Last update: 2011-09-27

Limit Breaking News 22 - Sept. 2011 Update

Limit Breaking News brings you the latest on the September 2011 update to Final Fantasy XI. The crew discusses changes to Dynamis and Walk of Echoes as well as notorious monsters added to BCNMs and Voidwatch. They also take a look at some of the new armor released with the update and Juxtaposition troll all of Final Fantasy XI. Excellent. …

Wings of Some Chick, or Something

Limit Break Radio finally gets around to tackling the large topic of Wings of the Goddess missions. Joining Aniero, Juxtaposition and Tamtu for this episode are Theodus, Sharde and Toboe from the Phoenix server. We tread the topic lightly focusing on fights and quests and trying to keep the episode as spoiler free as we possibly can. This episode makes LBR history as the first show Aniero has ever had to leave early for (Aniero fans don't worry, here's there for, like, 80% of this episode). I'm sure Tamtu and Juxtaposition end the show in a highly professional manner.…

Limit Breaking News 21 - July 2011 Update

Today on Limit Breaking News Aniero, Juxtaposition and Sayl take a look at the changes and adjustments in the July 2011 Final Fantasy XI update. This is a very small update and as a result this episode is very short. They talk about various job adjustments, Voidwatch updates and various other little things that changed with this update. So join us for this very brief Limit Breaking News. …


Limit Break Radio brings you another classic informative episode featuring Aniero, Juxtaposition, Sayl and Tamtu with special guest and Synergy crafting expert Anyia (aka A.J.) from the Odin server. If you can;t tell by now, we're talking about Synergy on this episode of LBR, the reason being its rise in popularity since the introduction of the Abjuration scraps system. Everything you need to know about Synergy is contained in this episode! We also chat about the 10'th Vana'diel Census, fmffl's, and much more. That's here on Limit Break Radio.…

The Show That Almost Wasn't

Limit Break Radio brings episode. OK, so I know we had planned on talking about Wings of The Goddess, but Aniero got a really bad headache on the show day. Never one to disappoint the fans Aniero decided to tough it out anyway but decided to do a shorter show to just chat about what's up in Vana'diel. Join us as we slay some Urd's, talk about our latest project Gamer Escape, discuss content introduced in the May content patch as well as the future of content and much more. We'll be rescheduling our Wings of the Goddess missions episode soon, so be sure to look out for further announcements.…

Limit Breaking News 20 - May 2011 Update

On this edition of Limit Breaking News: Aniero, Tamtu and Juxtaposition examine the contents of the Riftworn PyRxis that is the May 2011 update to Final Fantasy XI. We take a look at Voidwatch, the adjustments to HNMs, Abjuration Synergy, and the most important update of all: the update to Last Resort! I'm not bias, am I? It all happens here on the 20'th episode of Limit Breaking News. …

2011 FFXI Roadmap

On this edition of Limit Break Radio Aniero, Juxtaposition, Sayl and Viki are joined by Pet Food Alpha host Fusionx to talk about Square-Enix’s 2011/2012 roadmap for Final Fantasy XI. We talk about the upcoming changes scheduled for May, including Voidwatch, Dynamis changes, and merit point adjustments. Then we look a little farther in the future at things like “The Last Stand” and the eventual level 99 cap adjustment. We also read your emails, Twitter shout-outs, and fmffl’s. Lastly we unveil our latest project, so make sure to head over there and register for the forums! It all happens here on this episode of Limit Break Radio!…

Limit Breaking News 19 - Japan In Crisis

Last Friday Japan was hit by an earthquake measuring 8.9 and subsequent Tsunami. During this event 4 nuclear reactors of the Fukushima nuclear power plant destabilized causing a large scale nuclear crisis and causing rolling blackouts in efforts to reduce power consumption across Japan. As a result Square-Enix has taken down the servers that host Final Fantasy XI and XIV for an unknown period of time while the country recovers from this catastrophe. This episode of Limit Breaking News discusses the happenings in Japan, as well as the new official FFXI forums and some Dev Tracker announcements, and other changes discussed by the official FFXI Twitter account. So join Aniero, Sayl, Juxtaposition, Tamtu, Viki and Maxx-V for this unique edition of Limit Breaking News.…

The Great Final Fantasy Debate part 1

In my time in Vana’diel I have noticed that one conversation is universal amongst all Linkshells regardless of level, activity or experience. Yes, one topic will constantly serve to simultaneously unite and divide all Final Fantasy fans. The topic of which I speak is, of course, which Final Fantasy games are the best? So, one Saturday we loaded up the uStream channel and decided to hash it out! The episode ended up being very long so we decided to chop it in half. Once part 2 is complete we will release a unified episode with both parts 1 and 2 on one file. This half covers Final Fantasy I through Final Fantasy VI. Part 2 will take us through present day. So join Aniero, Juxtaposition, Tamtu, Viki and Eskalia for the Great Final Fantasy Debate!…

Today in Vana'diel - 03/02/11

On Today in Vana’diel: Square-Enix’s shocking Twitter announcement to merge and eliminate 8 of its game servers and the impact it might have on game play, talk about adjustments to Campaign and Abyssea AF3+1 seal quests. Join Aniero for Today in Vana’diel!…

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Abyssea* But Were Too Noob To Ask

Join Aniero, Juxta, Sayl and Viki with guests Seyomeyo, Ringthree and Omoikitte as they give you a comprehensive look at all three Abyssea add-ons in this exchiting edition of Limit Break Radio! We have an epic 4 hour show here packed full of tons of Abyssea info that will help you proc those triggers, get killer Atma, and get closer to the almighty Empyrean gear. We read you FMFFL’s and skip emails because the show is just that epic. So, join us for Limit Break Radio’s in depth look at the Abyssea add-ons.…

He Says, She Says - Season 2 - Episode 2: “This Episode Stinks.”

Our heroes are on their way for some well-deserved rest. But they’re about to enter a life-long grudge match. Something smells fishy here! E-mails in this episode submitted by: Scrye, Vontri, Scuro, Silent Lucidity, Maikeru and Homayun! Music Credits: Luso @ Project Soul Voice…

Limit Breaking News 18 - December 2010 Update

Aniero, Juxtaposition and former guest host Volkai go over the changes and additions in the December 2010 update to Final Fantasy XI! We talk about some of the new gear, Empyrean Armor, the dominion system and the new Heroes of Abyssea content! This episode was streamed live over uStream but during the show the stream had multiple problems. To make up for this Episode 58 of Limit Break Radio will also be streamed live. Keep checking back for the official announcement here on Limit Break Radio.…

Abyssea: Beyond XP

On this episode of Limit Break Radio the crew is joined by returning host Sayl and special guest from the Quetzalcoatl server Nimbusyosh a.k.a. DefenderX to have a chat about Abyssea notorious monsters and AF3 item gathering. We look at what’s been announced so far for the December update and Heroes of Abyssea, talk about the AF bodies and what stats we’d like to see on them. We also read your fmffl’s, e-mails, and hate mails, all on episode number 57 of Limit Break Radio! …

Limit Break Radio presents: Love, Battles and Reality

Love, Battles and Reality is a special one hour presentation from Limit Break Radio that examines online games in their greater social context. This is consists of three stories presented in a style similar to This American Life. The first story by Nate Bender (aka Aniero) called ‘Life Between Two Worlds: The Culture of Online Gaming‘ in which he explains the basics of what a MMO is and travels to the 2007 Final Fantasy XI FanFest. From Ross Wolinsky, his story ‘A Word To Our Players‘ takes an outside look at Final Fantasy XI through one dedicated player and asks important questions concerning the value of MMOs in our society. And in our final story from Aaron Henkin, ‘A Disturbance In The Force‘, we look at the boundaries between fiction and reality and how even just one person can blur those lines for the rest of us. Join us for this LBR special presentation: Love, Battles and Reality…

4 Year Anniversary part 2 - AF3+2=AWESOME!!

Here it is! The much anticipated follow-up to the first part of our 4 year anniversary special! In this episode we finally talk about the new Empyrean armor, we take several callers including former guest hosts Gordor and Maxx-V (complete with her own theme song!), read your e-mails and even some hate mail! That’s all on this edition of Limit Break Radio!…

4 Year Anniversary part 1 - Over 9000!

On today’s episode we bring you part one of our 4 year anniversary show which was streamed live over on September 20th 2010. Aniero, Juxtaposition, Tamtu and Viki are joined by Voices of Vana’diel host Nel Celestine and friend of the show Tigerfury to talk about the September 2010 Update. We take a better look at Bastion, raise some questions about Campaign, read your fmffl’s, and make over 9000 inappropriate jokes. Stay tuned to Limit Break Radio for Episode 56 and Part 2 of our 4 year anniversary special!…

Voices of Vana'diel - Episode 7 - Invasionsode

Lower the gates! Put all guards on alert! Voices of Vana'diel is invading! Pet Food Alpha never saw it coming, nor did their window. Today on Voices of Vana'diel, we take over Pet Food Alpha, and compete for the show in a game of “Whose Podcast is it Anyway?” We play some excellent improv games including “Scenes From a Hat”, “World's Worst,” and many, many rounds of press conference. We also handle the player achievements in that special way that only Voices of Vana'diel can! So put on your favorite invasion music and get ready because Voices of Vana'diel could be invading a neighborhood near you!…

He Says, She Says - Season 2 - Episode 1: “Buffing up!”

Wanting to start the new season strong, TamTu trains with Viki in a new job! Is he manly enough???? E-mails in this episode submitted by: Tellahchan, Ciecle, Slr Stryker, Vontri, Ciecle’s Mog, Zero T. Katama, Taila, Silent Lucidity, Tamar-Samar, Lyali, Kevin Manning, FusionX and Homayun! Music Credits: Luso @ Project Soul Voice…

Limit Breaking News 17 - September 2010 Update

Aniero, Juxtaposition and Xerumeru check out what we got in the latest update to Final Fantasy XI. We explore a few of the new AF3 or Empyrean Armor, new spells and abilities, changes to Trial of the Magains and much much more. Join us for this hilarious edition of Limit Breaking News! Be sure to watch the front page of for information about our upcoming episode discussing the new Empyrean Armor.…

Voices of Vana'diel - Episode 6 - The Drunkasode

Still recovering from the hangover, episode 6 is here! On the aptly titled Drunkasode, we all got stinkin drunk and talked about everything. And I mean it, EVERYTHING. From vibrators that probably have apps to jaegerbomb counts to our preference in underwear... and sometimes we even talked about FFXI! Also, even for those of us who joined us for the recording... we caught a little something extra after we went off the air, so check it out! Warning: It's heavily edited.... BUT if you happen to be a starbreaker, we've released an 18+ unedited version just for you in the starbreaker section! So, grab your favorite drink, and get ready for the best (worst) drinking game of all time!…

Today in Vana'diel - 08/27/10

On Today in Vana’diel: Trial of the Magians to Usher in Additions, Improvements, Level Cap to Be Lifted to New Heights!, Job Adjustments Part I and Scars of Abyssea Available for Advance Purchase! Join Aniero for Today in Vana’diel!…

Today in Vana'diel - 08/19/10

On Today in Vana’diel: Play Both FINAL FANTASY XI and FINAL FANTASY XIV, Receive Perks!, Scars of Abyssea Website Unveiled! and Wings of the Goddess Missions! Join Aniero for Today in Vana’diel!…

Elegantly Edwyth - Episode 13: Cutting Edge

Edwyth along with elegant assasin Jesterking and returning guest Squigglicious delve into the open waters of the new world order, where 80 reigns supreme and 75 is passe. Joining in their deep sea adventures, Staren and Anexia of the mighty ship Leviathan illuminate the untold treasures that live beyond the June update bringing their knowledge of the new weaponskills to the forefront. Who will survive this ten thousand league purge? Only time will tell.…

Shooting S**t With a Shotgun

On todays Limit Break Radio we are joined by Volkai of Phoenix and Dragonlord of Leviathan to discuss what Vana’diel looks like after the game changing June 2010 update for Final Fantasy XI. We discuss our thoughts on Abyssea, new items, Walk of Echoes, and Trial of the Magians. We speculate about what’s coming next and how much better things could get. We also read your emails and bring back Adventurer of the Week…or the show. Whatever. That’s all on this, the 54'th episode, of Limit Break Radio.…

Voices of Vana'diel - Episode 5 - Debates, Discussions, and an Impulse Drive

Powering through the heat-wave, Episode 5 of Voices of Vana'diel is coming your way! On today's episode, we're alienating the rest of our fanbase by discussing and taking calls on jobs that people feel need to be changed for the better or for the worse. We're also proud to present our long-awaited SCH Vs. BLM debate, mediated by Celedh, and debated by Xerumeru and our newest host of the show: Nel! (Xeres for those who've heard her on past episodes). Xaze is mysteriously absent (mostly due to us not having a mic for him this week), but we managed to pull it together to put out a great episode anyway. So everyone, use the bathroom, get a drink, and put on some sunscreen... Episode 5 is here!…

He Says, She Says – Pre-season Kick off! Season 2

YES!!! Kicking off Season 2!! Introducing our brand-new host and covering some bases about the new programming! Music Credits: Luso @ Project Soul Voice…

Limit Breaking News 16 - June 2010 Update

Aniero, Viki and Juxtaposition are joined by former guests hosts Hyrist and Neelia to discuss the June 2010 Update to Final Fantasy XI. We check out the huge boost that Dancers got with this update, the Walk of Echoes, Abyssea and check out some of the new epic level 80 gear. All this and more on this edition of Limit Breaking News.…

NEW SHOW: Ridill Me This - Episode 01: VNMs

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Ridill Me This! Ridill Me This is a pod-cast focused on the end-game of Final Fantasy XI, and it is produced in a discussion panel format. Hosted by Ringthree, with the panel of Blaize, Izman, Iceblazek and Omoikitte, the show will cover new content, end-game battles, proper gearing, even linkshell management. This week we cover the VNM system from top to bottom. From how to run a VNM event, how to determine lots, how to fight the mobs, and even why the VNM system is fun, or not so fun. Finally, we take a look at what is coming in perhaps the most epic update since Treasures of Aht Urhgan was released. We hope you like our new show, and if you don’t it’s probably because you are gimp.…

Voices of Vana'diel - Episode 4 - Voices of Vana'fest

Find yourself wondering what impact the exciting changes announced at vana'fest will have on FFXI? Do you find yourself curious about how the level cap increase will change things? Are curious as to why this episode wasn't out 3 months ago? Well, have no fears because episode 4 of Voices of Vana'diel brings you the Voices of Vana'fest! Joining us on the show is Elmer the Pointy of along with an as always excellent group of callers. So tune in because excitement abounds and hard drive space lacks on episode 4 of Voices of Vana'diel!…

Promathia, Unchained

Limit Break Radio and Pet Food Alpha have once again joined forces to discuss the removal of the level cap from the Chains of Promathia expansion and the impact it will have on Final Fantasy XI. Aniero is joined by Fusionx Pet Food Alpha and a handful of other guests: Xerumeru of Voices of Vana’diel podcast, now former intern Juxtaposition, Ringthree of You Are Not Your O’s Kote, former LBR guest host Omgwtfbbqkitten (aka Foobar), Vorzheva of the Cerberus server and Theodus of the Phoenix server. Our round table discussion leads many places including Abyssea and MMO development, read and comment on your emails and more announcements about Limit Break Radio are made. Remember, Pet Food Alpha will be doing a follow up episode after the June updated currently slated for June 21’st 2010.…

Wait, Did He Just Say 'Titter'?

On today's episode of Limit Break Radio, the crew is joined by Ventus of the Odin server and Mizuharu of Ramuh's Empire Linkshell to talk about Wings of the Goddess Notorious Monsters. We have a whopping 3 hour show packed with information about Stronghold Notorious Monsters, the Fomor King NM's and the WotG HNMs Sandworm and Ixion. Aniero announces some future changes to Limit Break Radio, we read your emails, you fail at Facebook and Juxta is...well, Juxta. That's on Episode 52 of Limit Break Radio!…

Elegantly Edwyth - Episode 12: The Hierophant

Edwyth along with a myriad of guests including returning elegant assassin Berndherbert, also joined by Kyonleingod, Baha, Iphigenia, and the pet food alpha songstress herself, Chinchilla, explore the depths of job expectations of all 20 jobs in the world of Vana’diel.…

Voices of Vana'diel - Episode 3 - The Naked Truth About FF14

It took us almost 3 months but it's finally here. Episode 3 of Voices of Vana'diel: The Naked Truth of FFXIV! Joins Limit Break Radio's Aniero and Pet Food Alpha's FusionX as we discuss speculation of FFXIV and how it will affect FFXI as a whole. Also, listen to us go off into so many random tangents regarding a multitude of topics. All on Voices of Vana'diel Episode 3! Disclaimer: Recorded 1/30/2010. The context of this episode is purely speculation and has no relation to the Alpha/Beta test of FFXIV. As you have probably heard, the content of Episodes 3 and 4 are going to be a tad out of date. Episode 5, the next recorded episode, will be the Nerf/Buff debate and the BLM vs. SCH debate. Now that personal tasks have been resolved, we will have episodes out timey from now on. We apologize for the long wait between episodes and promise that we'll not have a big gap like this one in the future.…

The Future of FFXI

Obviously the announcements at VanaFest 2010 mean that in the next year we will see a brand new era in Final Fantasy XI. The March 2010 update marks Vana’diels first steps towards Abyssea! Join us for episode 51 of Limit Break Radio, we’re joined by guest Ringthree from the Odin server to talk about the announcements at VanaFest 2010 as well as the brand new March 2010 update. We also talk about the future of Limit Break Radio, read your emails and Viki gets N. feet! All on this episode of Limit Break Radio!…

Limit Breaking News 15 - March 2010 Update

Join Aniero, Viki and guests Maxx-V and Veloxe as we talk about the most recent update to Final Fantasy XI. We talk about the new Trial of the Magians quests, Summoners new avatars Odin and Alexander, new additions to Wings of the Goddess, and some of the new items added with this update. We also discuss the server merge that happened with this months update. Join us for all this and more on Limit Breaking News!…

VanaFest 2010 Live Coverage Audio

Last week we held a live streaming event to discuss the incredible announcements concerning the future of Final Fantasy XI at VanaFest 2010. We present the audio from the live stream that night that over 550 people tuned in to hear! We really want to thank everyone for joining us for this event, I can safely say it exceeded all of our wildest expectations.…

Today in Vana'diel - 02/25/10

On Today in Vana’diel: New Version Update Announced! (PlayOnline), FINAL FANTASY XI TARUTARU TRADING ARTS mini: Now on Sale! (PlayOnline), and Beneath the Cherry Tree (PlayOnline). Remember to join us for VanaFest 2010 Live coverage presented by Pet Food Alpha and Limit Break Radio. Join Aniero for Today in Vana’diel!…

Voices of Vana'diel - Episode 2 - Old Events: A Retrospective

Returning to you live from Serpentking Square, Episode 2 of Voices of Vana'diel is coming your way..... really late! While our news and what not is more than a little out of date, we still had a great time making the episode and some excellent conversations with out callers! TamTu joins us to talk about the events in FFXI that just didn't make it and we take both returning and new callers. We declare our new lamer and gamer of the month and talk a bit about our other segments. We apologize for the lateness and assure you that episodes 2.5 and 3 are not far down the line. But for now: sit back, relax, and get ready for a heaping helping spoonful of awesome (yea, I said it); Episode 2 is here! A special thanks for TamTu for the new logo!…

Doing 100 In A 50

Holy crap! 50 episodes! And what a 50'th episode this is too. The Limit Break Radio crew is joined by Veloxe and Maxx-V to put an end to Assaults, covered by Kallo on The Rogue's Den, by talking about the Nyzul Isle assault. We take you from floor 1-100 and give you our tips and strategies for making it to the other side in one piece and with some loot in tact. We also read your e-mails, find out where in the world YOU think Gamer is, and talk about the recently announced VanaFest in Japan. Kallo is late, there are.....surprises, Canadian pride, and ginger cookies...all this on the 50'th episode of Limit Break Radio! The Canadian Song is courtesy of Mystery Science Theater 3000 from episode 910 'The Final Sacrifice' which is coming out on the MST3K - XVII DVD March 16, 2010 by The Shout Factory BUY IT FOOLS! Thanks to Starbreaker Karbine who named this episode!…

Elegantly Edwyth - Episode 11: LFP Like It's 2003!

Take a look back into a simpler time in Vanadiel, way before Aht Urghan or any of her majesty ever existed. Join guests Angeladark, Danta, Djplaeskool, Kiamoko, and Steak as they parade through the history books of Vanadiel from 2003 until present day.…

He Says, She Says - Episode 15 - One Year Ago!

Before hitting the anniversary party in Kokba Hostel, Sooraya and TamTu record an episode at the Whitegate Mog Houses with a special guest, as well with some uninvited ones… A/N: Our apologies for the delay and cancelling of the anniversary week! We’ll have an important announcement following in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! E-mails in this episode submitted by: Segan, Taeo, Nimbalo, Dymlos, Ravencroft, Angelnight, Silent Lucidity, Vontri, Kappo, Eitelwolf, Tellah, Kalina, Eruainur, Lyali, Tamarsamar and Volkai! Special thanks to our friends Edwyn Tiong, Morgan Barnhart, Amby Leigh, Lucien Dodge and Cody Coleman for lending their voice talent!…

Voices of Vana'diel - Episode 1.5

Kicking off the New Year for the Limit Break Radio Network, it's episode 1.5 of Voices of Vana'diel! Today, we get an introduction to our heroes and watch as they begin their quest for fame... riches... and a parrot?! It's opening night and the curtain is going up. Get your popcorn and grab a soda; the show is about to begin!…

Add 'Em On Up!

After a brief hiatus Limit Break Radio is back! On this episode of LBR, the crew is joined by Barduwulf of the Alexander server to talk about the recently completed Add-on Scenario content, 'A Crystalline Prophecy', 'A Moogle Kupo d'Etat' and 'A Shantotto Ascension'. We walk you through the mission particulars and boss strategies. We also give you the scoop on LBR's flash contests where you can join Limit Break Radio for a live show taping! Join Aniero, Kallo, Viki and guest Barduwulf for this exciting edition of Limit Break Radio.…

Voices of Vana'diel - Episode 1 - Calling All Callers

Broadcasting live from Serpentking Square... it's Voices of Vana'diel episode 1! Joining us today is Viki of Remora to talk to our adventuring callers about... well anything! Open lines is the policy of this very first episode and we cover such important topics as Blue Mage, Chocobo Raising, and Mass Migrations! We also shamelessly plug possible upcoming merchandise and hint at the possible (and very probable) appearance of Episode 1.5 very shortly down the line. All of this and more on episode 1 of Voices of Vana'diel!…

The Rogue's Den - File10/Assault/FirstLieutenant and Captain

Veloxe joins Kallo in the Rogue's Den for the very last time! It's the final Assault ranks to be covered here on The Rogue's Den. Kallo takes you through the final assault missions as well as telling you how to rank up to First Lieutenant and give you some information on the Captain rank. Kallo is looking for new guests for the Rogue's Den, the next topic to be covered by Kallo and the Rogue's Den has been selected as: crafting! To submit a guest application for the Rogue's Den you can check out our 'Guest Applications' section in our forums…

Limit Breaking News 14 - November 2009 Update

Better late then never! Kallo and Aniero take a look at the Final Fantasy XI November 2009 update, including the new add-on scenario 'A Shantotto Ascension' as well as some of the new job adjustments, NM additions plus much more, all on this edition of Limit Breaking News!…

Youmacon 2009 Final Fantasy XI Podcast Panel

It’s finally here! The audio from the Youmacon 2009 Final Fantasy XI Podcast Panel is now available for your listening pleasure! Listen in as Fusionx and Aniero discuss the history of Pet Food Alpha and Limit Break Radio. They also talk about their future collaborative effort with Eorzeapedia for the Final Fantasy XIV podcast: Aetheryte Radio. We also got the chance to sit down with Robert Peeler and the newest member of the FFXI Community Team, Devin Casadey. We help introduce Devin to the community and get the chance to throw a few questions their way.…

Today in Vana'diel - 11/05/09

On Today in Vana’diel: Unveiling the New Synergy System! (, “The Latest Evolution in Equipment—Announcing the Evolith System! (, Part One of November Update Reveals Hints at New Armor System (, Introducing the Add-on Trilogy Bonus Gift! (, Job Adjustments Part I and Part II (, Wings of the Goddess Nation Quests! (, Moblin Maze Mongers Mesmerize You with More Madcap Mazes! ( Join Aniero as we play catch up on Today in Vana’diel.…

The Vana'diel News Network (VNN) - Episode 2 - TMN/Q

Hot off the presses, the hotly anticipated second episode of The Vana'diel News Network has finally arrived! After the sudden "absence" of their former co-anchor, Ravencroft joins Frice at the news desk. On this episode, the VNN crew investigates reports of four Quadav attacking random adventurers with wild abandon, often citing an affection for...splinters and pizza? Angelica displays controversial art, Carletta returns with the weather, and much more!…

Voices of Vana'diel - Episode 0 - The Pilot

Ladies and Gentlemen, I can promise you this is not a hallucination! This is it, it is here, and there shall be no more adieu... Episode 0 of Voices of Vana'diel is here! On the show, we perform the skit belonging to the winner of our script contest, introduce ourselves and even our surprise (less surprising than you might think) 3rd host, shamelessly plug upcoming events, and debate the validity of modus veritas and the death of FFXIapp. We also introduce our various segments, including our summoner poll and we even crown our very first gamer of the month! All this and more on the pilot episode of Voices of Vana'diel!…

He Says, She Says – 2009 Birthday Present #1: Hyozan Origins

Better late than never I say! We apologize for the delay, but we got our issues resolved and present to you the first present to you listeners as year-long fans of the show. You’ve heard the origin story of how TamTu and Sooraya met during the show many times before; long before we actually started the podcast this project was in the making. Unfortunately, we don’t forsee any other follow-ups to this in the near future, but it should hopefully be enjoyable! Makes sure to check out for the Three prologues that accompany this piece. Many thanks to the voice talents of Laura Post, Shannon Wilson, Melissa D. Johnson, Philip Sacramento, River D. Kanoff, Pamela, Kenda Braun, Jason Axelrod, Ben Hales, Nicholas Louie, Erica Mendez and Lucien Dodge! Check out the first (and for now, last) episode of Hyozan Origins.…

Today in Vana'diel - 09/26/09

On Today in Vana'diel: New Version Update Scheduled for November! (, “A Shantotto Ascension” Trailer Goes Live! (, and Brave Battlers Brandish Bravado, Blitz Burly Bovines (…

3 Year Anniversary part 2 - The Art of the Low Man

On today’s episode of Limit Break Radio, we reveal the new LBR host! Icydeath and Kraeia of the Asura server join us as guests. We talk to them about their new podcast available at as well as the art of low-manning events. Tamtu joins the crew for the second part of our three year anniversary, we also talk about Extra Life, read your emails and make N. feet jokes!…

He Says, She Says - Episode 14 - He Shatters, She Shatters!

Breaking their limits! Tamtu and Sooraya fight the crusty old geezer and take a break for your e-mails! E-mails in this episode submitted by: Vontri, Twinsevens, Sorawora, Lyali, Tarudragoon, Slvr Stryker, Deroth, Kevin Manning, Bunji and Cressidia! Special thanks our friend Sparf for lending his voice talent!…

3 Year Anniversary part 1 - The Final Countdown

On today’s episode of Limit Break Radio we begin to celebrate 3 years of Final Fantasy XI podcasting!!! This was supposed to be our second call-in special, but for a variety of reasons we didn’t end up conducting the call-in special, but we are joined by Eskalia, Xerumeru and Zaix as they announce their new show to come out on the Limit Break Radio Network this year titled ‘Voices of Vana’diel‘, as well as talk about our favorite events from Final Fantasy XI. We’re also joined briefly by Fusionx of Pet Food Alpha to discuss recent trends in FFXI. We also read UK iTunes reviews, your e-mails and, of course, your voicemails in Voices of Vana’diel.…

The Rogue's Den - File09\Assaults\SecondLieutenant

Today on The Rogue’s Den, Kallo and Veloxe cover the Second Lieutenant rank of the Assaults. This episode was recorded live before an audience of our Starbreakers and features a wonderful rendition of “I’m so Pretty” by the lovely galkan dancer Veloxe. This is the second to last Rogue’s Den to cover Assaults, will Kallo spill the beans on his next subject? Tune in to find out!…

Things You Didn't Know About Vana'diel

On today's episode of Limit Break Radio Kallo and Aniero are joined by JPButton's Elmer The Pointy to talk about the history, legends and lore of Vana'diel. Joined by our Galkan friend Veloxe we cover the history behind the three nations and give you some interesting facts about jobs, some weapons and gear, and beastmen. Get your mud wine out and get ready for this awesome edition of Limit Break Radio!…

He Says, She Says - Episode 13 - Just One of Those Things

TamTu and Sooraya return from their vacation and get straight back into the flow of things! What stories and questions loom in the….tree? E-mails in this episode submitted by: Saskiot, Silent Lucidity, Scuro, Anonymous Adventurer, Dunarda, Nimbalo, Anonymous Bastokan, Ravencroft, Zarden, Nirilis Zione III, Deckerd, Beastman Soulflayer, SiriusBlack and Azriall! Special thanks to our guest Raige and our friend Zetra for lending her voice talent!…

The Rogue's Den - File08\Assaults\ChiefSergeant

Today on The Rogue’s Den, Kallo and Veloxe cover the Chief Sergeant rank of the Assault event. Kallo is starting to wrap up with Assaults and getting ready for his next topic. What will it be? Will he announce it this episode? Who knows! Tune in to find out!…

Today in Vana'diel - 07/24/09

On Today in Vana'diel: Beat the Heat with the Sunbreeze Festival! July 24th, 2009 ( Join Lady Fayne as she gives you the scoop on the Sunbreeze Festival 2009!…

Let's Party!

On the 45'th episode of Limit Break Radio, the hosts are joined by Tuufless, the mind behind the Campsitarus XP campsite blog. Today we’re talking about XP camps, both common and uncommon from level 1-75 and into meriting. This episode was streamed and recorded LIVE for donors, or Starbreakers, to Limit Break Radio. We are offering this feature as an incentive for members to donate to our Fan Fest fund so we can attend the 2009 Fan Festival. We also make announcements about Extra Life 2009 and briefly talk about our upcoming panel at Youmacon 2009 happening in Dearborn, Michigan. That’s all on this episode of Limit Break Radio!…

Limit Breaking News 13 - July 2009 Update

Today on Limit Breaking News Aniero and Kallo are joined by Fusionx of Pet Food Alpha to talk about the recently released July version update to Final Fantasy XI. A Moogle Kupo d'Etat, the new Union of Fey weapons systems, Campaign bodies and much much more, all of this edition of Limit Breaking News!…

Today in Vana'diel - 07/13/09

On Today in Vana'diel: Augmented Items Abound! ( Augments for level 50+ gear and a brand new system for forging powerful weapon augments!…

Elegantly Edwyth - Episode 10: My First NM

Join hosts Edwyth and Jesterking as they turn this circus of notorious monsters into a dancefloor. Acrobatics, knowledge and various beastial knowledge is provided by the ever lovely Jeminijem, Tigerfury, Kenjimasuda, Carletta, and Berndherbert. Feel the adrenanline move through your veins as we put the spotlight on our prey, low level NMs.…

Today in Vana'diel - 07/09/09

On Today in Vana'diel: Job Adjustments and Additions part II (…

The Rogue's Den - File07\Assaults\SergeantMajor

On this edition of The Rogue's Den, Kallo and Veloxe discuss the Sergeant Major assault rank. They walk you through the rank up mini-game quest, and give you strategies for each staging point. Join Kallo and Veloxe in The Rogue's Den!…

He Says, She Says - Episode 12.5: S.U.H.I.P.A.N

Engagement! Fanart Contest Results! Eorzea! We tackle all three in this out of character episode! Wanna know who won the fan-art contest? Listen to the episode! Visit to view the entries.…


In this episode Viki of the Remora server joins Aniero, Kallo and Gamer (yes, Gamer!), to talk about one of the most difficult pronounce: Einherjar. Come listen as we slaughter names like Tanngrisnir, Dendainsonne, and Sjokrakjen. While we may not be able to say them, we can tell you how to kill them! We also take your emails, listen to your Final Fantasy XI noob stories on Voices of Vana'diel, say the word "squishy" more times then necessary and much much more. That's on this, the 44th edition of Limit Break Radio!…

He Says, She Says - Episode 12 - R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Leaving Bastok, TamTu and Sooraya are headed for a vacation spot for some little paradise! There are two ways to get there….but which one did they pick? We were unable to include the fanart contest results in this episode. But please look forward to a later show with the Fanart-contest results! E-mails in this episode submitted by: Lerret, Vontri, Kigeca, Bekkarwekkar, Angelnight, Sora, Antony, Rosuto, Dymlos, Raige, Seijiro and Slvr Stryker!…

He Says, She Says - Episode 11 - Bastok Brawlin'

Tamtu takes matters into his own hands as a bad bastokan flirt hits on Sooraya! Will his newfound powers save the day? Find out in this exciting episode of He Says, She Says!E-mails in this episode were submitted by Segan, Zetra, Eréll, Nameless Tarutaru, Eruainur, Paul Bunion, Jager, Angela Dark, Acario, Shirainu, Shasta, Lyali. Special thanks to our good friends Jonathon and Rina for helping out with the skit!…

Limit Breaking News 12 - Final Fantasy XIV

In this edition of Limit Breaking News, Aniero, Kallo and Argetlam discuss the recent E3 announcement of Final Fantasy XIV. They discuss the trailer, the website and the Q and A panel at E3 2009. They make speculations and talk about what they would like to see with Square-Enix's next online title. Limit Break Radio will continue to bring you the latest news about Final Fantasy XIV!…

Elegantly Edwyth - Episode 9: Commissioned

Join Edwyth along with Djplaeskool, Krut, and Kyle Wynen of, in a discussion about the most important people in campaign. No, no, not you silly, we’re talking about Maat, Titania, Lewenhart, and the plethora of nasty anti-shadowhand defense people that are freelancers. Gain their and our influence by listening to this episode and checking out the Elegantly Edwyth tribune, you know you want that taru that doesn’t actually help you in the fight, just stands there and talks, talks, talks...Not amused, not one bit!…

Square-Enix Community Team Podcast Tour: Live Events!

Here it is! The final leg of the Square-Enix Community Team Podcast Tour! Aniero, Kallo, Sayl and Gamer are joined by Senior Community Planner Rob Peeler and Senior Community Relations Matt Hilton along with Pikko of Allakhazam to discuss the Final Fantasy XI live events throughout the years. We also listen to your voicemails and read your emailed suggestions for the Live Event Suggestion contest and announce our winners! Join us for this very special edition of Limit Break Radio!…

The Vana'diel News Network (VNN) - Episode 1 - Shantotto Silenced?!

Vana'diel's latest Mogcast has arrived. Today’s top story: The silencing of Lady Shantotto?! Also, the return of Fari-Wari to the middle lands and new news on the cavernous maws! Weather on the Elshimo Lowlands and traffic across Vana'diel. Commercials provided by Carletta, Lillani, LimitBreakRadio, SilentLucidity.…

The Way Things Were

Bet you didn’t expect this! As promised, we’re trying to release episodes faster and more often so here’s Episode 42, our first less formal episode featuring Eskalia of Odin. Join Aniero, Kallo, Sayl and Eskalia as they reminisce about the days of old when FFXI was young and Vana’diel was still an unexplored land! Back in the day, we would have to walk 20 min to Valkrum Dunes up the plateau both ways! In 5 feet of snow. Training Goblins every step of the way. With no foot equip...and we liked it! We apologize for the audio, there was something weird going on with the equipment. We talk about our upcoming Square-Enix interview and contest and give you all the important details about that (REMINDER: Deadline for entries is MAY 1’st!). We also take your emails, iTunes reviews, a 21 Weapon Skill Salute and Voices of Vana’diel. All on this episode of Limit Break Radio!…

Hit The Books!

This episode was named by Coronos as voted on by our Starbreakers! Congratulations Coronos! In this episode we're joined by Hesper of the Quetzalcoatl server to talk about the last job that Limit Break Radio has to tackle: Scholar! Backing him up, our veteran guest and long standing staff member Omgwtfbbqkitten aka Foobar lending his expertise to the topic. Gamer is MIA for this episode, so sitting in his his place we're also joined by special guest Triquetra! We also announce changes to Limit Break Radio as a result of the listener survey, take an e-mail from Napkin of Odin, and we announce details about our Tidal Talisman contest due to hit the site in April, plus all the in-depth Scholar talk here on Limit Break Radio!…

Limit Breaking News 11 - The April 2009 Update

On this edition of Limit Breaking News Aniero and Kallo are joined by a panel of previous guest hosts including Hyrist, Zero and everyone’s favorite TamTu! We cover all aspects of the April update from the White Mage, Red Mage and Summoner adjustments, to changes made to Fields of Valor, to augments, we got it all! We also talk a bit about the new add-on scenario A Crystalline Prophecy and outline the end rewards for its completion. That’s all on this edition of Limit Breaking News!…

Elegantly Edwyth - Episode 8: Because PUPs Are Awesome!

Hosts, Edwyth and Jesterking, delve into the deep mystery of Vanadiel, that is Puppetmaster. Along with guests Bsphilar, and JP Button Founder, Elmerthepointy, we swim the deep ocean of attachments and maneuvers. Now the only question remaining is: will you come build sandcastles on the beach with us?…

The Jesters Court - Episode 121 (feat. Aniero)

Last Saturday I had the distinguished pleasure of making another appearance on the Jesters Court courtesy of! It's always exciting to join the court and in this edition I talk about some of the upcoming changes to Limit Break Radio, specifically regarding our programming. Want to know more? You'll have to listen to find out! We also talk about various games, including Final Fantasy XI, City of Heroes, and the state of online games. Make sure you tune in to the Jesters Court *LIVE* every Saturday at 1pm EST at! (…

He Says, She Says - Episode 10 - The Tarusode

We finally break the double digits and hit episode 10! This calls for a celebration-wation...! Waaaaaaaaait. E-mails in this episode were submitted by Kukulcan, Silent Lucidity, Lyali, Hileict, Kongal, Ravencroft, Zaryph, Dymlos, Special thanks to our good friend Kendra for helping out with the skit!…

The Rogue's Den - File06\Assaults\Sergeant

On this edition of The Rogue's Den Kallo and Veloxe offer you all the info you need on the Sergeant assault rank. Info on the rank up quest, all the staging points, the Pahluwan gear set and stay tuned to the end for a special track from TamTu!…

Limit Break Radio 90 Second Promo!

This little promo was originally created for the Podcast Awards, but we figured we would release it for our audience to enjoy. If you're a fellow podcaster and you have an extra 90 seconds, maybe consider placing this promo in your show ;)…

Rise of the Viceroy

After a bit of a break and a few setbacks episode 40 is finally here! Viceroy, the leader of the Chocobo Knights Linkshell joins the crew to talk about the Rise of the Zilart expansion missions. We examine each major Zilart mission, including Divine Might, to ensure that you make it through each battle and mission on your epic journey to Tu’Lia and beyond! We also talk to Viceroy about his video chronicled adventures with the Chocobo Knights Linkshell, we see the return of the Adventurer of the Week segment, read your iTunes reviews, emails,m plus we reveal Limit Break Radio’s brand new show intro! This episode is one not to miss!…

Elegantly Edwyth - Episode 7: Unlockable

Warning: Do not listen in a zone where there are mobs agroable by laughter. Join Hosts Edwyth and Feofi as they "discuss," in detail, Treasure Caskets with returning guest Berndherbert and Maxx-V.…

He Says, She Says - Episode 9 - Double Date

Love is in the air, and Tamtu and Sooraya meet up with Hyrist and Irisjir to share their thoughts on this special days. Sibling rivalry, proposals, songs and confrontation; find it all in our Valentione’s Special! E-mails in this episode were submitted by Napkin, Vontri, Gwenlyne, Joyeuse, Arwin, Wakabo, Segan, Zaryph, Newfoundfears, Angeladark, Fobiov, Corinth, Gixander and Yoruichii. Special thanks to Erica Mendez for helping out with the skit!!…

He Says, She Says - Episode 8 - Role Reversal

Sorry to keep you waiting! Reading e-mails on the ferry to Mhaura, TamTu and Sooraya are on their way to Windurst, and joining them on the trip is Sigmund! For a change, they switch their jobs for the sake of trying out something different. Let’s hope the trip is without dangers! E-mails in this episode were submitted by Niomii, Blink, Kongal, Ivelios, Sayl, Nanfoodle, Jager, Vontri, Wakabo, Cardinal, Raige, Sitana, Hiroken, Irisjir!…

Limit Breaking News 10 - Jan 22nd LM-17

On this edition of Limit Breaking News we're discussing the January 22nd 2009 salvage dupe bannings. Aniero and Kallo are joined by some of Final Fantasy XI's most prominent community leaders including Sonomaa of The Order of the BlueGartr, Elmer the Pointy of JP Button, Fusionx of Pet Food Alpha, as well as former guest host Hyrist and Limit Break Radio forum admin DavyJones. This round table discussion examines the LM-17 bannings from several unique points of view and covers a range of widely connected issues involved with the bannings. From questions about Square-Enix's handling of the situation to issues of community handeling, we cover it all! We have provided some links to relevant discussions and articles about this subject so you can make up your own mind about what happened. You can find those links at…

Elegantly Edwyth - Episode 6: pLOLarm

Join hosts Edwyth, Feofi and Jesterking for an in-depth journey about the weapon of choice of Dragoons, Polearm, joined by DRG experts Viceroy and Fusionx. Discussing the most basic polearm to the best, leaving many dragoon's with only one simple question:" Odin, I can haz fork, prease?"…

The Rogue's Den - File05\Assaults\Corporal

On this episode of the Rogue’s Den, Kallo and Veloxe discuss the Corporal assault rank including stratagies for each assault point, rewards and much more. Veloxe breaks Skype, fortunately Kallo has a backup plan to keep the broadcast from the Rogue’s Den going! We apologize for the quality.…

Elegantly Edwyth - Episode 5: Azure LOL

The most useless 2 hour as voted by, you, the fans of Limit Break Radio is...BLUE MAGE!!!! Come on down and discuss the epicness of Azure Lore with host Edwyth and guests Jesterking, Mattr, Squigglicious, and Vlorsutes. I bet as you read this you had one question running through your brain, "Blue Mage has a 2 hour?' I know it suprised me to.…

Big Zeni! No Whammy! STOP!

Just in time to cure that massive hangover! Celebrate the New Year with Limit Break Radio's last show of 2008. Join Aniero, Kallo, Sayl and Gamer, yes, Gamer, as they take a look at ZNMs with the Merry Music Maker Luso of!We also have emails, Voices of Vana'diel, breaking new from VNN the Vana'diel News Network, we also talk with TamTu about He Says, She Says, and Edwyth and Feofi of Elegantly Edwyth about their shows. Also, Pizza, music and more.…

Simply Juxta Episode 7 - Juxta-light Celebration

On this episode everyones favorite Tarutaru Juxtaposition returns with Elisen and co-hort Onitaru to discuss the Starlight Celebration! Juxta covers the quests and rewards from this years event, as well as personal updates, Elisen's first fanmail, and Delkf**k's Tower! All this and more on Simply Juxta!…

He Says, She Says - Episode 7 - The Starlight Celebration

Merry Starlight! TamTu and Sooraya bring you all the best starlight wishes and stories from listeners all over Vana’diel! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Starlight Celebration! Many thanks to the Merry Music Maker Luso for providing us with the super-duper Starlight themed remixes of the nation themes!E-mails in this episode were submitted by Lesil, Kakkoii, Jager, Aniero, Davy Jones, Kaixy, Arwin, Ravencroft, Hyrist, Saskiot, Stefan, FusionX, Neelia, Slvr Stryker, Nighthowl, Viceroy, LadyAri, Yoruichii, Sigmund, Juxtaposition and Eruainur.…

He Says, She Says - Episode 6: Bazaaring is Boring

Episode 6 brings us to Jeuno where we are joined by Frice of Odin after bazaaring for hours on end with our friends Viceroy and Aeredon! The acoustics in the Jeuno Mog Houses are horrible, so that may explain the bad quality a biiiiiiiiiit. We also get a special visit from a random tarutaru! It’s our longest episode yet, so go go go! E-mails in this episode were submitted by Slvr Stryker, Darth Porisius, Caateryna, Vontri, Grandours, Valdrake, Yumaria, Biri, Tigle, Ventress, Silent Lucidity, Arksniper, Einmyria, Xiath, Lordshadow, tearsofblood, Yuudye and Skeith! (Special thanks to Aeredon and Viceroy of Odin for helping out in the intro!)…

He Says, She Says - Episode 5.5: Ice Cream Heroes

The first out of character episode where Sooraya and Tamtu talk about Fanfest, guest applications and also announce the Starlight Celebration special!…

Limit Break Radio's 2008 Fan Festival Special

Here is it in all it's glory! Aniero and Kallo bring you all the buzz from the 2008 Fan Festival! Since Fan Fest was only one day this year we packed this years coverage as full as we could get it! Over four hours worth of coverage, everything from the Moblin Maze Mongers to the development panels to the costume contest, Limit Break Radio's Fan Festival wrap up has it all! We spend some time with Robert Peeler, Senior Community Planner for Square-Enix, as well as Opalflame and Tenryu from FFXI Vault, The Pet Food Alpha crew, we also talk to Araelus about his ground breaking work with Final Fantasy XI machinima. There are some more familiar faces talking to Aeredon, Viceroy, Frice, Zero, Neelia, Ganiman, TamTu and Sooray, Ringthree, Omoikitte, and I*bleep*n! All this plus so much more on Limit Break Radio's 2008 Fan Festival coverage!Thanks to Pharaoh Atem aka Luso, for all the music for this episode!…

Elegantly Edwyth - Episode 4: Footloose

So you think you can level dancer? Join hosts Feofi and Edwyth as they are joined by Talint, Kaitlin, and Jesterking, in an in-depth discussion about Dancer, before and after its addition to the game, and several discussions of job abilities that will most likely never be added to the game, lol Ed. Listen to the hilarity and join in the dancing fun now, btw can anyone help me recitate Feofi? Also check out Talint's blog which served as the inspiration for this episode:…

He Says, She Says - Episode 5: The Locksmith

On their weekly groceries run, TamTu and Sooraya run into an old friend. Kixxi from the world of Phoenix joins TamTu on the couch as he reads their mail with them! E-mails in this episode submitted by Signore, Xedal, Chyld, Zimmy, Fushichou, Ryudo, LadyAri, Scuro, Cesari, Reiligha, Yoruichii and Aeredon.(…

He Says, She Says - Episode 4: Trouble in Paradise

TamTu and Sooraya go one-on-one in Brenner! Has TamTu lost his mind? Doe he want to get even for Sooraya’s Meikyo Shisui? Or maybe he wants to get off the couch! Tune in now! Emails in the episode submitted by Psylight, Camela, Silent Lucidity, Azriall, Ciecle, Gilkan, Ravencroft, Eruyome, Hyrist and Jager.(…

Extra Life

Another massive episode from Limit Break Radio, although all things considered we did a pretty good job chopping this down by 20 hours! It's our Extra Life day coverage with clips from our 24 hour web stream care of W00t Studios. Aniero, Kallo, Sayl and Erufailon talk about the clips from Extra Life. On the stream we hear from Fusionx of Pet Food Alpha, Mindscythe of W00t Studios, Brain and Scooter of Geek Speak, plus we're joined by Zero, Hyrist, Lady Fayne, Juxtaposition, Elisen, Droewyn, Argetlam, Stacey, plus many more over Ventrilo. We also read emails, talk about FanFest, announce Limit Break Radio's next contest, plus much much more!…

Elegantly Edwyth - Episode 3: No Place Like Home

Join Hosts Edwyth and Feofi, along with guests Fabrezzio and Berndherbert, as they take you along with them on their magical journey about mog house exit quests, and various places to store your booty that you attain on your adventures in Vanadiel.…

He Says, She Says - Episode 3: Slug Shot IN THE FACE

Join us as we round up the levelfest in Yuhtunga Jungle and reach level 30 on Black Mage and Samurai! We cover random questions, Adventuring, a bit of the Harvest Festival and look back on Extra Life! Emails in the episode submitted by Stefan, Suzaki, Anonymous, Tog, Frice, Veloxe, Jager, Atamusk, tearsofblood, Tashan, Aeredon, Mattr, Tellahchan, Shamadconde, Kakkoii, Shadowkitty. (…

Simply Juxta Episode 6 - Juxta-best Festival 2008

Fresh on the heels of the 24 hour Extra Life marathon it's Simply Juxta! Asmodia joins Juxta and Elisen as they celebrate Simply Juxa's 1 year anniversary and to talk about The Grim Tale of Pyracmon and the Baleful Eye. What do you need to do for one of those cool looking Eerie Cloaks? Find out on this episode of Simply Juxta!…

Elegantly Edwyth - Episode 2: A Refresher

Elegantly Edwyth is back with an all new episode! Joining Edwyth and Feofi for their second episode is Luso, Lilani and Neelia! On todays episode Edwyth and crew discuss the status refresh and the jobs that can give it! Join us for Elegantly Edwyth!…

He Says, She Says - Episode 2: Place Your Bets!

Our second episode doubles the length of the show! Thank you so much for the emails! We have emails covering Melee Red Mages, Galka Hygiene, proposal locations and explosions. Emails in the episode submitted by tearsofblood, ciecle, Hyrist, Feofi, Slvr Stryker, mattr, Katsuko, Yumaria, Ankanasir, Gilka and Stolas. (…

Cleaning House aka LOOOOOOOOOOOL

This is a very different Limit Break Radio then you're probably used to. There is no topic and no guest. Yes, that's right, no topic or guest. Just Aniero, kallo and Sayl playing catch up and talking about some really great news. We talk about Extra Life, the 2008 Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival, and new shows on the Limit Break Radio Network. We also thank our Star Breakers, read your e-mails, Voices of Vana'diel, and LOOOOOOOOOOOL. Thanks to Scott from VG Cats for granting us permission to use his art for our episode banner! Check out VG Cats!…

The Rogue's Den - File04\Assaults\LanceCorporal

This time on Rogue's Den! Time constraints! That's right, Aniero really puts us under the knife, but, me and Veloxe still manage to deliver the information and punctuality that you've come to expect from the Rogue's Den! This time, we cover all the Assault Missions in Tier 4 Lance Corporal as well as go over the awesome rewards awaiting mages -- Yigit Gear! So strap yourself and get ready for awesome in audio form. Oh, and Veloxe.…

Elegantly Edwyth - Episode 1: The Three S's

The very first episode of the Limit Break Radio Natworks brand new show: Elegantly Edwyth. Hosted by Edwyth of the Bahamut server Elegantly Edwyth, takes an aspect of Final Fantasy XI and looks at it under a microscope in his own asburdly specific way. On this episode Edwyth with co-hort Feofi and visiting LBR Network host and LBR summer host TamTu, examine Signet, Sanction and Sigil. What are they? How do the work? What's the difference between them? All those answers plus more on Elegantly Edwyth!…

He Says, She Says - Episode 1: Collecting Mail

Our very first episode! We cover emails from Zetra, Salmengo, Eilan, Ponelyn, two anonymous people and….Naja Salaheem?! What? Where did that come from… (…

2 Year Anniversary part 2 - Q: How Long Is Too Long? A: This Show!

This is by far the longest episode of Limit Break Radio clocking in at 4 hours! On this episode of Limit Break Radio Fusionx of Pet Food Alpha joining us to talk about Dancer as well as his article How Long Is Too Long?, we also have Rosalyn and Hyrist joining us who were the winners of the first and second place prizes in our 'NPC Mimicry Contest'. Plus Voices of Vana'diel, e-mails, achievements (bleep-bloop), and the fate of Spring Hope!…

Limit Breaking News 9 - The September 2008 Update

Here's the latest Limit Breaking News. The September 2008 update has hit, and with it the wold of Vana'diel is changed. Aniero and Kallo along with the winner of 'LBR's NPC Mimicry Contest' Rosalyn of Odin, cover all you need to know about the Sept. update. From the revolutionary new Level Sync system to the de-pop timers on Absolute Virtue and Pandemonium Warden, we cover it all right here on this Limit Breaking News.…

The Rogue's Den - File03\Assaults\SuperiorPrivate

Kallo and Veloxe make another pirate broadcast from the Rogue's Den. In this episode they discuss the third assault rank Superior Private. They will give you tips and strategies for each of these difficult assaults, plus check out some of the appraised rewards from this tier. They also check out some of the gear you can spend those assault points you been accumulating on. All this plus much more of this episode of the Rogue's Den!…

2 Year Anniversary part 1 - The Capped Crusader

Limit Break Radio celebrates two years of FFXI podcasting with this, their first of a two part anniversary special. We have a massive episode topping out just past three hours! Our good friend Hyshio joins us to talk about his recent big accomplishment: obtaining his Maats cap, and lend his expertise with strategies on how to beat that old buzzard in to the ground! We cover all the original and RoZ jobs from Warrior to Dragoon and give you tips and tricks to help you win your fight. We also read your e-mails and iTunes reviews, check in with Voices of Vana'diel, and announce a brand new contest! Tunes in to find out what the sweet prize is on this episode of Limit Break Radio.…

The Rogue's Den - File02\Assaults\PrivateFirstClass

Kallo is once again joined by Veloxe to examine the second tier of assault ranks, walking you through the Private First Class rank. They also tell you what is necessary for the rank mission as well as some of the rewards earned through assaults.…

Simply Juxta Episode 5 - Simply Sunbreeze

From the office of the Limit Break Radio interns comes another Simply Juxta. This episode: The Sunbreeze Festival! Learn how to defeat Ullegore, dance in time, play the carnival games and scoop goldfish for the 2008 Sunbreeze Fesitval! Alison and Elisen join Juxtaposition in learning about this great summer event. An error was made during the post-production of this Simply Juxta episode. The corrected episode was posted at 8:15pm EST on Sunday August 10'th 2008. If you downloaded this episode previous to this date and time please download the corrected episode. Thank you.…

Limit Breaking News 8 - 2008 Premier Site Summit

An all new Limit Breaking News has Ganiman from FFXIClopedia and Opalflame IGN's FFXI Vault joining the Limit Break Radio crew and old favorite Dashknocker to talk about the 2008 Premier Site Summit and share their speculations for the upcoming September update. We also talk about the recent Game Watch Interview translated by ElmerThePointy and hosted on Blue Gartr and Pet Food Alpha. This is a very interesting interview and we highly recommend you read it. Now then, enjoy!…

The Brutalsode

Limit Break Radio's 34'th episode tackles the job of Dark Knight. Aeredon from the Odin server joins the crew to talk about the finer points of the Dark Knight class, but of course Aniero can't keep his mouth shut. We cover Dark Knight like we have every other job, 1-75 with a focus on abilities, spells, sub jobs and job tactics. Gamer makes his triumphant return and TamTu is back as well. We also read you e-mails, Adventurer of the Week, and listen to your Voices of Van'diel. There's also another TamTu original, and we threaten the safety of chocobos. This episode is not to miss! Get it? Miss? HA!…

The Rogue's Den - File01\Assaults\PrivateSecondClass

The Rogue's Den first episode covers the basic idea and concept behind assaults as well as how to gain access to them. The Rogue's Den first guest-host Veloxe also discusses with Kallo the strategies behind each of the Tier 1 Assaults for Private Second Class.…

Simply Juxta Episode 4 - Celestial Juxta

Limit Break Radio presents the fourth installment of the Simply Juxta series: Celestial Juxta. In this episode Aeredon and Elisen join Juxtaposition in Lower Jeuno to discuss the Mog Bonanza event as well as the new Celestial Nights event! No emails in this episode but that's OK because Aeredon's impression of a Datechochin more then makes up for it! Oh, and Juxta leaks info about Episode 34...thanks Juxta.…

Get a Job, Newbie!!!

Here it is! Limit Break Radio's first summer show! Woo! In this episode TamTu joins us to discuss unlocking the advanced jobs in Vana'diel. TamTu is LBR's special summer guest host for this summer and we're stoked to have him on! Additionally Seshamaru from joins us to help talk about the advanced jobs, as well as his website We also read your emails, Adventurer of the Week and Voices of Vana'diel makes its return! We end the show with a very special song by none other then TamTu! That and much much more of this episode of Limit Break Radio.…

Who's Who in FFXI Interview with Aniero (

A few weeks ago I was honored to be interviewed by Seshamaru and Kixxi of the website on behalf of Limit Break Radio which has been featured as's 'Who's Who in FFXI' segment. This interview was a lot of fun and gives a little bit of insight into what goes into making Limit Break Radio as well as the history and other various aspects of the show. I've added the audio interview to the RSS feed or you can stream it below. There's also a text transcript of this interview available . I want to thank Seshamaru and Kixxi of for featuring us, and also make sure to check out Episode 33 of Limit Break Radio which features our interview with Seshamaru!…

Limit Breaking News 7 - June 2008 Update

It's time once again for another Limit Breaking News, in this edition we cover the June 2008 Update. Gyudva, formally for the Fairy server now fellow Odinite, joins us to cover all the details of the June update. We talk about the expanded job ability and trait merits, some of the sweet new items, the new "ZNM" system, storage expansion, and taru nurses! Plus much much more! Check it out!…

The Brew

In this episode of Limit Break Radio Maxx-V and Tigerfury come to Norg to visit with the LBR crew! In honor of their visit the crew celebrate with their own special "brew". As the brew dinking ensues, so does this episode. When we woke up the next morning we had a handful of hazy memories and a nearly three hour recording! What was the episode about you ask? I have no idea...Oh right, right ToAU missions and HNMs is what this episode is about. We talk about the major battles and quests within the ToAU mission storyline (spoiler free as always) as well as the three ToAU HNMs, Cerberus, Hydra and Khimaira, including spawn locations, strategies and of course much much more. We also take your emails and pass out! TO THE BREW! CHEERS!…

Pet Food Alpha Episode 100: Pet Food Mog Break Radio Alpha (

Last night Kallo and I had the distinct honor to join not only the Pet Food Alpha crew, but Pikko from the Mog House as well to celebrate Pet Food Alpha's 100'th episode! I have to say that doing the show with them was a total blast and I know I speak for all of us here at Limit Break Radio when I say congratulations on 100 fantastic episodes and two years of podcasting! We hope for many many more!…

Sunken Treasure

Limit Break Radio dives head first into the world of Salvage! In our first crack at the Treasures of Aht Urhgan content we examine one of the most complex and complicated events in Vana'diel. Red Mage Ryuko from Caitsith server joins us to walk us though what exactly Salvage is. We talk NMs, ramparts, cards, bosses, gear, stratagies and everything else we can shove into this information packed episode! We also read your emails, Adventurer of the Week, we let Erufailion out and kick Juxta back in!…

The Art of WAR

Limit Break Radio's good friend Maxx-V makes her return to discuss the finer points of the Warrior job. We are also joined by a special in studio guest, Atamusk, who has traveled all the way to the secluded Norg to hang out with the Limit Brak Radio crew. We talk about all aspects of Warrior taking you from 1 to 75 and filling you in on key gear, weapons, abilities and so much more. We also hear a very special Voices of Vana'diel message from our old friend Gordor as well as Adventurer of the Week, e-mails and interns in closets!…

Geek Speak Season 5 Episode 8 feat. Aniero (

A few weeks back Aniero appeared on another fellow podcasters show called Geek Speak. Geek Speak is hosted by Bryan Carr and is broadcasted from 91.5 WMHW, meaning they're not just a podcast, but an actual radio show! Being on Geek Speak was a pleasure and a blast! We talk about all manner of things, net neutrality, video games, and all kinds of crazy stuff! There isn't much about Final Fantasy XI in this interview, but I thought you guys might like to take a listen anyway. Check out Geek Speak at! Enjoy!…

Limit Breaking News 6 - March 2008 Update

Limit Break Radio examines the details of the March 2008 update. We look at the new Dancer and Scholar AF, some of the new Campaign elements, new zones, new NMs, new absorbs and Samurai job abilities. Oh man! So much stuff! Anier, Kallo and Sayl are joined by Limit Break Radios very first guest host ever! THE ALMIGHTY SPAZZ! Make sure to check this out!…

Medics and Maces

Here it is, Limit Break Radio gives you another information packed to the gills episode! In this episode we have Zero from the Fairy server, also known to the show as the other half of the FanFest reporting team, to talk about all things White Mage! One of the last jobs covered by Limit Break Radio and arguably one of the most comprehensive. Zero covers all aspects of the White Mage job and then some even going into his research into using White Mage and a damage dealer. Plus your emails, a special Adventurer of the Week, Sayl has a big announcement and Voices of Vana'diel, all on this episode of Limit Break Radio!…

Simply Juxta Episode 3 - Juxta Is In The Air

In this episode Juxta is joined by a plethora of co-horts and sweethearts, Fabreezio from the Odin server helps Juxta break down the Valentione's Day celebration. Erufailon and Lady Fayne also join Juxta in the recording booth in hopes that he stays on task...which he doesn't. Plus Juxta reads your emails and Valentione's Day cards and poems and oh so much more!…

MMO Documentary featuring Aniero (

Back in November, as we all know, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the 2007 Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival. During that time, while working on Limit Break Radio's coverage of the event, I was also tasked with creating a 20 minute documentary about a subject of my choosing. What topic did I choose? Why, online games of course! I know what you're thinking "ZOMG! Aniero! That's sooooo broad, there's no way you could squeeze the entirety of online gaming into 20 minutes!" Yeah, I kind of thought the same thing, which lead to a few mental break downs and a near permanent mark on my forehead that reads "Behrin" from where I was banging my head repeatedly against my Behringer mixer...however, I was able to focus my subject and make, what I think, to be a damn fine documentary about the world of online gaming. The documentary features a friend of mine, Jeff (Mindscythe) Smith, a professor at Central Michigan University, who is working on a theory about online behavior and interaction and an old show favorite Gyudva as well as his wonderful wife Cairstiona. Jeff was nice enough to share my work with Jester from the all mighty W00t Studios who offered to premier the documentary at This is a very big honor for me, so thank you to Jester, Mindscythe and everyone at W00t Studios, and also thank you to Gyudva and Cairstiona for letting me pick their brains and almost making them miss the last developers panel. I'd also like to thank those that hung out with me on Skype for nearly 2 hours talking about MMORPG's for this project, sadly, I was restricted by time and therefore wasn't able to use the recordings, but I thank you for your time and contribution to the project. That recording session will see the light of day someday, trust me. Also, thank you to MarcstaR, all of the music that was used in the documentary (except game music) was composed by MarcstaR, so huge thank you to him! Lastly, I would like to thank everyone here at the Limit Break Radio community. It was all of you that inspired this project. I cannot thank you guys enough for coming here and hanging out and forming the LBR community. You are all amazing, never forget that. So, if you're an LBR fan, which I am assuming you are 'cause...well, you're here, then I encourage you to give it a listen. I'm very proud of the work I've done with the piece and I think you guys will greatly enjoy it. …

Have No Mercy!!

How does Limit Break Radio follow up their longest episode ever? By making the next one even longer! Clocking in at a whopping 2 hours and 20 minutes, Limit Break Radio gives you: Have No Mercy! LBR's coverage of the CoP Wyrms and Ground Kings! Frice from the Odin server joins us once again as we dive head first into the world of HNMs! We cover everything from spawn times to loot drops to take down strategies! We also have your emails, Adventurer of the Week and our very fkrst themed Voices of Vana'diel. This episodes topic: Campaign! Make sure to find out what the new Voices of Vana'diel topic is in this episode!…

LBR's Gigantious Beginners Guide to Vana'diel

Sit down and strap yourself in for Limit Break Radio's longest episode EVER!! Clocking in at a whopping two hours and eight minutes, LBR is proud to present the "Gigantious Beginners Guide to Vana'diel"! Dashknocker from the Fairy server takes us through the ropes of the lower levels in Vana'diel. It's such a daunting task that we need more time then usual, so you all get a little extra episode. We introduce our new intern Erufailon, read your E-mails, Adventurer of the Week, and Voices of Vana'diel! This episode has it all!…

Simply Juxta Episode 2 - Happy Juxta-mas

It's the Starlight Celebration, so you know what that means....yeah, another Simply Juxta. Today's co-hort is Jaredin from the Odin server. They talk about the Starlight Celebration and how to participate and what rewards you can get from it. Juxta plays a song that was recorded for us by TamTu of the Hades server and Juxta reads emails! Enjoy...I guess...…

Kweh Kweh Kweh WARK!

This episode was recorded back in October and, due to a processing error, got held up in editing until now. Our resident chocobo expert Neelia from the Diabolos server joins us to help us become better care givers for our chocobos (especially Aniero). We talk about chocobo raising, racing, breeding and digging. We reveal our new 4'th host and replacement for Argetlam, we also take a look at your e-mails and Adventurer of the Week. No Voices of Vana'diel this week, sorry, but there is music by Luso, so hopefully that makes up for it! …

Limit Break Radio's 2007 Fan Fest Special Day 2

Limit Break Radio's coverage of the 2007 Final Fantasy XI Fan Fest concludes with our Day 2 wrap up. We take a look at the Atmos challenge, do tons of interviews, check out the costume contest, take a look at what was discussed at day 2's development panel and all kinds of other havoc. More music provided by Luso, we check the Voices of Vana'deil mailbox and bring you the latest information from the 2007 Fan Festival. Thank you to everyone who helped out and made these episodes possible. See ya next year! …

Limit Break Radio's 2007 Fan Fest Special Day 1

Day 1 of our FanFest wrap up. We cover everything that was talked about during day one of the 2007 US Fan Festival. Aniero, Zero and Frice bring you an in depth look at the two new jobs due to come out with Wings of the Goddess as well as the job adjustments that are coming with the next update. We also have interviews and actual event audio not not mention a look at the Live Quest and many of the other activities at this years Fan Festival. The music provided in this episode was remixed by Luso. Thank you to everyone who took the time to say hi and especially to the kind folks of Square-Enix for being excellent hosts! Day 2 to come soon!…

Limit Breaking News 5 - The 2007 Vana'deil Celebration - Osaka, Japan

Once again we talk with our convention correspondent Maxx-V about her trip to Osaka, Japan for the The 2007 Vana'deil Celebration. We cover all the information that Square-Enix has revealed about the upcoming expansion Wings of the Goddess, including discussions on the two new jobs announced, the new large scale battle system, time travel, currency and much more.…

Simply Juxta Episode 1 - Juxta-ween

You wanted got it. Limit Break Radio's intern, Juxtaposition, gets his own segment in Simply Juxta. Juxta will be discussing the in-game holiday events that are available in Vana'diel. In this edition Juxtaposition and Kallo discuss the Harvest Festival and some various other...disturbing things. Enjoy! (and don't say we didn't warn you!)…

Limit Break Theater 1 - Sunny Days in San dOria

Since playing the "pilot" on Limit Break Theater of the lolClipshow, we got many requests for a fully produced Limit Break Theater episode. So, here it is! The very first fully produced and finished Limit Break Theater episode "Sunny Days in San d'Oria". Join the LBR crew as they get ready to help Juxtaposition with a quest to defeat a dragon. Sound effects and music by Square-Enix. Written by Kallo. Produced and Directed by Aniero. …

1 Year Anniversary part 2: The Best Defense

Limit Break Radio continues it's 1 year anniversary celebration with the second half of the 2 part anniversary special. In this episode Cravion from the Odin server joins us to talk about Paladin, we also take a look at the recently released Pit and Pankration and this years Final Fantasy XI FanFest...also we announce some major staff changes, emails, AotW, Voices of Vana'diel. Juxta fails and fails some more and we say goodbye to one of our own.…

1 Year Anniversary part 1: Crap! Oh! Pwned! (aka CoPs)

Limit Break Radio celebrates it's first year in Final Fantasy XI podcasting with a massive two part episode! The first episode focuses on the Chains of Promathia missions, where we talk to the Pandemonium server's Tokash about various strategies for the major battles of the CoP missions. Also, Juxta makes a mess and Voices of Vana'diel. Part 2 will be coming soon.... …

Limit Breaking News 4 - The August 2007 Update

In the Limit Breaking News segment we take a look at the details of the August 2007 update. Krogenar comes back to talk about his recent work with The Flock linkshell of the Quetzalcoatl server and share his thoughts on the adjustments made to BST.…


In this episode we talk to level 75 Dragoon and Samurai Twcblaze from the Leviathan Server about, you guessed it, Dragoon! Look! No lol! We also premier a brand new Final Fantasy XI remix by MarcstaR, called the Bard's Song which is available to download at Plus a very special Adventurer of the Week, Voices of Vana'deil and more! …

Limit Breaking News 3 - E3 2007 Wrap Up

Our convention correspondent Maxx-V joins us again to review all the new Wings of the Goddess information that was released at E3 2007. We examine three notable interviews that happened with the Final Fantasy XI big shots Koichi Ogawa, Hiromichi Tanaka, Sage Sundi, and Yasu Kurosawa. Lots of new information was released through these interviews including the announcement of new jobs as well as the 2007 Final Fantasy XI Fan-Fest!…

Dice and Guns

We talk this week to Aniero's close and longtime friend Foobar (a.k.a. Omgwtfbbqkitten) from the Titan server about Corsair. This is a very different show for us, we were down two guests, Argetlam and Sayl weren't able to join us, but our old friend Tigrefury joins us again to lend us his expertise about Corsair. We also read your e-mails, Kallo gives his Adventurer of the Week and we premier our new Voices of Vana'diel segment.…

Limit Breaking News 2 - The June 2007 Update

On June 05'th 2007 Final Fantasy XI was given a major version update, this Limit Breaking News is devoted to covering the finer points of that update. We're joined by the famous Ganiman of FFXIclopedia to catch up with him and discuss the new additions to the world of Vana'diel…


This is the most ridiculous episode that we've ever had. Aniero takes you through some of the material that was never meant to go over the air. This show is totally goofy and a little lacking on the information side, but we hope that you all will enjoy it anyway. …

Limit Breaking News 1 - Wings of the Goddess

In this segment we discuss the new "Wings of the Goddess" expansion and our resident artist Maxx-V joins us from Tokyo, Japan where she's spent the last several days at the Square-Enix Party 2007 to discuss the expansion, the party and the june update.…

My Best Friend Carby

In this episode we talk to Tigerfury of Pheonix, a former Summoner, but still an expert on the job. We talk Summoner, Avatars, the June Update and introduce a brand new segment. Also no Juxta FTW!…


This week we discuss Monk with Fenrir native Priestsan for the majority of the show, we also discuss the new chocobo racing, read your e-mails and a very special 21 Weapon Skill salute to Wozza. /cry…

Cloak and Dagger

Sleekmotorwurkz joins us form the Lakshmi server to discuss one of his three jobs at level 75, Thief...we also take a second look at the march update, taking a closer look at the Nyzul Isle Assault, the force pop NM changes and more, plus your e-mails and AoTW…

GMs > Puppies

Ganiman and Rickshaw of the Pheonix server and FFXIclopedia join us this week for a slightly shorter show. We talk about Gani and Ricks recent trip out to the Square-Enix headquarters in California as a part of the Final Fantasy XI Premier Site Summit, and we also talk about the update....and eating puppies....yeah...…

Sea. (aka We couldn't come up with a title)

Kujata native Erecant lends us his expertise on the hardest endgame zone in Final Fantasy XI to date, Sea. We take an in depth look at Sea gods including the infamous Absolute Virtue. We also preview the March update and AotW.…

In The Shadows...

This week we have another Odinite, Souel, on the show. We discuss one of the most popular jobs in the game, Ninja, as well as that oh-so-awesome abjuration gear. E-mails, a very special AoTW and Juxta...oh boy.…

Master of Disaster

Jensen, a lvl75 SAM, joins us this week after his call was lost from Limit Break Radio's Spectacular Annual Platinum Extravaganza Edition Call-in Bonanza Special vol 1. We talk about Samurai and....drum roll please.....Salvage!! Emails and AoTW. Enjoy!…

Limit Break Radio's Spectacular Annual Platinum Extravaganza Edition Call-in Bonanza Special vol 1

A two hour call-in special where Aniero and Kallo take calls from the Final Fantasy XI community and discuss whatever they want to. 17 calls in all, with a wide array of topics from Monk to resons to kick a party member to real life events, it's all covered here folks!…


Lahriel, a lvl 75 Blue Mage, Ranger and Bard, talks with us about Ranger and rank missions. We also discuss more of the upcoming update, read your emails and announce Limit Break Radio's Spectacular Annual Platinum Extravaganza Edition Call-in Bonanza Special Vol. 1!!…

Running With Scissors

Elmer the Pointy of the Gilgamesh server joins us to discuss one of his 4 level 75 jobs, Puppetmaster. That's right...lolPUP. We also discuss the upcoming update, Arget shows his soft side and Adventurer of the Week returns!…

The Quest Master

Quest woman Rosalie joins us from the Seraph server to talk about....quests! We also cover the basics of Sky and Wally get's a little out of hand.…

The Rusty Paladin

Flipperfeet joins us from the Hades server and discusses Bard. We give our thoughts on the new update, talk about the dreaded Promyvions, and create horribly filthy jokes about Paladins.…

Swing and a Miss

A very diffrent episode this week, Gyudva joins us from the Fairy server, Gamer joins us again filling in for Sayl, we talk lots of limbus, we read your emails and our Adventurer of the Week.…

Not Just Boys Fun

Cosiala, our first female guest, joins us from Shiva, we discuss lolDragoon, we talk about the new video from Tokyo Game Show, and Kallo talks about treasure hunting. We also announce the winner of our Evisceration contest, read your emails, and we all get burned!…


Gordor of Odin joins us, Kallo get a much needed ego check, we discuss Black Mage and Red Mage, Dynamis and Maat fights, we announce the first adventurer of the week and read your e-mails...other announcements are made...send Arget hate mail...that's about it…

The Gamer Episode

Gamer joins us from the server Pandemonium, we discuss Paladin stratagies, crafting, fame quests, Garrison, and etiquette. We read your emails and indroduce our "Adventurer of the Week" program.…

A Milestone

This is a big episode for Limit Break Radio. We have our first guest, Spazz, we discuss FFXI's PvP: ballista and brenner, Blue Mage pros and cons, RDM vs. BRD vs. COR, Assault, plus we announce Limit Break Radio's very first contest!!…

Episode 2...ftw?

This week we discuss chocobo raising, our favorite memories from FFXI, really great players, besieged, signet/sanction and much more!…

Cutting the Ribbon

The very first show from Limit Break Radio. Aniero, Kallo, Argetlam and Sayl discuss their characters, share their worst mistell stories and have in depth discussions about hate management and the new meritable abilities.…

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