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Episode 49 – Mangy Dog Whoop-Dee-Doo

2010-02-26 ::
The revenge of Steve Gerdes?…

Mangy Dog Whoopdee-Doo Ep. 48 – “Halloween Boner 2″

2009-10-29 ::
Halloween is here, and the Whoopdee-Doo podcast returns for the occasion!…

Episode 47 – Fo Mo

2009-08-25 ::
We continue to wind things down with a longer-than-usual episode, featuring a phone call from Steve Gerdes, a look at future spinoffs, a horrifying ghost story from Sean and BRAD EDWARDS, and the debut of The Gobblezologist.…

Episode 46 – The Death Show

2009-07-07 ::
We get all of our dead celebrity jokes out in this episode . . . two friends of ours audition for Billy Mays, we retire the already-hacky “Michael Jackson’s Dead” bit, THE DEAD DEAD debut a new song, CHARLES IVES shows up, prank calls and more!…

Episode 45 – The Gaping Chasm of Helgameth

2009-06-14 ::
The Mangy Dog Radio Hour returns with Mark in fine prank-call form, THE DEAD DEAD debut their epic new single “Gardening in Space,” and standup from MO ALEXANDER.  Also, Jesse gets fired for half-assing it, but thankfully Sean saves the day, and The Wolf and The Walrus rock the house.  In Color!…

Episode 44 – Mangy Dog Live!

2009-05-27 ::
Famed turkey broadcaster Chip Feingold hosts a very special episode of the Whoopdee-Doo, highlighting clips from the Mangy Dog Live show, featuring Sam Elliott, Walter Cornish, Pip Tinkle, The Dead Dead, and more.…

Episode 43 – Notebook Paper Makes Mouths Happy

2009-05-01 ::
The ‘Doo returns with a delightfully musical new episode! Cornish Rap, THE DEAD DEAD debut new shizz, Col. Parker shows up and makes the requisite Swine Flu jokes, SEAN PARROTT performs live, Chip Barrons, Anne Murray, Bacteria, plus tons of guest appearances.…

Episode 42 – Rhode Island Radio Shack

2009-04-05 ::
We celebrate last month’s Mangy Dog Live show and plug the show coming up, Mark makes a friend in Providence, BRAD EDWARDS and DAMIAN ANAYA join us, an episode of Alzheimer’s Roundtable; The Horse With 2 Snakes For Cocks returns; the first two stirring installments of Cosby, Cosby and Pryor: Private Investigators; and Danny and [...]…

Episode 41 – Electric Chair Bear

2009-02-16 ::
The guys begin plugging their upcoming live show in earnest, featuring clips from last year’s show. Plus, we play clips from the national television appearances of Nashville comedy alums KEITH ALBERSTADT and NATE BARGATZE! All the while, THE DEAD DEAD keep the beat.…

Episode 40 – The Phrase That Pays

2009-01-25 ::
LORDY LORDY, LOOK WHO’S 40! Mark celebrates with AutoZone, we mock Joaquin Phoenix again, the riveting first installment of Sven The Yodeling Stuntman, stand-up clips from STEVE MARTIN, other weird crap. R-A-S-S-L-I-N, THAT’S RASSLIN!…

Episode 39 – Punch Your Face!

2008-12-23 ::
We play some Tic Tac Dough, Mark teaches Jesse how to make prank calls, SAMELLIOTTSLETTEROFTHEWEEEEEEK, some snippets from PAUL AND STORM’S “25 Days of Newman,” a Christmas medley, and standup from DAVID CROSS.…

Episode 38 – “I Hate To Say This, But You Might Need To Get A Life.”

2008-12-22 ::
In honor of Christmas Week, we’re posting 2 new episodes of the Whoopdee-Doo! Look for episode 39 tomorrow. A Mangy Musical Episode! We start out by going batshit, Mark plays the “Stairway to Heaven” of songs-turned-prank-calls-then-back-to-songs-again, “I’ve Got A Toothpick In My Mouth,” Jesse debuts his new jazz fusion track “Sam Elliott’s Dream,” special announcements, [...]…

Episode 37 – Joaquin Roll

2008-11-23 ::
Mark calls Shoney’s, Joaquin Phoenix explains the BYE!GOOD fiasco, Sean debuts his new hit single, “Honk If You’re Drunk,” Mark provides a songumentary about silverfish, and another cheery installment of The Lonely Guy.…

Episode 36 – Free Samples At The KFC

2008-11-20 ::
CHARLES IVES asks a perfectly reasonable question, the first (named) installment of Shitty Riffin’, Blacks Who Hate Gays celebrate the gay marriage ban with a visit to The Barbazologist, Sad Trumpet Theater (OWOWOW), Mark sings another song about Europe, and standup from BRIAN REGAN.…

Episode 35 – OOOOoooooo…

2008-11-17 ::
Mark prank calls…someplace, the first amazing installment of Chip Barrons, The Golfing Comic, we play that Sarah Palin prank call made by SOME CANADIAN DUDES, another tragic episode of Sad Trumpet Theater, THE DEAD DEAD play their epic new single “We Pee,” and a stand-up clip from MIKE BIRBIGLIA.…

Episode 34 – The Smuckers Episode

2008-11-12 ::
The good people at Smuckers take over the Whoopdee-Doo. Plus, Col. Parker teaches everyone how to build a Blu-Ray player, a chilling track from SEAN PARROTT and CHARLES IVES’ new band, The Dead Dead, a shilling track from the Best-Of CD, stand-up from STEVEN WRIGHT, and we end on an uplifting note.…

Episode 33 – Available From Twelve To Noon

2008-11-06 ::
Mark calls Walgreen’s, we retire the hacky “Parents should beat their kids like back in the day!” bit, Mark sings the most amazing song about Europe ever recorded, stand-up from CHAD RIDEN, and the most amazing cover of a Europe song ever recorded.…

EPISODE 32 – Loneliness and Barbershops

2008-11-03 ::
Episode 32 exists! Brad Edwards provides a prank call, Mangy Dog’s barbershop quartet rocks the house, the first episode of “The Lonely Guy”, a new installment of Sad Trumpet Theater, and standup from DEMETRI MARTIN. “I hate my name.”…

Episode 31 – Halloween Boner

2008-10-23 ::
BRAD EDWARDS and DAMIAN ANAYA show up to help us make mirth, featuring crank calls, long musical intros, The Unofficial and Incorrect History of Rock N’ Roll, Brad and Damian sing a Halloween song, the first episode of Sad Trumpet Theater, an exciting installment of …Or Gay Porn?, stand-up from JIMMY DORE, and… HAHAHAHAHA!…

Episode 30 – Barbazologist

2008-10-16 ::
BRAD EDWARDS pranks a stranger, Mr. Cheap returns, another exciting installment of Hollywood Gossip Corner with Pip Tinkle, we meet Frank the… BARBAZOLOGIST!!!, a quick CD shill, stand-up from TODD GLASS, a healthy reminder from Mr. T, and DAMIAN ANAYA says “hey.” “I NO NEE I NO NEE I NO NEE”…

Episode 29 – “Jusht Joshin, Donnie!”

2008-10-09 ::
Mark Anundson prank calls the IHOP; The Unofficial and Incorrect History Of Rock & Roll; “Hollywood Gossip Corner” with Pip Tinkle, The Return of The Horse With Two Snakes For Cocks, ABC’s Fall lineup with Walter Cornish, and stand-up from JIM NORTON. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”…

Episode 28 – Praise Something!

2008-10-06 ::
Mark prank calls Waffle House; our pal BRAD EDWARDS shows up and helps us make mirth; Sam Elliott has a sweet proposition for you The Old Time Agnostic Gospel Hour Of What Could Possibly Be Considered Power, and stand-up from BRIAN REGAN.…

Episode 27 – Don’t Vote For A Retard

2008-10-02 ::
Mark Anundson prank calls Aquatic Critters; Some old friends re-enact the Katie Couric/Sarah Palin interview; The Steroids Network presents The ‘Roided News; stand-up from MITCH HEDBERG; and Brad Edwards says “hi.”…

Episode 26: Return From Summer Camp

2008-09-29 ::
Mark and Jesse return from summer camp, and the Whoopdee-Doo returns in its new, shorter, non-Revere format! Mark and Jesse test things out with a couple of skitches, stand-up from PAUL F. TOMPKINS and KEITH ALBERSTADT, and Mark pesters a lady.…


2008-07-04 ::
The Whoopdee-Doo returns for its silver anniversary episode! We play some classic standup from George Carlin, briefly “reflect” on Carlin’s passing in a jackass-y, fashion, Mark calls Google, Jesse spoons himself, the Iggy Pops commercials gets re-mixed, a new theme song for the 25th show, CHAD RIDEN shows up halfway through and gets all Chaddy, [...]…

Episode 24 is magically delicious!

2008-05-14 ::
We raise money for the good people at Revere, RYAN WILLIAMS shows up to help us make some mirth, a look at the exciting new game show …Or Gay Porn, a new Jessitorial, Ryan and Corey Reppond both submit comedy sketches, we play some FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS, a Caesar Coyote mystery, the Beastly Boys, [...]…

Episode 23: the best episode ever

2008-04-10 ::
Jesse finally succumbs to Lou Gossett Jr’s disease, Werner Herzog and David Lynch do their taxes, Mark calls a McDonald’s in Juneau, Alaska, TODD BARRY’s standup makes us all better people, references to Chuck Berry and Jackee, and much, much, much, much, much more.…

Episode 22: All-Star Celebrity Tribute To Sam Bates

2008-04-04 ::
Episode 22 is our All-Star Celebrity Tribute To Sam Bates, as various celebrities help us pay tribute to our fan. Ep 22 also features the first 2 thrilling installments of Drunks in Space, the magic of Richard Cheese, another installment of The Unoffical and Incorrect History of Rock and Roll, stand-up from JESSE PERRY and [...]…

Episode 21

2008-03-29 ::
The Whoopdee-Doo returns with an hour of CD-shilling goodness, with speed-metal jams, an update on what the hell we’ve been doing, stand-up from BEN KRONBERG and SEAN PARROTT, The Unofficial and Incorrect History of Rock and Roll, and a Caesar Coyote Mystery. Plus, we play our Podcamp Nashville presentation . . . We’ll be posting [...]…


2008-02-23 ::
Several friends of the Mange congratulate us on 20 great episodes, and we shill the hell out of the upcoming CD and 2/28 live show at Bongo. Also, stand-up from DON TJERNAGEL, Amy Winehouse and her uncle stops by for a visit, “The Barista’s Guide To Coffeehouse Etiquette,” a six-minute rap by THE LOS ANGELES [...]…

Episode 19

2008-02-01 ::
America’s Favorite Comedian Of All Time, CHAD RIDEN, shows up during his off-month to regale us with tales of the road, the comedy of J. GARLAND MCKEE makes everything awkward, but thankfully RENARD HIRSCH shows up and makes things . . . weirder. RYAN WILLIAMS contributes a PSA that makes everything awkward, but thankfully MARIA [...]…

Episode 18

2008-01-17 ::
This episode features hot sassy blues jams, Mark makes his always-accurate 2008 predictions, a magical song from WeeFolkCreations, a couple of songs from Dallas-based band Honchie, a message from Sam Elliott’s Porno Emporium, “The Secret World Of Logging,” and Sean Parrott reports live from Dane Cook’s most recent marathon show. PANCAKES AND COATS!…

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