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Internet Gossip: Canada, CNN, and Spartan

2015-04-01 :: Goatgab Length: 36s

That’s right! After a brief hiatus, Goatgab is back for more wacky antics. You heard me, folks: real talk about such fascinating topics as Internet Explorer and its prophesied demise by the hands of its own creators; Canadian anti-spam email police – is it breaking news, or this summer’s hit YA novel adaptation; and everybody’s favorite – advertising cartels (namely the Pangea Alliance). You can bet your bottom dollar that this will be our best Goatgab podcast yet, with heated debate over online marketing conundrums and hot, new technology throwdowns. All marketing. All tech. Uncut. This isn’t your grandmother’s Goatgab. For more fun digital marketing advice, check out:

Brand New Goodies

2014-11-26 :: Goatgab Length: 24s

This is a shorty, but a goody. We hone in on the meat of the issue, with Taco Bell’s new ordering app sweeping the nation. Will this change the way fast food is advertised? Dan and co-host Melissa also go in-depth on the quickly growing craze, Bitcoin! Digital currency may be the future for online sales. Have you heard about Amazon’s Fire TV Stick? How about their new family-friendly appliance, Echo? No? Well, you’re in for a treat! And, did you know that 75% of our podcast isn’t about stats and graphs? Did you believe us? Because we’re also touching on how “scientific evidence” affects the way you read an article. Stay tuned. More goodies to come! For more, check out:

Today’s Tech News

2014-10-19 :: Goatgab Length: 51s

In episode… wait, which one are we on? Oh that’s right episode 6! Dan and Joey kick things off with Amazon’s brick and mortar store and whether it’s going to save the Fire Phone. Then we hop over to discuss Samsung and their new, experimental 5G network. The guys also revisit a topic that we talked about in episode 2 (namely, Wendy’s hashtag), but we bring up some new points about the fast food chain’s digital strategy. Wrapping up, they discuss everyone’s favorite new piece of hardware: phablets. So, have some tissues ready, folks, because this one will have you crying with laughter! For more, check out:

Video Game Marketing

2014-10-10 :: Goatgab Length: 44s

This episode is for all the gamers out there! Dan and Joey dive into popular video games and discuss what the hottest franchises today are doing to market smart. First on the agenda is Destiny, it’s enormous marketing budget, and what it says about Sony. Then we hop over to Microsoft acquiring Minecraft and what went through their heads when the deal went down. Lastly, the boys bring up some great games who have received HD remakes and what those results were. Be sure to stock up on Game Fuel, listeners, this is gonna be good… For more, check out:

All About Kickstarter

2014-10-07 :: Goatgab Length: 46s

You will notice in this episode that Mike has been replaced by Joey “Pockets.” A heed of warning: Beware the large man in a double breasted suit. Anyway, as you can see from the title, the guys are talking all about Kickstarter. The topics range from cooler coolers, to virtual reality headsets, all the way to potato salad. They discuss projects that surpassed their goals and, unfortunately, those that fell short. Grab the popcorn, ladies and gents, this is gonna be good.

New Technology News

2014-10-07 :: Goatgab Length: 45s

Here it is! All the tech news you may have missed. Listen to Dan and Mike talk about how engineers are 3D printing their own laptops! THIS IS ACTUALLY FREAKIN’ HAPPENING! Let’s also discuss every true sports fan’s dream app— it may help those suffering from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). The guys bring up Facebook yet again, this time about the social behemoth’s new app, Slingshot. When will Facebook learn that trying to copy other apps will never work? And last, but not least, this episode couldn’t possibly be complete without someone bringing up  the iPhone 6.

Great Marketing Ideas Gone Horribly Wrong

2014-10-07 :: Goatgab Length: 44s

This episode is all about good ideas gone bad. We’re talking flat-out terrible. Take Hershey’s big rebranding mistake: they made their logo look like poop. Let’s also talk about a hashtag that Wendy’s used which turned into something they never expected. How about Red Cross’s social faux pas and how Dogfish Beer saved the day! Who’da thought? To finish off, the boys dive into the extremely important topic of Panera’s new bread rolls.
We’re not amused, Panera!

Change in Mobile Technology

2014-10-02 :: Goatgab Length: 40s

In this episode, Dan and Mike discuss the waves of change in mobile tech.  First topic on the docket is the battle of the mobile payments. Which payment app is better – Apple, Wallet, or Square? We then move onto the controversy that is Facebook Messenger, and how Facebook is forcing users to download their app in order to access messages on mobile. Careful folks, this could get heated! And then there’s U2’s album mysteriously ending up on everyone’s iPhone. Invasion of privacy or harmless free music? The guys wrap up with a lovely chat about Disrupt San Francisco 2014.

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