Last update: 2013-07-01

Tuesday 2nd July 2013

2013-07-01 :: ABC Radio National
Australia has introduced food labelling, but will it work? How a New York Jewish Princess became the first female Maasai warrior and the Arab Film Festival comes to Australia.…

Monday 1st July 2013

2013-06-30 :: ABC Radio National
What does the new Disability Care system mean for you? We visit a cafe run by two intrepid travellers in the wilds of the arctic, the closest town is half an hour’s flight away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some delicious food. Plus Monday Modern Dilemma what to do with a visitor who outstays their welcome?…

Friday 28th June 2013

2013-06-27 :: ABC Radio National
The pros and cons of single-sex and co-educational classes and schools.…

Life Matters - 2013-06-27

2013-06-26 :: ABC Radio National
Julia Gillard's downfall and the "gender wars", Confessions of a Sociopath, singing loudly- the attraction of atheist churches and adjusting to life in a remote community…

Life Matters - 2013-06-26

2013-06-25 :: ABC Radio National
Words and pictures – why are graphic novels taught in the classroom?; and what do we know about stillbirth? We hear a personal story of loss as well as a discussion about the rates, causes and possible preventative treatments.…

Life Matters - 2013-06-25

2013-06-24 :: ABC Radio National
The ethical shopper. Hazel Hawke memorial. The anxious parents guide to teenage girls. Purely Practical: Finance, tax time. …

Life Matters - 2013-06-24

2013-06-23 :: ABC Radio National
Not so fantastic plastic, what can we do about the oceans of plastics we consume and discard? We take you into a small room where substances are sprayed in your face, an installation inspired by a TV ad. A childhood recollection of walking with grandad is part of ABC Open's 500 words project. Plus Monday Modern Dilemma is about balancing the expectations of gal pals and husbands.…

Friday 21st June, 2013

2013-06-20 :: ABC Radio National
Have you been scammed? Perhaps you’ve been a scammer?  We’re looking at the perpetrators and the victims on this Friday’s talkback.…

Life Matters - 2013-06-20

2013-06-19 :: ABC Radio National
When is it right to seek a second medical opinion? LGBT protestors speak out from Gezi Park in Turkey and heavy lifting with a 71 year old body builder.…

Life Matters - 2013-06-19

2013-06-18 :: ABC Radio National
Fifty years after the publication of The Feminine Mystique, is being a woman today really just about submitting to desire in its variations of sex, shopping and even masochism? As an antidote to this notion fifty contributors were invited to write about what being a woman means today.…

Life Matters - 2013-06-18

2013-06-17 :: ABC Radio National
Having your genome sequenced: who owns your DNA?; venturing across Arnhem land with a new Australian film, Satellite Boy; and talking poo on Purely Practical with Robyn Barker.…

Monday 17th June

2013-06-16 :: ABC Radio National
We touch on an upcoming debate are our children over diagnosed. Sri Lankan photographer Jagath Dheerasekara explores life in the outskirts of a major city. Plus our Monday modern dilemma, what can a parent do to convince their child that school is where they need to be.…

Friday 14th June 2013

2013-06-13 :: ABC Radio National
As the cost of energy increases nationally we look at ways to reduce your energy bills and the move to renewables. What are you doing at your place?…

Life Matters - 2013-06-13

2013-06-12 :: ABC Radio National
What’s all this about synthetic drugs, what are they and how risky are they; and one man’s story of contracting throat cancer from the Human Papillomavirus.…

Wednesday 12 June

2013-06-11 :: ABC Radio National
The ongoing reporting on Syria: do you connect when you hear these stories? Does it hit home for you? A look at how different reports can influence how we, as a society, engage with international conflicts; another Now Hear This story about a rather surprising big night out; and a new Indian film, Ship of Theseus.…

Tuesday 11 June

2013-06-10 :: ABC Radio National
Loneliness and isolation, tackling men’s health in rural Australia, how to cook for children with allergies and counting sheep and more about sleep.…

Monday 10 June

2013-06-09 :: ABC Radio National
A special forum recorded at the 2013 Sydney Writers Festival: Are we Changing Sex or is Sex Changing Us?…

Life Matters - 2013-06-07

2013-06-06 :: ABC Radio National
Friendships can sometimes span decades, but we can also make close friendships in a short period of time. Do you think the longer the friendship is, the stronger it is?…

Life Matters - 2013-06-06

2013-06-05 :: ABC Radio National
BBC Age of Reason: Dr Nawal El Saadawi. Your feedback. …

Life Matters - 2013-06-05

2013-06-04 :: ABC Radio National
Is too much praise a good thing? One Perth school wants to teach it’s students a life lesson; a new piece of interactive theatre, exploring the biological and social aspects of ageing; and the award-winning Saudi film screening at the Sydney Film Festival.…

Tuesday 4th June 2013

2013-06-03 :: ABC Radio National
Female rights defenders talk about witchcraft and sorcery attacks in PNG, Indigenous story telling through the lens of sport and why ancient grains are back in fashion.…

Monday 3rd June 2013

2013-06-02 :: ABC Radio National
Children's rights in indigenous communities in Canada and New Zealand. Does size matter? We open the phone lines to debunk myths about fashion and fit. Plus some tough love on our Modern Dilemma.…

Life Matters - 2013-05-30

2013-05-29 :: ABC Radio National
Jenni Murray meets 82 year old physicist Professor Mildred Dresselhaus, whose work on graphite has paved the way for nanotechnology. And some of your feedback.…

Life Matters - 2013-05-29

2013-05-28 :: ABC Radio National
How does the current "no advantage" system impact asylum seekers on mainland Australia? We also explore the dynamics of female friendship.…

Julie McCrossin

2013-05-27 :: ABC Radio National
Former presenter Julie McCrossin chose her interview with the iconic Shirley MacLaine as one of her most memorable. Also in this episode Natasha Mitchell brings us a story of a community that banded together to fund a Parkinson’s nurse in regional Victoria.…

Monday 27th May 2013

2013-05-26 :: ABC Radio National
Are demand-led employment strategies the way to address persistent unemployment for marginalized communities; the Finch memoir prize winner; and our Monday modern dilemma who should choose your teenagers friends.…

Life Matters - 2013-05-24

2013-05-23 :: ABC Radio National
Friday talkback on workplace taboos…

Life Matters - 2013-05-23

2013-05-22 :: ABC Radio National
The BBC’s Age of Reason series gives us the opportunity to hear stories of remarkable women in their 80s. In today’s episode, Amina Cachalia tells her story of spending much of her life fighting for women’s equality under the restrictions of apartheid. Amina Cachalia recorded this interview with the BBC before her death in January 2013 at the age of 82.…

Life Matters - 2013-05-22

2013-05-21 :: ABC Radio National
A special Life Matters forum recorded in Sydney Thursday 16th May: Twenty one years of social change…

Richard Aedy

2013-05-20 :: ABC Radio National
Richard Aedy talks to Natasha Mitchell about some of the themes and big issues that emerged during his six years presenting Life Matters.…

Monday 20th May 2013

2013-05-19 :: ABC Radio National
Emmy award winning science filmmaker Sonya Pemberton on her doco Jabbed: love, fear and vaccines; plus the 40th anniversary of Nimbin's Aquarius Festival, and our Monday Modern Dilemma.…

Life Matters - 2013-05-17

2013-05-16 :: ABC Radio National
Why do we gamble? Is gambling just a normal, healthy part of life in Australia?…

Life Matters - 2013-05-16

2013-05-15 :: ABC Radio National
A special feature from the BBC's Age of Reason series; today Dr Alice Rivlin.…

Life Matters - 2013-05-15

2013-05-14 :: ABC Radio National
The 2013 budget has finally landed so we’re opening the phone lines to hear your thoughts on it all; and ‘Better late than never baby: Becoming a Mother Later in Life’ – what happened when Serena Kirby fell unexpectedly pregnant at 42.…

Norman Swan

2013-05-13 :: ABC Radio National
Former host Norman Swan joins Natasha Mitchell to look back at some of the most unforgettable moments and interviews from his time in the chair. One highlight in particular was his interview with author Frank McCourt in 1997.…

Monday 13th May 2013

2013-05-12 :: ABC Radio National
Treasurer Wayne Swan says we’re in danger of losing the tradition of a “fair go” so is this the case? What is it to be aged 11; and Monday modern dilemma when is it OK for a parent to spread their own wings?…

Friday 10th May 2013

2013-05-09 :: ABC Radio National
Friday talkback on fear…

Life Matters - 2013-05-09

2013-05-08 :: ABC Radio National
The second in our series of special features from the BBC World Service The Age of Reason, featuring octogenarian women. Today’s interview is with eminent Indian professor Romila Thapar.…

Life Matters - 2013-05-08

2013-05-07 :: ABC Radio National
Why prostate cancer checks should now be considered earlier for men and on an individual basis; Making Cents of Super series – Part 4: your annual superannuation statement; and a holy house swap – six people make the switch and live the religious life of another.…

Geraldine Doogue

2013-05-06 :: ABC Radio National
Geraldine Doogue talks to Natasha Mitchell about her interview in 1992 with then prime minister Paul Keating and her recollections about presenting Life Matters on the morning of September 11, 2001.…

Life Matters - 2013-05-06

2013-05-05 :: ABC Radio National
Newcastle detective Peter Fox talks ahead of the Special Commission of Inquiry into sex abuse claims in the Hunter Region of NSW; the youth bulge around the globe; and what to do when you discover you’re pregnant, to your ex-partner.…

Friday 3rd May 2013

2013-05-02 :: ABC Radio National
Blended families talkback: the highs and lows of step-parenting.…

Thursday 2nd May 2013

2013-05-01 :: ABC Radio National
The first in a special BBC series, The Age of Reason, where six octogenarians talk about how the world has changed for women in the last eight decades. Today Vigdis Finnbogadottir.…

Life Matters - 2013-05-01

2013-04-30 :: ABC Radio National
What is environmental justice? Making cents of super: self managed funds the pros and cons; and engineering change with Yassmin Abdel Magied…

Life Matters - 2013-04-30

2013-04-29 :: ABC Radio National
Forgotten female veterans: how women are faring post operational service; putting it to the pollies: voters have their say, and filmmaker Sabour Bradley dives head first into the extraordinary lives of some otherwise ordinary Australians.…

Monday 29th April 2013

2013-04-28 :: ABC Radio National
A special forum featuring well known social researcher Hugh Mackay on 'What makes a life worth living?' the subject of his new book, The Good Life.…

Friday 26th April

2013-04-25 :: ABC Radio National
Friday Talkback: what's funny? …

Life Matters - 2013-04-25

2013-04-24 :: ABC Radio National
On Anzac day "100 stories" of veterans and their families, plus Jared Diamond on WEIRD people.…

Life Matters - 2013-04-24

2013-04-23 :: ABC Radio National
Fists, waves and sexism, what female boxers and surfers face in the competitive world of sport; Making cents of your super: how freelancers and contractors try to plan for super contributions. Our regular contributor Elly Varrenti goes to find herself in a health retreat. Plus your letters and calls.…

Tuesday 23rd April 2013

2013-04-22 :: ABC Radio National
When our Government investigated human relationships, dead is a four letter word and how to talk about sex with your kids.…

Monday 22nd April 2013

2013-04-21 :: ABC Radio National
Retirement options- what do you want? Storytelling series Now Hear This and our Modern Dilemma - how much should Mum manage your money once you start working?…

Friday 19th April 2013

2013-04-18 :: ABC Radio National
Friday talkback asks how parents, students and teachers select the schools they do.…

Life Matters - 2013-04-18

2013-04-17 :: ABC Radio National
Custody battles can lead to fractured families and lengthy deliberations. So how can you protect children through this process?; Digging in the garden with dirtgirlworld – the Australian production that’s just won a digital Emmy award; and a BBC production on puckering up.…

Life Matters - 2013-04-17

2013-04-16 :: ABC Radio National
Does Australia need a national strategy to tackle anti-biotic resistant ‘superbugs’?; the first episode of the Life Matters Super Series – we look at dealing with and the issues related to having multiple accounts; and a new French film that tells the tale of two Israeli & Palestinian children who were switched at birth.…

Tuesday 16th April 2013

2013-04-15 :: ABC Radio National
Impact of changes on HECs, World Voice Day and Baby talk…

Monday 15th April 2013

2013-04-14 :: ABC Radio National
Biophilia, Yale Professor Stephen Kellert on why an affinity with nature keeps us healthy; Project Respect in Victoria; and who to leave off the invite list in our Modern Dilemma.…

Friday 12th April 2013

2013-04-11 :: ABC Radio National
Flu season is fast approaching, and another deadly bird flu virus has already broken out in Asia, today’s talkback we are look at your front line defence at avoiding infections: hand washing.…

Life Matters - 2013-04-11

2013-04-10 :: ABC Radio National
The rise of “video advocacy” to shine the spotlight on public rights and wrongs; the personal & psychological and personal cost of all that commuting for Fly in Fly out workers; and why we can’t escape our ‘inner infant’.…

Wednesday 10 April

2013-04-09 :: ABC Radio National
How certain are you about your superannuation? We take a close look at the Government’s proposed changes; How are overweight people portrayed in the media and why?; and Cool Australia – an eco-epiphany of Antarctic proportions.…

Tuesday 9th April 2013

2013-04-08 :: ABC Radio National
Sex and aging, editing Queen Victoria and beneath the sugar coating.…

Monday 8th April 2013

2013-04-07 :: ABC Radio National
Why is there gender inequality in the philanthropy dollar; A mother and daughter’s story of reconstructing the self after brain injury; and the return of Modern Dilemmas.…

Friday 5th April 2013

2013-04-04 :: ABC Radio National
Sibling talkback: what are the causes of rivalry among siblings.…

Life Matters - 2013-04-04

2013-04-03 :: ABC Radio National
How’s pornography – especially online porn shaping the sexuality of our young people? Adoptive parents talk about their side of the adoption debate and psychiatrists take to their Harleys to raise money for mental health…

Life Matters - 2013-04-03

2013-04-02 :: ABC Radio National
Extreme weather and climate change: a new report; mentoring men; room to read, creating libraries around the world.…

Life Matters - 2013-04-02

2013-04-01 :: ABC Radio National
Death of a soldier, women’s muesum and couples and money…

Life Matters - 2013-04-01

2013-03-31 :: ABC Radio National
7 myths about women and work…

Life Matters - 2013-03-29

2013-03-28 :: ABC Radio National
Anne Deveson in conversation…

Life Matters - 2013-03-28

2013-03-27 :: ABC Radio National
What are social benefit bonds? Death and the internet: online eulogies.…

Life Matters - 2013-03-27

2013-03-26 :: ABC Radio National
Education quality at Australian universities: where is it heading? Boy Lost: a story of kidnap and loss in 50s Australia and Living with Asperger’s…

Life Matters - 2013-03-26

2013-03-25 :: ABC Radio National
Music legend Joan Armatrading , Edible Pets- the farewell tour and cracking open the health benefits of the easter egg…

Life Matters - 2013-03-25

2013-03-24 :: ABC Radio National
How separate is the Church and State in the US? Deciding the fate of frozen embryos, and we meet a veteran midwife.…

Friday 22nd March 2013

2013-03-21 :: ABC Radio National
Respect, good manners and civility, have we lost the art of the civil conversation and respect for those in leadership positions? And without respect, can democracy thrive?…

Life Matters - 2013-03-21

2013-03-20 :: ABC Radio National
Two Arab women talk about changing their communities from within; retiring late is good for you, and the great race: drinking to avoid to alcohol.…

Life Matters - 2013-03-20

2013-03-19 :: ABC Radio National
Forced adoption: What’s changed?; resolution tips for facebook; happiness and kids in Bhutan.…

Life Matters - 2013-03-19

2013-03-18 :: ABC Radio National
The youth UN Council, Alzheimer’s and the Euthanasia debate and feeding your toddler…

Life Matters - 2013-03-18

2013-03-17 :: ABC Radio National
Sharing the load: how do modern households share the burden of housework when time is scarce? And we meet a family of four who took a global road trip – and survived to tell the tale.…

Life Matters - 2013-03-15

2013-03-14 :: ABC Radio National
This week's Friday talkback asks if we're becoming more violent and aggressive or that's just a perception created by media coverage of violence.…

Life Matters - 2013-03-14

2013-03-13 :: ABC Radio National
Better support for carers; getting your life on track after jail; living with cystic fibrosis.…

Life Matters - 2013-03-13

2013-03-12 :: ABC Radio National
Violent games: are they harmful? colour coding, gender and kids clothes, one family drives around the world.…

Life Matters - 2013-03-12

2013-03-11 :: ABC Radio National
Negative gearing: should it be abolished? Regulating nano particles and talking compost…

Life Matters - 2013-03-11

2013-03-10 :: ABC Radio National
Nanoparticles and safety, how well are we assessing the risks; Leading anthropoogist Nina Jablonski on the biological and social meaning of skin colour; and a children’s picture book celebrating inspirational women of the world…

Life Matters - 2013-03-08

2013-03-07 :: ABC Radio National
The pros and cons of share houses and the art of sharing your living space.…

Life Matters - 2013-03-07

2013-03-06 :: ABC Radio National
Modern pregnancy with a guest who views the whole thing as a ‘medium - level catastrophe’; and au pairs – should the government extend their visas? ; and a play about Alzheimer’s.…

Life Matters - 2013-03-06

2013-03-05 :: ABC Radio National
 Making housing affordable; the genius of dogs; Elly Varrenti on scream time and kids; your feedback…

Life Matters - 2013-03-05

2013-03-04 :: ABC Radio National
Child poverty in New Zealand; Dollars and sex: the economy of your relationship; and how to teach young people how to manage their finances.…

Life Matters - 2013-03-04

2013-03-03 :: ABC Radio National
Gonski, going, going gone? Siblings at war over money and caring for parents; The ghost wife.…

Life Matters - 2013-03-01

2013-02-28 :: ABC Radio National
Friday talkback: making judgments of others…

Life Matters - 2013-02-28

2013-02-27 :: ABC Radio National
The cars that ate our cities; the quest for political and personal reinvention; Monica Trapaga bites the Big Apple.…

Life Matters - 2013-02-27

2013-02-26 :: ABC Radio National
Fat City – is it up to you to curb obesity rates?; Children’s author John Marsden on creativity and kids; Seasickness and meeting the love of your.…

Life Matters - 2013-02-26

2013-02-25 :: ABC Radio National
Gandhi' Granddaughter Ela on peace and non-violence in the modern day, nip and tuck holidays and a look at what we quench our thirst with on Purely Practical…

Life Matters - 2013-02-25

2013-02-24 :: ABC Radio National
Alcohol in Australia, Indian adoption and kidnapping, Landmarks in Australia in 33 places…

Life Matters - 2013-02-22

2013-02-21 :: ABC Radio National
Tablets and touchscreens and young children: How much is too much?…

Life Matters - 2013-02-21

2013-02-20 :: ABC Radio National
Grieving for loved ones lost to mental illness, and the pros and cons of privatising cancer genes.…

Life Matters - 2013-02-20

2013-02-19 :: ABC Radio National
From ruin to recovery: problem gambling and the hardest conversation of all: how to acknowledge that you are dying?…

Life Matters - 2013-02-19

2013-02-18 :: ABC Radio National
The impacts of mental illness on physical health; Purely Practical – babies - what you need to get when one’s on the way; and looking for couples for whom it’s all going well.…

Life Matters - 2013-02-18

2013-02-17 :: ABC Radio National
Teenage violence in the home; the memory of fabric and get fit for free.…

Life Matters - 2013-02-15

2013-02-14 :: ABC Radio National
Talkback, Love the skin you're in…

Life Matters - 2013-02-14

2013-02-13 :: ABC Radio National
Getting rid of your e-waste; the psychology of belief; how to help make unhappy couples happy.…

Life Matters - 2013-02-13

2013-02-12 :: ABC Radio National
New Zealanders in Australia; why so few men in childcare; and the Australian Theatre for Young People celebrates 50 years.…

Life Matters - 2013-02-12

2013-02-11 :: ABC Radio National
Flexible workplaces, dancing in the streets with 1 Billion Rising and how to find the perfect breakfast cereal…

Life Matters - 2013-02-11

2013-02-10 :: ABC Radio National
How we sell ourselves every day, in every way; drugs in sport – the long term health impacts; and taking up group sports for the first time in mid-life…

Life Matters - 2013-02-08

2013-02-07 :: ABC Radio National
Talkback on lying, from little white lies to fairy stories for children, to criminal justice issues…

Life Matters - 2013-02-07

2013-02-06 :: ABC Radio National
Ash Wednesday, John Watkins on dementia and pros and cons of makeup.…

Life Matters - 2013-02-06

2013-02-05 :: ABC Radio National
Looking for better treatment; Twitter and sharing data; feedback…

Life Matters - 2013-02-05

2013-02-04 :: ABC Radio National
Why do people risk their lives on leaky boats? Director Jesse Taylor talks about her documentary Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. One woman’s journey through love, sex and longing, and how to set realistic financial goals.…

Life Matters - 2013-02-04

2013-02-03 :: ABC Radio National
Creationism in Queensland schools, creating art in the laboratory, and Europe’s monarchy – the great survivors…

Friday 1st February 2013

2013-01-31 :: ABC Radio National
Friday talkback: Childless by choice. …

Life Matters - 2013-01-31

2013-01-30 :: ABC Radio National
Government cuts and Australia’s disadvantaged; holding kids back from starting school; the art of conversation.…

Life Matters - 2013-01-30

2013-01-29 :: ABC Radio National
Queensland hospitals: extreme weather and emergency planning; Kids and the transition from primary to secondary schools: are they prepared? Listener feedback.…

Tuesday 29 January2013

2013-01-28 :: ABC Radio National
Eco-anxiety: how do you feel about climate change?; Lamingtons and a baking resurgence?; Purely Practical: getting into exercise; Listener feedback…

Life Matters - 2013-01-28

2013-01-27 :: ABC Radio National
The migrant experience. Indigenous Literacy. …

Life Matters - 2013-01-25

2013-01-24 :: ABC Radio National
Going back to study as a mature student…

Life Matters - 2013-01-24

2013-01-23 :: ABC Radio National
Managing menopause; poet and artist Lemon Andersen; recovery from trauma; Now Hear This: a festive surprise…

Life Matters - 2013-01-23

2013-01-22 :: ABC Radio National
Author Tim Winton and composer, Richard Gill…

Life Matters - 2013-01-22

2013-01-21 :: ABC Radio National
The homework debate: is homework useful? Improving palliative care; Patti Miller and the mind of a thief…

Life Matters - 2013-01-21

2013-01-20 :: ABC Radio National
What makes a good school?; Walk a mile in my shoes; modern dilemmas - a struggling business…

Life Matters - 2013-01-18

2013-01-17 :: ABC Radio National
Working too hard?…

Life Matters - 2013-01-17

2013-01-16 :: ABC Radio National
Australian author, Monica McInerney; Now hear This: Underbelly; Co-operative housing; Driving baby home…

Life Matters - 2013-01-16

2013-01-15 :: ABC Radio National
AFL player, Micky O; Free range mum, Lenore Skenazy; comedian Shappi Khorsandi…

Life Matters - 2013-01-15

2013-01-14 :: ABC Radio National
Mary Robinson…

Life Matters - 2013-01-14

2013-01-13 :: ABC Radio National
Performance anxiety; dads and depression; the trouble with telcos; modern dilemmas: work or stay at school?…

Life Matters - 2013-01-11

2013-01-10 :: ABC Radio National
The value of solitude. Have we lost the ability to be alone?…

Life Matters - 2013-01-10

2013-01-09 :: ABC Radio National
Heading seriously North to hear about the Inuit peoples of Canada; the life of Nica Rothschild the rebellious family member who abandoned her family for the jazz scene of New York; and the renovating renters tell us why they invest so much love - and money - into their rental homes.…

Life Matters - 2013-01-09

2013-01-08 :: ABC Radio National
The life of one of Australia's pioneers in land management Rick Farley; the co-founder of National Landcare. Can we sleep apart and stay together? And Burmese born Canadian author Michelle Aung Thin revisits her home country in her novel Monsoon Bride.…

Life Matters - 2013-01-08

2013-01-07 :: ABC Radio National
A forum on the ethics of animal experimentation…

Life Matters - 2013-01-07

2013-01-06 :: ABC Radio National
Science journalist Florence Williams on her extensive study on the history of our breasts; Award winning adventurer Don McIntyre and his former wife and now friend Margie McIntyre; and what can parents do when the adult kids won't move out but won't pay their way to stay?…

Life Matters - 2013-01-04

2013-01-03 :: ABC Radio National
Being a grandparent…

Life Matters - 2013-01-03

2013-01-02 :: ABC Radio National
Growth through trauma; The future of food; This rental life: Can my pet come too?…

Life Matters - 2013-01-02

2013-01-01 :: ABC Radio National
Extreme rambling with comic Mark Thomas; Motherhood and a son with autism; Dating as a young Muslim woman…

Life Matters - 2013-01-01

2012-12-31 :: ABC Radio National
Sex and Science: GOMA talks…

Life Matters - 2012-12-31

2012-12-30 :: ABC Radio National
Affairs - it can benefit a marriage? Caring for a father with dementia; modern dilemmas - shame…

Life Matters - 2012-12-28

2012-12-27 :: ABC Radio National
What's in a name?…

Life Matters - 2012-12-27

2012-12-26 :: ABC Radio National
British comedian Francesca Martinez; Striving for an AIDS free world; This Rental Life: gardening…

Life Matters - 2012-12-26

2012-12-25 :: ABC Radio National
The former Bishop of Edinburgh, Richard Holloway; Daniel Kisch - echolocation expert; What matters to Australians?…

Life Matters - 2012-12-25

2012-12-24 :: ABC Radio National
Barbara Arrowsmith Young - the woman who changed her brain…

Life Matters - 2012-12-24

2012-12-23 :: ABC Radio National
internet dating; growing old disgracefully and dilemmas in the workplace…

Talkback: The place of Christmas in our secular society

2012-12-20 :: ABC Radio National
Friday talkback examining the place of Christmas and Christmas celebrations in our secular yet multi-faith society.…

Thursday 20 December2012

2012-12-19 :: ABC Radio National
In the weeks and years following the massacre of 20 kindergarten pupils in the US how will the surviving young witnesses process this event throughout their lives; how do we define intimacy and why can it be dangerous; and bringing the spectacle of NYE fireworks alive for people with vision impairment.…

Life Matters - 2012-12-19

2012-12-18 :: ABC Radio National
More than anywhere else – a glimpse into life in Waterloo with a visit to the Fact Tree; From porn star to librarian the life of Nikki Stern has been a varied one; and your letters and calls.…

Life Matters - 2012-12-18

2012-12-17 :: ABC Radio National
There's evidence that C sections are no longer an emergency birthing option but an elective procedure - we find out why. Whatever the lingua franca lullabies are the language of baby love. And talking children Purely Practical looks at toddlers at play.…

Life Matters - 2012-12-17

2012-12-16 :: ABC Radio National
Liberal arts degrees for disadvantaged; an anti-memoir of career false starts; and a helpline for ethical conundrums, Ethi-call; and your letters and calls.…

Life Matters - 2012-12-14

2012-12-13 :: ABC Radio National
Friday talkback asking if growing your own really makes a difference to the overall sustainability of a city.…

Life Matters - 2012-12-13

2012-12-12 :: ABC Radio National
Twenty something: lazy and pathetic; endangered languages: global diversity of languages is under serious threat and Now hear This: A story form the Kokoda Trail.…

Life Matters - 2012-12-12

2012-12-11 :: ABC Radio National
Why women voters are in the sights of 21st Century political leaders; Young eco warriors are out to save the Orangutan’s of Borneo; the entrepreneurs who don’t care about profits; and your letters and calls.…

Life Matters - 2012-12-11

2012-12-10 :: ABC Radio National
When might it be okay for a doctor to perform a procedure to ‘sterilise’ a person with an impaired intellectual capacity?; After 20 years living the life of a corporate princess, what did Hacy Tobias do when she found herself unemployed at 51?; and the year in health with Purely Practical.…

Life Matters - 2012-12-10

2012-12-09 :: ABC Radio National
Medical ethics and palliative care; 200 years of the wedding frock; Modern Dilemmas: what to do when a term of endearment irritates?…

Life Matters - 2012-12-07

2012-12-06 :: ABC Radio National
Memorable travels. …

Life Matters - 2012-12-06

2012-12-05 :: ABC Radio National
The NDIS funding model remains a political football – what will COAG do to progress the introduction of the scheme? Talking football we’ll meet former Freo player Gerard Neesham, he now heads up the Clontarf Academy; and the next in our Now Hear This storytelling series.…

Life Matters - 2012-12-05

2012-12-04 :: ABC Radio National
Foster kids loosing connections to their culture; the meditation finale; Elly Varrenti’s mid-life crisis.…

Life Matters - 2012-12-04

2012-12-03 :: ABC Radio National
William McInnes on his new book, family life after the death of his wife, and some tom foolery too. What Old Dogs can teach us about loving and ageing; and a guide to online shopping is our Purely Practical.…

Life Matters - 2012-12-03

2012-12-02 :: ABC Radio National
Chris Sarra: Stronger Smarter. Puzzles and Words with DA. Modern Dilemma: Caring for grandkids. Your feedback. …

Talkback: Friday 30 November

2012-11-29 :: ABC Radio National
Sobbing, wailing, bawling, weeping - why do we cry and how does it make us feel? It sounds like the explanation may be simple enough but the science and psychology behind shedding a tear is mysterious and complex.…

Life Matters - 2012-11-29

2012-11-28 :: ABC Radio National
Sociologist Andrew Jakubowicz believes we need to understand the psychology of refugees and change the way we process claims for asylum; a taste of our talkback on crying; taking a ride to revisit the scene of road trauma; and pen pals is this week's storyteling topic.…

Life Matters - 2012-11-28

2012-11-27 :: ABC Radio National
The Government is introducing legislation in response to the Gonski review of school funding; Sex education for under 25s; Meditation Challenge what the science says; plus Chris Steele-Perkins on his latest assignment photographing AIDS communities in PNG.…

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