Last update: 2009-03-23

Life of Ben - Episode #17

2009-03-23 Length: 10m 28s

Just a quick check in with what's going on, most importantly, the NCAA tournament! …

Life of Ben - Episode 15

2009-03-11 Length: 16m 10s

Back from hibernation we get caught up on life. …

Life of Ben - Episode #15

2009-01-23 Length: 23m 51s

I reflect on Hannah's Bat Mitzvah and learn that people still exist even if you haven't seen them for 30 years. …

Life of Ben - Episode #14

2009-01-12 Length: 18m 51s

Zachary visits the show and we learn the importance of ping pong. …

Life of Ben - Episode #13

2009-01-05 Length: 14m 27s

We're back after vacation. Just checking in with what's been going on. …

Life of Ben - Episode #12

2008-12-21 Length: 14m 8s

Rachel is back from DC, and Jacob reflects on his first three basketball games. …

Life of Ben - Episode #11

2008-12-16 Length: 25m 22s

I rant and rave about Pat Boone and Libby takes over the airwaves. My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-6bf40c3784f672f373e3dd2165bc24c5} …

Life of Ben - Episode #9

2008-12-11 Length: 10m 32s

Rachel visits and we learn about her school forest camp out. Also, the travails of Boggle. …

Life of Ben - Episode #8

2008-12-08 Length: 16m 39s

We find out what Gramma Em was talking about last week, and we hear from a long lost friend. …

Life of Ben - Episode #7

2008-12-03 Length: 9m 10s

How to embarrass your children and Gramma Em pays a visit via speaker phone. …

Life of Ben - Episode #6

2008-11-30 Length: 10m 55s

Wayward wanderings of my mind, post Thanksgiving. Allen Iverson regret, and Gramp's email finally makes sense. …

Life of Ben - Episode #5

2008-11-24 Length: 13m 44s

Talking about Thanksgiving and sharing some of our first emails. …

Life of Ben - Episode #4

2008-11-22 Length: 7m 39s
Rachel stops by for a visit. …

Life of Ben - Episode 3

2008-11-19 Length: 12m 6s
MSU basketball wins their first game and President Bush pays a visit to Life of Ben. …

Life of Ben - Episode 2

2008-11-15 Length: 8m 35s
We have our first snow in YS and we talk to Shawn about Prop 8. …

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