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The *NEW* LIFE Crowd

2011-11-04 :: (lifecrowd)
Hello everyone!

Firstly let us start by saying a BIG Thank You to everyone who has downloaded/subscribed/listened too/reccomended/sent in questions for the LIFE Crowd Podcast. This show depends on you guys to run and what a run of shows you have given us!

We are sorry about or lack of shows, recently we have each been away and have therefore been unable to record together, in a recent meeting we have reached the decision to stop recording shows for the time being.

The LIFE Crowd Podcast is undergoing a transmogrification. When we return the show will have a new structure, logo, questions, themes maybe even a new theme tune!!

We will keep you updated on any progress via our Facebook and Twitter pages (so be sure to Like and Follow), and hope to be back soon! In the meantime dont forget you can listen to our entire backlog of 28 Episodes and please dont forget as always to recommend us to anyone you think will enjoy.

Thank you again, and see you soon

- The LIFE Crowd…

No show for a few weeks

2011-11-02 :: (lifecrowd)
Dear LifeCrowd listeners,
Our show is currently undergoing a transmogrification. We will back back soon but please keep sending in emails to…

No show this week (again)

2011-10-23 :: (lifecrowd)
Many apologies but there won't be a podcast this week, the life crowd is currently away on a trip. We'll be back soon, in the mean time out out some of the older shows and remember to email in questions to

No show this week

2011-10-16 :: (lifecrowd)
Many apologies but there won't be a podcast this week, the life crowd is currently away on a trip. We'll be back soon, in the mean time out out some of the older shows and remember to email in questions to…

Life Crowd Podcast - 028

2011-10-08 :: (lifecrowd)
Where we talk about teleporting, miracle fruit and silly questions

Life Crowd Podcast - 027

2011-10-01 :: (lifecrowd)
Where we talk about 3D in films, personal theme music and take a trip down memory lane...…

Life Crowd Podcast - 026

2011-09-25 :: (lifecrowd)
Where we talk about McDonalds, languages and restraining orders...…

Bad News Everyone...

2011-09-16 :: (lifecrowd)
Due to a recent Zombie outbreak in the studio there will be no episode this week... BUT we will be back next week with more questions, laughs and chaos! Keep sending in your questions to!

Life Crowd Podcast - Outtakes 002

2011-09-10 :: (lifecrowd)

Life Crowd Podcast - 025

2011-09-03 :: (lifecrowd)
Where we talk about hugging bears, talking to women and jumping out of planes...…

Life Crowd Podcast - 024

2011-08-27 :: (lifecrowd)
Where we talk about missing your birthday, being a space invader and the terminator vs zombies....…

Life Crowd Podcast - Outtakes 001

2011-08-20 :: (lifecrowd)
Life crowd does an outtakes episode...…

Life Crowd Podcast - 023

2011-08-13 :: (lifecrowd)
Where we talk about pets, Shakespeare and more zombies..

Life Crowd Podcast - London Riot special

2011-08-09 :: (lifecrowd)
Where we talk about the London riots...…

Riot Special Discussion

2011-08-09 :: (lifecrowd)
Following our Riot Special, what are your views on the riots currently hitting parts of the UK?Email us: LIFEcrowd@gmail.comOR use our discussion board on our Facebook page!

Life Crowd Podcast - 022

2011-08-07 :: (lifecrowd)
Where we talk about glass in painful places, swimming with dolphins and more zombie scenarios...…

Taking Part

2011-08-06 :: (lifecrowd)
Remember the LIFE Crowd Podcast is all about YOU :DIf YOU want to be part of the show then send us an email, It can be anything a situation, random question, string of words, news article anything you can think of! Email LIFEcrowd@gmail.comAll questions/situations/random words will be discussed, so send us an email and join the crowd! Episode 22, is coming soon...

Life Crowd Podcast - 021

2011-07-30 :: (lifecrowd)
The desert island special...…

Thank You!

2011-07-30 :: (lifecrowd)
21 Episodes gone by, Thank you to all our listeners all over the world!! Keep sending in your questions to

Don't forget you can also follow us on Facebook & Twitter!…

Life Crowd Podcast - 020

2011-07-23 :: (lifecrowd)
Where we talk about pizza toppings, being king of the zombies and OAP wrestling...…

Life Crowd Podcast - 019

2011-07-17 :: (lifecrowd)
Where we talk about 27d films, road safety devices and spider body parts...…

Life Crowd Podcast - 018

2011-07-10 :: (lifecrowd)
On the road special edition. Sorry about poor audio quality, it was recorded on a phone...…

Life Crowd Podcast - 017

2011-07-02 :: (lifecrowd)
Where we talk about the end of the world, humpty dumpty and going back in time...

Life Crowd Podcast - 016

2011-06-25 :: (lifecrowd)
Where we talk about being fed into a wood chipper, wining pie eating contests and bling trees...…

Life Crowd Podcast - 015

2011-06-18 :: (lifecrowd)
Where we talk about playing footsie with the pope, having flippers instead of feet and pet food for people...…

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