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Be Thou My Vision

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find myself frustrated in my efforts to become all that my Father in Heaven wants me to be. There are so many voices, so many messages, so many possible answers to the everyday questions I’m faced …read more…

Gethsemane: Original Choir Piece

In my Gethsemane my poor voice I gently raised, For the burden placed on me, I have also been amazed Oh Jesus, my Jesus That reach was infinite, every soul in space and time, It was also intimate, filling me …read more…

Scripture Study Made Awesome: Over 100 Unique Scripture Study Methods

Have you ever had times when scripture study was tedious, boring, or non-existent? Most of us have. But you’re in luck. Those days are over. In Scripture Study Made Awesome, released TODAY, you’ll find an original list of over 100 …read more…

A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief

The Stranger and His Friend A poor, wayfaring Man of grief hath often crossed me on my way, Who sued so humbly for relief that I could never answer nay. I had not pow’r to ask his name, whereto he …read more…

Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee

Download “Jesus the Very Thought of Thee,” Sheet Music or Free MP3 Thoughts have power. They shape our character. They shape our existence. They shape the nature of our being. No wonder we’re encouraged to watch our thoughts, guard them, …read more…

God Be With You Till We Meet Again

Were this the only state of existence—even life itself, filled with such vibrance as it is, would be a tragedy. But our true selves, the essence of our nature, the spirit that invigorates our flesh, was born of eternal matter, …read more…

Kickstarter Project

I love the Book of Mormon. And I love audio books. The first time I listened to the Book of Mormon on cassette tape (yeah, I’m that old), it was a life changing experience. It totally opened my eyes to …read more…

Joseph Smith’s First Prayer

You can get the sheet music or free MP3 of this music on my website. From Joseph’s 1832 account of the first vision: “At about the age of twelve years my mind became seriously impressed with regard to the all-important …read more…

Abide with Me, ‘Tis Eventide

After Jesus’ crucifixion, the disciples went their way, wondering, questioning, troubled, and frightened. Two of them walked the long road to Emmaus. And it came to pass, that, while they communed together and reasoned, Jesus himself drew near, and went …read more…

Simple Gifts

Get the Sheet Music Life is lived in moments—not in seconds, not in hours, not even in breaths or heartbeats. Life is lived in the moments that we make by our own choices. It’s our conscious effort to see beauty, …read more…


Fly is based on the ideas shared in two of my favorite poems on faith. The first is by Patrick Overton, and reads, When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step …read more…

His Rain

by Chas Hathaway and Ria Spencer I am standing in the rain In the sparkling drops of rain I seek the warmth of new light Beneath the endless sky I am walking in the rain In the sparkling drops of …read more…

Gazelem, Piano Solo Version

Some of you have heard the piano trio version of this piece, but here’s a version for piano solo. I’ve already written a blog entry about Gazelem, and what it means to me, so I won’t repeat myself, but I …read more…

I Stand for Eternal Families

Let me say up front, I am NOT trying to “attack back.” I fully, entirely understand the view of those who support the idea of same-gender marriage. I don’t want to be unkind in any way. I have loved ones, …read more…

Love at Home

2013-03-27 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 3s
President David O. McKay said, “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother” (quoted from Theodore Hesburgh, Reader’s Digest, Jan. 1963, 25; in Richard Evans’ Quote Book [1971], 11). “Only the home …read more…

Christ the Lord is Risen Today

2013-03-22 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 4s
Can you imagine the celebration we must have had? After centuries of watching, waiting, anticipating, sometimes with an almost agonizing hope, and other times with pain and sorrow as we watched our older Brother suffer in preparation for the event—to …read more…

Be the Difference


Sweet Hour of Prayer

2013-03-19 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 3s
God hears your prayers—every one of them. Just because you don’t always feel it doesn’t mean He’s not listening. He’s always listening.  Usually the struggle comes with recognizing His answers. Sometimes He answers with thoughts or ideas, sometimes through dreams …read more…

Abide with Me

2013-03-14 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 3s
When discouragement, fear, and frustration overtake us; when we turn our hearts away from the truth; when we cover our ears to silence the heavenly whisper; when we pollute our lives with one bad choice after another; at some point …read more…

Book Review: Marriage 101 for Men: Why Taking Out the Trash Is a Turn On, by Sherri Mills

Okay guys, listen up. Sherri Mills has a book out for you and I highly suggest you read it. I don’t care if you’re happily married, unhappily married, or not yet married, you REALLY ought to read Sherri’s book, called, …read more…

For the Beauty of the Earth, with a little help from Bach’s 1st prelude…

2013-03-12 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 3s
If you’re ever struggling spiritually, take a walk. Look around at the beauty of the world. Notice the grass, flowers, trees, and mountains. Notice the people, birds, and wildlife. Notice the ground and sky. Notice the colors, and the finer, …read more…

Does that Star-Spangled Banner Yet Wave?

2013-03-06 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 3s
I used to get annoyed by our national anthem. Seriously? The United States’ #1 chief patriotic theme is about bombs going off, and ends (after all, we only ever sing the first verse, right?) with the question of whether our …read more…

I Know that My Redeemer Lives

2013-03-01 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 4s
I tried to portray my feelings about the Savior while writing this arrangement. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t know Jesus was real, but I’ve had a number of experiences that have confirmed that knowledge, again and again. …read more…

Nearer My God to Thee Sheet Music

2013-02-27 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 3s
The sheet music for this piece is now available on my website. The art on the cover is called, “In the Green Summer Meadow,” by Ria Spencer. You should check out her other stuff. You can also Download the free MP3. …read more…

Nearer My God to Thee

2013-02-21 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 3s
Or if, on joyful wing cleaving the sky, sun, moon, and stars forgot, upward I fly, still all my song shall be, nearer, my God, to thee; nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee! I tried to give this …read more…

Date Ideas: Zero-Cost Dates (freeeeee!)

Everyone likes free dates. And there are a number of ways to make them unique and fun. Here are just a few such ideas. Playground Go to a local playground. Swing, slide, play tag or lava monster. You may even …read more…

Date Ideas: Youth Dance Dates

Youth dances, including high-school proms, certainly aren’t typical dates, and shouldn’t be considered such. And it shouldn’t be expected that to ask someone out for an ordinary date, you need balloons or a fog machine, but if you’re looking for …read more…

Date Ideas: X-travagant (and X-pensive) Dates

I suppose there is a place for extravagant dates, and if you really want one, here are a few unique ideas for those with a little extra money (okay, a lot of extra money). Hot Air Balloon Ride Come on, …read more…

Date Ideas: Working-Together Dates

One of the great ways to learn about compatibility is to do dates that see how well you work together. Here are a few ideas: Cook Dinner Together You’ve probably heard the term, “Too many cooks in the kitchen.” Cooking …read more…

America the Beautiful Sheet Music

2013-02-11 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 5s
Since I had so much fun writing this one, the transcription took a little longer than I expected.  You can purchase the sheet music on my website, as well as download the MP3. I’ve always loved this piece, and I …read more…

America, the Beautiful

2013-02-08 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 5s
You may notice when you listen to this arrangement that it’s not your typical America the Beautiful style. Not only is it in a weird key, but it has some bizarre chord changes, and only a couple times in the …read more…

Date Ideas: Values-Identifying Dates

Most people’s values are easy to identify over a long dating period, but sometimes they can be harder to recognize in just one or two dates. Ultimately, it’s going to be hard to find out your date’s feelings on an …read more…

Praise to the Lord, The Almighty: Piano Sheet Music

2013-02-07 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 4s
I just learned something about this hymn that I think is pretty cool. The original lyrics weren’t in English, but the earliest translation reads as follows: Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation O my soul, praise …read more…

Date Ideas: Unselfish (Service Oriented) Dates

Read Stories to Kids at a Children’s Hospital Most children’s hospitals have a system for having people come and read stories or play with the children in the hospital. Call your local hospital to see if you can bring a …read more…

Date Ideas: Talking Dates (Conversational)

Sometimes a relationship could have great potential, but you don’t seem to do much talking. “We never talk!” some complain. It could be that your dates don’t involve activities that are very conducive to talking. Try some of these conversational …read more…

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

2013-02-05 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 4s
After writing the piano solo of this piece, I thought it might be fun to spice it up with some Djembe drum, tenor flute, and sistrum (a sort of Egyptian tambourine) to match the style of Hieway to Kolob. And just for …read more…

Date Ideas: Spontaneous Dates

Sometimes the best opportunity for a date is in the moment. With spontaneous dates, since they’re unplanned, you don’t have to use the word date when you invite someone, even though you will be paired off together. Here are a …read more…

Date Ideas: Religious Dates

An important thing to learn about your date is his/her religious convictions. Here are some ideas to draw out religious conversation and learn how each other feel about the Savior. Read Scriptures Together This is even better than reading a …read more…

Date Ideas: Quick Dates (1/2 hour or less)

Sometimes things come up at the last minute that interfere with the four hour date you were planning, but you don’t want to completely call it off, so if you still have a ½ hour to spend together, here are …read more…

Book Review: Tide Ever Rising, by Mandi Slack

I really enjoyed Mandi’s first book, The Alias, but the moment I started Tide Ever Rising, I couldn’t put it down. I was totally sucked in! If you like mystery, if you like midwest history with a touch of paranormal, …read more…

Book Review: Diary of a Single Mormon Female, by Aleesa Sutton

If it’s been a while since you’ve been in the dating game, and you have unmarried friends, family, neighbors, or kids, you need to pick up a copy of Aleesa Sutton’s book, Diary of a Single Mormon Female. I could …read more…

Date Ideas: Past-Discovering Dates

Learning about your date’s past can be a challenge, especially if they’ve told you they had a rough early life. Yet an essential part of a relationship is coming to know each others past as well as present self. But …read more…

Date Ideas: Occupational Career Dates

One of the things that you’ll want to learn about your date is her career plans. Once you find out what she wants to do for the rest of her life, plan a date based around that thing. (And don’t …read more…

Date Ideas: Nature-Outdoorsy Dates

Sometimes just getting outside can make a great date. But what to do while you’re out there? Try a few of these: Boating, Canoeing, or Kayaking Find a big lake, and get out on the water. Explore, and see if …read more…

Date Ideas: Meet-the-Family Dates

Sometimes we tend to get more stressed about meeting the family than we are about the initial date. Usually, there’s no reason to be afraid. Still, it helps to have a plan, so you don’t have to meet under less-than-ideal …read more…

Date Ideas: Lazy Dates

Most lazy activities don’t need much explanation—just an initial idea. So if you’re not feeling like being fancy, or even very active at all, but still want to spend time together, try some of these lazy date ideas. Sit On …read more…

Ka-Ching! Money Making Dates

We always talk about expensive vs. cheap vs. free dates, but how often do we consider dates that might actually bring money in? If your relationship is really going well, and you want to tug at heart-strings to get people …read more…

Date Ideas: Just-for-Fun Dates

After doing a bunch of useful dates that really help you develop your relationship (or for a great first date), you may want to do a fun date that has no point except, well, to have fun! Here are some …read more…

Date Ideas: Ice-Breaker Dates

Not sure how to break the ice with your date? Sometimes it’s the simple things that can help you get comfortable being together, espcially if you or your date is shy (which, I might remind you, is not a bad …read more…

Date Ideas: Humorous Dates

If you want to know what kind of sense of humor your date has, you may want to plan a date that promotes a lot of laughter. Here are some ideas that could potentially make for some really funny dates. …read more…

Date Ideas: Get-to-Know-You Dates

One of the tricks to learning more about your date’s personality is getting him in his element. If you can spend time with him doing what he does every day, he’s more likely to act the way he normally acts. …read more…

Date Ideas: Financial Responsibility Dates

Having a great bank account isn’t nearly as important as having good, financial sense. Here are a few date ideas to help you find out about your date’s financial sense (as well as your own!). Five Bucks Each Take five …read more…

Date Ideas: Educational Dates

Stargazing Get a star map (they have an app for that) and a telescope or pair of binoculars, and go to a location at least a few miles out of town after dark and look at the stars. Try to …read more…

Date Ideas: Diversity (Cultural) Dates

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own culture that we never notice the rich depth and beauty available through other cultures, and never in the history of the world have we had more access to information, art, music, …read more…

Date Ideas: Creative Dates

There are literally hundreds of ways to use creativity in dating. Doing a creatively focused date can help you find out how much your date enjoys creative activity. If you are a creative person, or enjoy creative things, you may …read more…

Date Ideas: Blind Dates

Remember that the focus of a first date should always be to have a great time and help your date have a great time. It’s kind of the ice-breaker date. Neither of you really have any idea what the other …read more…

Date Ideas: Athletic Dates

With any athletic or active date, make sure you find out some basics about your date’s health. If he has asthma, for example, you may want to approach the idea carefully and sensitively. And don’t overestimate your own athletic prowess, …read more…

Dating Ideas, A-Z

In preparation for Valentines Day, I thought I’d do a series on dating ideas, and just for fun, I’ll go from A-Z, for one month, building up to Valentines. I’ll skip Sundays, leaving the 26 days matching with the 26 …read more…

Be Still My Soul, Sheet Music Ready!

2013-01-09 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 3s
This is an arrangement I actually wrote a couple years ago, but realized only recently that it hadn’t been put on sheet music. How did I miss that? But never fear! I’ve saved the day by putting the sheet music …read more…

My Testimony

2013-01-07 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 14s

My African Dream

2013-01-05 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 3s
On my mission to South Africa, I had many dreams about home. I mentioned this to a companion once, and he said since the beginning of his mission, he hadn’t once dreamed about home. This surprised me, because I hadn’t …read more…

Two Types of Creativity: Which are You?

2013-01-04 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 13s
Everyone is creative, but everyone has different ways of showing it or expressing it. In this video, I talk about the two types of creativity, and how they effect your creative work, and your everyday life. Knowing your creative type …read more…

All Creatures of Our God and King Sheet Music

2013-01-01 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 3s
I had a friend tell me a while back that this was her favorite of my arrangements. I was looking through my blog and realized to my shock and horror (picture my mouth agape) that I’d never blogged this one. …read more…

The Gate of the Year

One of my favorite poems is by Minnie Louise Haskins. I thought it appropriate to share it tonight. And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year: “Give me a light that I may tread safely …read more…

Of Oceanic Voyages

If you really want family history to be fun, find the stories. Sometimes we do so much of looking for names, dates, and places, that we forget all the fascinating stories that the information can provide. I have one line …read more…

Peculiar and the Wooden Vase

I’m thinking out loud for a second. I’ve been considering for a long time doing a video program, similar to what I’ve done with Gospel Living Made Awesome, but a new one intended for writers and musicians… and anyone in …read more…

Resolution with Three Days to Spare

I just thought of a resolution I’d like to try for New Years. I’ve become quite sparse in my journal keeping. Well, I’ve also neglected my blog. So here’s my resolution. I need to write every day—if only a few …read more…


I had an interesting experience that gave me some interesting insight into the word Gazelem. This is a sample from my book, Giraffe Tracks: Elder Solomon was a great companion, and had the most interesting background. He was from Ethiopia. …read more…

The Lord is My Shepherd

2012-09-10 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 3s
  Sheet music for this arrangement available at…

Book Review: The Official Hero’s Guide, by Damon Throop

The Official Hero’s Guide is a must have for the youth of the church. Brother Damon Throop does a fantastic job laying out the dangers and pitfalls of the teenage years, and provides sound advice about maintaining high standards and …read more…

Howard Taylor on the Power of Practice

2012-07-21 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 51s
Howard Taylor gave a masterful presentation on the power of practice, and I’ve been learning from it ever since I first heard it. He references the article, How Not to Talk to Your Kids, which I also recommend. He also …read more…

My Radio Interview

Diana Hoffman is the host of Healing Talk Radio, which aires on multiple radio channels as well as BYU Internet radio. She was so awesome to invite me to be interviewed on her show, and she was a delight to …read more…

The Spirit of God Sheet Music

2012-07-13 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 6s
For as long as I can remember, The Spirit of God has been my favorite of all the hymns. (That’s saying something, because I love a lot of hymns.) It always makes me want to go to the temple, and …read more…

Moonlight Sonata Sheet Music

2012-07-11 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 4s
Appropriate for a midnight post, here’s my newest sheet music release. This is my arrangement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. I actually wrote it in A minor, but transposed it to make the sheet music in the original C3 minor key, …read more…

Canon in D Sheet Music

2012-07-10 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 3s
Canon in D was one of the first pieces I ever learned to play, and I had friends in high school who would call me Pachelbel because I was always playing it. Over the years, I’ve come up with tons …read more…

How Can I Keep From Singing Sheet Music

2012-07-09 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 3s
  My piano solo arrangement of How Can I Keep from Singing? is available on my website. And you can listen to the MP3 here! Just click on the play button above. The music for How Can I Keep From Singing was written by …read more…

Hieway to Kolob: New Age Music by Chas Hathaway

$.79 MP3 I absolutely love the tune to If You Could Hie to Kolob. When I came up with my piano solo arrangement, I was blown away by all of your kindness and support. To date, it’s my bestselling sheet …read more…

Danny Boy Sheet Music

2012-06-27 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 2s
Remember the the MP3 of Danny Boy I posted a few days ago? Well, the sheet music is ready! You can see the details on my website: Enjoy!…

Fun With Telemarketers: Vegetable Oil Politics

2012-06-26 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 5s
It’s that time of year. I got a political call at home, and I’m always disappointed to discover that I’m talking to a robo-politician. So it was to my wondering joy that I discovered this one to be a real …read more…

My Sheet Music Book is Finally Available!

Yay! I finally have my sheet music available in a book format. You know those cool spiral-bound books that make it super-easy to play them at the piano? Well, that’s what it is. You can also get the book as …read more…

Danny Boy MP3 Piano Solo by Chas Hathaway

2012-06-23 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 2s
This is a 2+ minute sample of my arrangement of Danny Boy. You can purchase the full MP3 here Danny Boy is one of the most beautiful traditional English/Celtic melodies I know. There is a tradition that the original melody, known …read more…

Balloon Marketing

I found a fun strategy to use at book signings, especially stores that sell helium balloons. Here’s what you do: 1. Purchase 2-3 helium balloons (enough to get the word around, but not too many to keep track of) 2. …read more…

The Seven Edits of Highly Effective Authors


Book Review: Change of Heart, by Roseanne Wilkins

This is the first of Roseanne Wilkins’ novels that I’ve read, and I loved it! It captured well the stress, and ups and downs of college dating, and provided an exciting suspense story that kept the book moving well from …read more…

The Middle Grade Novel, with Author Jennifer A Nielsen

2012-05-17 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 53s
At LDStorymakers this year, author Jennifer A. Nielsen gave an amazing presentation on writing for middle-graders, AKA middle-readers. If you’ve ever even considered writing for the middle-grade audience (approximately ages 8-13), you don’t want to miss this presentation. If you’re having …read more…

Chord-Player Piano

Click this video to start, and then click on a note to play the chord. If you hit the top of the note, it will do the major chord, and the bottom will do the minor. I’ve always wanted to …read more…

The Hero’s Journey

2012-04-15 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 54s
I went to an awesome presentation by Christine Mehring at the Write Here in Ephraim writers conference this last week, and this class was amazing! I talked to Christine afterward to see if I could post the audio of it …read more…

That Easter Morn Piano Solo Sheet Music

Sheet music, PDF download….$3.95   I’m so glad I was able to get this one announced by Easter! Here’s a video if you want to hear the music (below). Go on, listen to it. But don’t stop there–buy the sheet …read more…

The Alias, by Mandi Tucker Slack: Book Review

The Alias, by Mandi Tucker Slack, is a fun, fast-paced LDS suspense novel with a great story and great characters. I found myself finishing it within two days, because I couldn’t stop reading. Mandi does a good job balancing character …read more…

My Deadline

2012-03-13 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 19s
I’m not talking about a goal. I’m talking about a deadline!…

Realistic vs. Faithful

And now, behold thy brothers murmur, saying it is a hard thing which I have required of them; but behold I have not required it of them, but it is a commandment of the Lord. This is a classic case …read more…

Don’t Do Like They Do, Think Like They Think

2012-03-09 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 5s
Don’t do what successful authors do. Think like successful authors think. . .…

A Transposition of an Improvisation of a Variation of a Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini

2012-03-01 :: Chas Hathaway
Transposition of an Improvisation of a Variation on a Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini Do any of you, like me, find the name Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, like, the most burdensome title for a piece ever? I …read more…

LTUE Keynote Speech: James A. Owen

2012-02-27 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 54s
At LTUE writing conference, James A. Owen gave a masterful speech that I found exceptionally inspiring and encouraging. Gratefully, I had my little podcast recorder, so I captured this awesome story. My only regret is that I didn’t catch a …read more…

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation

Mind if I let my thoughts wander for a minute? I heard of an interview recently where an author was asked, “What would you say to encourage new authors?” He replied, “Nothing. I would discourage them, because good authors can’t …read more…

The Creative Power of Limitation

I think one of the greatest ways to promote creativity is to have limitations that seem to hamper the progress you are able to make. Think about it. If material is lacking, you learn to be creative with what you’ve …read more…

Preparing for Turn Thirteen

I heard an interesting interview with a bobsledder. He was talking about a ride where one of the major turns went incredibly well, and then, almost without warning, the sled flipped, and the crew was going down on their heads. …read more…

Come, Come Ye Saints Piano Sheet Music

2012-02-17 :: Chas Hathaway Length: 3s
It’s here! The sheet music for Come, Come Ye Saints is finally available!    …… $3.95  …

Hobby vs. Occupational vs. Serious Author

I’ve been thinking a lot about my role as an author. It’s been almost eight years since I started writing my first book, and I hope I’ve come a long way. I used to think of authors simply as people …read more…

Kids Say the Awesomest Things

Having four kids under the age of six is always an adventure. As I type, two are shouting from their bedroom, “Mama, can I go potty?” How long since they went to bed? Five minutes. Oh, and one of the …read more…

My Valentine

It’s hard to believe Jenni and I have been together almost eight years! I remember our first Valentines. We’d dated on and off in college, and we were in the middle of a not-quite dating stage. But we were still …read more…

Anyone Want to Start an Online Manuscript-Critique Group?

I have a writing group, and the members are great. We inspire each other, give each other feedback, and boost each other’s motivation. But in addition to that, I’d like to get together a group of serious authors, who like …read more…

Jeanette Isabella’s Torch

2011-12-24 :: Chas Hathaway
Jeanette Isabella’s Torch My family has an annual Christmas Eve party that includes an opportunity to share a story, talent, song, thought, etc. This year, as part of it, we decided to do a “carol-off.” We choose a carol, and …read more…

Interview with Author Misty Moncur

2011-12-09 :: Chas Hathaway
Interview with Misty Moncur Show Notes: Misty Moncur is the author of the LDS novel, Daughter of Helaman. As her bio on her website, states, Misty fits in writing like other people fit in breathing. She writes in the Romance, …read more…

Eighth Year Newlywed

2011-11-11 :: Chas Hathaway
Eighth Year Newlywed…

Praise to the Man for Flutes and Piano Music Video


Today, Right Now, I Get to Know Her As a Child

2011-10-21 :: Chas Hathaway
Know Her As a Child…

Book Review: I Almost Divorced My Husband, but I Went on Strike Instead by Sherri Mills

2011-10-18 :: Chas Hathaway
Book Review: I Almost Divorced My Husband, but I Went on Strike Instead…

Beautiful Savior: Piano Solo Sheet Music Available

2011-10-15 :: Chas Hathaway
Yay! The sheet music for my piano solo arrangement of Beautiful Savior is out and available for purchase on my website. You can also download the free MP3 there. Enjoy the music!  …

Nanowrimo: Write a Novel in a Month

2011-10-12 :: Chas Hathaway

My Biggest Advice to Writers

2011-10-11 :: Chas Hathaway
Biggest Advice to Writers My biggest advice to those who want to write and those who do write, either as a hobby, career, or obsession.…

Why the Book of Mormon?

2011-10-06 :: Chas Hathaway
Why The Book of Mormon…

LDS Internet Mission

2011-10-05 :: Chas Hathaway
LDS Internet Mission In this audioblog, I discuss LDS Internet Mission, and the LDS Internet Mission Facebook page. Please jump in! It’s going to be great!…

Preparing for General Conference

 If you want a great pattern for preparing for LDS General Conference, re-read Mosiah 2. This is the chapter where King Benjamin is about to present his son as the new king and give his last sermon. But the first …read more…

Audioblog: Photography Ideas: Depth of Field: and too: many: colons

2011-09-28 :: Chas Hathaway
Depth of Field…

The Unforgivable Sin of Intolerance

2011-09-24 :: Chas Hathaway
The Unforgivable Sin of Intolerance…

Audioblog: We Are Creators

2011-09-22 :: Chas Hathaway
We Are Creators…

Audioblog: Social Learning

2011-09-21 :: Chas Hathaway
Social Learning      …

My Ancient Heart of a Child, by Federico García Lorca

This is one of my favorite poems. Isn't it beautiful? My heart of silk is filled with lights, with lost bells, with lilies and bees. and I will go very far, farther than those hills, farther than the seas, close …read more…

Recent Signings

I’ve had a couple of great signings with Marriage is Ordained of God, but WHO Came Up with Dating? recently. The great thing was that Jenni got to come to them as well. The first was at BYU bookstore, and the …read more…

Audioblog: Look Around

2011-09-12 :: Chas Hathaway
  Look Around  …

Audio Blog: How Am I Now?

2011-09-08 :: Chas Hathaway
How Am I Now?  …

Audioblog: Is it Really Worth Love?

2011-09-07 :: Chas Hathaway
Is It Really Worth Love?…

AudioBlog: Unconventional Gardening

2011-09-02 :: Chas Hathaway
Unconventional Gardening…

Audioblog: Thinking Inside the Box

2011-08-31 :: Chas Hathaway
Thinking Inside the Box…

Daily Improv: Day 3

18 Jan 2011…

Daily Improv: Day 11

0000-00-00 :: Chas Hathaway
26 Jan 2011…

Daily Improvisation: Day 9

0000-00-00 :: Chas Hathaway
24 Jan 2011…

Daily Improv: Day 8

0000-00-00 :: Chas Hathaway
23 Jan 2011…

Daily Improv: Day 7

0000-00-00 :: Chas Hathaway
22 Jan 2011…

Daily Improv: Day 6

0000-00-00 :: Chas Hathaway
21 Jan 2011…

Daily Improv: Day 5

0000-00-00 :: Chas Hathaway
20 Jan 2011 I thought for variety today I’d switch to one of the obscure digital voices. I think this voice was called something like, “Alien lounge.” I can just picture a bunch of little green men sitting around drinking some kind of bl…

Daily Improv: Day 4

0000-00-00 :: Chas Hathaway
19 Jan 2010…

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