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MC017 Industrial Real Estate Strategies with Michael Magliano [Podcast]

2015-04-03 :: Jason Zenger & Jim Carr Length: 37s
In this episode, we interview Michael Magliano, an industrial real estate broker from Cushman & Wakefield, about strategies for buying, selling and leasing industrial real estate. Disclaimer: This episode is just over 37 minutes, which is longer than our typical 20-25 minute podcast. Please let us know whether you think we should stick to 20-25 minutes […]…

MC016: Take-Aways from the Crain’s Manufacturing Summit with 5 VIP Guests [Podcast]

2015-03-30 :: Jason Zenger & Jim Carr Length: 25s
In this episode we pack 5 VIP guests into one MakingChips episode.  We start with Ray Ziganto, President of Bi-Link, a global manufacturing company with 1,500 employees, sharing his take-aways from the Crain’s Manufacturing Summit.  We want you to ask yourself these 3 questions: Are you on the “leading-edge”? Are you re-thinking the education of your workforce? Are you […]…

MC015: CAM Tips and Dynamic Machining with Matt Sump [Podcast]

2015-03-21 :: Jason Zenger & Jim Carr Length: 28s
What are the 3 most important actions that manufacturers can take now to improve their utilization of Computer-Aided Manufacturing?  In this episode, we interview Matt Sump with ShopWare to discuss CAM Software and Dynamic Machining.  Jim answers the question: If you put 10 machinist in a shop and gave them a piece of material and […]…

MC014: Taking Advantage of Federal and State Grant Money [Podcast]

2015-03-16 :: Jason Zenger & Jim Carr Length: 20s
In this episode, Jim and I discuss how grant money can help to expand your manufacturing business.  We specifically discuss the Federal TAAF (Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms) Grant that Jim was awarded and the process that he went through to receive the money. In our Manufacturing News segment, we discuss an article in the LA Times […]…

MC013: From the Shop Floor to the Corner Office with Fernando Ortiz [Podcast]

2015-03-09 :: Jason Zenger & Jim Carr Length: 38s
In this episode, we interview Fernando Ortiz about his inspiring rise from driver to managing Roberts Swiss, a 60 year old manufacturer of Precision Swiss Machined Parts.  Fernando gives actionable advise to others who are not born into privilege and do not have a lot of resources, but desire to seek advancement starting from the ground floor. Fernando […]…

MC012: Successful Family Business Succession with Aaron Wiegel [Podcast]

2015-02-27 :: Jason Zenger & Jim Carr Length: 29s
When should the owners of a business start succession planning?  NOW! Successful business succession was a vital move for the overall success of Wiegel Tool Works.  Aaron’s advise is that you can never start the planning process too early.  Marty Wiegel started thinking about succession planning for Erica, Aaron and Ryan while in his 50’s. Aaaron suggests that unsuccessful […]…

MC011: Robots in your Shop with Brian Panek [Podcast]

2015-02-20 :: Jason Zenger & Jim Carr Length: 31s
Should you implement robotics into your company?  In this episode we interview Brian Panek from Panek Precision about robots at his manufacturing company.  We discuss the basics of robotics, how it has changed his manufacturing and the culture of his company. SPONSOR: Join MakingChips at the 3rd Annual Crain’s Midwest Manufacturers Summit.  Listen to this […]…

MC010: The Power of Networking [Podcast]

2015-02-13 :: Jason Zenger & Jim Carr Length: 27s
Who is in your network?  In this episode, we discuss the power of networking and how to properly cultivate relationships within the Metalworking Nation. Why is networking important?  For Jim and I, our network is composed of peers who share best practices, support each other, make sales referrals AND enjoy spending time together. SPONSOR: Join […]…

MC009: Credit, Payment Terms, Collections & Borrowing [Podcast]

2015-02-06 :: Jason Zenger & Jim Carr Length: 27s
What is the right method for getting paid for your work? This is a subject that both Jim and I were reluctant to talk about; however, our goal is to bring the Metalworking Nation together as a community to talk about topics that people are afraid to bring up. – – – Are you interested […]…

MC008: Grow or Die [Podcast]

2015-01-30 :: Jason Zenger & Jim Carr Length: 22s
Do you have to grow in order to sustain a healthy manufacturing company? Years ago, most businesses did not have a vision or a mission for their companies.  It was simply a matter of “blocking and tackling” your team through wins as the company grew (you buy more machines as the customers come).  Now, many businesses […]…

MC007: It’s Not Your Dad’s Machine Shop [Podcast]

2015-01-23 :: Jason Zenger & Jim Carr Length: 20s
Manufacturing conjures up an image of a dirty, physical, labor intensive job, but the reality is that the machining industry is one of the most technological forward and innovative industries.  In this seventh episode, Jim and I discuss how the industry has changed along with machine and software technology. In our Manufacturing News segment, we discuss […]…

MC006: ISO International Standards [Podcast]

2015-01-16 :: Jason Zenger & Jim Carr Length: 19s
Are international standards important for your company or your partners?  In this sixth episode, Jim and I discuss ISO and the impact of ISO on his company.  We discuss the specific standards of ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) & OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety). Fun Facts: ISO, the International Organization of Standards, has 3 official languages (English, […]…

MC005: Presidency by Death in the Family with Stacey Bales [Podcast]

2015-01-09 :: Jason Zenger & Jim Carr Length: 20s
How Is there a plan in place at your company if a top employee, such as the president or owner dies?  Episode five is the first in a new interview format on MakingChips.  In this fifth episode, we talk to Stacey Bales about her story of taking over as President of Bales Mold Service (recently rebranded as Bales […]…

MC004: 11 Points To Consider DURING The Dreaded Recession [Podcast]

2014-12-19 :: Jason Zenger & Jim Carr Length: 21s
We are in a recession…now what?  Do you go to the bar or do you take action?  Welcome to Episode 4 of the MakingChips podcast.  In this fourth episode, Jim and I will step you through 11 points to consider WHEN the recession hits the Metalworking Nation.  Yes, this subject is a bummer, but MakingChips is going to […]…

MC003: 7 Points To Consider BEFORE The Dreaded Recession [Podcast]

2014-12-19 :: Jason Zenger & Jim Carr Length: 19s
Welcome to Episode 3 of the MakingChips podcast.  In this third episode, we will give you 7 points to consider BEFORE a recession hits the manufacturing industry. This episode is about tactics for manufacturing companies WHEN the recession hits. That’s right, I said WHEN, not IF.  If there is one thing that nobody understands, it’s our economy.  There […]…

MC002: IMTS Hangover [Podcast]

2014-12-19 :: Jason Zenger & Jim Carr Length: 25s
Welcome to Episode 2 of the MakingChips podcast.  In this second episode, we discuss our experience at IMTS.  Is IMTS and similar conventions still relevant? IMTS started as The First National Machine Tool Builders Exposition in Cleveland in 1927.  After World War II, the show moved to Chicago in 1955. Topics Discussed in the Show What is the IMTS hangover? What did […]…

MC001: Social Media in Manufacturing [Podcast]

2014-12-19 :: Jason Zenger & Jim Carr Length: 25s
Welcome to Episode 1 of the MakingChips podcast.  In this first episode, Jim Carr and I discuss how he has used social media in his business.  We explore how you can plan a social media strategy for your manufacturing business. Should you be on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter?  Do social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter […]…

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