Last update: 2011-01-11

Episode 49: Fapanese

2011-01-11 Length: 1h 4m 16s

Rob Lee & Tron discuss geeky deviancy, Asian commerce, GI Joe, NFL playoff conspiracies, the animal apocalypse and much more. Thanks for listening. …

Episode 48: El Pollo Rico, Rudy this one's for you

2010-12-25 Length: 1h 20m 25s
Rob Lee and Torin wrap up the year with their usual brand of awkward news and nerdy candor that's synonymous with tangent radio. …

Episode 47: I call him suga

2010-11-22 Length: 1h 1m 59s

Tron & RL talk porn sticks, Flava Flav businesses, ironic sex changes,beard cuisine and much more. Enjoy. …

Episode 46: The Undeniable Power of the Fleshbox

2010-11-15 Length: 1h 15m 8s

It's another week and even more of the random, weird news palaver known as Robcast. Rob and Torin discuss foul vagina, elder promiscuity and politics. Facebook: Mastermind Team's Robcast …

Episode 45: C'mon Touch It

2010-11-08 Length: 1h 2m 51s

Our heroes, discuss perversion the likes of which no one has seen. Spread the word Facebook Mastermind Team's Robcast Rob Lee Dann Dobry …

Episode 44: MTR HU Monster Mash

2010-10-30 Length: 1h 12m 55s

Our favorite new age gangsters discuss horror movies, undead elder porn and other vulgar randomness. Check out the following sites: …

Episode 43: As a Karate expert

2010-10-25 Length: 1h 11m 39s

Yer boys, Rob Lee and Torin, are talking about a new political party, elder porn, cow tongue recipes and old people/young people. Enjoy. Tell yer friends, tell yer enemies. follow Rob Lee @ Like: Mastermind Team's Robcast on Facebook Friend: Rob Lee and Torin Dominque Matthews on Facebook …

Episode 42: Tron and the Legacy

2010-10-18 Length: 1h 13m 41s
Rob and Torin talk Arizona, Ninja dating, weird crimes and a very serious topic. Check it out. Like and befriend - Facebook: Rob Lee Facebook: Mastermind Team's Robcast Facebook: Torin Dominique Matthews Follow: …

Episode 41: Even with One-leg

2010-10-11 Length: 1h 6m 44s
Rob and Torin talk news, one-legged criminals, freaky Star Wars sex and answer an age-old question. Enjoy. Note: Intro by Lee Scholar (look him up on Facebook) …

Episode 40: Circus of Infamy

2010-09-27 Length: 43m 7s
Rob and Dann talk Italian food, broads and aging actions stars turned reggae singers. Tell yer friends. tell yer enemies. Enjoy …

Episode 39: Fire B-bombs

2010-09-27 Length: 55m 16s
Rob and Dann talk about drug trafficking, sex toys and Rob starts a fire. Enjoy. …

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