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In Part Two SCOTUS Acts Affirmatively LOL ;)

2013-06-30 ::
In Episode 12, Jillian and Germar get all academic-legal-scholar up in here. We end the affirmative action "debate." And if you still don't get it, send us a message and we'll get you all good and straightened out. Additionally, we comment on the Voting Rights Act. You can now donate at Anyone want to get into podcasting? Hit us up!

Part One is Like Marvin's Family . . . All Gaye

2013-06-28 ::
First, True Blood is multi-cultural. Next, Aaron Hernandez has a Puerto-Rican father, and an Irish-Italian mother. Finally, Jillian HATES the institution of marriage, but she didn't tell Germar that two years ago . . . just sayin' But SCOTUS decided, and we're happy about some things. Please SHARE and now you can donate, if you really like what we're doing, at

Purely Pop Pod Part Ptwo (Man of Steel edition)

2013-06-24 ::
Buuuhn buh buhn buhn buuuuuuhn Suuuuuu Puuuur Maaaaan
Buuuhn buh buhn buhn buuuuuuhn SU! PerMaaaaaaaaan
Buuuhn buh buhn buhn buuuuuuhn Suuuuuu Puuuur Maaaaan

Purely Pop Pod Part Pone (the fourth P is silent)

2013-06-21 ::
In episode 9, Jillian and Germar put a bow on the previous privilege podcasts. Then, we debate tipping (and paying) servers. But really this is a two-podder spectacular devoted to premieres - the sixth season of True Blood and the Man of Steel. If you're one of our 50 regular pod-listeners, you must like it right, so share it with your partners - please. :P

Adam Carolla is an Idiot Two (as in part too)

2013-06-17 ::
Episode #8 is the second part of our pod war on stupid things conservatives say. Jillian gets mad. Germar channels MLK. And you get to hear it all - for free!

Adam Carolla is an Idiot! . . . with an agenda? Part One

2013-06-13 ::
First, we can't stop talking about gay athletes "with" John Amaechi and Brendan Ayanbadejo. Then, we begin a two-part podcast roasting of California's own idiot Adam Carolla. He spouts racist and sexist garbage through the guise of comedy and wisdom. Sadly, his audience is huge. We'll try to rebut him here in the way that he won't allow on his own podcast. If you don't know his comedy, he likes to make jokes about how black people constantly "ax" him questions AND he plays stripper music when female guests talk about equality. Yep. We're on I-tunes! SUBSCRIBE. Tell your friends, and holla at a playa when you see me on the street.

Why do we HATE men? Ok, WE know why, but do you? And other ways to make the world better for everyone . . .

2013-06-10 ::
Podcast #6 is a little rushed because we had a double-date downtown, but it's still decent. Here, Germar complains that we aren't sensitive to the sensitivities of sensitive men. Jillian explains that men are dogs and deserve death. Ok, she doesn't exactly say that, but because she's teaching right now, I can write whatever I want. But first we revisit the Kerry Rhodes sitch. WE'RE ON I-TUNES!!! SUBSCRIBE!!! RATE US FIVE STARS!!! LEAVE A VERY POSITIVE AND FLATTERING REVIEW!!! The unfortunate truth presented in the video below is closely tied to the problems discussed in this podcast.
Jillian talks about this Onion article in the pod (must copy and paste):,31061/ …

First Ever Podcast Done by Anyone Anywhere about Jason Collins and LGBT Athletes (sarcasm)

2013-06-06 ::
First we rant a little about healthcare or the lack of healthcare. Does anyone get to actually see doctors anymore or is it just us? Also, gay people play sports, and football players are confused about it. Why are straight dudes applauded for not being gay? Roy Hibbert, Kobe Bryant, Mike Wallace, the NBA, and the NFL LOVES Jason Collins. WE'RE ON I-TUNES NOW!!! SUBSCRIBE! GIVE US FIVE STARS AND THANKS FOR LISTENING. …

Rap, Rape, and Rec (Parks and Rec)

2013-06-01 ::
So if you're here for Jillian, skip ahead to about the eleven minute mark because Germar just wouldn't shut up. In this episode, we discuss Kriss Kross, Kanye, Rick Ross, Too Short - rap music and rape culture, with a special shout to Angel Haze (see below). Also, is Donna on Parks and Rec a terrible and common big black stereotype? Germar doesn't think so. Definitely Explicit Content Here

The Obamas go Ward Connerly conservative at commencement; somewhere Justice Thomas is beaming

2013-05-29 ::
Three new theme songs this week. Vote on your favorite in the comments. Or contact us if you know us. They are only intros to songs Germar produced eight years ago or so. We think that the current theme might turn some people away, but we really want theme music. And we don't want to pay for it or use copyrighted material without permission. …

DJANGO was a terrible movie and we think less of you for loving it so

2013-05-22 ::
Apologies for the quality of the audio. Germar's laptop exploded and the temporary replacement has a terrible input - low gain - lots of noise. Compression, EQ, noise reduction couldn't save this. We've ordered a real mic and expect better quality audio in the future. But the content here is still pretty good. …

First Podcast - Why do Black Men LOVE White Women?

2013-05-20 ::

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