Last update: 2015-03-31


2015-03-31 :: Michael Zavala Length: 51s
It’s Jessi’s birthday and Michael is making her choose her gift without knowing what it is. Also, Chris remembers Selena (not Gomez) and Michael gives a life tip.…


2015-03-24 :: Michael Zavala Length: 47s
Chris is back with an all new Gay Rant. Also, the show plays ‘Christian Grey or Dexter’ and a special guest calls the show.…


2015-03-17 :: Michael Zavala Length: 47s
Elle Joslyn, the model from the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas commercial, is on the show. Also, Jessi has a secret admirer and Nickelback has a new song. Which one is worse?…


2015-03-10 :: Michael Zavala Length: 54s
The show remembers the legendary, Leonard Nimoy. Also, Kelly Clarkson responds to criticism about her weight and find out what songs the CIA uses for torture.…


2015-02-24 :: Michael Zavala Length: 43s
Who knew Afroman was still around? Find out why he’s losing tour dates. Also, Jessi tries out a new dating app and check out the Beck and Kanye mashup by DJ Windows 98.…


2015-02-17 :: Michael Zavala Length: 48s
Who told Kanye to go on stage with Beck? Plus, Bobby surprises everyone with his thoughtful Valentines Day gift to his wife. Also, what state is trying to OUTLAW yoga pants? Michael is outraged.…


2015-02-10 :: Michael Zavala Length: 53s
Looking for the perfect Valentines gift? We have a list of what NOT to buy your significantother. Also, Crissy brings some Willow Grace lip plumper for the show to try and Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch is in studio.…


2015-02-03 :: Michael Zavala Length: 48s
IronE Singleton, who played T-Dog in the Walking Dead, is on the show talking about life after his AMC TV show. Also, Michael challenges Bobby to lose weight and Chris explains his beef with Taylor Swift.…


2015-01-27 :: Michael Zavala Length: 48s
The show is back for 2015 and Chris Sapphire tells you how to look good for the new year. Also, Bobby finds Michael’s missing twin on TV and who do you think tops the list of the Most Trusted Celebrities in 2014? Find out!…


2014-08-12 :: Michael Zavala
It’s the last show of Season Two and we have Krazy from the 504 Boyz in studio! He’s talking fame, family, his comeback album, and more. Also, Chris talks about his new car getting broken into and Crissy explains why she’s excited about getting older.…


2014-08-05 :: Michael Zavala
Former cast member, Nadia Galindo talks about her new career as a news reporter in South Texas. Also, Crissy and Jessi go through Cosmopolitans’ list of 15 things that make guys INSTANTLY less attractive. What would you do if you had seven thousand bucks lying around? You won’t believe what some guys in Brooklyn are doing with that money.…


2014-07-29 :: Michael Zavala
Blake Miller from the band, Moving Units is on the show! He’s talking leather pants and jackets, touring with Macaulay Culkin, and more! Also, Crissy talks about Willow’s 1st birthday party and some of the things she has lost since becoming a parent.…


2014-07-22 :: Michael Zavala
Superstar comedian, Greg Roberts is on the show talking about his new stand up special and gives us a sneak peek of the material! Also, the cast guess the meaning of some British slang and Crissy and Michael bring you a new feature we’re calling, Text from a Douche Theatre.…


2014-07-15 :: Michael Zavala
Eric and Chris talk about their very first experience at a Comic Con with special appearances by Marina Sirtis and LeVar Burton! Plus, Roland is out on the town to guess peoples’ names with his newly discovered psychic powers. Last but not least, the show introduces their new street girl, Jessi Cain.…


2014-07-08 :: Michael Zavala Length: 25s
MZNOW is back in action for Season Two! Crissy goes to the Billboard Music Awards and Michael’s car nearly makes a valet driver throw up. Plus, Lexy Panterra calls in to talk about her new TwerkOut workout. She also gives us a taste of her new music!…


2014-03-04 :: Michael Zavala
It’s the last show of the season! Michael sets the record surrounding the rumors of Crissy’s baby. Also, Roland talks about his embarrassing moment on a date and Chrislilah is back with another dedication. We top it off with Mahub tha Rapper’s hit single! Don’t miss it.…


2014-02-25 :: Michael Zavala
Michael tries out his new pickup lines and Chris talks about his brush with death on Gay Rant. Plus, a new study reveals some interesting facts about online dating. And long time friend of the show, B-Hamp, wraps it all up with his new single!…


2014-02-18 :: Michael Zavala
Cosplayer, Krystle Starr, is in studio and shows off some of her work. Also, Michael calls an Escort and Chrislilah is back to spread some love and cheer! Jack Ruby ends the show with a song off their upcoming album.…


2014-02-11 :: Michael Zavala
Michael talks about putting up an ad for Crissy on Craigslist for Valentines Day a couple of years back. Plus, relationship advice on Star Lines with Eric Star, News with Bobby, music by Fat Pimp, and a HUGE celebrity calls the show. Don’t miss a minute of it!…


2014-02-04 :: Michael Zavala
Get ready, world. MZNOW introduces you to the one and only, Chrislilah! Also, Crissy addresses the recent rumors about her with a new feature we’re calling, OMG with Crissy. We end the show with music by Fu2uro.…


2014-01-28 :: Michael Zavala
After two years, the MZ crew is back with an all new show and set! The cast talks about their favorite albums and Chris Sapphire has a brand new Gay Rant. Also, Michael prank calls Gucci and we top it all off with music by Galvanized Souls!…

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