

JV524 (Nondescript and Peripheral)

NONDESCRIPT = (adjective) lacking distinctive or interesting characteristics. dull, uninteresting, or without any distinguishing characteristics Synonyms: dull, drab, unremarkable, indistinguishable, uninteresting, common, ordinary, vague -…

JV523 (Prostrate and Redolent)

PROSTRATE = (adj.) 1. lying down, often on one's face, either out of respect and submissiveness; 2. lying down in a horizontal position due to illness or lack of energy; 3. physically exhausted or emotionally overwhelmed; (v.) 1.…

JV522 (Saccharine and Preen)

SACCHARINE = (adjective) 1 excessively sweet or sentimental. 2 too pleasant or charming, with too much feeling to be believed Synonyms: ingratiating, sweet, sugary, syrupy, sugar-coated, oversentimental, cloying - Antonyms: sour, bitter -…

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