Last update: 2006-09-12

KnR Show 20

2006-09-12 Length: 54m 27s
It's good. Real good. Tell everyone to listen. NOW! …

KnR Show 18

2006-05-14 Length: 1h 10m 31s
This is our best show to date. That is not opinion, it's FACT. The best line yet is offered up by Ryan. The most uncomfortable segment ever keeps Kendall in stutter mode. That and so much more make this a must listen episode. …

KnR Show 14

2006-04-05 Length: 1h 6m 16s

Fighting the Man. Stephanie Performs Tyra Monologe at Audition. Nornna Mania. New Intro Introduced. And the Show Gets Downright Dirty. …

KnR Show 12

2006-03-14 Length: 1h 17m 59s
We're BACK. Sorry for the wait. David Sadof spend the hour with us in studio. It's like all the regular KnR happy fun times with D, too. David is the biggest music geek in Houston and possibly Texas and beyond. …

KNR show 11

2006-02-27 Length: 1h 16m 43s
Hey listeners, This is Ryan. IT's my first time to post the show so no fancy schmancy descriptions but I wanted to get it up there for you. ENJOY! …

KnR Show #9

2006-02-14 Length: 1h 13m 21s
Our first real guest, Don Worley. Dick, BJ and other names in the news. Jubal gets arrested (who cares?) …

KnR Show #8

2006-02-07 Length: 1h 9m 10s
Featuring the Skank-Off between Ryan and Catherine; Liz Brings Milk and Cookies and so much less …

KnR Show #5

2006-01-18 Length: 1h 8m 57s
The call-in conversation with Catherine is awesome. Don't miss that or any of it. …

KnR Show #3

2006-01-10 Length: 1h 14m 47s
Ryan's heterosexual lifemate, Chelsea, gives us a look into his scary psyche. …

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