Last update: 2015-09-25

Brendon Walsh on Nice Things Episode #13

2015-09-25 :: Austen Silver Length: 28m 45s
This episode featuring Brendon Walsh, who was gracious enough to be one the show. We talk about Robot Jukeboxes, Bullet-proof couches, and an apartment decorated like Star Trek Voyager. …

Alex Hooper: Nice Things #12 Out of Bounds Comedy Fest Edition

2015-09-17 :: Austen Silver Length: 39m 27s

Two tubs are better than one, w/ Eric Nagurney #11

2015-06-19 :: Austen Silver Length: 34m 30s
We review an amazing tub, a life re-generator, and some etsy stuff. Guest starring Eric J Nagurney, local comic and our buddy, …

A Red Light on the Front w/ Phil Parker

2015-06-04 :: Austen Silver Length: 33m 41s
We hung out with the always angry (& local comic) Phil Parker. Listen up as we talk about R/C submarines, single person boats, luxury punching bags, and an all terrain wheelchair. …

Nice Things 9: Don't Shoot the Messenger (Bag) w/ Tanya Nascimento

2015-05-11 :: Austen Silver Length: 30m 15s
We discuss the Bible of Golf, an indoor area for your dog to poop, and the bulletproof messenger bag. …

2 Different Kinds of Boats w/ Tiffany Stepp

2015-05-06 :: Austen Silver Length: 41m 21s
Tiffany Stepp, local Austin stand-up talks joins us for a fun podcast. We talk about boats, expensive brooms and go carts made of wood. …

"Pete's a Liar" Nice Things Episode 7 w/ Pete Rosa

2015-04-09 :: Austen Silver Length: 34m 3s
We discuss one of the most expensive phone apps, a zombie survival Hyundai, and Pete Rosa makes something up. …

"Stealth Defense Combat 360" Episode 6 w/ Comic Evan Eggers

2015-03-28 :: Austen Silver Length: 31m 37s
Blake and Austen hang out with local standup, designer, and our good friend Evan Eggers. We talk about a life sized velociraptor, portable smokescreen, taser cane, and military catamaran.…

Nice Things 5: "I'll take the bus" w/ Martin Urbano

2015-03-11 :: Austen Silver Length: 30m 29s
Martin Urbano, local standup and co-host of Surprise Party w/ Martin and Yusef, guest stars. We talk about Dracula's Castle, a VW bus limo, and other stuff! …

Nice Things Episode 4 w/ Wes Corwin

2015-03-03 :: Austen Silver Length: 30m 32s
We talk about Robots, the Mechanical Contrarian, and a hot tub boat. Guest starring Wes Corwin, local standup comic . …

Nice Things Episode 3

2015-02-22 :: Austen Silver Length: 29m 6s
Blake and Austen discuss the Shark Knife, Dog Treadmill and other things. …

Nice Things, Episode 2 w/ comedian Adam Hrabik

2015-02-21 :: Austen Silver Length: 38m 4s

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We rate and review (make fun of) expensive and novel products. We also have guest stars from the Austin comedy scene.

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