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OnceUponAWorld-Jesus feeds 5000

2006-07-16 :: Robert Duncan and John Le Mesurier
The apostles asked all the people what they had. No one had anything, except one small boy who had five loaves of bread and two small fishes. That won't go very far,' one of the apostles said. 'That will only feed two of us.' Jesus looked up, 'We'll feed everyone here, all five thousand of them.'…

OnceUponAWorld-The Ten Dos and Donts

2006-07-04 :: Robert Duncan and John Le Mesurier
Moses walked through the mighty storm, up the mountain towards God. The children of Israel watched the lone figure staggering into the blackness, as the thunder and lightning raged. God said, 'I am your God, come to me.' Moses got to the top, and God told him ten things to remember. They were the ten things that make a good or bad person. They were called The Ten Commandments. …

Once Upon A World - Water? No, Its Wine!

2006-06-19 :: Robert Duncan and John Le Mesurier
When Jesus really started teaching people about God and Heaven, he chose some men to travel with him. They were called the disciples. You probably won't remember all their names, but here are some of them - Simon, and Andrew his brother, and James and John, who were also brothers. As they all journeyed together, Jesus did lots of wonderful things called miracles - things that no on else could ever do. We know how he did them, don't we? God helped him.…

Once Upon A World - Noahs Ark

2006-06-05 :: Robert Duncan and John Le Mesurier
The world had not turned out quite as well as God had hoped, so he decided to have a great storm, which would cause a flood, so he could start again. The flood would soon get rid of all the bad men, animals and everything that lived...…

Once Upon A World - Mary has a baby

Mary has a baby

Mary was sitting in the sun outside her house. It was a normal day, a bit of cooking, a bit of helping round the house. She was having a few minutes rest when suddenly and angel appeared. 'Are you Mary?' he asked. 'Yes, who are you?' the startled girl replied. 'I am an angel from God, and I have a surprise for you - you're going to have a baby.' Mary raised her hand to her mouth. 'It would be a surprise, I'm not even married.'

Once Upon A World - The Creation

The Creation

On the first day the world had ever known, God had a busy week in front of him. He said, 'We will have light and darkness, and I will call the light day, and the dark part night.' It all happened just as he said.

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"On the first day the world had ever known God had a busy week ahead of him..." So begins Once Upon A World, a delightful collection of Bible stories for children. The fresh clear style of author Robert Duncan combines superbly with the wry and gentle humor of the late, comedy great, British actor John Le Mesurier, whose rich English voice brings these timeless stories to life.

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