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Best of E3 2013

2013-06-16 :: Rian Heist
Summer is upon us and with that is some of the biggest announcements in #GAMING! The Liquid Gamer Podcast talks about the information we took from the Electronics Entertainment Expo 2013. We talk #XboxOne and #PS4 along with our favorite games of the event. Follow us on twitter @LiquidPodcast and send your fanmail to Download Standard Podcasts [...]…

New Generation of Gaming Revealed

2013-05-25 :: Rian Heist
West Aries Independent Productions brings you the Liquid Gamer Podcast where we look at the New Consoles: PS4 and Xbox One, which will you choose? Tell us @LiquidPodcast and send us fan mail at Download Standard Podcasts [...]…

Dead Island: Riptide

2013-04-24 :: Rian Heist
@LiquidPodcast reviews Dead Island: Riptide released by Techland in April 2013. We take an in depth look at the changes from the first game in the series to the additional adventure in Riptide. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and visit us at Liquid Gamer Podcast is brought to you by WEST ARIES RADIO. Download Standard Podcasts [...]…

Character Spotlight: Mario

2013-03-31 :: Rian Heist
Following the failure of Radar Scope in North America, Nintendo’s then-president, Hiroshi Yamauchi, requested Miyamoto’s aid in converting unsold Radar Scope units into something that would sell well. Miyamoto conceived the concept of a love triangle and decided to make a game based on the Popeye character. Since he didn’t own the rights, he decided to come up with a new idea using his own characters… Mario. Follow us @LiquidPodcast and visit us at Download Standard Podcasts [...]…

Delving into iOS

2013-03-16 :: Rian Heist
Rian and Chris take a look at all the games that make it worth owning an iPad, iPad Mini, or iPhone. There is much more to the iOS platform than casual physics; we give you are choices for some of the best downloads available to play on your iOS device. Whether you have Windows, Android, or Apple products–these are good games that have extreme replay value. Become part of the show @LiquidPodcast or visit us on the web at Download Standard Podcasts [...]…

Indie Reviews and… Ellie!!!!!!!

2013-02-20 :: Rian Heist
Chris and Rian take a look at the inspiring indie game Machinarium by Amanita Design, the story of Robot Josef’s rise as an unlikely hero. We also review Chillingo’s Contre Jour, taking physics casual games to an entirely new level. Plus Ni No Kuni, Sly Cooper, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengence! Ending with EA’s Epic third installment of Dead Space, pitting Issac against new enemies with a partner along the way…  Ellie!!!!!!! Make sure to check us out on Twitter @LiquidPodcast. Download Standard Podcast [...]…

Sega Genesis Retro Cast

2013-02-08 :: Rian Heist
@LiquidPodcast We take a trip back in time to when we had nothing better to do than play, at the time, awesome Video Games. How did these games make us feel then and how have our opinions changed since? Make sure to become part of the show by following on Twitter and please do not forget to subscribe, rate, and comment (not necessarily in that order). Download Standard Podcasts [...]…

The Indie Gamers Podcast of Choice

We delve into the best the industry has to offer; Chronic Logic’s Bridge It, Ronimo Games’ Swords and Soldiers, and then we discuss all the Flash based games we played on GameTop. After that we take a look at the latest in Gaming News; Disney Infinity, LEGO Back to the Future, and discuss the fate of the WiiU. Direct2Play Devil May Cry was one of the few big releases in January of 2013. Remember to become part of the show by following us on Twitter @LiquidPodcast. [...]…

Top Ten Games of 2012

2012-12-28 :: Rian Heist
Everyone has their own opinions, and this list is simply two different types of gamers view on all the games that came out this year. We set aside the scoring system and look at our personal favorites that we had the pleasure of playing. We explore two seperate opinions on the best games to grace our lives in 2012, all ranked from 1-10… Did you game make the list? Let us know on Twitter @LiquidPodcast Download Standard Podcasts [...]…

Liquid Gamer Awards 2012

2012-12-21 :: Rian Heist
We announce the winners of the 2012 Liquid Gamer Awards; Best FPS, Best Action, Best Horror, Best Console Exclusives, Best Sport, and the coveted Liquid Game of the Year. Will favorites such as Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 win the big titles? Will we finally be honest about what we truly thought about Mass Effect 3? All this and more will be answered on the first annual Liquid Gamer Awards @LiquidPodcast. Download Standard Podcasts [...]…

November is Huge

2012-11-29 :: Rian Heist
This episode is two huge shows combined into one mega-episode. We start out talking with Chris about his impression of the WiiU console and the games from launch. Then we talk about the big titles with Jordan; Halo 4, LEGO: Lord of the Rings, Hitman: Absolution, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, and give you our opinions from open and honest gamers. Make sure to follow the show on Twitter @LiquidPodcast and continue to subscribe and rate on iTunes. Download Standard Podcasts [...]…

October is Scary (Part Two)

2012-11-06 :: Rian Heist
We finish talking about the action packed month of October; We take a look at IndiePub Games physics based strategy game Storm, THQ releases WWE 13 which gives a glimpse into the past during the attitude era, we test drive the Avengers Kinect game, talk about some scary moments in games we played, and of course we take a lot of time to talk about all the pros and cons of UbiSoft’s Assassins Creed III. Make sure to follow the show on Twitter @LiquidPodcast and send us your questions and or comments. Download Standard Podcasts [...]…

October is Scary (Part One)

2012-10-27 :: Rian Heist
October may be known for being the time of year when the dead rise, well it seems to also be the time that companies push out games and flood the market with a range of titles from the revolutionary to the disappointing. In this episode we will take a look at Dishonored, Forza Horizon, Playstation All-Stars, Harry Potter Kinect, Xcom, and NBA 2k13. Then rounding up next weeks show where we take a look @AC3. Make sure to follow the show on Twitter @LiquidPodcast and check out our Facebook page WAIP (With an i Productions). Download Standard Podcast [...]…

Gotta Catch ‘em All!

2012-10-11 :: Rian Heist
We take a trip down memory lane and replay then battle Pokemon Fire Red; we also take the time to look at some of the fantastic and not so fantastic games for the Game Boy Advance system and all the variety they had to offer (such as Harry Potter Quidditch Cup, Duke Nukem, Harvest Moon, Monster Rancher, Kingdom Hearts, and many many more . We later take a minute to answer listener mail from Facebook and Twitter @LiquidPodcast. Make sure to become part of the show by following us on Twitter for all your gaming news feeds and send us questions to answer on the air. Download Standard Podcasts [...]…

Pandas, Loot, and a Duel

2012-09-27 :: Rian Heist
Even though September had a large list of titles, it came up short in the quality category. Join us as we review all the games from September 2012 including Borderlands 2, NHL 13, FIFA 13, Mists of Pandaria, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and Dead or Alive 5 just to name a few. Become part of the show by following us on Twitter @LiquidPodcast and each of the hosts @Raveniss and @TheCryze. If you haven’t checked out the website already, take some time to do so; Download Standard Podcasts [...]…

Toe Jam, Donatello, and Link

2012-09-14 :: Rian Heist Length: 52s
RETROCAST: Again we take a step back in time to visit all the games of consoles past. Join us on the journey as we explore the greatest year in gaming history along with talking about all the games YOU wanted us to talk about by sending us the games you loved on Twitter @LiquidPodcast and @Raveniss. We appreciate all the support and hope you enjoy revisiting all the great games of your childhood and ours. Remember to join us on the show via Twitter @LiquidPodcast and @Raveniss #GetWet. Download Standard Podcasts [...]…

Robots, Football, and Death

2012-09-01 :: Rian Heist
August was an exciting month for gaming with a lot of high scoring games and heavy hitting titles releasing to the masses. This month we take a look at Darksiders II, Madden NFL 13, Sleeping Dogs, Guild Wars 2, Transformers Fall of Cybertron, and a few more. We also welcome the first guest on to the program, @Brochocinco the Cincinnati Superhero, who gives us his opinion on Madden. Make sure to become part of the show yourself via Twitter @Raveniss and @LiquidPodcast, each episode you can #GetWet by sending us your questions to answer on the air. Good Gaming! Download Standard Podcasts [...]…

Nimoy, Knuckles, and a Duck

2012-07-30 :: Rian Heist Length: 1s
RETROCAST: Prepare to take a step back in time to visit all the games of consoles past. Join us on the journey as we explore the history of gaming from the very first  Nintendo to Sega Dreamcast. Also we take a humorous look at what the hosts spent their time doing during childhood. Remember to join us on the show via Twitter @Raveniss Download Standard Podcast [...]…

Spiders, Bats, and Lollipops

2012-07-05 :: Rian Heist
We combined the releases from June and July into one action packed podcast. Even though the two months had little to be desired we still found plenty to talk about; we review Babel Rising, Lollipop Chainsaw, Dirt Showdown, Babel Rising, Spec Ops the Line, Amazing Spiderman, and Lego Batman 2. We also take time to read and answer your viewer mail sent to us via Twitter @Raveniss. We begin the show with an exclusive offer to our listeners, make sure to take advatage of this special offer. Download Standard Podcasts [...]…

E3 2012 #GetWet Edition

2012-06-07 :: Rian Heist
E3 was full of information regarding the rest of the years gaming calendar and beyond in to 2013. We take a look at the biggest news and hottest titles to come out of the Electronics Entertainment Expo for 2012. Hear about games like; Beyond, Sony All Stars, Assassins Creed 3, WonderBook with a game by Pottermore, God of War Ascension, The Last of Us, Halo 4, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Xbox Smart Glass, South Park, Dance Central 3, and Watch Dogs. Check out our what games we are currently playing at or follow us on Twitter @Raveniss @LiquidPodcast Download Standard Podcasts [...]…

Thrones, Payne, and the Devil

2012-05-24 :: Rian Heist
May was a big month for gaming, we review Max Payne, Diablo III, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Game of Thrones, and more… Remember to get involved with the podcast in the Listener Mail section by sending your questions to @Raveniss on Twitter and Raveniss on XBL and PSN. We look forward to hearing from you [...]…

Zombies, Spells, and Rancors

2012-04-26 :: Rian Heist
We take time to get gaming; The Witcher 2, Star Wars Kinect, Fez, Prototype 2, the Splatters, the House of the Dead 4, and Trials Evolution. We also answer some Listener Mail from you the audience–tackling topics such as E3 predictions and the morality of Duck Hunt. Remember to become part of the show by [...]…

Raccoons, Ninjas, and Omniblades

2012-03-29 :: Rian Heist
The disappointing month of March; Naruto: Generations, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Ninja Gaiden III, Street Fighter Cross Tekken, Mass Effect 3, just to name a few. They also make their predictions for next months release of Prototype 2 and talk some Doctor Who and Game of Thrones along the way. Remember if you want to be [...]…

Swords, Fate, and an Ice Cream Truck

2012-02-28 :: Rian Heist
We take a look at this months hottest games; Soul Calibur V, The Darkness II, UFC Undisputed 3, The Syndicate, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Twisted Metal, and KoA Reckoning. They also make their predictions for Mass Effect 3 which will be covered in next months show. Remember if you want to be part of next months [...]…

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