Last update: 2011-12-01

Modern Greek Lesson 80. At the metro

2011-12-01 :: Hellenic American Union
80. Maria and Eleni are using the Metro. Eleni doesn’t have a ticket but she decides to ride anyway. To her bad fortune, a ticket conductor starts checking tickets!…

Modern Greek Lesson 81. Practice Speaking with Native Certified Language Teachers

2011-11-02 :: Hellenic American Union
81. Talk to Native Podcast.…

Modern Greek Lesson 79. Climate Change

2011-10-31 :: Hellenic American Union
79. The friends talk about how changes in the climate (extreme temperatures, floods, hurricanes) affect our lives.…

Modern Greek Lesson 78. Beware of the sun

2011-10-30 :: Hellenic American Union
78. Maria has just bought an impressive but cheap pair of sunglasses and Yiorgos tells her how dangerous such sunglasses can be. The friends go on to talk about ways to protect from the sun in Greece.…

Modern Greek Lesson 77. More faulty products

2011-10-29 :: Hellenic American Union
77. Yiorgos has just bought a new, sophisticated coffee-maker, but, when he tries to use it for the first time to make coffee for the others, it doesn’t work! Later, he goes to the shop to get a new one. Does he succeed?…

Modern Greek Lesson 76. Break-ins

2011-10-28 :: Hellenic American Union
76. The friends have just found out about someone’s third break-in. This gives them the opportunity to talk about break-ins in general and to suggest measures (such as installing an alarm system) against them.…

Modern Greek Lesson 75. More superstitions

2011-10-27 :: Hellenic American Union
75. The friends talk about what each of them would do if they had time and money: Maria would travel; Eleni would take things as they came, and Yiorgos would help protect the environment.…

Modern Greek Lesson 74. What would I do if…?

2011-10-26 :: Hellenic American Union
74. The friends talk about what each of them would do if they had time and money: Maria would travel; Eleni would take things as they came, and Yiorgos would help protect the environment.…

Modern Greek Lesson 73. Arguing over grades/ Profession

2011-10-25 :: Hellenic American Union
73. Eleni argues with her kids over their grades at school and lectures them about how important they are for their future profession.…

Modern Greek Lesson 72. Quality of life

2011-10-24 :: Hellenic American Union
72. The friends talk about how everyone can improve their quality of life. They mention humor, mental balance, and a sense of optimism as key factors.…

Modern Greek Lesson 71. Sick Leave

2011-10-23 :: Hellenic American Union
71. Maria isn’t feeling well and calls the office to ask for a sick leave.…

Modern Greek Lesson 70. Preferences/Priorities

2011-10-22 :: Hellenic American Union
70. Eleni and her husband Vassilis decide to work less and spend more time with each other and their children. This gives the opportunity to the rest of the friends to talk about priorities in life.…

Modern Greek Lesson 69. Greek shadow theater(Karagkiozis)

2011-10-21 :: Hellenic American Union
69. The friends talk about Karagkiozis, the traditional Greek shadow theater. They discuss its main character, its form, and its importance for Greek culture.…

Modern Greek Lesson 68. Alternative forms of energy

2011-10-20 :: Hellenic American Union
68. The friends talk about alternative forms of energy such as wind and solar energy and suggest ways to cut down on energy consumption. …

Modern Greek Lesson 67. Famous Greeks

2011-10-19 :: Hellenic American Union
67. The friends talk about famous Greeks such as the Opera singer Maria Callas, and Nobel Prize winners Odysseus Elytis and Yiorgos Seferis. …

Modern Greek Lesson 66. Modern way of life

2011-10-18 :: Hellenic American Union
66. Eleni feels very tired due to the fast pace of her life. She opens up to the rest of the friends. …

Modern Greek Lesson 65. Travel Complaints

2011-10-17 :: Hellenic American Union
65. Yiorgos has just come back from an organized trip but isn’t at all satisfied. So, he goes to the travel office to complain about the changes in the schedule and the hotel he stayed at.…

Modern Greek Lesson 64. Memories

2011-10-16 :: Hellenic American Union
64. The friends talk about their childhood and school memories.…

Modern Greek Lesson 63. Star signs

2011-10-15 :: Hellenic American Union
63. The friends talk about their star signs and whether star signs are important for people’s lives or not.…

Modern Greek Lesson 62. Issuing a new passport

2011-10-15 :: Hellenic American Union
62. Yiorgos is about to take a trip abroad but his passport has expired an has to get a new one issued. Later, he goes to the Authorities with all the necessary documents.…

Modern Greek Lesson 61. At the dietician

2011-10-15 :: Hellenic American Union
61. Maria and Eleni visit a dietician for advice on how to lose the extra weight. This gives the excuse to the friends to talk about the so-called “Mediterranean” diet. …

Modern Greek Lesson 60. Feeling ill

2011-10-15 :: Hellenic American Union
60. Maria isn’t feeling well and the friends are worried about her. They convince her to see a doctor, and she takes a couple of tests. Will the results be alright? …

Modern Greek Lesson 59. Ecology/ Recycling

2011-10-15 :: Hellenic American Union
59. The friends talk about the various ways and benefits of recycling.…

Modern Greek Lesson 58. Preferences/ Birthdays

2011-10-15 :: Hellenic American Union
58. It’s Maria’s birthday next week, and the friends are thinking about ways to celebrate it. However, Maria seems to have a different opinion!…

Modern Greek Lesson 57. Superstitious

2011-10-15 :: Hellenic American Union
57. Maria turns out to be very superstitious. This gives the opportunity to Voula and her husband Dimitris to talk about common superstitions in Greece. …

Modern Greek Lesson 56. Unemployment

2011-10-15 :: Hellenic American Union
56. Yiorgos is worried that he’ll lose his job. The friends try to come up with solutions.…

Modern Greek Lesson 55. Damages in the house

2011-10-15 :: Hellenic American Union
55. The friends go to Maria’s house to eat, when, suddenly, the lights go out. The problem is at the fuse box and Maria decides to call an electrician.…

Modern Greek Lesson 54. Healthy living

2011-10-15 :: Hellenic American Union
54. The friends talk about ways to live a healthy life such as giving up smoking, exercising, and eating better …

Modern Greek Lesson 53. Invitation to a wedding

2011-10-15 :: Hellenic American Union
53. Eleni and Vassilis get invited to the wedding of one of Eleni’s cousins. Later, they go to the wedding and make comments about the ceremony and the guests. …

Modern Greek Lesson 52. Household chores

2011-10-15 :: Hellenic American Union
52. Eleni decides to paint her house by herself, and this makes the friends talk about household chores.…

Modern Greek Lesson 51. Road Assistance

2011-10-15 :: Hellenic American Union
51. Eleni realizes that she hasn’t paid her subscription to the Road Assistance company. What does she do, later that day, when her car breaks down, and she needs their help?…

Modern Greek Lesson 50. At the cosmetics store/ At the jeweler's

2011-10-15 :: Hellenic American Union
50. Maria and Eleni go to a cosmetics store to buy makeup and facial products. Later, they go to a jeweller’s to buy a present. …

Modern Greek Lesson 49. Fighting over a party

2007-02-09 :: Hellenic American Union
49.Eleni’s kids have arranged to go to a party but she disagrees. Her husband, Vassilis, thinks otherwise.…

Modern Greek Lesson 48. Theater tickets

2007-02-01 :: Hellenic American Union
48.Yiorgos makes reservations for seats at the theater. Later, the friends go there to pick up their tickets.…

Modern Greek Lesson 47. A break in / The Police

2007-01-26 :: Hellenic American Union
47.Yiorgos’ house has been broken into; the Police arrive to investigate.…

Modern Greek Lesson 46. Utilities / Flat owners' meeting

2007-01-18 :: Hellenic American Union
46. Maria and the rest of the flat owners’ in her building meet to discuss high utilities. Will they come to an agreement?…

Modern Greek Lesson 45. The Power Company bill

2007-01-11 :: Hellenic American Union
45. Maria finds out that she’s been overcharged by the Power Company and goes to Customer Service to see what’s happened.…

Modern Greek Lesson 44. Apologies and excuses

2007-01-04 :: Hellenic American Union
44. At the office, Yiorgos has to confront his supervisor with lots of apologies and excuses for work he hasn’t done on time.…

Modern Greek Lesson 43. At the video store/At the record store

2006-12-28 :: Hellenic American Union
43. Eleni goes to the video store to pay for some late DVD’s and Dimitris and Maria go shopping to a record store.…

Modern Greek Lesson 42. Pollution /Measures

2006-12-22 :: Hellenic American Union
42.The friends talk about pollution and what everyone can do to stop it.…

Modern Greek Lesson 41. Damages in the house /The plumber

2006-12-15 :: Hellenic American Union
41. Eleni has to deal with a serious water leak in the house and she tries to find a plumber. Will she succeed?…

Modern Greek Lesson 40. Family and feelings

2006-12-06 :: Hellenic American Union
40.Eleni and her husband Vassilis have an open conversation about their relation, while their kids express complaints.…

Modern Greek Lesson 39. At the hairdresser’s

2006-11-30 :: Hellenic American Union
39.Yiorgos goes to the hairdresser’s for a wash and trim, while Maria goes to the beauty salon for a new color and hairstyle.…

Modern Greek Lesson 38. At the Police Station

2006-11-23 :: Hellenic American Union
38.Dimitris goes to the Police Station to report the loss - or is it theft? - of his wallet.…

Modern Greek Lesson 37. Congratulations and sympathy

2006-11-16 :: Hellenic American Union
37.The friends congratulate Maria on her promotion but feel sympathy for Dimitris who’s lost his wallet!…

Modern Greek Lesson 36. At the hospital

2006-11-09 :: Hellenic American Union
36.Maria has cut herself and has to go to the hospital.…

Modern Greek Lesson 35. Preferences

2006-11-02 :: Hellenic American Union
35.The friends are trying to decide what to do later in the evening: Go to a bar? Eat Chinese or Italian? Go to the theater? Finally, they decide to go to Yiorgos’ house for dinner and then go out for a drink.…

Modern Greek Lesson 34. At the supermarket

2006-10-27 :: Hellenic American Union
34.Eleni and Maria at the super market, buying household supplies and dairy products. Later, they go to the street market to buy fruits and vegetables.…

Modern Greek Lesson 33. Dialing the wrong number

2006-10-20 :: Hellenic American Union
33.Yiorgos is dialing the wrong number. Later, someone calls him at the office; it’s the wrong number again!…

Modern Greek Lesson 32. Homework

2006-10-13 :: Hellenic American Union
32.Eleni is at home with her children, Nikos and Marina. She never stops telling them what to do and what not to do!…

Modern Greek Lesson 31. Using the ATM

2006-10-06 :: Hellenic American Union
31.Maria and Eleni decide to go shopping. Eleni has to use the ATM machine but she doesn’t know how; Maria is helping her.…

Modern Greek Lesson 30. At the bus stop

2006-09-29 :: Hellenic American Union
30.Maria is at the bus stop, asking for directions. Later, she’s on the right bus, but she doesn’t know where to get off.…

Modern Greek Lesson 29. At the doctors

2006-09-22 :: Hellenic American Union
29.Yiorgos isn’t feeling very well and decides to go to the doctor’s. Since it’s urgent, the doctor sees him later the same day.…

Modern Greek Lesson 28. At the hotel

2006-09-15 :: Hellenic American Union
28.The friends are making reservations at a hotel, for a weekend out of Athens. Later, they’re there, checking in.…

Modern Greek Lesson 27. At the bar

2006-09-08 :: Hellenic American Union
27.The friends are at a bar, celebrating Eleni’s new job.…

Modern Greek Lesson 26. At the bookstore

2006-09-01 :: Hellenic American Union
26.Yiorgos and Eleni are at a bookstore looking for a present.…

Modern Greek Lesson 25. A new telephone number

2006-08-25 :: Hellenic American Union
25.With his new house, Dimitris has to get a new phone line. He goes to the nearest telephone company office to apply for one.…

Modern Greek Lesson 24. Moving houses

2006-08-18 :: Hellenic American Union
24.Dimitris is moving house and he has to buy some new furniture.…

Modern Greek Lesson 23. Directions for use

2006-08-11 :: Hellenic American Union
23.Maria has just bought a new camera and she’s asking for instructions on how to use it.…

Modern Greek Lesson 22. Cinema tickets

2006-08-04 :: Hellenic American Union
22.The friends talk about going to the cinema. Will they make up their mind about what film to watch?…

Modern Greek Lesson 21.Weather

2006-07-28 :: Hellenic American Union
21.The friends are making plans about a weekend trip. When they get to their destination, the weather isn’t what they have expected!…

Modern Greek Lesson 20. Faulty products

2006-07-21 :: Hellenic American Union
Dimitris has just bought a CD-player that doesn't work; he goes to the store to get it exchanged…

Modern Greek Lesson 19. At the travel office

2006-07-14 :: Hellenic American Union
Yiorgos gives some travel information to a customer at work and Eleni calls him about an excursion.…

Modern Greek Lesson 18. At the super market - At the open - air market

2006-07-07 :: Hellenic American Union
Marian and Eleni go to the super market for the household goods but visit the open-air market for fruits and vegetables.…

Modern Greek Lesson 17. Looking for a job

2006-06-30 :: Hellenic American Union
Dimitris is looking for work and Maria is helping him…

Modern Greek Lesson 16. How I spent my weekend

2006-06-23 :: Hellenic American Union
The friends talk about their exciting weekend…

Modern Greek Lesson 15. Working out

2006-06-16 :: Hellenic American Union Length: 8s
Yiorgos and Maria decide to work out at the local swimming pool…

Modern Greek Lesson 14. At the post office

2006-06-09 :: Hellenic American Union Length: 8s
Maria and Yiorgos are at the post office…

Modern Greek Lesson 13. At the kiosk

2006-06-02 :: Hellenic American Union Length: 8s
Maria goes to the kiosk and buys all sorts of stuff…

Modern Greek Lesson 12. Looking for an apartment

2006-05-26 :: Hellenic American Union Length: 11s
Dimitris decides to move and enquires about an apartment. Of course, his friends help him.…

Modern Greek Lesson 11. What are we going to eat?

2006-05-19 :: Hellenic American Union Length: 9s
The friends feel hungry; should they cook something or order out?…

Modern Greek Lesson 10. At the cinema

2006-05-12 :: Hellenic American Union Length: 8s
Going to the cinema…

Modern Greek Lesson 9. Commands

2006-05-04 :: Hellenic American Union Length: 9s
Eleni is very busy at work.…

Modern Greek Lesson 8. Becoming ill

2006-04-26 :: Hellenic American Union © 2006 Length: 8s
Dimitris is down with a virus. He goes to the pharmacy for medication.…

Modern Greek Lesson 7. Introductions and directions

2006-04-19 :: Hellenic American Union © 2006 Length: 9s
It’s Yiorgos’s birthday and the friends decide to pay him a visit. He gives them directions on how to get to his house.…

Modern Greek Lesson 6. At the stores

2006-04-13 :: Hellenic American Union © 2006 Length: 8s
The friends shop but are undecided……

Modern Greek Lesson 5. Shopping

2006-04-06 :: Hellenic American Union © 2006 Length: 8s
The friends go shopping; it’s sales time!…

Modern Greek Lesson 4. A date

2006-03-30 :: Hellenic American Union © 2006 Length: 7s
The friends arrange to meet…

Modern Greek Lesson 3. Family

2006-03-16 :: Hellenic American Union © 2006 Length: 6s
The friends are talking about their families…

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