Last update: 2015-04-05

"Stone Silence"

2015-04-05 :: Pastor Del Keeney Length: 11m 28s
There’s a reason most do not gravitate to Mark’s Easter Morning account. For truly (in its original form) the story feels “unfinished”. The story doesn’t reveal the ending, but leaves us hanging. And so we are left to wonder what changed? What took fearful and silent followers of the slain master, and led them to exuberant and courageous joy? How did resurrection change them? How does it change us?…

"He Emptied Himself"

2015-03-29 :: Pastor Del Keeney Length: 13m 48s
Theme: As believers, our praise joined with those who wave palms is not simply optimistic. We don’t just hope for something good to come from Jesus. We already know, that the path of servant-hood he has chosen IS the source of our hope!…

"Whomever Serves Me..."

2015-03-22 :: Pastor Del Keeney Length: 12m 13s
In the middle of this discourse describing his coming death, Jesus speaks to those who would serve him. “Whoever serves me must follow me”, he says. Usually, we think of that in reverse terms. Following leads to serving. But the following is the key: following Jesus into his death so that we can be raised up through his resurrection. As the hour came for him, so it must come for each of us…to follow.…

"Finish Line, or Starting Gate?"

2015-03-15 :: Pastor Del Keeney Length: 18m 1s
Salvation in Christ is so central to our faith; so much so that it can be seen as the completion of all that God intends. But what of the life that is promised? What if it is not the finish line, but rather the starting gate? The scriptures remind us that all of our living is a response to what God has already done! The race we run is not to achieve salvation, but to respond to it!…

"Foolishness or Good News?"

2015-03-08 :: Pastor Del Keeney Length: 21m 27s
The scene on John 2 is unsettling. Jesus is overturning tables and more! In plain sight of the Temple, he proclaims an audacious claim. That claim, Paul contends, is foolishness to the world, but wisdom to those who hear its truth revealed on the cross.…

"Taking Up His Cross"

2015-03-01 :: Pastor Del Keeney Length: 16m 43s
We learn in the Genesis story that both Abram and Sarai get a name change along with a promise from God. They were no longer who they had been before. The promise brought with it a profound change. Jesus’ challenging words in Mark 8 remind us that those who would follow him must be willing to be changed as well. Specifically, they must release their grip on self in order to take hold of his cross and what it promises.…

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