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Tracy McCoy, Publisher for Georgia Mountain Laurel Magazine

2008-03-03 :: Length: 18s
This episode is pre-recorded from the "Speaking of Business" webcasst on March 3rd, 2008. Publisher Tracy McCoy talks about the roots of the Laurel and contributions made by local citizens or our community. Visit their site at…

Town Crier/Rabun Online Update 02/18/08

2008-02-18 :: Length: 5s
From the Town Crier and the new blog updates about happenings in North Georgia…

Hospice Innovators - Guest Michael Holmes

2008-02-06 :: Length: 43s
Interview with Michael Holmes, RN and author of "Crossing the Creek"…

Bob Lee from "A Ride for 3 Reasons"

2008-01-15 :: Length: 32s
Bob Lee, a 65-year-old colon cancer survivor from Barrington, Illinois rode his bicycle 6,500 miles across America in order to help find cures for cancer and ALS, and to help promote awareness for hospice care. The Ride for Three Reasons journey began March 29, 2007 in Jacksonville, Florida and ended on September 6 in Bangor, Maine. Bob accepted the challenge to raise awareness for the challenges faced by Cancer patients, ALS victims and families faced with end-of-life issues. Through the generous support of over 1,500 individuals and corporations, A RIDE FOR 3 REASONS was proud to send checks on 12-28-07 to each of the following charities in the amount of $130,65.00 - American Cancer Society, The National Hospice Foundation and The Les Turner ALS Foundation. .…

Dr. Bruce Feinberg - GCS

2008-01-15 :: Length: 15s
Dr. Feinberg, author of "Colon Cancer Answers" is the guest.…

EPISODE24 Hospice Conference Call

2008-01-02 :: Length: 1s
Contributors of hospice forums voice their questions, concerns, suggestions to promote hospice.…

Pre-Conference Information

2008-01-01 :: Length: 5s
Just a few reminders about the show tomorrow. Call in numbers, format, etc.…

Dr. Guy Gober - Special Veterans Presentation

2007-11-08 :: Length: 51s
Colonel Guy D. Gober, M.D. discusses his role in the military and what "Veterans" Day is. This is a time to remember those who sacrifice so that we remain safe and secure in this land we call home.…

Richard's Kids and Hospice Rant

2007-11-05 :: Length: 17s
Richards Kids Story We often hear people say that Christmas should be about the children and it should be about giving. Richard Powers, founder of Richards Kids and the legion of volunteers who work year round for the non profit organization definitely live that credo. Richard and Sarah Powers started the charity eight years ago in response to learning of a Rabun County elementary school boy who wore only hand me down clothes and was walking out of his over sized shoes. Richard, a retired fire fighter captain was unable to sleep at night worrying about that little boy. He resolved to do something about the childâ??s situation by spending his own money to purchase clothes for the boy. That one simple act of giving took off. The elementary school teachers informed Richard that there were many other children in the same situation and they began working with Richard to set up a program to hekp children in need. Richard began speaking to civic groups and sharing his story. Few people can keep a dry eye when Richard tells the story of a teacher who wrote him about a child who had only one pair of worn out tennis shoes and a pair of flop flops and all her tights had holes in them. The teacher asked the child what she wanted for Christmas and she replied, "Some cookies would be nice". The teacher then asked her what toy she would like Santa to bring her and she replied, "Santa never brought me a toy." That true story and others like it propelled the giving people of Rabun County as well as many people outside of the County to spring into action to support Richardâ??s Kids. In addition to donations from individuals, several businesses in Rabun, Atlanta and Florida have made Richard Kids their primary holiday charity. While Richards Kids provides clothing for youth in need year round, Christmas is the organizationsâ?? busiest season. Richard estimates that the Countyâ??s need in 2007 may be 500 children. Each child receives three pairs of pants, three shirts, underwear, socks, shoes and one toy. The approximate cost per child for the Christmas purchases is $125.00. To supply clothing for 500 children, the non-profit organization will require funds in excess of $50,000.…

Healthcare Needs, Inc.

2007-11-01 :: Length: 23s
Harriette Bryant, RN, C.Ped discusses her business, "Healthcare Needs, Inc" and how she is a resource for our community. Her offereings include diabetic Supplies, shoes, socks, inserts Ostomy Supplies, breast prothesis and bras. Show notes on…

RAK Club

2007-10-01 :: Length: 8s
join at Free - help hospice with your mind!…

Nancy Church - Picketting for the kids

2007-09-26 :: Length: 17s
Great project in Towns County - we will be discussing the new playground in Hiawassee and how you can "picket" for a good cause…

EPISODE13 - Laurie Parker, Ga Ch of the Alzheimer's Assoc

2007-09-24 :: Length: 20s
Guest Laurie Parker, Director of Programs for North Georgia, Georgia Chapter of the Alzheimer's Assoc is today's guest. For more info, go to:…

Meet the Regency Hospice staff

2007-09-20 :: Length: 18s

Guest, Sharon Mnich from Virtual Memorials

2007-09-12 :: Length: 20s
Virtual Memorials, Inc. was launched as the first online memorial website in 1996. The company was founded on the belief that the Internet can provide a unique and meaningful way to celebrate the lives of those we have loved and lost. Sharon's site can be found at:…

Appalachian Home Health, Blairsville, Georgia

2007-09-05 :: Length: 25s
What is home health and how can you or a loved one qualify for this service? Tune in and ask question of the AHHC staff…

Brasstown Manor, Hiawassee GA

2007-08-29 :: Length: 19s
Brasstown Manor representatives discuss alternative retirement living, personal care and independent living facilities.…

Laurie Parker - Ga Alzh Assoc (See Episode 13)

2007-08-22 :: Length: 8s
See episode 13 for updated conversation with Laurie Parker of the Georgia Alzheimers Assoc (…

Assist At Home Senior Care

2007-08-08 :: Length: 24s
Learn how to improve your life and your loved one by providing compassionate, one-on-one care in the comfort of your own home through the help of private duty services.…

Suzanne Repp, LCSW - Support Groups

2007-08-07 :: Length: 19s
Community members share events, meetings, and announcments. Guest Suzanne Repp, LCSW from Regency Hospice discusses her bereavement program.…

Living Wills - DIY with 5 Wishes

2007-08-01 :: Length: 16s
The 5 Wishes Form that addressess medical, physical, emotional and spiritual issues.…

Testing - "All The Time" by Josh Watts

2007-07-26 :: Length: 4s
This song was written and performed by Josh Watts (my son) and will be the theme song of this series.…

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