Last update: 2012-08-04

Episode 62 - Costume Panel Discussion

2012-08-04 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 38s
We hosted a panel discussion on Lebowski Fest costumes at the 11th Annual Lebowski Fest in Louisville, Kentucky. Our panel consisted of six costume experts who all had various awards and commendations for their various costuming efforts.…

Episode 61 - The Past 5 Years of Lebowski Culture

2012-01-31 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 1s
To kick off our sixth year of podcasting, Liz and Chalupa meet up with Dude Tom and Tim to discuss the past half-decade of Lebowski-dom. Some things have changed a lot and other have just stayed the same. We're changing up our episode frequency, but posting more on the blog.…

Episode 60 Dude Dave

2012-01-01 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 1s
Coming soon…

Episode 59 - Scavenger Hunt: An Unlikely Union

2011-12-22 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 16s
Eddie Chung, creator of The Achievers, and Matt Podolsky are working on a new documentary about the California Condor. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Eddie and Matt to briefly talk about their new film before the music became too loud and the crowd rushed in at Lebowski Fest LA 2011.…

Episode 58 - Oliver, Founder of Dudeism

2011-12-12 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 29s
After emailing, chatting, writing, and interacting with Oliver Benjamin for a good five years or so, he and I finally sat down for a proper interview. Oliver is the founder of Dudeism and runs Dudespaper, the official web publication of Dudeism.…

Episode 57 - LA Fest 2011

2011-11-21 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 21s
Mrs Jamtoss and I recall a few highlights from the 2011 Los Angeles Lebowski Fest…

Episode 56 - Ron Burgin, the Dude

2011-09-21 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 32s
First episode in our series of interviews with achievers who not only look like The Dude, but live their lives in a Dude-like fashion. Our first installment features Ron Burgin.…

Episode 55 - Walter

2011-09-05 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 43s
At the 10th Annual Lebowski Fest, Liz and I sat down with Tim and Marie to talk all about Walter.…

Episode 54 - Prof Tim's Dissertation

2011-07-24 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 41s
Last summer at the 9th Annual Lebowski Fest (Summer 2010) Prof Tim and I sat down to discuss his Lebowski-centered project and other things surrounding the podcat and The Big Lebowski. We hope you enjoy it. Next episode will be our review of the 10th Annual Lebowski Fest.…

Episode 53 - A Real Little Lebowski Urban Achiever

2011-07-06 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 18s
The other day I found an article written by Hayley Rafner. Her father worked as a set director on The Big Lebowski and she's one of the kids in the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers photo hanging on Mr. Lebowski's wall. Obviously we had to interview her.…

Episode 52 - Lebowski Art Part 2

2011-07-06 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 24s
Here's part two in our art series. This episode features an interview with the amazing Bill Green. He's the dude who does all the posters, t-shirts, and what have you for Lebowski Fest!…

Episode 51 - Commentary Track

2011-05-11 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 1s
In 2007 we had the great idea of creating a full length commentary track for The Big Lebowski. The Coens aren't into DVD extras and we still haven't found one on the internet yet. We used the 10th Anniversary copy of the DVD and there are instructions at the beginning to synchronize.…

Episode 50 - Lebowski Art Part 1

2011-03-31 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 26s
This is the first of a two-part series on Lebowski art. If you have not seen a piece of original art themed on The Big Lebowski, then this is the episode for you. If you're looking for a painting, a sculpture, an illustration, or a good web site to browse - you will be able to find what you're looking for. If you know of some other great Lebowski-themed pieces, please let us know and we'll put them on our blog.…

Episode 49 - Gift Ideas

2011-01-31 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 31s
Trying to find a Big Lebowski themed gift for that special lady or dude in your life?  We scoured the internets and created a list of ideas that might just be what you're looking for.

Next month we're going to delve into the choreography of Busby Berkeley whose legacy was imitated during the dream sequence in The Big Lebowski.…

Episode 48 - More chat with Jeff DeLucia

2010-12-22 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 30s
Jeff DeLucia and Chalupa had a second phone conversation that turned out better than the first. Many random topics were discussed from how Freud relates to Lebowsk characters, different films Jeff has worked on over the years, Roger Deakins, and how to contact actors. If you like Jeff, be sure to check out Episode 44 - Crew member Jeff DeLucia. This ends our episodes for 2010. We have some great episodes coming in 2011. Stay tuned for a Valentines gift guide later this month.…

Episode 47 - Dude Sweaters

2010-12-18 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 30s
Liz and Chalupa recently acquired some "Dude sweaters" and share some tips on how to find one. Later they relate their experience at Viva Lebowski and mention some upcoming episodes.…

Episode 46 - Donny's Slice

2010-12-12 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 34s
After a year of theorizing, we finally sat down and tried out some orange drinks Donny might have enjoyed. Slice isn't available anymore and Crush has taken its place. What's your favorite orange drink?…

Episode 45 - Reviewing Two Gents of Lebowski

2010-10-26 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 22s
Adam Bertocci's book, Two Gentlemen of Lebowski, was released today and we give our two cents. We really enjoyed it and think you will too. We're giving away 5 copies next month so be sure to enter our contest!…

Episode 44 - Crew Member Jeff DeLucia

2010-09-13 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 1s
Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of chatting with someone from the crew of The Big Lebowski, Jeff DeLucia. Jeff is a card-holding union member and has been working on the sets of TV shows and films for the past 20 years. Jeff has a lot of interesting things to say about lighting a scene, and great stories from his past jobs. The audio is a little rough on this one. Had some technical difficulties with the recording. The whole interview is available in our member section.…

Episode 43 - Lebowski Studies at Carmichael's

2010-07-27 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 46s
The day before the 9th Annual Lebowski Fest officially started, there was an event at Carmichael's Bookstore in Louisville for Aaron Jaffe and Ed Comentale's book, The Year's Work in Lebowski Studies.  Ed and Aaron are no strangers to the podcast.  They were our guests back on Episode 15.  Jaffe and Comentale allowed me to record the discussion between them and the audience at the event.  I hope this gives you a good idea of what it was like.…

Episode 42 - 9th Annual Lebowski Fest

2010-07-24 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 34s
Review of the 9th Annual Lebowski Fest in Louisville, KY. This year I went solo and arrived a little early with Tom to enjoy the city a bit. As usual there were great costumes, great events, great food, and I was able to meet and reunite with many Achievers. We have more Fest coverage coming up so stay tuned.…

Episode 41 - Dudesong

2010-06-20 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 23s
This month I talked with Dudesong's creator, Phil Wells, via Skype. This episode is a few weeks late, but we'll be doubling up next month to make up for it. If you're coming to Lebowski Fest in Louisville please find us and say hello. We're organizing a meetup and will post details on our blog.…

Episode 40 - Health Care Debate

2010-04-30 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 55s
Since President Obama was elected into office as the 44th president of the United States of America, he has been pushing for Congress to enact health care reform for the American people. In March of 2010, a health care reform bill (H.R. 4872) was passed by a narrow margin. Leading up to this historic vote and after, there have been many heated discussions and debates over the value and even legality of this new legislation. This month we tried to understand this issue by discussing it through the characters of The Big Lebowski. We have a new segment titled Dude Thoughts with Tom where Tom Esterline "phones in" and chats about what's going on in his life. He shares some Dude dos and don'ts, along with ideas about how to best achieve at Achieverdom. Tune in next month to hear our interview with Phill Wells who created Dudesong, an epic poem version of The Big Lebowski.…

Episode 39 - Jeff Bridges Tribute

2010-03-31 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 1s
Jeff Bridges finally won an Academy Award and we felt the need to celebrate. TJ and Larry joined us to talk about Jeff Bridges' life, career, and some of his films other than The Big Lebowski. In a new segment we relate a real life "Dude story" from one of our listeners. Join us next month as we'll be discussing health care reform and how that might affect the The Dude, Walter and Donny.…

Episode 38 - LebowskiPalooza

2010-02-28 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 42s
March 6, 2010 marks LebowskiPalooza, the biggest Lebowski event in Canada. I had a great time interviewing two of its organizers. They even graciously stood by while we troubleshot an echo problem. This even coincides with Day of The Dude - Dudeism's Dude holiday and don't forget to cheer Jeff Bridges on to his first Oscar win on March 7th.…

Episode 37 - Two Gentlemen of Lebowski

2010-01-31 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 42s
In January of 2010, Adam Bertocci released his Shakespearean-themed translation of The Big Lebowski script. We were able to get him on the phone for an interview and talk about how his project came about. It's something that really exploded on the internet and there are now readings and productions being planned all across the US. There might even be a book deal in the works. For February we're hoping to talk with Rev Dom and his crew who are working on a Dudeism documentary.…

Episode 36 - Fargo

2009-12-23 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 1s
TJ and Larry came back for another episode to discuss Fargo, the Coen Brothers' first Oscar winner. Contest winners announced and round 2 of contest in January. Happy holidays.…

Episode 35 - Sy Ableman

2009-11-29 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 1s
Fred Melamed played the character of Sy Ableman in the most recent Coen Brother film, A Serious Man. In our interview with Fred we heard his first-hand experiences working with the Coen Brothers, some ins and outs of the film industry and what it was like on the set of A Serious Man. Check out Bill Green's new art show, Jaffe and Comentale's new book The Year's Work in Lebowski Studies, and be sure to enter our contest to win a Liam bowling ball shammy.…

Liam Shammy

2009-11-24 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 9s
On November 25th, a new item will be available from the Lebowski Fest store. Listen to my interview with Jim "Liam O'Brien" Hoosier to find out about his new, officially endorsed, piece of bowling equipment. Tune in to Episode 35 for details on how you can win one.…

Episode 34 - The Achievers Review

2009-11-06 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 1s
Eddie Chung's documentary, The Achievers, is finally available for purchase! Larry, TJ, Liz and I sat down to talk about our thoughts on Lebowski Fest and the documentary. Prof Tim won our final item from Entertainment Earth. Keep your eyes peeled for a new Liam item from Lebowski Fest. Later this month tune in for our interview with Fred "Sy Ableman" Melamed from A Serious Man.…

Episode 33 - Lebowski Fest Boston

2009-09-27 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 1s
Lebowski Fest came to Boston this month. Liz and I hung out with the fest staff and recorded our conversation. Next month we'll review the documentary The Achievers and give away a Dude action figure.…

Episode 32 - Falsani Abides

2009-08-31 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 1s
In October you'll have the chance to by the next great Lebowski book to hit the market - The Dude Abides: The Gospel According to the Coen Brothers by Cathleen Falsani. We were able to chat with Falsani via bag-phone and got a chance to talk with the book's well-known illustrator Erik Rose. Tim from Indiana won himself a Walter action figure. Next month is Boston Fest and we're giving away a Maude bobble head.…

The Dude Hates Cancer

2009-07-30 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 9s
The Dude Hates Cancer is an annual bowling fund raiser bringing awareness to Leukemia and Lymphoma. You can catch this year's event August 22 in Philadelphia.…

Episode 31 - 8th Annual Lebowski Fest Review

2009-07-21 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 1s
Liz and Chalupa attended the 8th Annual Lebowski Fest in Louisville, KY. They have a complete review of the event with interviews from some of the attending Achievers. Will Phillips won last month's contest for the Dude bobble head. Next month giving away Walter action figure.…

Episode 30 - Summer Contests

2009-06-28 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 27s
This month is basically news and updates as we're gearing up for the 8th Annual Lebowski Fest. We've partnered up with Entertainment Earth and will be giving away some of their merchandise each month starting in July.…

Episode 29 - Dax Norman

2009-05-31 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 50s
Dax Norman is an artist and an Achiever. You might have seen his Lebowski-themed bowling pins at the 2008 San Francisco Lebowski Fest. Will Russell called in with an update about the Speed of Sound Tour and Liz is starting an online writing class. See our site for more info -…

Episode 28 - Losing Friends with Bridges and Pegg

2009-04-29 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 47s
Chalupa's sister decided to spend her spring break in the fabled lands of New Hampshire. While she was here I got her to finally watch The Big Lebowski. Afterwards we reviewed How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, a Jeff Bridges/Simon Pegg film that was recently released on DVD. Having problems with the iTunes store. Please help us direct listeners to our website if they want to subscribe. For more info -…

Episode 27a - Steven Levy on Technology

2009-04-12 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 20s
Part 2 of Chalupa's conversation with technology guru Steven Levy. They discuss blogging, Twitter, cloud computing, internet security, etc. Follow Steven on twitter at @stevenjayl. April's episode on How To Lose Friends and Alienate People. See web site for more info -…

Episode 27 - Steven Levy's Wish List

2009-03-31 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 34s
Steven Levy wished for a sequel to The Big Lebowski. It hasn't arrived yet, but he was willing to talk to us via the bag phone about his love for the film and his experience with the Coen Brothers. We've joined Twitter and Andrea Dudette was our featured listener. See for more info.…

Episode 26 - Talk after watching

2009-02-21 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 1s
This month we review Burn After Reading (2008), the Coens most recent film. Please rate us on iTunes and help us get onto Wikipedia. If you helped spread the word about the podcast, let us know and we'll give you some recognition. Next month interviews with famous Lebowski fans. See our web site for more info -…

Episode 25 - Pineapple Express

2009-01-31 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 50s
Episode 25 heralds our 2nd anniversary and the start to another year of podcasting. This month we discuss the film Pineapple Express as a stoner film and some similarities we found between it and The Big Lebowski. Tom joined us as a guest this episode. We're reading listener emails again and have a new feature, Listener Spotlights, highlighting our listeners. See our web site for more info -…

Episode 24 - Money

2008-12-20 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 51s
Please welcome our first New Hampshire guest, Bryan Parys. This month we talked about how money drives some characters and affects others. Read more about this subject on Chalupa's column at Dudespaper. Second anniversary contest to win an autographed copy of I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski. Happy holidays and safe travels to all. See you next year. Email any comments and questions to…

Tom's NYC Fest Review

2008-12-14 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 44s
Tom, aka The Dude, reports on the NYC Lebowski Fest and his experience in New York city. Tom is our Lebowski Fest Correspondent and reports on all the ins and outs of the festivals along with a review on the city it's held in. Chalupa has started writing a column at January will be our 2nd anniversary. The 10th person to purchase a shirt will win a copy of I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski autographed by Will Russell and Scott Shuffitt. Details at the end of the podcast. Links and other info at…

Episode 23 - DVD Achiever Edition

2008-11-25 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 18s
Chalupa and Liz review the Achiever Edition DVD of The Big Lebowski. We're looking for guest speakers. Tom's NY Fest review coming soon. Check out Chalupa has a column, Notes on the Cycle, there.…

Episode 22 - Actor Update

2008-11-02 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 34s
The actors and actresses of The Big Lebowski have a long list of good films they've been working on. We also share some answers to "Why Lebowski?"…

Episode 21 - Brandt Tribute

2008-09-29 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 49s
The fans asked and the fans received - a Brandt Tribute. We know you love Philip Seymour Hoffman as much as we do. Joe Blevins and Bendog gave us some input. More emails on the website. Bowling tip by Eddie Chung and music by Steepwater Band.…

Episode 20 - The Achievers

2008-09-08 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 22s
The 10th Anniversary Edition of The Big Lebowski comes out and Eddie Chung talked to us about his documentary that's included in the special features. Like our music? Check out The Steepwater Band.…

Episode 19 - Pop Lebowski

2008-08-26 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 26s
Whitney Matheson from USA Today's Pop Candy joined us via bag phone to talk about her Lebowski experiences. Next month Brandt tribute. Check out…

Lebowski Fest 08 - Sun

2008-07-20 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 32s
Tom gives us his Sunday update after returning home.…

Lebowski Fest 08 - Sat

2008-07-13 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 20s
Tom gives us his Saturday update after the Garden Party, cake unveiling, trivia and costume contests. Tom doesn't mention it, but he won Best Dude.…

Lebowski Fest 08 - Fri

2008-07-13 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 10s
Tom and Brad give us their update from the Opening Party. Talked to Scott, one of the founding dudes. He gave us some insider information about the East Coast fest coming up.…

Lebowski Fest 08 - Thurs

2008-07-11 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 19s
We couldn't make it, but Tom agreed to be our special correspondent. He and Brad arrive in Louisville a little early for the 7th annual Lebowski Fest. They got Jim Hoosier, Liam, on the phone with us. More updates to come.…

Episode 18 - CF fund raiser

2008-06-30 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 15s
Rocco is helping to plan a Cystic Fibrosis fund raiser in the Balitmore area this summer. The podcast headquarters now resides in New Hampshire. If you're in the area, we'd love to meet you.…

Episode 17 - Achiever Etiquette

2008-05-30 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 54s
Part 1: We took a trip down to Tom's house for a chat with him and Brad about Achiever Etiquette. As a bonus, he also showed us his Lebowski shrine and we rolled a game afterwards. Part 2: I gave Daniel, from Everthus the Deadbeats, a call and learned all about his band, their upcoming tour, and their upcoming performance at the 7th Annual Lebowski Fest. Daniel also lent us some tunes for the episode. Check these guys out.…

Episode 16 - Film Technicalities

2008-05-04 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 49s
Joe Blevins hopped a bus to Indianapolis to talk with us about cinematography, set design, and costume design. We recorded in a downtown mall and were heckled by some teenagers. Luckily we were calmer than they were.…

Houston Lebowski Bash

2008-04-29 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 8s
Jason is setting up a *FREE* Lebowski event this summer in Houston, TX. If you have nothing to do on June 21st, you need to swing by and tell them Chalupa from the Lebowski Podcast sent you. Jason is still in need of volunteers, bands, and even some flooring to complete his bowling alley. Check out their site.…

RCPCC Lebowski Night

2008-04-29 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 12s
Steve and Nancy from the RCPCC in Vermont are holding a Lebowski fund raiser May 23-24, 2008 in Rutland, VT. Details can be found at their website. Please consider attending or contributing in any way you can. They need help getting the word out.…

Episode 15 - Lebowski Symposium and a few ins and outs

2008-03-26 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 1s
Aaron Jaffe and Ed Comentale, creators of the Lebowski Academic Symposium, tell us about their experience and their upcoming book. We also found some other movie related topics to talk about. New music by The Steepwater Band.…

Chicago Fest 2008

2008-03-16 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 37s
We made it to the first ever Lebowski Fest in Chicago. We were there for Friday night and interviewed a lot of fellow Achievers.…

Episode 14 - The Amateurs

2008-02-24 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 19s
If you haven't seen The Amateurs yet, you need to rent or buy it. Jeff Bridges latest movie released in the US on DVD. Next month interview with the Lebowski Academic Symposium guys.…

Episode 13 - Cult films with Will and Scott

2008-01-13 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 34s
This month we took a trip to Louisville, KY to meet up with Scott Shuffitt and Will Russell, the founders of the Lebowski festivals. We talked about the cult status of The Big Lebowski as well as their book and their festivals.…

Jeff Bridges Q&A at Dallas Angelika

2007-12-17 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 30s
Dan Prall, aka Walter LaFester, went to the Dallas Angelika a few weeks ago to see The Amateurs and attended the Q&A afterwards with Jeff Bridges. Dan asked the question on everyone's mind and Bridges even called him Walter! Today is also Dan's birthday so wish him a good one.…

Episode 12 - Dudeism

2007-12-11 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 47s
Dr. James Spiegel helped us take a close look at the Dudeism movement and analyze it philosophically. Modern day Dudeists also discussed. Mic troubles on some of the audio. Next month we're talking to the founding dudes.…

Episode 11 - Lebowski Fan Book

2007-11-19 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 26s
After we all finished reading I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski we decided there needed to be an episode. Co-written by the Festival dudes and two other achievers, this is the ultimate fan book. New Coen movie out in theaters and next month - Dudeism!…

Episode 10 - The Contender

2007-10-22 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 30s
We watched The Contender (2000), starring Jeff Bridges and Sam Elliot, and compared the movie against The Big Lebowski. Major format changes this month. Let us know what we should ask the Founding Dudes in our interview in January.…

Episode 9 - Donny Tribute

2007-09-19 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 48s
The fans asked for it and the fans got it - a tribute to Theodore Donald Karabotsos. Neville Kiser, our Lebowski Ambassador to China, was in as our guest speaker along with Sevier. Chalupa and Gunner unveiled their Donny-theories. Joe Blevins educated us on average shot length and we had some good emails as usual.…

Episode 8 - Uli Kunkel Edition

2007-08-26 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 24s
This month was dedicated to Peter Stormare, also known as Uli Kunkel and Karl Hungus, and the many other things he has been involved in. Due to many unforeseen events, Liz and Chalupa were the only two involved this month. Lots of changes to the website. New Lebowski book is now available. Donny tribute in September.…

Episode 7 - Lebowski Culture

2007-07-30 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 49s
This month Lofton came back to help us discuss Lebowski culture from his new penthouse loft. This includes merchandise, catch phrases, art, literature, fan sites, etc. Any place you see references to The Big Lebowski in pop-culture. Another story from Sloppy Joe along with a new and improved trivia section.…

Luke Rushing interview

2007-06-26 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 12s
We were originally hoping to talk to Luke before we recorded the podcast, but some scheduling conflicts occurred. Luke gave us his thoughts on the soundtrack and other music in the movie. Luke had some interesting insider information about how Captain Beefheart recorded their albums. We theorized why the Dude hates The Eagles so much and discussed the trivia question.…

Episode 6 - Soundtrack and T-Bone Burnett

2007-06-26 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 55s
This month we discussed the soundtrack and the amazing T-Bone Burnett. Tim Lofton came in as our guest and educated us on music, life and other things. RSS feed is being changed. Check the website for more details and our first hate-mail. Lebowski Fest next month.…

Episode 5 - Film Noir

2007-05-18 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 41s
Episode 5 was the month of technical difficulties. A big thanks to Robby Tompkins for coming in and educating us on film noir. We talked about the history of this film genre and style, found ways to spot one, and then discussed examples in the film. New book coming out - I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski. Next month we'll be connecting with Luke via web cam to get his thoughts on the soundtrack.…

Episode 4 - Women in the film: A Feminist Critique

2007-04-20 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 48s
We're back with the long awaited episode going in depth on the women of the film. Liz and Dr. Beulah Baker graced us with both their presence and their expertise while helping us do a feminist critique of the film. Our website went online this week.…

Episode 3 - Meet your podcasters

2007-03-29 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 36s
Learn a little bit more about the show members through some Pulp Fiction style interview questions. More emails, answer to Episode 2's trivia question and a new trivia question for next time.…

Episode 2 - The Dude and what it means to be a man

2007-02-23 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 40s
The Dude and what it means to be a man. This month we went in depth on the male characters and the stereotypes they portray.…

Episode 1 - Pilot

2007-01-18 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 36s
This month is a general overview with some brief character explorations of The Dude, Walter, Jesus, Donny and Jackie Treehorn.…


2007-01-17 :: (Chalupa and Liz) Length: 5s
If you're interested in the Lebowski Podcast, here's an introduction to give you an idea of what we're about.…

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