Last update: 2015-04-07

Outlaw Gamer Radio 013: My Ghost Balls

2015-04-07 :: Length: 52s

Non-disclosure cannot save you from The Outlaws! This week, we discuss fresh controversy with Nintendo’s YouTube Creator’s Program, the challenge and immersion balance offered by in-game Mini-Maps and go hands-on with Bloodborne, The Order: 1886 and more!

Outlaw Gamer Radio 012: The Kingdom That Is United

2015-03-30 :: Length: 1s

The nanny state cannot stop The Outlaws! This week, we talk new gameplay from Batman Arkham Knight, big news on the Ready Player One film, and discuss an education partnership in the UK threatening legal action for parents who let children play 18+ games.

Outlaw Gamer Radio 011: Trust Fund Hair Products

2015-03-24 :: Length: 1s

Bad PR tactics cannot save you from The Outlaws! This week, we brace for our first look at Star Wars: Battlefront, discuss Nintendo’s surprising move into mobile games, and the news Hideo Kojima will soon cut ties with Konami and the Metal Gear franchise.

Outlaw Gamer Radio 010: Big Assets

2015-03-17 :: Length: 1s

Bandwidth caps cannot stop The Outlaws! This week, we check out gameplay from Firewatch, pixel-art-perfection with Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders, and opine on a GDC discussion about how culture wars have impacted managing game communities.

Outlaw Gamer Radio 009: Show Me Your Dongle

2015-03-10 :: Length: 1s

Royalties cannot stop The Outlaws! This week, we're talking GDC 2015 with Valve's Hardware announcements, Unreal Engine going sorta-free, and discuss whether Sony is already leading the race to VR. Plus some guy named Tony Grice returns to the Club House!

Outlaw Gamer Radio 008: Porn on Mars

2015-03-03 :: Length: 1s

Untruths cannot stop The Outlaws! This week, we check out a reveal trailer for We Happy Few, talk over Vive VR from Valve and HTC, and discuss Peter Molyneux’s reaction to the charge he’s lied to the fans that backed the still-in-development-hell Godus.

Outlaw Gamer Radio 007: It Works in Both Directions

2015-02-25 :: Length: 1s

Clown masks and knockout gas cannot stop The Outlaws! This week, we’re checking out Until Dawn, salivating for Kanye West’s upcoming game and discussing Retro Game Magazine with the publications new editor-in-chief: Daniel Kayser!

Outlaw Gamer Radio 006: Like This Show

2015-02-10 :: Length: 56s

You can stop your review scores but you cannot stop The Outlaws! This week, we discuss the changing approach to review scores, check out new media for White Night, Portal Stories: Mel, and go hands on with Apotheon, Dying Light, and more!

Outlaw Gamer Radio 005: All Doodles and No Sparkles

2015-02-03 :: Length: 1s

Revenue splits cannot stop The Outlaws! This week, we discuss Nintendo's new YouTube partner program, using games to teach history, and go hands-on with Dying Light, Life is Strange, and more!

Outlaw Gamer Radio 004: There's a But Coming

2015-01-27 :: Length: 1s

The elderly can’t stop the Outlaws! This week, we check out the debut trailer for Rain Reflections, discuss the “transparency” of Dying Light’s review situation, and laugh our asses off as a collection of older folks show us what GTA V is all about!

Outlaw Gamer Radio 003: You Just Tainted All Over It

2015-01-21 :: Length: 53s

Airdrops can’t stop the Outlaws! This week we discuss the shenanigans surrounding H1Z1’s broken promises on pay-to-win, ponder the possibilities of Ernie Cline’s next video-game-friendly novel, and go hands on with Evolve, inFamous First Light, and more!

Outlaw Gamer Radio 002: It Feels Huge!

2015-01-13 :: Length: 1s

Throttle up! This week, we check out the news that PlayStation 4 has become Sony's fastest selling console, check out the game hardware being shown at CES 2015, and go hands-on with Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Outlaw Gamer Radio 001: Still Pantless After All These Years

2015-01-07 :: Length: 1s

Hit the road with Outlaw Gamer Radio! On our first ride, we’re talking PlayStation Now subscription fees, crowd funding for Into the Stars, whether we’re still excited for episodic games, and we go hands-on with COD Advanced Warfare, Xeodrifter, and more!

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