Last update: 2006-06-20

Time to move on

2006-06-20 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 1s
This is the end. Time to subscribe to CrossFeed Religious News. The feed url is or subscribe with iTunes.…

Episode 28 - The Butterfly Has Hatched

2006-05-25 :: Pastor Dale Critchley
Our Final Episode: Announcing the next generation Lutheran podcast! CrossFeed covers the latest religion news and is hosted by Pastor Dale Critchley in Iowa and Pastor Jim Butler near Boston. Subscribe at iTunes or go to for the RSS.…

Episode 27 - Pupa

2006-05-17 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 3s
The new and improved podcast is coming. Stop by to get a preview and get involved!…

Hiatus Announcement

2006-03-30 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 1s
We're taking a break for Lent and maybe longer, but stay tuned--more to come, hopefully. Meanwhile, check out our upcoming podcast, The Tail of the Kairoo!…

Episode 26 - Let the Children Come

2006-03-16 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 37s
This week, we have Rev. Dr. Roger Theimer, Pastor at King of Kings Lutheran Church, Omaha, Nebraska, home of Kids Kount Publishing to talk about the Kingdom Quest Sunday School program and Kids Church. Also featuring a cell phone suggestion and an internet shopping tip.…

Episode 25 - Welcome to America. Here's your Bible!

2006-03-09 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 23s
This week, we have Rev. Yohannes Mengsteab, Mission Facilitator for New African Immigrants and Urban Missions and Director of the Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology to talk about bringing the Gospel to immigrants. Plus an iPod peripheral suggestion and yet another tech tip to avoid spam.…

Episode 24 - Big Pastor on Campus

2006-03-02 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 26s
This week, we have Pastor Max Mons, campus chaplain at St. Paul's Lutheran Chapel at the University of Iowa. Pastor Mons talks about the unique challenges and joys of campus chaplaincy. Plus a suggestion and tip on the sound of silence. Also, leave your review of Lutheran Weekly at iTunes.…

Episode 23 - Finding Jesus in the Woods

2006-02-23 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 17s
This week, we feature Paul Golke, Director of Camp Io-Dis-E-Ca and discuss the past, present, and future of Lutheran camps. The tech tip can save your congregation a grand or more, and another podcast suggestion for someone to take up.…

Episode 22 - Faith, Hope, and Charity

2006-02-16 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 22s
This week features Tim Hetzner, president of Lutheran Church Charities. We talk about the many opportunities to serve our neighbor and the ways God is using His people to bring hope to the hopeless. Also, a suggestion and tech tip for the car.…

Episode 21 - Alexandria in Your Pocket

2006-02-09 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 31s
An interview with Drew Haninger of Olive Tree Bible Software for handhelds. You can actually have the Bible and a theological library on your cell phone--finally a good use for them! Also a typing tip and a suggestion for those stuck with me in dial-up land.…

Episode 20 - And the Word Was Made Digital

2006-02-02 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 32s
An interview with Daniel Foster of LOGOS Bible Software, as well as a guest tech tip from Rev. Rick Anderegg and the continuing iPod-to-minivan saga!…

Episode 19 - Our Great Heritage, Part III

2006-01-26 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 14s
We again visit the Lutheran Heritage Foundation with Dr. Anssi Simojoki, LHF Vice President for Africa. Dr. Simojoki tells us about his experiences sharing the Gospel in Somalia, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Rwanda and other areas of Africa. Check out for more info. Also, check out our frappr map at…

Episode 18 - Our Great Heritage, Part II

2006-01-19 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 15s
Our Lutheran Heritage Foundation series resumes with Rev. David Ulm, pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Chesterfield, MI. He talks about his experience teaching at the seminary in Sudan, as well as teaching the catechism in Vietnamese.…

Episode 17 - Old Lutherans

2006-01-12 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 12s
This week, we step away from the serious to take a peek (and maybe a poke) at Old Lutheran and its founder, David Hunstad. We also begin a series on internet safety.…

Episode 16 - God's Word is our Great Heritage

2006-01-05 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 29s
We start out the new year with Rev. Dr. Robert Rahn, founder and Executive Director of Lutheran Heritage Foundation, who translate and distribute Lutheran documents like the Book of Concord, Luther's Small Catechism, etc. to the corners of the world. Also featuring a "Lutheran documents" suggestion of the week and a tech tip to help your congregation celebrate an anniversary, etc.…

Episode 15 - The Star of Bethlehem

2005-12-22 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 33s
For our Nativity episode, we have an interview with Steve Cohen, director of Apple of His Eye Mission Society. Learn about sharing the Gospel with the Jewish people. Also featuring a Christmas suggestion and tech tip.…

Episode 14 - The Cross Meets the Crescent

2005-12-21 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 27s
This slightly late episode includes an interview with Tyrone Brumwell, a missionary with POBLO: People of the Book Lutheran Outreach, a Muslim evangelism program. Tune in to learn about Islam and the work God is doing among Muslims. Also, some exciting news about a suggestion of the week and a money-saving tech tip.…

Episode 13 - Collar and Badge

2005-12-08 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 24s
This week, we talk to Rev. Paul Goddard, an emeritus pastor and active police chaplain. This is the part of "COPS" you won't see on TV. We also include a groundbreaking and original suggestion of the week and another congregation website tech tip, as well as a personal announcement.…

Episode 12 - Hurricane Volunteers

2005-12-01 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 1s
This episode has a presentation by Jean Maurer and Janet Fischer, both of whom went down to help with hurricane relief with Red Cross after Katrina & Rita. They tell their stories and share experiences. Also, a Tech Tip and Suggestion of the Week.…

Episode 11 - Thank God for Families

2005-11-23 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 32s
This week, we take a look at one of the "daily bread" gifts we value most: our families. We feature Kay Meyer from Family Shield Ministries. Also, a video-related Tech Tip and Suggestion of the Week.…

Episode 10 - Applying the Word

2005-11-17 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 11s
This week, we have Phyllis Locke, one of the founders of Living Way Bible Study, a unique but soundly Scriptural approach to studying Scriptures.…

Episode 9 - Bible Software for the Rest of Us

2005-11-14 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 33s
This week is our Meditatio episode. We have new ways to study the Bible now through Bible software. This week, we feature David Lang of Oak Tree Software, makers of Accordance Bible software, and we'll talk about Bible software in general, too, so Windows users, this applies to you, too. Also, a Bible-related Tech Tip (Check out and Suggestion of the Week. (Sorry about the delay in getting this one out--we had a schedule conflict. We're offering a half-off discount on next week's subscription to avoid class action lawsuits.)…

Episode 8 - Resources for Lutheran Pastors

2005-11-03 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 30s
For our catechetical episode, we have Rev. Ken Behnken, Emeritus pastor and webmaster of Resources for Lutheran Pastors. He tells us about those resources as well as some background information. Also, a catechesis related Tech Tip and Suggestion of the Week.…

Episode 7 - Speedwood!

2005-10-27 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 49s
For our special Reformation episode, we have Michael Bridges, guitarist and singer from Lost and Found, the Lutheran (LCMS, actually) rock band. I managed to catch Michael between concerts and got some unique insights from him. We also feature some of Lost and Found's music between segments. Find Lost & Found at…

Episode 6 - If Luther had a website

2005-10-20 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 17s
We have Pastor Bob Smith, Electronic Resources Librarian at CTSFW. We talk about Project Wittenberg and other Electronic text resources. Also, a tech tip and, of course, the Product Suggestion of the Week. URLs: Project Wittenberg, PRO BONO ECCLESIAE, Libronix Library, Private Academic Library Network of Indiana Digital Collections…

Episode 5 - Counting Sheep

2005-10-13 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 29s
No, we're not trying to put you to sleep! This week, we have an interview with Eric Farmer, Director of Sales and Marketing for StarSoft Technologies, makers of DonorWorks & ChurchWorks software. Note: If you are an LCMS church and mention or Lutheran Weekly when you purchase ChurchWorks or DonorWorks, you will receive a 20% discount on a license/support package and data conversion if needed. Also, a tech tip and, of course, the Product Suggestion of the Week.…

Episode 4 - Helping the Helpless

2005-10-06 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 35s
An interview with Pastor Harold Scheer, chaplain at University of Iowa Hospital. Also, tips on getting the Word to those who can't be there on Sunday morning and, of course, the Product Suggestion of the Week.…

Episode 3 - Lutheran Music

2005-09-21 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 28s
An interview with Pastor Richard Jordan, webmaster of,, and Also, tips to get your congregation website visitors to keep coming back and our "Product Suggestion of the Week": a look into the future of television.…

Episode 2 - Learning Theology from a Distance

2005-09-16 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 28s
An interview with Pastor Jim Butler, discussing DELTO and other Distance Education alternatives to seminary. Also, tips for getting your congregation's website listed better on search engines like and our "Product Suggestion of the Week".…

Episode 1 - 2 Sheep and a pastor

2005-09-08 :: Pastor Dale Critchley Length: 44s
An interview with Pastor Jim Wetzstein, cartoonist and creator of Agnus Day, the lectionary comic. Also, tips for getting your sermon online and our "Product Suggestion of the Week".…

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