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How to reach passive, neutral, and active candidates with real time recruiting

2014-11-21 :: MREC
Jobseekers agree that finding employment is not only difficult but often times frustrating.   Jobr, a new mobile app, simplifies looking for a job in the same way that Tinder has simplified looking for love.  Join Michael Marlatt and Kay Kelison as they chat with TJ Nahigian, CEO at Jobr.  TJ will share how Jobr is helping employers reach passive candidates through real-time recruiting capabilities.   About Our Guest TJ Nahigian | CEO | @tjnahigian Currently, I'm helping to build Jobr, a mobile first job matching marketplace. For the last 5 years, I've been investing in tech companies like: - Wildfire (acq Google) - Clearwater Analytics - Nimble Storage (NMBL) - Qualtrics - Despegar - Airwatch (acq VMWare) - HotelTonight - Snapchat - Lyft - Avvo - Anaplan - several unannounced   About Jobr Jobr lets you advance your career by easily browsing for jobs and connecting with employers without the hassle of a formal job search. Engage with recruiters at top companies and only spend time on those interested in hiring you!  Learn more by visiting …

How to create and execute on a video interviewing strategy

2014-11-13 :: MREC
According to Forrester Research, it would take 1.8 million words to convey the same value of a one minute video.  Today, videos have become an preferred medium for engaging with audiences online and on mobile devices.  Instead of writing pages of text, videos give you the power to visually communicate your message quickly and efficiently.    Today, employers are re-evaluating the traditional hiring process and incorporating video to help shorten the interview process.  During this episode, Michael Marlatt and Kay Kelison will chat with Imo Udom, Co-founder and COO of WePow.  Imo will outline the most effective ways to create and execute on a video interviewing strategy.    About Our Guest: Imo Udom, Co-founder and COO of WePow Imo Udom is the Co-founder and COO of WePow.  WePow is a leader in video interviewing and recruitment communications. Our mobile-native solutions help recruiting teams attract, screen and select better candidates faster. Today, WePow is used by hundreds of organizations all over the world – offering the best and easiest user experience, unparalleled employer branding and mobile-native solutions. Delight your candidates, engage your hiring managers and empower your recruiters. Visit to learn more about how WePow’s mobile and video interviewing solutions can help your talent acquisition team increase productivity, improve efficiency and reduce costs, today. …

Meet nspHire: The Tinder for jobs and freelance work

2014-11-06 :: MREC
Join Michael Marlatt as he chats with the Dan Mullaney and Rasheen Carbin, co-founders of nspHire.  nspHire is a new mobile app enabling jobseekers and employers to easily find and engage eachother.  It's like Tinder for jobs.    About Our Guests: Dan Mullaney, Co-founder | @nspHire Dan Mullaney has two degrees from Georgetown, a BA in Philosophy and an MBA.  He worked for over 8 years in finance in a Business Development role.  He co-founded MBA Project Search, HiredMD, and now nspHire.  Dan's main focus for nspHire is product development and strategic plan formulation.   Rasheen Carbin, Co-founder & CMO | @rasheencarbin Rasheen Carbin has a BS from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.  He worked in finance in a business development capacity and, before nspHire, co-founded MBA Project Search.  For nspHire, Rasheen is key in strategy for marketing and business development. …

Dice: Re-inventing the Job-board and Social Recruiting Innovation

2014-10-28 :: MREC
How is Dice innovating and moving from a traditional job board to being an innovator in social recruiting?  Join Michael Marlatt as he chats with Dice's SVP of Sales, Elizabeth Schillo, to explore this question as well as many more from this year's mobile recruiting conference in Mountain View, CA.     This episode will explore Re-invention of Dice Talent Sourcing & Engagement Tools (Dice Open Web & #Dice141) The mobile job-seeker MREC14 Conference (This year's presentation) How is Dice innovating and moving from a traditional job board to being an innovator in social recruiting?   About Our Guest: Elizabeth Schillo, SVP of Sales, Dice | @Eschillo1 Elizabeth Schillo serves as Senior Vice President for Dice and Clearance Jobs, leading all North American sales channels. She is in charge of account management, new business sales, customer-centric sales communication, sales training, new product sales, and strategic partnerships for business development to generate annual results of over $130M. Since joining Dice, the business has successfully launched Open Webâ„¢ and Sourcing Concierge offerings to rave customer reviews, resulting in 300+ customers and $1M in sales in the first quarter.   * Learn more about Dice Open Web * Learn how to use #Dice141 for Twitter.  Simply follow these few instructions   …

InstaJob: A new mobile app that turns your photos into visual job ads

2014-08-07 :: MREC
What if you could take any picture from your iPhone and instantly turn it into a visual job ad for your business, then easily share it across your social media channels?  Well there's an app for that and its name is InstaJob. Join MREC Talk Radio as we chat with Chris Russell from CareerCloud to discuss Instajob, a newly launched iPhone app designed to help you humanize your company and drive traffic to your career sites.   About Our Guest Chris Russell | @ChrisRussell Considered the 'Mad Scientist of Online Recruiting', Chris Russell is an Entrepreneur and a Talent Acquisition Manager who's been working in the online recruiting space since 1999 when he launched his first job board. You can find Chris across social media but especially on Twitter @chrisrussell.   About InstaJob Using InstaJob in your social recruiting will help in three ways.  1. More targeted traffic to your career site. 2. Employment branding through pictures. 3. Better social engagement. InstaJob is currently available only for iOS, an Android app is planned for 2014.  To learn more, visit …

VoiceGlance is helping to streamline the early stage interviewing process

2014-07-31 :: MREC
Talk with any major employer and they will tell you that it's often a struggle to review the sheer number of job applications received for open positions.  Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat with Bill Palika from VoiceGlance and explore how their new cloud-based candidate screening platform is helping to streamline the early stages of the hiring process.   About Our Guest Bill Palifka | @billpalifka Bill is charged with advancing the VoiceGlance’s market strategy, developing new key business relationships and growing the customer base. He is a veteran of the technology industry, with more than 10 plus years of executive experience in leading innovation, business strategy, new business development, sales, finance and operations. He has led large-scale technology projects for healthcare systems, educational institutions and Fortune-100 companies. His particular emphasis has been in helping organizations become early adopters of new technologies and processes so that their business can better perform. …

Zipwhip unifies SMS (text-messaging) capabilities for landlines and 800 numbers

2014-06-19 :: MREC
Text messaging is and will remain the most ubiquitous medium for messaging. Innovative technology from Zipwhip is helping landlines and 800 numbers to finally be able to send and receive text messages.  Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat with Dan Westra from Zipwhip to discuss how they have made texting available for millions of landlines.   About Our Guest Dan Westra | @ziphwhipinc Dan Westra started recruiting in Seattle, WA. in the late nineties for a national firm during the boom.  In the year following the crash he founded his own recruiting and contract-staffing firm that he grew to over 120 employees before selling in the summer of 2008.  Since then he has been involved with several start-ups in primarily Business Development and Recruiting roles and most recently with Zipwhip where he leads the development of their “Cloud Texting” platform for the Recruiting and Staffing Industries. …

Instacruit: The Next Big Thing in Mobile Job Search & Networking?

2014-05-15 :: MREC
The global hunt for passive job-seekers is no easy task.  Instacruit, a new mobile recruiting startup, is helping to change the game by making it easier for recruiters and passive-job seekers find each other globally.  Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat with Niklas Lerner, Founder and CEO at Instacruit to discuss how jobseekers are finding new career opportunities globally, without having to send out a single application or CV!   About Our Guest Niklas Lerner | @instacruit  | Founder & CEO, Instacruit Niklas is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about mobile recruiting and connecting passive jobseekers and recruiters globally.  Niklas is presently the Founder and CEO at Instacruit.  Instacruit is a unique and smart mobile recruiting service that makes it incredibly easy for job-seekers and recruiters to connect globally. Instacruit is mainly designed to help passive job-seekers become more visible to the recruiting industry and the other way around.   … How to engage candidates from your Facebook page

2014-05-08 :: MREC
Facebook now has over 1 billion active users and remains one of the largest social media platforms on the planet.  Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat with Ryan St. Germaine, Co-founder and CEO at to discuss how employers can maximize their social recruiting efforts on Facebook.   About Our Guest Ryan St. Germaine | @jobcastnet  | Co-founder & CEO, Ryan is an entrepreneur and interested in all things recruitment & social media.  Ryan has an extensive background in HR Tech and is presently the CEO @jobcastnet.  Ryan also co-founded what is now the largest job board in Western Canada and @bcjobs.   About Our Jobcast is a Facebook Recruiting App that makes it possible for employers and recruiters to build fully branded career sections on their company Facebook Page. With Jobcast you can tap into Facebook’s over 1 billion active user-base to source qualified candidates, engage with potential hires, and grow your employer brand. …

SnapHop: How to maximize your recruiting budget with social and mobile

2014-04-10 :: MREC
Episode Description: We know the job-seekers are out there and using smartphones and tablets to explore opportunities.  According to the latest survey from Jobvite, over 70% of job-seekers are now leveraging social media to find opportunities.  However, most employers have yet to fully maximize the potential of social and mobile for greater candidate engagement.   Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat with Wen Tian, Co-founder and CEO at SnapHop to explore how to maximize your recruiting budget with social and mobile recruiting.   About Our Guest: Wen Tian | @gosnaphop | Co-founder & CEO, SnapHop Wen Tian is a core member of the team at SnapHop, a company that creates innovative talent acquisition solutions. He helps clients leverage best practices in mobile to recruit the best and brightest. SnapHop creates innovative talent management solutions that help companies attract, hire and retain the best and brightest.  SnapHop provides Software as a Service solutions that enable companies to rapidly launch mobile talent management solutions that are accessible from smartphones and tablets. Site: …

The State of Mobile Recruiting Adoption (2014) by Three Sparks Global

2014-03-27 :: MREC
Episode Description: 3 years ago very few companies had mobile optimized career sites or native apps. According to Three Sparks Global, 34% of employers surveyed now have an optimised site, as compared to 9% from 2012. Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat with Dave Martin, CTO at Three Sparks Global to explore the latest research from their 2014 mobile recruiting adoption survey.   About our Guest: Dave Martin (@Mobile_Dave), CTO at Three Sparks, has pioneered the mobile channel for recruiting and regularly speaks at industry conferences evangelising on mobile recruiting. Dave writes at …

2014 Survey Results: How Today's Job-Seekers Leverage Social and Mobile

2014-03-20 :: MREC
Episode Description: According to the latest study by Jobvite - 71% of the US labor force is currently on the job market.  Join Michael Marlatt as he chats with Kimberley Kasper, CMO at Jobvite to learn how today's job seekers leverage social and mobile technologies in their search for the perfect job.   About our Guest: Kimberley Kasper | @KimberleyKasper | Chief Marketing Officer at Jobvite Kimberley Kasper is the Chief Marketing Officer at Jobvite. She has spent over 15 years working for SaaS and cloud technology companies. Prior to Jobvite, Kimberley worked as a Vice President of Marketing at Taleo as well as SumTotal. Before SumTotal, Kimberley acted as the Senior Director of Marketing Programs at SalesForce.  * Download a copy of the 2014 Job-Seeker Survey Results   …

Wearable Technology and Recruiting: Future or Fad?

2014-02-13 :: MREC
Episode Description: Google Glass is opening up a world of possibilities.  TMP Labs imagines how Google Glass could impact the way recruiters conduct interviews more collaboratively, and how a new employee's first days could be more productive and fun.  Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat with Todd Maycunich, VP Product Innovation at TMP Worldwide to explore the future of recruiting through the world of #GoogleGlass.   About Our Guest: Todd Maycunich | @tmaycunich | VP Product Innovation, TMP Worldwide Responsible for helping evangelize emerging technologies, TMP's Vice President, Product Innovation, Todd Maycunich co-manages TMP Labs, the internal design and product think tank. TMP Labs is comprised of the firm's visionaries who bring forward-looking concepts to TMP's product roadmap as well as to help solve complex client challenges. Throughout his seven year career with TMP, Todd has been responsible for helping employers communicate and measure the effectiveness of their employment brands, ensuring they reach, attract and retain qualified candidates. He particularly enjoys TMP's cross-collaboration work environment that encourages critical thinking and dynamic problem solving. Site: …

TweetMyJobs: Exploring the use of Augmented Reality in Recruiting

2014-02-06 :: MREC
Episode Description: Augmented reality (AR) uses technology to layer virtual information over a physical, real world environment.  How exactly does AR apply to job-hunting?  Is it useful or gimmicky?  Who are the companies using AR for recruiting today? Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat Gary Zukowski, SVP & Founder of TweetMyJobs to explore how augmented reality (AR) is re-shaping the future landscape of job hunting.   About Our Guest Gary Zukowski  | @GaryZukowski  | SVP & Founder, TweetMyJobs Gary Zukowski is a successful entrepreneur and is the founder and creator of He works with senior management on product strategy and positioning for the various revenue products, as well as continued management of the TweetMyJobs business unit. Mr. Zukowski, in 2 years, took a simple idea of “tweeting jobs” and transformed it into the largest Twitter-based job board in the world as well as a robust social media recruitment solution on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. His accomplishment earned him Business Leaders’ Top 50 Entrepreneurs award in 2010, and news coverage on many major networks such as CNN, MSNBC, and Fox Business News. Site: …

Top 4 Pitfalls To Avoid In Your SMS Recruitment Campaigns

2013-12-05 :: MREC
Episode Description: There are 3 key benefits to leveraging mobile: 1. It's personal – "my media" 2. It's always carried – the city in my pocket 3. It's always on Leveraging SMS marketing for recruitment marketing opens an entirely new channel from which employers can effectively engage potential job seekers.  That said, there are some major pitfalls that can quickly damage an brand's image.  Many companies have been sued for their misuse of SMS marketing campaigns.  Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat with John Hancock, Co-founder of Loop who will share four common pitfalls to avoid when executing an SMS recruitment campaign.   …

5 Important Tips for your Mobile SEO Strategy

2013-12-02 :: MREC
Episode Description: Mobile SEO Strategies: More than Just Choosing Keywords With more people performing searches by typing or voice commands on their mobile devices, does your company website need a new SEO strategy?  Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat with Michael Martin, SEO Manager from Covario who will share five mobile SEO tips to help your audience find -- and stay on -- your mobile site.   About Our Guest Michael Martin is the SEO Manager at Covario & SEO Course Instructor at San Diego State University.  Michael runs a Mobile SEO Consulting Service located in San Diego, CA. Michael is currently a Mobile SEO writer for Search Engine Land and SEO writer for Search Engine Watch.   …

LogoGrab: The Future of Mobile Advertising & Brand Engagement

2013-11-22 :: MREC
Episode Description: We have all used QR codes at some point in our mobile marketing efforts. The downside is that QR technology does not offer a natural interaction and most consumers are still not sure what to do when confronted with one.  However, there is a new breed of technology shaping the digital landscape that is offering brands a better way to engage users on a mobile device.   Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they explore the world of computer vision technolog with Luca Boschin (Co-Founder at LogoGrab).  Luca will share how LogoGrab is enabling brands to easily upload logos and link any digital content to it.   Learn More LogoGrab Explainer Video: Try LogoGrab: Twitter:  @LogoGrab         …

Tales From The Field: Who is the Mobile Applicant?

2013-11-14 :: MREC
Episode Description: You know they’re out there, and their numbers are increasing… but who is really applying to a job from their phone?  Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat with Joe Essenfeld, Founder & CEO of Jibe.  Joe will share actual stories about mobile jobseekers who have chosen their phone or tablet to apply for a job.  Get the good and the bad of the mobile application experience from the perspective of jobseekers.   About Our Guest Joe Essenfeld | Founder & CEO, Jibe Joe Essenfeld is the Founder and CEO of Jibe. Prior to starting Jibe, Joe was COO of Insomnia Cookies, where he was responsible for hiring hundreds of employees. It was his experiences with those hires that led him to start Jibe. Beyond Joe's hands-on hiring experience, his relationships with senior recruitment executives at the Fortune 1000 have shaped the recruiting solutions Jibe has built. Joe received his Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and currently resides in New York City with his wife. Request a mobile apply demo:   …

Mobile Tech Talk: Search Apps - Bing vs. Goggles

2013-11-07 :: MREC
Episode Description: Mobile Tech Talk is a 30 minute episode that explores mobile apps and the latest tools. Join our hosts Michael Marlatt and Kay Kelison during this episode as they discuss the pros and cons of two very popular mobile search apps (Bing vs. Google/Goggles).  During this episode Michael and Kay will explore how the mobile search apps may be used for competitive intelligence by highlighting the voice, text, and image recognition capabilities. Follow us on Twitter @mrecruitingcamp #MRECRadio Would you like to be a guest on our show? Email us:     …

Tech Innovation: 360Social Toolbar

2013-10-31 :: MREC
Episode Description: Join Michael Marlatt as chats with Marc Drees, cofounder of About 360Social Toolbar Discovering the online footprint of any person has never been this easy. Just hover over any social network link and the 360social toolbar will show you all the social networks and other websites associated with that person. Website: Follow Marc Drees @marcdrees     …

Mobile Tech Talk: Highlight Mobile App

2013-10-31 :: MREC
Episode Description: Mobile Tech Talk is a 30 minute episode that explores mobile apps and the latest tools. Join our hosts Michael Marlatt and Kay Kelison during this kick-off episode as they explore Highlight (, a mobile app available for both iPhone and Android. Follow us on Twitter @mrecruitingcamp #MRECRadio Would you like to be a guest on our show? Email us: …

MREC 2013 Conference Recap

2013-10-17 :: MREC
Episode Description:  Did you miss MREC13?  If so, make sure to tune in to hear some of the highlights from the 2013 Mobile Recruiting Conference in Atlanta, GA.   Follow us on Twitter @mrecruitingcamp #MRECRadio   Featured Guests: Dave Martin, Co-Founder at Three Sparks (Free Whitepaper) Guide to Mobile Recruiting 2013: Ryan Unger, Co-Founder & CTO, PunchKick Interactive Ryan's #MREC 2013 Presentation:   About MREC Conference MREC is North America's premiere Mobile Recruiting Conference featuring the leading mobile recruiting innovators and practitioners. Learn More: …

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