Last update: 2013-06-22

Infendo Radio Episode 276: #blameHarrison #blameLewis

2013-06-22 :: Length: 2s
With E3 2013 now come and gone. The Infendo Radio crew has allot of Nintendo news to digest. Covering all the new game announcements, updates and even a bonus section ...…

Infendo Radio Episode 275: E3 Predictions Show 2013

2013-06-10 :: Length: 2s
It’s almost that time of the year, which means the Infendo Radio crew are going head to head on the very first edition of the E3 Predictions Show. In the next ...…

Infendo Radio Episode 274: One Direct

2013-06-05 :: Length: 1s
  After some previous technically glitches,  Infendo Radio returns triumphantly with a new, smooth and uninterrupted recording solution. Mixing up the formula to bring the numerically correct episode 274. Harrison Milfeld, Scott Pratt and myself ...…

Infendo Radio: Mother Brain Edition

2013-05-17 :: Length: 1s
So as has been the case as of late, Skype has failed us this podcast. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a podcast for you all this week, but it ...…

Super Infendo Radio

2013-05-08 :: Length: 1s
We really got cooking in this week’s snow, as Harrison, Scott, Lewis, and I clock in an episode that is promised to please Infendo Radio listeners. We discuss everything from ...…

Infendo Radio, long live the queen edition

2013-04-28 :: Length: 1s
Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for. Today is the day you finally will be able to put a voice our fine friend Lewis Pugh! This week there was ...…

Infendo Radio: Top 25 Games of all time Edition finale!

2013-03-13 :: Length: 1s
Finally your Infendo Top 25 Games of all Time has been revealed! We debated. We laughed. We cried. But mostly we had a good time talking about what everybody loves, ...…

Infendo Radio: Special top 25 games of all time edition!

2013-02-27 :: Length: 2s
Well, we have done it. We here at Infendo Radio have narrowed down a list of our favorite games down to 25. We debated, we murdered, we even made Slippy ...…

Infendo Radio: The official Nintendo podcast of Voltron

2013-02-10 :: Length: 1s
If Nintendo were a robot, I would like to think that Miyamoto would be Commander Keith and Iwata would be Lance. Sure, Iwata makes all the decisions these days, but ...…

A Gift From Infendo!

2013-02-01 :: Length: 4s
  Hyrule Historia has quickly become the quintessential guide book for any Zelda fan.   The wealth of information contained within the pages is awe inspiring.  The artwork is beautifully crafted ...…

Infendo Radio, first of the new year edition

2013-01-28 :: Length: 1s
Nintendo Direct. Who knew that these webcasts would turn out to be such a boon of information for Nintendo fans. Take this weeks Nintendo Direct. Not only did we hear ...…

Infendo Radio, the dubstep Santa edition

2012-12-27 :: Length: 1s
Well Santa has come and gone, and hopefully many of you unwrapped Wii U’s for Christmas! This week talk about the TVii service, load times, more New Super Mario Bros. ...…

Infendo Radio has returned!

2012-12-16 :: Length: 1s
By popular demand, Infendo Radio has returned. We are going to try any make it a weekly to bi-weekly event once again, but we’re counting on you all for your ...…

Infendo Radio: The just in time for your Wii U line wait edition

2012-11-17 :: Length: 1s
Wii U is just a few short hours away for most people across the U.S. and that can only mean one thing, lots of us are preparing to stand in ...…

Infendo Radio: The mystery guest appearance edition

2012-10-29 :: Length: 1s
This week on Infendo Radio we have a special guest, but the only way to find out who it is is to download the show! This week we talk about ...…

Infendo Radio: The Pure Nintendo edition

2012-10-05 :: Length: 1s
What rhymes with Nintendo rodeo and has a new episode out today? Infendo Radio of course! This week we have  a super special guest in Pure Nintendo’s Nate Sylvia. Not ...…

Infendo Radio: The all about Wii U edition

2012-09-24 :: Length: 1s
The Wii U press conference has come and gone and Nintendo has left us with as many questions about their system as they have given us answers. Will the supply ...…

Infendo Radio: The Wii U prediction edition

2012-09-12 :: Length: 1s
Well if you wanted a longer show, you got your wish! This week Harrison, Essel, and myself discuss at length our thoughts on the Wii U reveal slatted to take place tomorrow ...…

Infendo Radio: The contest results edition

2012-09-02 :: Length: 1s
Great news sports fans, Infendo Radio is back for another great week! Thank you all for participating in the show this week, and by doing so entering yourself to win ...…

Infendo Radio: Back to school contest edition

2012-08-26 :: Length: 1s
Back by popular demand, Infendo Radio has returned. This week we have an all-star cast including Harrison, Scott, and myself to talk about all things Nintendo! This week we have ...…

Infendo Radio: Afternoon delight edition

2012-07-08 :: Length: 57s
Another week, another Infendo Radio. Not much happening in the world of Nintendo this week, but we make the best of our hour together by talking about Smash Bros., Wii ...…

Infendo Radio is here, just in time for the 4th of July holiday!

2012-06-30 :: Length: 1s
We’re back! After a short E3 induced hiatus, Infendo Radio has returned. This week we talk about happenings from around the Nintendo-verse, and even delve into topics non-Nintendo related. Check ...…

Infendo Radio E3 edition

2012-06-06 :: Length: 50s
So here’s the thing. The Wifi is terrible at E3. For that matter the Wifi is terrible in Canada as well (sorry Marcus!). For those reasons and a few others, ...…

Infendo Radio, the Starbucks parking lot edition

2012-06-02 :: Length: 1s
Today started off great. I woke up, had myself a little run, then booted up my laptop only to discover boom, no Internet. That wouldn’t have been a problem if I wasn’t ...…

Infendo Radio: The great start to your Memorial Day edition

2012-05-27 :: Length: 1s
Can you believe that E3 is already going to be just over a week away!? Crazy isn’t it? In a week’s time we will know almost everything there is to ...…

A wild Infendo Radio appears!

2012-05-18 :: Length: 1s
Where oh where has my little podcast gone, oh where oh where can it be? Well folks Infendo Radio is back, and this week Essel and Harrison join me in ...…

Infendo Radio: The technical difficulty edition

2012-03-29 :: Length: 43s
This week lots of things went wrong. Took me longer than expected to edit the podcast, I still haven’t figured out how best to upload the podcast to you fine ...…

Infendo Radio: Spring is in the air edition

2012-03-16 :: Length: 45s
Can you hear that? Yeah, it’s the sound of your neighbors leaving their houses to go…outside. It’s warmer, people are out doing yardwork, and Infendo Radio is on again. This ...…

Infendo Radio: Just in time for the weekend edition

2012-03-09 :: Length: 53s
Well we’re one day late, but our fourth Infendo Radio is finally here! This week we discuss a Swapnote wedding, 3DS sales, and talk about all the games we have ...…

Infendo Radio: Third time’s a charm edition

2012-03-01 :: Length: 52s
Once in awhile, something comes along that is so awesome it is hard to put into words. I’m not saying, but I’m saying that Infendo Radio is one of those ...…

Infendo Radio: The two weeks in a row edition

2012-02-23 :: Length: 45s
Some said it would never happen. Others laughed when the thought of it was proposed. Well here it is folks, the second week of Infendo Radio. We didn’t receive any ...…

Infendo Radio has returned!

2012-02-16 :: Length: 49s
By popular demand, Infendo Radio has returned. We are going to try any make it a weekly event once again, but we’re counting on you all for your support in ...…

Infendo Radio: Hardware analysis, why Virtual Boy failed, underrated Eternal Darkness

2011-10-06 :: Length: 37s
All that and more, including the mailbag. Enjoy the show. Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download links below Have something to say? Email (with audio recording if you like) or leave a comment below. Music: ...…

Infendo Radio: Losing touch with Nintendo, podcast hypocrisy, and sailor mouths

2011-09-27 :: Length: 27s
Enjoy the show. Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download links below Have something to say? Email (with audio recording if you like) or leave a comment below. Music: “Bizarre Love Triangle (Step Pettibone mix)” by ...…

Infendo Radio: Why won’t Nintendo let us interview Retro Studios or Monster Games?

2011-09-18 :: Length: 43s
That and more: Completion rates, 3DS marketing, underage listeners, gaming regrets, western Nintendo titles, and one DS game you should have on your radar. Enjoy the show, everyone! Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download ...…

Infendo Radio: Nintendo’s next 3DS move?

2011-09-12 :: Length: 33s
Mailbag and entertainment rankings also discussed. Enjoy the show, everyone! Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download links below Have something to say? Email or leave us a voice message at 434-535-2446. We’ll play your ...…

Infendo Radio: Why can’t Nintendo finish strong? (and other musings)

2011-09-02 :: Length: 2s
Including video game snobbery, the best way to review games, Nintendo on other platforms, a Wii sleeper, and what kind of genre are you. Enjoy the show, everyone! Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download ...…

New Infendo Radio quotes Star Wars, dishes on Zelda, 3DS redesign, and scolds Nintendo

2011-08-26 :: Length: 34s
Derek and I discuss crusty games, Zelda expectations, GBA tips, 3DS redesign rumors, listener mailbag, and poll results. Enjoy the show, everyone! Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download links below Have something to say? Email ...…

This week’s Infendo Radio is the best rerun you’ve never heard

2011-08-22 ::
Derek and I are taking the week off for an underserved vacation, folks. In the meantime, relive the past with our monumental anniversary episode, featuring an awesome mashup of our ...…

Infendo Radio remembers its first big break, celebrates RPGs, and plays great music

2011-08-12 ::
Title says it all. Enjoy the show, everyone! Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download links below Have something to say? Email or leave us a voice message at 434-535-2446. We’ll play your call on ...…

New Infendo Radio: Hatecast mail, 3DS price drop, Canvas Curse 2 and bold predictions

2011-08-05 :: Length: 39s
All that and more on this week’s episode of Infendo Radio. Enjoy the show, everyone! Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download links below Have something to say? Email or leave us a voice message ...…

Infendo Radio this week wins award for “best trolling” in a gamer podcast

2011-07-29 ::
If you didn’t like Infendo Radio before, you really won’t like it now. Gamer petitions, RPGs, and downloadable mini-games all thrown under the bus. And don’t think for a second ...…

Infendo Radio enters console war; talks character vs cutscenes, favorite developers

2011-07-22 :: Length: 35s
Did Roku just fire the first shot on the Infendo Entertainment System? How good is Dark Void Zero (shown)? What’s the best way to implent story in games? Find the ...…

Infendo Radio: Story sucks, Super 8, Infendo console, Retro Studios, and Belgian Metroids

2011-07-16 :: Length: 44s
It’s a good one, everybody. Not to be missed. Oh, and please excuse the incorrect dateline (forgot to update my notes template). Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download links below Have something to say? Email ...…

Infendo Radio is on now! New game get, more trolling, and the Mystery Files winner

2011-07-09 :: Length: 35s
It’s all inside, including whether Nintendo has lost their mojo recently and what they can do to get it back. Enjoy the show, everyone. Oh, and don’t shoot the messenger. Radio ...…

This week’s Infendo Radio: “3D is ugly”

2011-06-30 :: Length: 24s
Who said it? You’ll have to listen to find out. In addition, Derek and I discuss new Wii U questions, clickable analog sticks, DS Players and how to fix robot ...…

Infendo Radio: Zelda 3D, high-tops, rotary phones, and joypad ignorance

2011-06-24 :: Length: 33s
It’s a fun filled show. Listen in as Derek and I discuss the 3DS’s first must-have title (or lack thereof), growing up on touch controls, Derek’s optimal retro controller, Blake’s ...…

Infendo Radio: Is there room for a fourth console?

2011-06-17 :: Length: 23s
Derek and I discuss that, and more, in this weeks episode of Infendo Radio. Enjoy! Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download links below Have something to say? Email or leave us a voice message ...…

Infendo Radio goes “deep and wide” in this E3 wrap-up

2011-06-10 :: Length: 45s
Wii U dissected, 3DS reacted, Wii sets sail, and listener emails all discussed. Strap in, kids. Infendo Radio is on now! Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download links below Have something to say? Email ...…

Infendo Radio: The E3 preview, first episode of summer, and broken Zelda show

2011-06-03 :: Length: 44s
Derek and I dish on E3 rumors, what to expect from the big show, upcoming games, the most unbelievable Zelda question ever, and part 7 of are famed Star Fox ...…

Infendo Radio answers your burning questions

2011-05-29 :: Length: 39s
Derek and I argue over how crucial 3D is to 3DS gameplay, discuss depth sliders, answer 10 delicious listener questions, talk where do buy cheap second-hand games, e-shop expectations, Nintendo ...…

You won’t believe how Infendo Radio ends this week

2011-05-20 :: Length: 23s
Derek and Blake spill the beans on what they’re playing these days, discuss the best genres ever, talk Pikmin 3, Nintendo 64 hate mail, and Nintendo conspiracy theories, overturn tables, ...…

Don’t listen to this week’s Infendo Radio. You’ll hate it.

2011-05-14 :: Length: 29s
I’m serious. Stay away, especially if you hate change and are madly in love with 3DS. Yup, this one sorta turned into Doom and Gloom part 2. Will Nintendo’s next ...…

Infendo Radio is “unexpectedly” 3DS

2011-05-08 :: Length: 26s
Derek takes expectations to task, I loathe sick gaming, and we both discuss the 3DS nitty gritty, in addition to mailbag fielding and sub-$100 gaming. Hope you like it. Radio Feed iTunes ...…

This week’s Infendo Radio devours next-gen Nintendo

2011-05-02 :: Length: 40s
Ninty’s stream confirmation, best code-names, worst Nintendo ever, Portal 2, new game get alert, and the sham of downloadable content all discussed. Enjoy the show, everyone! Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download links below Have ...…

This week’s Infendo Radio is all about handhelds

2011-04-23 :: Length: 25s
The best way to play GBA games on the go, portable inspiration, the next Zelda, unsolicited games ideas, and most-wanted competitor games all discussed. Enjoy the show, everyone! Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download ...…

Not to be missed: Infendo Radio blows the lid on Nintendo’s next console

2011-04-16 :: Length: 38s
Of course, we also discuss proper pronunciation of Ocarina, share a 3DS audio tip, and rank the two DS Zelda games. Enjoy the show, everyone! Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download links below Have something ...…

This week’s Infendo Radio talks console wars, peer pressure, and Game Boy love

2011-04-09 :: Length: 34s
We also identify the first Zelda sidekick (if you didn’t know it already) and answer your emails. Enjoy the show, everyone! Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download links below Have something to say? Email ...…

Get this: Infendo Radio is on now!

2011-04-04 :: Length: 38s
Enjoy the show, everyone! Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download links below Have something to say? Email or leave us a voice message at 434-535-2446. We’ll play your call on the air! Plus, if ...…

Infendo Radio on now! Interview with first in line for 3DS, best Zelda ending and more

2011-03-26 :: Length: 37s
Enjoy the show, everyone! Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download links below Have something to say? Email or leave us a voice message at 434-535-2446. We’ll play your call on the air! Plus, if ...…

This week’s Infendo Radio is all about 3DS; answers your burning hands-on questions

2011-03-19 :: Length: 59s
If you hate the 3DS, this is not the show for you. But if you’re curious about all the little intricacies of the portable, first impressions, best games etc., get clicky with ...…

This week’s Infendo Radio counts down 3DS, runs a bit long, and waxes nostalgic on Zelda

2011-03-14 :: Length: 51s
3DS countdown, excitement levels, Wii vs GameCube, timeless graphics, mailbag, and a bunch of Ocarina and Wind Waker reminiscing take place on this week’s episode. Oh, and we also announce the ...…

After sick leave, Infendo Radio is back to name the first AAA Wii game of the year

2011-03-05 :: Length: 33s
Did ya miss us? Either way, join us this week as we reveal the first AAA Wii game of the year, detail the upcoming 3DS launch, field listener calls, talk ...…

Which is better: Escapism or amusement? Find out in this week’s Infendo Radio

2011-02-18 :: Length: 44s
Join Derek and I this week as we discuss Japanese gaming with our overseas correspondent Naomi, Mario and Luigi’s battle royal, Japanese RPGs, and escapism vs amusement. We also field ...…

Miss the GameCube? Then you gotta listen to this week’s episode of Infendo Radio

2011-02-11 :: Length: 12s
Join Derek and I as we dissect a changing gaming landscape, asks listeners what they do with finished games, get even more down on 3DS than we already were, and ...…

This Infendo Radio will be the best 34 minutes of your life

2011-02-04 :: Length: 33s
We’re baaaaaack! Join Derek and I as we back track on 3DS, speculate on its launch lineup, leg hump Metroid Prime, declare our Superbowl allegiance, and field a bevy of ...…

This week’s Infendo Radio goes Chicken Little on 3DS

2011-01-22 :: Length: 48s
Regarding the upcoming launch, I’m cautiously optimistic. Derek’s pissed he can’t buy one in fire red. Either way, please join us as we discussed all things 3DS, including launch details, ...…

This week’s Infendo Radio will cause DS fans to shed a tear

2011-01-14 :: Length: 34s
We’re officially calling it the DS show. And the Blake breathing into the mic show. Either way, it’s a good one. Sonic fans will like it as well. Enjoy! Radio Feed iTunes ...…

Infendo Radio is back from vacation and includes a shocking reveal!

2011-01-07 :: Length: 46s
Just kidding. But it does include our previously delayed interview with Nintendo, predictions for 2011, poll analysis, the most-wanted gaming products of the year, and our world-class mailbag. Welcome back ...…

Merry Christmas from Infendo Radio

2010-12-24 :: Length: 47s
Wax nostalgic this week as Blake and Derek dissect the top 10 Nintendo games of the year, ask Mario Santa for game improvements, reminisce Christmases past, and field reader mail ...…

This week’s Infendo Radio is jammin’ man

2010-12-17 :: Length: 34s
Who’s the black sheep of Super Mario games? How good is Tron Legacy? And should Link take a public speaking class? Find the answers to all those questions and more ...…

Infendo Radio this week is all about the games

2010-12-10 :: Length: 34s
What can one learn from reviewing more than 300 games this year? What are the most underrated DS games of all time? Are smart phones replacing Nintendo handhelds? And are ...…

This week’s Infendo Radio will make Obi-Wan Kenobi roll in his grave

2010-12-04 :: Length: 41s
Join Derek and I this week as we discuss underrated Wii games, Epic Mickey impressions, 3D impracticality, two cool games you’ve never heard of, reader mailbag, the call of Call ...…

This week’s Infendo Radio avoids death and plays sloppy seconds (but man, is is tasty!)

2010-11-26 :: Length: 42s
Start the holiday season off right with a fresh edition of Infendo Radio. Join Derek and I this episode as we discuss 10 reasons every Wii owner should own the ...…

Pre-Thanksgiving Infendo Radio is cornucopia of awesome

2010-11-19 :: Length: 43s
Before eating your next turkey, join Derek and I this episode as we discuss forgettable Nintendo characters, news regarding Nintendo’s next console, DS love, mucho game recommendations, WiiWare demos, mailbag, ...…

Infendo Radio is ready for the weekend

2010-11-12 :: Length: 29s
Join Derek and I this week as we discuss the Nintendo World Store, Wii as a viable shooter platform (at least for now), Donkey Kong headlines, new game get, and ...…

This week’s Infendo Radio loves Wii, discusses next-gen Kinect, is really long, and produced in crystal clear stereo

2010-11-07 :: Length: 53s
Join Derek and I this week as we discuss Nintendo headlines, Wii momentum, Microsoft Kinect and how it impacts gaming, new game get, and a nice mailbag. Enjoy! Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download ...…

This week’s Infendo Radio goes bump in the night, turns 200 episodes old

2010-10-30 :: Length: 34s
Join Derek and I as we discuss this week’s Nintendo headlines, answer reader mail, turn 200 episodes old, and celebrate Halloween with really awesome music. Happy Halloween, everyone! Radio Feed iTunes Feed Download links ...…

This week’s Infendo Radio has Kashmir all over it

2010-10-22 :: Length: 34s
Join Derek and I as we discuss Epic Kirby, new Wii goodies, great moments in NES gaming, special gaming generations, and of course, the meaning of life. Music courtesy Led ...…

This week’s Infendo Radio is bursting with mailbag

2010-10-15 :: Length: 32s
Join Derek and I as we discuss Sonic irrelevance, NES quibbles, reader mail, and the Epic Kirby winner. Music courtesy Pantera “Mouth For War” and Röyksopp “Miss it so much.” Enjoy ...…

Listen to this week’s Infendo Radio, win Kirby’s Epic Yarn

2010-10-09 :: Length: 40s
In case you haven’t heard, Infendo Radio got a 1up this month. It no longer rambles. It’s short and sweet. And your hosts have a lot of fun recording it. Whether ...…

Latest Infendo Radio is short, sweet, and has good taste in music

2010-09-30 :: Length: 24s
No more tin can! Join Derek and I as we discuss all the big news from this week’s Nintendo conference, in addition to pollage, upcoming Wii games, and some killer ...…

Infendo Radio is back; now with 100% more Blake and Derek

2010-09-18 :: Length: 40s
Regrettably, I recorded my part of the show with a tin can. But Derek sounds good! Join us as we discuss all things Nintendo, including Wii anniversaries, Mario vs. Zelda, ...…

Infendo Radio 194: Better late than Never!

2010-08-29 :: Length: 1s
Wondering where the podcast is? It’s right here.  Half a week late, but not half cocked, It’s Infendo Radio 194, featuring 4, count ‘em, 4 hosts! New Characters are on ...…

Infendo Radio 193 is on like Donkey Kong

2010-08-13 :: Length: 47s
Do you remember a simpler time, when games didn’t need colors and p0lygons to be great? Infendo Radio does.   This week Sean, Alexis, and Zac talk a little about ...…

Infendo Radio 192 discovers the unknown!

2010-08-05 :: Length: 41s
Infendo Radio gets cowboy’d up (not really) to talk about the development costs of the 3DS, the legacy of Nintendo Power, and an odd relic Alexis extracted from a strange ...…

Infendo Radio: Sean finds an empty studio

2010-07-28 :: Length: 2s
Okay guys, let’s get started!  Alexis? Will? Guys? Oh.  I see how it is, tell Sean we’re doing something fun in the Infendo recording studio, and then sneak off into ...…

Infendo Radio 191 gets International

2010-07-22 :: Length: 50s
Netflix is finally heading up to the great white north – Canada.  What does this mean for Wii owners?  Will console streaming be available internationally? And what’s up with those ...…

Infendo Radio 190.5 “B Side” is for true fans

2010-07-16 :: Length: 19s
Welcome to the “B” side.   The “B” side might not have the hits, or the number 1 single, or the popular song that they always play at your middle school ...…

Infendo Radio 190: Now Embedded! (Delayed!)

2010-07-12 ::
Infendo Radio is reduced to defaulting to its old production process for episode 190 while the team revises its publishing process.  What does this mean for you? It means we’re ...…

Infendo Radio 189: Back from E3

2010-06-27 ::
Infendo Radio is BACK, and hot of the heels of E3.  Will and Sean answer YOUR questions about the Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo’s lineup at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010.  How ...…

Infendo Radio 188 and 1/2 gears up for E3

2010-06-10 ::
With Nintendo keeping itself tight-lipped before the big conference, Infendo Radio extracts some sideline rumors and suggestions from “industry insiders” to predict what we might see at E3 2010.  While ...…

Infendo Radio: Special Guest Included!

2010-06-03 ::
Remember when Players Guides and game instruction manuals were awesome, unique collectors items? Infendo Radio does. Do you remember crowding around a tiny TV to share Nintendo with your friends? ...…

Infendo Radio 187: You got pixels in my Coke

2010-05-27 ::
CUTE CHILDREN, Wii COMPETITION, and METACRITIC RATINGS, Oh my! Infendo Radio goes deep – is Sony’s “concept approval” firewall against shovelware good for the industry, and will it make it ...…

Infendo Radio 186 has a Name, that name is…

2010-05-20 ::
Paul, apparently.  Infendo Radio 186 asks the big questions: is the DS educational? Can it be? Do gamers tend to name characters, or use default names? Is the 3DS in ...…

Infendo Radio 185 re-engineers itself!

2010-05-13 ::
Following two amazing laptop meltdowns and a case of failed audio drivers, Alexis and Sean hastily re-engineer Infendo Radio with pleasant results!  Clearer sound? More even audio levels among talent? ...…

Infendo Radio 184 looks North!

2010-05-03 ::
After Candian storms shut Zac out halfway through the show and hearing that Will Thompson fled possible academic persecution (finals? What finals?) by fleeing North, Sean and Alexis declare Canada ...…

Infendo Radio 183: And then there were two

2010-04-24 ::
With Zac and Will held captive by the evil masterminds behind “College Education” and “being a responsible grown-up,” Sean and Alexis are left to fend for themselves.  Are Sean and ...…

Infendo Radio 182 – Street Fighter gets Fit?

2010-04-16 ::
Alexis, Zac, and Sean are back to discuss the possibility of what could become the first real “core” title to utilize the Wii Balance Board: “Street Fighter Fit.”  In more ...…

Infendo Radio 181 is Ultra Handed

2010-04-10 ::
After taking a short week off – Alexis, Zac, and Sean come back to answer the big questions: Is the “Zelda Wii” team in competition with Monster Hunter Tri? Should The Conduit ...…

Infendo Radio 180 is at War!

2010-03-26 ::
This week on Infendo Radio: Will sneaks behind enemy lines and scopes out the Playstation Move!  Meanwhile, back at headquarters, the boys discuss the future of Nintendo’s 3DS, and ponder ...…

Infendo Radio 179 holds DOWN and B!

2010-03-19 ::
Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver invade Infendo Radio, as we see the return of the full podcast crew!  Zac, Will, Alexis, and Sean puzzle over the greatest games of the Pokemon ...…

Infendo Radio 178 is on the MOVE! (Get it?)

2010-03-12 ::
Due to an unplanned emergency absence, your humble regular host has no idea what transpires on this week’s episode of Infendo Radio!  The intrepid Will Thompson fills in as host, ...…

Infendo Radio 177 – The Postman cometh!

2010-03-05 ::
Last week’s Media Summit coverage kept us from getting to our growing stack of letters, calls, and audio clips – so this week, we take a chunk of our backlog ...…

Infendo Radio #176: Another Sean, Another Summit…

2010-02-26 ::
Figure out Nintendo had a Media Summit last week? No? Great! Infendo Radio has you covered!  Sean Hollister pops in fresh from Nintendo’s San Francisco Media event to give us ...…

Bleed for Infendo Radio 175! Then test gluclose!

2010-02-19 ::
Infendo Radio # 175 examines Nintendo’s short and relatively unknown history of diabetic gaming peripherals!  Are you hardcore enough to bleed for Nintendo? Check it out as the boys go ...…

Infendo Radio 174: Pirates, Pokemon, and Pikmin, Oh my!

2010-02-12 ::
Ready for another Infendo Radio?! Too bad, it’s here anyway! This week our quartet covers the reveal of a new Pokemon, developer comments, the disappearance and future of WiiWare demos, ...…

Infendo Radio 173 LIVE is fraught with rumors

2010-02-04 ::
Infendo Radio 173 celebrates vague rumors, E3 predictions, confirmations, broad speculations, and Nintendo Executive’s comments on the Apple iPad! We read email, interact with listeners in the live chatroom, we laugh, we ...…

Infendo Radio 172 Live Podcast is on NOW!

2010-01-28 ::
Infendo Radio 172 talks up the Natal that never was, Monster Hunter Tri’s incoming Classic Controller Pro, and mulls over the rise and fall of the ancient dead literary format ...…

New Super Mario Bros. Voicemail Greetings

2009-11-10 ::
Our friends over at Nintendo of Canada managed to snag some time with Mario himself to record a few New Super Mario Bros. and holiday themed voicemail greetings. While you ...…

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