Last update: 2015-08-05

Episode 61: We're Gearing Up for a PODCRAWL!!!!

2015-08-05 Length: 1s

NAP? Army!

Episode 61 has us remembering Roddy Piper, The GOP Debates coming August 6, ISIS getting Catfished, and we do a taste test... we also find out that Taco Bell in Iowa has a meth problem...

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Brett, Joe & Bill



Episode 60: A Day Late but Not a Dollar Short...

2015-07-30 Length: 1s

Greetings NAP? Army,

We are back and we are ready to go... Hulk Hogan, Adam Sandler and taste tests galore!  Remember Podcrawl 2015 is on September 12 2015!

Check us out and see what you think!

Brett, Joe & Bill

Episode 59: We're ROARIN to Go!

2015-07-22 Length: 1s

Greetings NAP Army!

We have a special guest in studio this Week Rob Raffety, Creator and Writer of Muck, a new project he is working on.  He has been an award winning Short film maker and he is bringing his biggest project yet not only to the silver screen but to podcasting as well... and we are excited to let you know about it and support it.  You can catch it all at his website at :


What happens next we can't explain.. seriously, you have to just listen.  I had planned to have a taste test and a deep conversation about a few things when @Morningzoojoe steps to the plate and knocks the ball out of the park.  He tells us about one of the things he did in college, Clemson University to be exact, as a member of Tiger Roar... seriously, you have to listen, this is Podcast Gold!

There are some other things talked about as well, but seriously, I don't think even our guest Writer/Director Rob Raffety expected what happened next... nor did his amazing niece Lindsay who stopped by before she went back to West Virginia Wesleyan College.

Thank you everyone for listening and keep the comments and the love coming!

Brett, Joe & Bill


Episode 58: It's Time for a Milkshake

2015-07-15 Length: 1s

Greetings NAP? Army!

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We have an interesting show... Brett almost doesn't make it because of his car, we talk about Bethesda Milk shakes and we have a taste test... and Neighbor Joe exercises his 2nd Amendment Rights...

Thank you again to everyone for your love and support, its amazing we have not been asked to leave the internet... don't tell Al Gore!

Brett, Joe & Bill


Episode 57: "F" This Episode

2015-07-08 Length: 1s

Greetings NAP? Army!

We made it through 4th of July and Brett has stories of the Foo... and what he thought of RFK Stadium.

We then talk about stupid people in the news... we talk about Jared from Subway and we talk about Trump... our man for President.

Thank you so much for your love and support.  We want to say Happy Birthday to our American Listeners and we want to thank the world for your love and finding us and enjoying the show!


Brett, Joe & Bill

Episode 56: Thinking It Could Be Great...

2015-07-01 Length: 1s

Greetings NAP? Army!

Episode 56 starts with a bang literally as Joe tells us how we can in fact solve almost every world problem... I will give you a hint... its the same answer for everything...

We also talk about our endorsement for President.. Donald Trump.. he has one more issues to deal with

We also tell you where not to eat in DC, What we are doing for the 4th and why we think the arrest of a female executive in Japan...

Finally Joe has to leave to break bread with his family and well.. the show devolves... lol

Tell us what you think!  @fooboy21 @morningzoojoe and @napodcastusa


Thank you for listening and thank you for giving us the chance to entertain you!  Mildly.. hopefully... 

Brett, Joe & Bill

Episode 55: We Have A Presidential Candidate...

2015-06-24 Length: 1s

Greetings NAP? Army,

I want to apologize for the audio.. I forgot to hit a switch and the sound is there, but it is a bit hollow.  I got excited about Donald Trump running for President I guess.

We talk about the things that matter... we talk about Trump, We talk about Diddy... P Diddy, we talk Child Stars in trouble... we talk about The World Police and Fire Games coming to Fairfax County and Brett is happy with a delivery during the show...

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Big Things Are a Comin!


Your Pals,

Brett, Joe & Bill

Episode 54: We Are All Over the Place

2015-06-17 Length: 1s

Good evening NAP? Army,

We want to thank all of you for listening and we want to thank NAP? Army Member Greg for coming up all the way from Charleston, SC to sit in studio and watch this train wreck we call Not Another Podcast?   Thanks Greg!

Holy Cow a lot happened this week, we had someone who was really white get called out, we had the St. Louis Cardinals Hack the Astros Database and we had Donald Trump declare his bid for President of the United States.. yes the end times are here...

We also find out how extensive Joe's sports knowledge is and we hear his "pun"tifcating throughout the show... I counted 6, how many did you hear... #badpuns

We want to thank all of our fans and salute our fathers out there... have a Happy Father's Day to everyone and we will see you next week... Pssst... some surprises may be in store...

Yer Pals,

Brett, Joe & Bill


Episode 53: We Graduated to Another Year

2015-06-11 Length: 1s

Hey NAP Army!

We are back and we are talking all things dealing with June.. Prom and Graduations.  Brett, Joe and Bill tell some stories about their experiences with those rites of passage...

Next up we have Zack Wyatt, Creator of the Carolina Jubilee, a music and farm to table festival aimed at saving the American Farm, one farmer at a time.  Here is information to find out more:

Facebook Page (You can Like it)



Finally we talk about the passing of 3 icons in their respective fields.

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Episode 52: A Year of Marginal Entertainment

2015-06-02 Length: 1s

Hey NAP Army?!!!

As the R&B group Tony! Toni! Tone! said in the 90s... DO YOU KNOW WHAT TODAY IS??? IT'S OUR ANNIVERSARY!!!

Yes that's right!  We made it a year!  Little did I know this hobby would group into what it is today.. and I don't know what it is...

Before we talk about our year, we talk about The Herndon Festival, the JOTT GOOSE was missing and of course the person formally known as Bruce Jenner.

Thank you to the NAP Army for everything, you make it all worth while.  We love your feedback and would love to have more!  We are excited about the future and we only just begun!

Hope you enjoy the Podcast!

Brett, Joe & Bill

Episode 51: Sweet Home Chicago

2015-05-27 Length: 1s

Greetings NAP? Army!  

We hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend... we were really busy ourselves.  Joe was not available tonight so Brett spoke on his weekend and I spoke about my trip to Chicago capped by going to seeing the Cubs at the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field..

We are asking that you please try and help those in Texas who need our help.  Please check out the Salvation Army at and specify your donation location.  For the Red Cross please visit

Thank you to you all for your love & support.  Next week is 1 year.. June 2 to be exact and we could not do it without you!

We Love You NAP? Army!

Brett Joe & Bill

Episode 50: Thanks Dave

2015-05-20 Length: 1s

Hey NAP? Army!

Joe is Back from Maui and has some things to say about his trip and about the Grilling situation in our development...

"Sure Hand" Simons... or Brett to the NAP? Army... helps Bill and Joe talk about new fast food items and why plumbing is important at Pimlico.

We talk new fast food items and we say thank you to two icons... B.B. King and Dave Letterman as he signs off the air one last time.

Thank you NAP? Army for your support, we could not do this without you!  Check out our website at and shop Amazon today from our website and help our show out!

Until next time World,  Keep smiling...

Brett, Joe & Bill

Episode 49: Brett Reaches Out to Across the Pond

2015-05-13 Length: 1s

Hey NAP? Army,

Neighbor Joe is in Maui making sure I didn't mess anything up 6 months ago, and he will be back next week with a full report. But until then....

Brett and Bill go over the news that matters to you!

Brett is worried about Game 7... very worried...

He also has his interest Piqued in the Relagation aspect of English Premier League Soccer...

And Brett Tries a Duck Donut...  oh they are good...

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Episode 48: This Episode Has Gone to $&@*!

2015-05-06 Length: 1s

Episode 48 NAP? Army! 


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Now... about the show... yes, we talk about the weekend fight, someone slept through it and we talk Derby and Playoff hockey... onto...

Brett's beard and a story about what beards attract and yes, the show slides down hill... 

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Finally.. Happy Mothers day to all the mothers out there!  I miss you mom!


Brett, Joe & Bill


Episode 47: Thank You Sweden (#Sverige) .... We Love You

2015-04-29 Length: 1s

Welcome to Another Episode!

We start out by thanking the good people of Sweden for their late surge in listenership... It truly is amazing that over 60% of our audiance is in fact outside of the United States. And thank you Hertford England... You are great too!

We talk about our weekends, we talk about the Kentucky Derby and the Mayweather Pacquiao fight as well.

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Until Next Time


Brett, Joe & Bill

Special Edition 1: This is NOT Another Podcast? (Seriously)

2015-04-22 Length: 1s

This is a special episode of The Quadcast, a friend of our show and where I fill in for @aneurysmnv on The Quadcast as I am the guest of The Quadfather's @QuadFatherMft show.... I had a blast doing it and I hope you enjoy it.  Here are the links to the The Quadcast and please rate and review them as well... they are really awesome guys!



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Episode 46: Making Copies....

2015-04-22 Length: 1s

Hello NAP Army!

We have a lot of surprises tonight, including a special guest who walks in just as we were wrapping up and we finish the show.  Literally had to pause the show 2 times for technical issues but it was an interesting show, please tell us what you think... it was memorable... and Bill left Brett speechless... for about 5 seconds...

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Brett, Joe & Bill

Episode 45: Steal Your Face Off

2015-04-15 Length: 1s

Hey NAP? Army!

With the start of Hockey Playoffs and The Grateful Dead Celebrating 50 Years, we thought Steal Your Face Off would be appropriate... Get it?

We start with Nick Mundy on Comedy Central and why Bill looks like he has Blood Pressure issues and proceed to talk about Playoff Hockey, How Bill won the Masters, and even.. get this.. World War Z.  It's All over the place but we think its good fun.

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Brett, Joe & Bill

Episode 44: Unexpected Field Trip

2015-04-08 Length: 1s

Greetings NAP? Army!

In this episode... Brett finds Bill not able to work the new sound board because he does not have the right equipment... never a good problem for a man to have... so we go to Best Buy and and I record the trip... including what we find inside and outside of Trader Joes...

Neighbor Joe joins us for a discussion of NCAA Championship Basketball, Celebrity deathes and other things that make us go for over an hour this episode.

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Brett, Joe & Bill


Episode 43: An April Fools Gold Edition

2015-04-01 Length: 1s

Greetings NAP? Army!

We got the sound right and Brett and Joe sit down to tell Bill about their adventures for the weeek.

We then discuss things that should really be sports that we have seen in TV and Movies and then do another taste test.

We then start to end the show but we then get on a topic of getting NAP? Hats for the NAP Store and well.. it just becomes a thing...

Happy 1st Day of April and and thank you for another great month of listening and downloads... Thank you so much!

Brett, Joe & Bill

Episode 42: WrestleMania is Brett's Christmas...

2015-03-25 Length: 1s

Hey NAP? Army... first, I want to apologize for the sound, Bill realized he had the sound board options wrong after it was recorded so the sound is from the computer not the board... so I apologize for that.  It will be MUCH better Next week... promise!

We start the show talking our weekends and March Sadness.. yes Brett and Bill got bracket busted... sad...

Then Joe leads Brett and Bill in a dicussion on Top Gear, and what it means for the show now that Jeremy Clarkson is gone.. and so is that kid from OneDirection... we feel your pain England!

Finally Brett takes us on a Wonderous journey that is Wrestlemania... is he excited about it?  You let us know!

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Your pals,

Brett, Joe & Bill

Episode 41: MARCH MUNCHNESS!!!

2015-03-18 Length: 1s

Brett, Joe & Bill have been on a one week break.  A lot of stuff happening and the show unfortunately took a back seat to our lives, but we are back and we are ready!

Snack Time is Back... need some snacks for the March Madness... well we do our March Munchness... and give you are 1 thru 5 seeds.... 

Then we talk about why Spain may be the new destination for an interesting trip to learn the circle of Life... 

Thanks for waiting... hope it is worth it!


Brett, Joe & Bill

Episode 40: Not Another QUADCAST!!!!!

2015-03-03 Length: 1s

Greetings NAP? Army & Quadcast Warriors!

This took a few tries but we did it!  We bring you the first combined show in NAP? History and we are very excited.  We had some difficulties because when you have 5 guys in 3 time zones doing everything on Skype.. something is bound to happen!

We had a blast on this episode as we discuss how we both started, our love for the The Mike O'Meara show and we try and guess TV Theme songs... Morning Zoo Joe makes us proud!

We ask that you give the Quadcast a spin and please check out their YouTube Channel at :

And of course the web feed...

A special thank you to the Quadfather and Swanny for making your schedules open for us to do this event that New Yorker Magazine called "A Quadrophonic Event!"  OK... they didn't but it was a lot of fun!  Tell us what you think!

Brett, Joe & Bill

Episode 39: Brett Gets a Pony! (And We Talk About The Oscars)

2015-02-26 Length: 1s

We are sorry about the delay, but we were working on a combined show before we had a Glitch.  We will have the combined show shortly with the Gentlemen at the Quadcast 

Twitter @QuadfatherMFT and @aneurysmnv  and catch them on iTunes!

We start the Show with Brett getting a Pony from Buffalo Jeff... yeah.. 

We then talk Oscars, Bill makes a point about what the Academy might have been thinking in their vote for best picture and then somehow, we talk about another Oscar Worthy Movie... Battleship.

Please check out our show on and use the links to go to Rate us on iTunes... and like our Facebook Page and Twitter.

Thank you for your support and thanks for understanding about the wait


Brett, Joe & Bill



Episode 38: Happy New Year ... The Weather is BA-A-A-A-D...

2015-02-18 Length: 1s

Hey Everyone... Happy New Year!

It is the Year of the Sheep... (see what we did there) and we start the show with weather issues, and my isues with the Movie 50 Shades of Grey.

We then talk about Pyramid marketing and then onward to other things that got our goat (see what we did there.. sheep... goat).

We want to thank the NAP Army for your recent flury of downloads... we are setting records.  Thank you so much!  Please, we need your help, go to and rate and review us on iTunes... it really helps us!

Thank you for the love and support... let us know what you think!


Brett, Bill & Joe

Episode 37: In a Row????

2015-02-10 Length: 1s

We start out talking about our weekends... Joe was Blind, Brett was sick and Bill was in NJ... are they related???

Next we talk about Kanye... Oh Kanye... you make it sooooo easy...

Finally, We talk about Valentines Day.. Our plans and our movies...

Remember to check out our podcast website

Thank you for your support!

Brett, Joe and Bill

Episode 36: Public Domain You Say?

2015-02-03 Length: 1s

Tonight Neighbor Joe (Twitter @MorningZooJoe ) and Brett ( @fooboy21 ) join Bill ( @napodcastusa ) for some post Super Bowl discussions on everything that matters... not really... I mean really... its us...

We talk about the party at Bill's house... and he actually showed up.  We talk about my newest Parking ticket in you guessed it... Washington DC... and then we just go off on different tangents that make us so uniquely us.

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Happy February Folks!



Episode 35: Let it Snow, Let it Snow.... LET IT SNOW!!!!

2015-01-28 Length: 1s

Hey NAP? Army,

We are sorry we missed you on Tuesday but here we are putting the show out Wednesday because Brett had to miss it... and does he have an epic rant why he missed it.

We then talk about the Super Bowl Party at my place... which is not being hosted by me... 

And then we close out with EQ of The Mike O'Meara Show fame as he waits in nervous anticipation for Coach K's 1000th win last Sunday.

Don't forget Jimmy's Old Town Tavern will have The Mike O'Meara show gang live on site during the game.  Get there early to get a seat and may the Gambling Gods give you the odds in your favor... yes I sort of ripped that from The Hunger Games, but they don't do game spreads, so there's that.

Check out Jimmy's Info on Facebook and Reserve today!

Be Careful with the Weather out there!


Brett & Bill

Episode 34: What in the ATL is Going On TV?

2015-01-20 Length: 59s

We want to thank the NAP? Army for the strong support this week and we do some housekeeping to get us back on track... we have done 4 shows in 12 days... we are PRO-FESH-ANUL... LOOK IT UP...

We talk about the week that was, the week that will be and we talk about Reality TV for a bit... actually we talk about a lot of random stuff... it was a weird week here in the suburbs of Washington DC.

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Brett & Bill

Special Edition Episode 33: That's Tirdy Tree... A Remembrance of Damien Scanlan

2015-01-17 Length: 1s

This episode of Not Another Podcast? was recorded on Saturday January 17, 2015 for a very special friend who was taken from this Earth far too soon.  This is a very special Not Another Podcast? in which we celebrate the life of Damien Scanlan.  

This show will be rememberances by those who knew him well here in the Herndon, VA area.  O'Sullivan's Irish Pub in Herndon, VA help a 1 year memorial gathering for those close to Damien and Brett and I were honored to be part of it and record the stories of those who loved him so much.

O'Sullivan's raised money for the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust, The Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust aims to alleviate the financial hardship of bereaved families repatriating the body (bodies) of loved one(s) who have died abroad in sudden or tragic circumstances back to Ireland.  If you would like to donate in Damien's name.. here is the link:

I want to remind listeners that this show does get a bit blue and parental guidence is STRONGLY suggested.  These stories are told in the first person, so be aware that language does enter this recording often.

Thank you again NAP? Army for the love and support and we will be back with a regular show on Tuesday.  Right now.. this is Damien's time and Damien's Day... we miss you Ginger!

Brett & Bill

Episode 32: Down at the Pawn Shop ‎

2015-01-13 Length: 1s

Thank you NAP Army? !!!!  We Got 500 Facebook Likes!  Keep up the support and tell your friends and family to listen, review, and subscribe to us!  

Tonight our own "Neighbor Joe" is back to tell us about the weekend... his birthday was two weeks ago but what a surprise he had in store for him!

We also talk about Pawn Shops of all things.. didn't expect it.. but it happened... and its pretty entertaining!

Finally we talk about an event we are having this weekend at O'Sullivans for a friend who passed away last year Damien Scanlan and all proceeds will go to The Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust.  The Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust aims to alleviate the financial hardship of bereaved families repatriating the body (bodies) of loved one(s) who have died abroad in sudden or tragic circumstances back to Ireland.

The Event starts at 11am at O'Sullivans Irish Pub in Herndon but if you cannot make it but would like to send a donation in Damien's name here is the link below.

Thank you again to the NAP? Army for Your Love and Support!


Episode 31: King Sized Deja Vu Part Deux

2015-01-08 Length: 1s

OK... so we did the show last night and what happens as we wrap it up.. computer fries... all gone.. except 7 precious minutes of Brett opining... sort of like the Nixon Tapes... anyway...

Here is episode 31!  We laugh, we cry we talk game shows, we talk Elvis and Bill tells his theory on what happened last night.

Not Another Podcast... hot and fresh ... unlike the weather... just for you!


Episode 30 for 30... Auld Lang Syne

2014-12-30 Length: 1s


It's our last show of the year... it is our 30th show... and it was recorded on the 30th day of December... so it's our 30 for 30.. see what we did there?

We start the show talking about the weekend and our WWE Monday Night Raw... it did not go as planned... lol

We then go into our year in review in TV, Movies and sports... if you want to let us know what you think, check out our website at to leave a voicemail on the site or to send a tweet or email.

Thank you so much NAP? Army.. this has been an amazing ride and we cannot wait for 2015... you have blessed us so much and we want to contiune to entertain you.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Your pals,

Brett  & Bill

Episode 29: It's A Christmas Spectacular!!!

2014-12-23 Length: 1s

Merry Christmas NAP? Army!

We start the show with fall out from the Week of Festivities from Brett's Birthday and go right into the meat and potatoes of why we are doing the show... Christmas.  

Everything from songs, to movies to TV specials.. we got you covered!

Have something we forgot on our list, please let us know at

Thank you NAP? Army for your love and support and Brett and Bill want to wish you all a happy and safe Holiday Season!

We love you and if you want to donate to us or want to get a t shirt, or hoodie... we got them at at

Your Pals,

Brett & Bill

Episode 28: Shhhhhh..... It's A Surprise

2014-12-17 Length: 1s

Greetings NAP Army!

This was a fun episode because everything about it was virtually unplanned.  Well except for the surprise and you will get that as the show goes on...

Brett Turned 43 on Sunday and Bill could not be here for the full festivities as he went to Louisiana to wish his the man who made him best man in his wedding a happy 40th birthday... which he did not expect.  And Bill found out they have casinos in Baton Rouge too...

Speaking of things that were not expected, Brett gets a surprise during the show in regards to his birthday that turned out to be a lot of fun and why this episode is being published at 3am EST.

Finally we have a discussion about Jimmy's Old Town Tavern doing a Flash Mob in Reston Town Center after winning their 4th consecutive King of the Wings Competition!

Be sure to check out our website for cool stuff and where to listen to our show on the medium you like at

Thank you for all of your love and sup

Episode 27: There’s Weather A'Comin'

2014-12-10 Length: 1s

Greetings NAP Army!

Brett and I come to you a day later (it's Bill's fault... but needed to happen) and a day smarter.. we hope.

We start the show off giving thanks and some updates on past guests and give a shout out to a Podcast we listen to and watch on YouTube  run by the Quad Father... check them out and tell them you are a member of the NAP Army!

We then have a new segment on the show called Q&A with EQ... that's right, that's right... EQ stops by the studio to give Bill his take on his profession.. he is as entertaining on the show as he is off...

Finally we close out the show with a few thoughts of our own as we get ready for the Holiday High Season!

Please check out our website at and sign up for the newsletter, leave us a voicemail ONLINE and let us know what you think.

We Love you and we thank you!  

Brett & Bill

Episode 26: We Lay The Sm'Akron Down

2014-12-02 Length: 1s

Happy Holidays!

Brett and Bill start off by talking about their Thanksgiving festivities and then it devolves....

Maiden Sm'Akron stops by the studio (OUR FIRST IN STUDIO GUEST!!!) and talks about DC Rollergirls.  They have a match coming up in Dulles and we want the NAP? Army to Represent!

Here is info on the DC Rollergirls:

And specifically here is the schedule where you can get your tickets... its a lot of fun!  Believe us!

And finally Brett speaks to his aversion to Grocery store parking lots and we try seaweed snacks... yes.. Brett and Bill do it for you...

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Thank you NAP? Army!

Brett & Bill

Episode 25: It's Thanksgiving!!!

2014-11-25 Length: 1s

Brett and Bill exchange pleseantries on this Thanksgiving Morrow (always wanted to say that) and give thanks to the NAP? Army for their support.  By the way, do you know we have a store?  Yep.. we do.. check out the link...

Just in time for BLACK FRIDAY!!!

We start out the show with our traditions on Thanksgiving.. they vary a bit and then we get down and dirty on our tasting of foods... and one of them... um... yeah... there is a picture of it.  Thank you Amazon Prime!

Brett and Bill want to thank everyone for their love and support and to wish all of you a safe and happy Thanksgiving.  Without you, this show does not exist!

Be sure to check out the website on the right side.  You can leave a voice mail from your mobile site or your computer.  If it is great, we will have it on the air!




Brett & Billl

Episode 24: It's Time To Clean the Gutters!

2014-11-18 Length: 1s

Brett and Bill Start the show out talking about the new commerce site that will be available this week... just in time for Black Friday!  NAP Army Rejoice... We Sold Out!  We have Swag to buy!

Brett and Bill start the show off with Brett talking about his situation last week and if he was ok (your emails required this conversation).  He is ok, but let's just say it was much ado about nothing.. and nothing is code.  So is MAP... and we explain.

Bill then talks about his sausage making class.  Yes, the inuendo flies and it is fun for the whole family... FCC approved too!

I then talk about my charity, the Salvation Army to extend The NAP? Season of Giving.  I go into why I am involved in their work and why I think it is a great cause.  You can donate where they ring the bell or can donate online here:

Finally... Brett needs your help for Thanksgiving.  Give him some shows he can binge on that are female friendly.  I give him some ideas and we want your ideas too... just leave a message on our website

Remember, we still need your help with our survey... it takes 15 seconds.. literally

Thank you again and please check out our website at

We love you NAP? Army and thank you Italy for your love Episode 21!  


Episode 23: Veterans Day and The Season of Giving

2014-11-11 Length: 1s

Brett and Bill start the show off a little off schedule and Brett explains why and as the show progresses, you can hear why as well... Brett.. Not a fan of a particular place after tonight.

Bill then gets friend of the show Chris Maynard from Bring It In Close and Take a Knee to join us to talk about his charity in our "SEASON OF GIVING" series.  He is raising money for Special Olympics.  Even if it is for $5 it is a very worthy cause and you are helping a member of the NAP? Army Do the Most Good.  The link to his page is below:

Finally Brett and I talk about Military Movies and shows.  What were our favorites... and we ask you... what were you favorites.  Please go to our website and drop us a line on your thoughts.

We want to remind everyone to please take time to fill out our survey… it takes 15 seconds (we actually counted)

Thank you and we love you!


Episode 22: Special Election Coverage

2014-11-04 Length: 1s

It's Election Day here in the United States and Brett and Bill bring you election results from around the country as only they can...

First Brett and Bill talk about Weird Sports Injuries... you don't have to like sports to appreciate how strange these are

Then we talk about Halloween Candy... what is the best.. and the worst

We then do a taste test and find out how much Brett dislikes Pumpkin... all this and a special guest stops by the studio for election night coverage...

We want to remind everyone to please take time to fill out our survey... it takes 15 seconds (we actually counted)

And remember to check out our podcast at

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Episode 21: A Very Special Episode... Bill Gets Lei'd

2014-10-29 Length: 1s

Aloha Friends,

Sorry for the delay, Bill was traveling all day to get to the show and was delayed 24 hours.  He is back and talks to Brett about his experience.

Brett then takes Bill down a path of "special episdoes" of shows like the episode where Vincent Price kidnaps the Brady kids in the Hawaiian Episode (see a theme here?)

Finally, Brett tries some foods Bill brings back from the islands... will he like it?  Hmmmm...

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Thank you so much for the support... we love you!


Brett & Bill


Episode 20: Bringing People Together.

2014-10-21 Length: 1s

Brett and Bill end up in West Virgina for the weekend.. for different reasons.  Brett was there for his sister's wedding on the Eastern Pan Handle.  Bill ended up at West Virginia Wesleyan for his 18th Class reunion... 18th?  Why would you go... Bill Explains.

Bill and Brett then bring it all together by talking about bands that need to have a reunion too.

Bill will be gone this week in Maui but rest assured, they will do there best to have a Tuesday show next week.

Thank you all for your help and support!

Brett & Bill

Episode 19 : We Got Nothing Clever Here...

2014-10-14 Length: 1s

On This Episode of NAP?  We explore the room... its all new as Brett and Bill podcast from their new place and discuss the new website.  If you have not checked it out, please do at  Thank you Bleevit Interactive!  (Rick and Robin Hogan)  And thank you to Andrew Rhodes Photography (link is at the bottom of our page) for the amazing picture of Herndon on July 4th!  Take a look at his photography... it is truly amazing!

Tonight we discuss the fall of Saturday morning cartoons.  They are no more... Brett and Bill wax nostalgic about some highlights of the Saturday morning ritual.

Brett and Bill then put on their cranky pants and talk about how kids of born in the year 2000 (they are in high school now... ugh) never had it so good.

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Finally, sign up for our email news letter, it will come out as inconsistantly as possible but hopefully of a better quality then our consistantly bad show... thank you all for making this happen!  We love you!

Brett and Bill

PS- we would love to hear from our listeners outside the US on why you listen to the show... we love your support!

Episode 18: We're Legal!!!!

2014-10-07 Length: 1s

Once again we are on the road, on location because the studio is moving and everything is in boxes ready to go!

Tonight we thank the NAP Army, Brett talks about the 18 inning marathon he was at on Saturday and then we talk about a show that left an impression on us even to ths day, the Japanese Version of Iron Chef.  We then roll out talking about The Real Housewives of NJ... 

If you want to join our mailing list before it is on our site, please send me a note at

Thank you everyone for your support!  Thank you Hertford England for your support of the show... please write us on how we can get some Football Jerseys... we want to show our love when we record the show.

Another shout out to Eastern PA (Bethlehem, Harrisburg, York, Lancaster) coming strong today in the downloads... wow!  Thank you!

We could not do this without you!  Let us know what you think!

Brett & Bill

Episode 17: It's Lime Time! (with a lot of Football and Baseball)

2014-09-30 Length: 1s

September 30, 2014 is Podcast Day... so Happy Podcast Day Everyone!

On this episode, the boys talk about what happened this weekend, and move right into a great conversation and guest, Chris Maynard from Bring It In Close and Take a Knee... A Sports Page, where we cover the NFL at the quarter pole and talk Baseball playoffs

We then go into the things you like us doing the most... taste tests... and boy do we have a doozie... we try the Lime Flavored Wheat Thins (what?) and Limeade Oreos... ummmm... yeah....

Finally Bill goes into a rant about something he posted on Twitter last week... a DC parking ticket... I go full in... but if you want some entertainment on this... check out the raw feed of Ward 8 Council Member and "Mayor for Life" Marion Shepilov Barry Jr. speak to his issues with parking tickets with Fox 5's Emily Miller back in August of 2014.

Hertford England, we love you!

Here is a link to Bring It In Close and Take a Knee...




Episode 16: "Mystery" Guest Charles Stiles Joins The Show!!!

2014-09-23 Length: 1s

We are very excited to let you know that our "Mystery" Guest, Charles Stiles, Host of Food Network's Mystery Diners, joins us to tell us about the show, how he got started and where he is now (he is finishing up another season).  This was a lot of fun because Brett and Bill are HUGE Mystery Diner fans!

The Guys also talk about Bill's trip to the ER... everything is ok, but was a bit scary, no doubt!

Finally, "3 DVR" Brett leads a discussion in the Fall TV schedule.  

This is definitely a show you do not want to miss!  


About Charles Stiles:

Episode Guide for Food Network's Mystery Diners

Mystery Shopper Service (A Division of Business Evaluation Services)

Episode 15: NICK MUNDY JOINS US!!!

2014-09-16 Length: 1s

There is no other way to say it... NICK MUNDY IS IN THE HOUSE!  Well, he called us.. but none the less... we are so happy to have Nick on the show and we go over what he is doing with his career, including Conan O'Brien and Screen Junkies... Brett and I are HUGE fans of his and you will see why with this interview.  I have included some links, so you can follow the ascent of this talented and amazing comic genius:


Nick Mundy on YouTube:

Nick Mundy on Screen Junkies :

Nick Mundy on Conan:

Follow Nick Mundy on Twitter!  @dickfundy

Before the Nick interview we talk about our weekends..  Bill drove 1963 miles and Brett was driven mad by the RGIII incident in the Jacksonville game.

Finally we give an overview of PODCRAWL 2014 and THANK YOU to everyone who made it a success!  Could not have done it without your love and support!

If you would like to have a memento of the event, T shirts are $15 plus shipping.  We ship anywhere!

Thank you so much and enjoy the show!


Episode 14: 2014 NAP ARMY PODCRAWL!!!

2014-09-07 Length: 1s

Saturday September 6 was an Epic Day in Not Another Podcast? History as we had our 1st Annual NAP? Army PODCRAWL.. Podcast/Barcrawl in Old Town Herndon.  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT... WE COULD NOT AND WOULD NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!!!  

Before we start our "crawl" I interview Rob Rafferty, a director of one of the films in the DC Shorts Film Festival, which starts this week tells us a little bit about this festival which has garnered a lot of attention in the film industry and has thousands flock to DC every year to partake in  viewing and showing their short movies.

We then queue the music as our 2014 PODCRAWL begins at The Wiener's Circle for "NAP SNACKS" and then we get things really cooking at The Breeze Restaurant and Sports Bar where we interview someone who knows all too well about the Series Premier of "Lock Up Fairfax County" on MSNBC.

We then press on to O'Sullivans where we were lucky to have Mayor Lisa Merkel join us to tell us some things happening in town.  Unfortunately, my mic died during the interview, I kept it in because you can hear me a bit still, but we end up having a do over interview later in the show.  We also have a member of the NAP Army took the LAY'S® Cappuccino Flavored Potato Chips challange... which is described on their website as " a unique combination of great taste and good fun™ rolled into one great snack" Brett Simons and I would like to disagree with that statement... so would the contestant.

Finally, we roll into a Northern Virginia Institution Jimmy's Old Town Tavern.... where we talk with Eric Quarnstrom and Tegee Rogers about Jimmy's what is going on and some funny side stories.

After the Podcrawl was over, I realized we messed up two segments so the mayor was kind enough to call into the show Sunday morning and redo the segment from the day before.  We have some links here for you to check out from the Mayor's Office.

Herndon's website Dine On Herndon Mayor Facebook Page   Twitter (for the mayor) @Lisa4Herndon


Was this perfect?  No... was it a blast?  Oh Yes! 

Brett Simons and I want to Thank EVERYONE who made the 1st Annual NAP ARMY PODCRAWL a HUGE and OVERWHELMING SUCCESS! It was a lot of fun and I hope to get the show up shortly. There were a few technical glitches... but I will work on getting some re do's... it is the perils of doing things life... WE'LL DO IT LIVE... Thank you The Wiener's Circle The Breeze Restaurant and Sports Bar O'Sullivan's Irish Pub - Herndon and Jimmy's Old Town Tavern for your hospitality... I want to thank the Town of Herndon Virginia for your love and support and of course, Mayor Lisa Merkel for stopping by and giving us legitimacy... something we definitely DO NOT have!


T SHIRTS ARE STILL AVAILABLE FROM THE PODCRAWL!!!  $15 Each and $17 for XXL..  They are pretty AWESOME!!!!

Episode 13... Superstition

2014-09-02 Length: 1s

Tonight is Episode 13... so Superstitions are in Order... but before that, The First Annual Not Another Podcast?  PODCRAWL, starts Saturday at 2pm at The Breeze in Herndon.  If you want to join us for "NAP Snacks" at the Wieners Circle, that starts at around 12:30

Here is the Evite for the Podcrawl:

Here is the Schedule...  

2pm  The Breeze

3pm O'Sullivans

4pm Jimmy's Old Town Tavern

T Shirts will be available for Purchase!

Tonight we talk about Superstitions and the ones Brett and I have.  We also get into the Back to School swing of things and talk about our favorite lunch boxes.

Finally... We have some of the worst snacks EVER... seriously...



Episode 12 : Guilty Pleasures

2014-08-27 Length: 1s

Episode 12 we open up thanking the NAP? Army and Let you know that the Podcrawl is less than 2 weeks away!  Get ready Folks... join us on Saturday September 6 for the First Ever "PODCRAWL"  That is a Podcast and Bar Crawl... here is the Evite link.. join the fun!

We go into detail on the interesting snack sections you can find in International Food Markets and taste some of the foods our international fans enjoy... (yes, please give us suggestions Indonesia!)

We then do our taste test with a new soda... um... yeah...

Finally we talk about our guilty pleasures in Music, TV and Movies.... 

Let us know what you think and please feel free to listen to us on the following formats


TuneIn         Stitcher…

Episode 11 : We'll Do It Live! Literally!

2014-08-20 Length: 1s

Tonight is the first time we did the show on location.  We did it after the ice bucket challenge brought to us by Matt Kirby.  We accepted and donated... we encourage everyone to do the same.  Here is the link

Tonight we experiment with my portable equipment and Brett and I tackle important subjects like:

His trip to Chicago... first time ever (and no Italian Beef... gasp!)

We talk about our dream vacations, and I am about to take one to Maui

We also do another taste test... we may have found a chip worse than cappuccino!

Finally, we want to thank each and every one of you who support our show by downloading and ranking us.  THANK YOU!  We definitely need your support still.  If you have not done so, please Review and rank us on:




And of course you can buy our app in the Amazon App Store... its pretty cool kids!



Brett & Bill

Episode 10 : Good Bye Robin Williams

2014-08-12 Length: 1s

Tonight starts our new night on Tuesday and unfortunately, it starts out with the passing of Robin Williams.  We reflect on his life, what he meant to us and some top moments in his career.

We also have a taste test... Yes Ritz Crackerfuls.... are they worth the price of admission... we wait for the mic of Brett Simons to Tell us.

We also now have an App Available on the Amazon App store... here is the link:

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EPISODE 9: Ahhh... The 80s....

2014-08-04 Length: 1s

We Want to Thank the NAP Army for their Support and URGE you to Like Us on iTunes.  Here is the link to our show and we have a contest for you to win and help us, listen to win!


On tonights show we go over some Bad Songs, Some movies we thought were cool in the 80s and really weren't and talk about the phenomenon known as "Bronies"

We want to thank all of the support and please take time to like our facebook page and give us a follow on Twitter:





And for Android you can hear us on Tunein and Stitcher








Episode 8 : An All American Show

2014-07-28 Length: 1s

This is a very special episode of Not Another Podcast?  It is an episode where I have my good friend Brian Jozwiak on the show to talk about his career at WVU and with the Kansas City Chiefs.  He also talks about why he has been helping the WVU Children's Hospital with his Charity Joz Noz Kidz.

We then take the show on a tragic turn as we try the worst potato chip ever... seriously...


THank you again NAP Army!  We love you and hope you enjoy!


 About Our Guest:

Brian Jozwiak will forever be known as one of the most dominating offensive linemen in WVU history. In 1985 alone, Jozwiak was tabbed as an All-American by five different sources.

He was only the fourth consensus All-American in school history and one of only six Mountaineers to be selected in the first round of the NFL Draft. He was also named a second team All-American by the Associated Press in 1983.

During his tenure on the offensive line, No. 77 guided the Mountaineers to a 33-13-1 record and three Bowl appearances. Jozwiak was originally recruited as a defensive lineman, but made the switch in 1983. A member of WVU's 1980-89 all-time team, Jozwiak was drafted with the seventh pick in the first round of the 1986 NFL draft by the Kansas City Chiefs and played for three seasons before injury forced him to retire. Off the field, Jozwiak was heavily involved with charity work in Morgantown during his days as a Mountaineer. Among the charities he was involved with were Special Olympics, March of Dimes, Easter Seals and the WVU Children's Hospital.


Episode 7 - Talking in a Tin Can, James Garner, Worst Job Ever, Dating Updates

2014-07-21 Length: 1s

In this episode we announce our syndication, and thank the NAP? Army for everything they have done.  We talk to Chris Maynard from Bring It In Close... Take a Knee a Fan page about the NBA Hot Stove and I share with Brett and Chris a story verifed by Mr. Maynrd as Legendary... but 100% true...

We also give a retrospect to Mr. James Garner and talk about the Top 10 Worst Jobs Ever and the jobs we had that really were awful...

We talk about a date I had last week and review two Garlic Inspired chips from Lays...

All that and more!

Thanks for your love and support!  


Remember you can listen to us at:






Digital Podcast

Episode 6: Why is the Baby in the Woods?

2014-07-14 Length: 1s

We are now on Episode 6 and Brett has a full time seat, no longer in his folding chair, Brett gets comfortable and boy does have some things to say!

We talk World Cup (the last one for 4 years), We go over The ESPY Awards coming up this week (Brett wore his T shirt Tuxedo for this) and we talk about the passing of Tommy Ramone, the last remaining member of the original Ramones.

We go over two reality shows.. one answers the questions about why the baby is in the woods and the other gives a nice segue into how my OK Cupid Profile looks to the average woman looking for love.

Finally I go on a bit of a rant.. well maybe a sermon... well maybe its just a thought.

Let us know what you think!


Episode 5 Brett.. Foo "Fights" For His Job...

2014-07-08 Length: 1s

Episode 5 sees a Professional wrestling twist no one saw coming, not even Brett, who decided to join twitter @fooboy21 for the show.  He has to answer 10 questions about the Foo Fighters... Does he keep his seat?

We also talk about  our July 4th weekends, the World Cup, the guy who fell asleep at the Yankees game suing everyone, Baseball at the halfway point and Anthony for the Opie & Anthony Show is out of a job and probably has to join us podcasting.

Brett rants and we let you in on the first ever "POD CRAWL"

Remember to check out to like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and to make our show blow up... we love your support!



2014-07-02 Length: 1s

It is dangerously close to the 4th of July so Brett and I got together to create a show so you can listen to it while you are stuck on Route 50 East heading to the beach...

In this episode we talk about our weekends past, the World Cup (which is still going on after the USA lost), we talk about things that are trending, We go over the best Public Apologies for June and we get to the bottom of Who Stole the Bread Flour?  

Please remember to like our Facebook Page  Not Another Podcast?  And follow us on Twitter @napodcast  





Episode 3: Professional Wrestling Comes to DC, World Cup, Redskins and SO MUCH MORE...

2014-06-29 Length: 1s

On This Episode, your fearless heroes speak about Professional Wrestling with Professor Brett Simons.  We also talk about the World Cup and The Washington Redskins (this one is interesting).  We talk about going to Atlantic City together... for different reasons.  We talk about the TV Guide Ranking of Cartoons. and a few other things.  Remember you can email us at send us a twitter @NAPODCASTUSA and our facebook page.

Look out for website coming soon!  It will be interactive!  It will be fun... It will be... just like most websites out there... sorry ...


 Songs on the Show


Real American Written and Performed by Rick Derringer 1985 off of The Wrestling Album Produced by Rick Derringer, Dave Wolff, Jim Steinman, Mona Flambé

Land of 1000 Dances Written Orignally by Chris Kenner 1965, performed by the Enitre WWE Universe at the time (including The Iron Shiek people!)  Produced by Rick Derringer, Dave Wolff, Jim Steinman, Mona Flambé 1985

Episode 2: Casey Kasem, World Cup Gonna Happen? Horse Racing 101 and Bad Movies...

2014-06-25 Length: 1s

For this episode of Not Another Podcast, I convince Brett to fill in with an order of Boneless Wings from Bon Chon and we begin to discuss all the things that you really don't care about...  Bad Movies... we discuss...

I apologize in advance for this show being delayed, I am working on the editing... I think I am starting to get the hang of it... please give me feedback on our Facebook Page 

Stay tuned for sponsors and an actual webpage!



Episode 1: REBOOT! Fried Chicken, North Korea, What's Trending, Brett's Rant 05/25/2014

2014-06-01 Length: 1s


Hey Everyone!  It is finally done, the first podcast of Not Another Podcast?  Please keep in mind that the show will have more professional editing as I start to understand how to use the software better, but I hope you like the raw feed we have for you.  

The first show has Mr. Brett Simons coming out of 13 years of retirement as an on air personality to help me focus thoughts on all things that really do not matter in this world but you will get our take on Fried Chicken, North Korea and what in fact is trending.

The show ends with a special rant from Brett about a particular problem he has with a GPS function.

Please know that there were a couple of curse words used in this Podcast and listener discretion is advised.  Be mindful though because the word was only used twice, I do believe it qualifies as a PG-13 broadcast by the MPAA.

Would love your feedback, please email, tweet or post on Not Another Podcast?Facebook page.  

Thank you for all of your support and hope you enjoy!


B Mac


About this podcast:

Not Another Podcast?

Weekly Podcast devoted to the spirit of the spoken word. Stories, famous guests and yes even mediocre entertainment.. check out our website and use the link to Amazon to help our show!

Not Another Podcast?