Last update: 2012-06-22

Greek IT Upgrade, Bullet-Proof Cars in Mexico, Hajj Facial Recognition Tech, Keeping Vaccines Cold, and Rebuilding Tatooine

2012-06-22 Length: 21s
In this episode, you'll hear how Greece is seeking an upgrade for its accounting systems. Also, bullet-proof cars in Mexico, and facial recognition technology in Saudi Arabia. Plus, a new way to keep vaccines cold in places without access to power. And we end with the story of a couple who went to Tunisia to give a Star Wars setting a make-over. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at Or Twitter at …

US vs. Iran, Flame Update, Google and Censorship, Handless Surgery, and MaKey MaKey

2012-06-08 Length: 28s
In this episode: two takes on last week's revelations that the US has been actively targeting Iran's computer systems with offensive cyberweapons. Also, Israel says it is going on the cyber-offensive as well. Google says it will tell its users when a government is blocking a website. And we end with a segment on how video games are helping surgeons, and on a project called MaKey MaKey. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at Or Twitter at …

A New Flame, More Flame, and Danger in the Download Part III

2012-06-01 Length: 32s
In this episode, we'll take a look at a new piece of malware called Flame which has been found on computers throughout the Middle East. Sophisticated and dangerous malware, or a big piece of bloatware? And we'll give you part three of Ed Butler's "Danger in the Download" series. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at Or Twitter at …

Special Towel Day Episode: Gbooza!, Norway Data Farm, Italian Garbage Drones, Mine Kafon, and Robofish!

2012-05-25 Length: 25s
In honor the late, great Douglas Adams, we have a special "Towel Day" episode. It comes complete with an African social network built in China. We also will talk about the trend to put server farms in cold climates. Plus, we have Italian drones patrolling mafia garbage dumps, something called a Mine Kafon, and RoboFish! Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

B-Side, Vol. 11: The BBC's "Danger in the Download" Series, Part 2

2012-05-18 Length: 24s
In this episode, we listen in to the BBC's Ed Butler as he explores the world of cyberthreats. This is Part 2 of a 3 part series to follow in the coming weeks. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

B-Side, Vol. 10: The BBC's "Danger in the Download" Series, Part 1

2012-05-11 Length: 24s
In this B-side episode, we listen in to the BBC's Ed Butler as he explores the world of cyberthreats. This is Part 1 of a 3 part series to follow in the coming weeks. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Gaming and Genomics, Interview with Linus Torvalds, Smog-Busting Paint, and A Conversation with a Chinese "Hacker"

2012-04-20 Length: 23s
This week, we hear about a crowd-sourced game that allows players the chance to help researchers better understand genomics. Also, an interview with Linus Torvalds, father of the Linux operating system. Plus, smog-busting paint in Manila, and a conversation with a Chinese hacker. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Apple's 'Factory Girls,' Enigma Machines in the Spanish Civil War, The Wonderbag, and…The Theremin

2012-03-30 Length: 25s
This week, we hear from the author of a book about some of Apple's workers in China. It's called "Factory Girls." Also, we have two history stories. One is about the use of Engima code-breaking machines during the Spanish Civil War. The other is about the birth of the Theremin. And we'll also tell you about…The Wonderbag! Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Greek Geeks Seek Hi-Tech Recovery, Electronics on Planes Revisited, Micro-chipping Brazilian Kids, and The Camera That Can See Around Corners

2012-03-23 Length: 16s
In this episode, we take you to Greece to hear from some serious geeks who think hi-tech might help the country find some relief from the dire financial situation its in. Also, the FAA revisits the ban on electronics during flights. Then, to Brazil to hear about a plan to track kids with micro-chips, and finally…the camera that sees around corners. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Energy From Footsteps, The WayC Tablet, Webcams in Russian Elections, Fooling Body Scanners, and ROBOBRAIN!

2012-03-16 Length: 22s
In this week's…show…we have an item on a British company that's trying to make energy out of every step you take. Also, Africa's WayC Tablet computer, webcams in the Russian elections, and a RoboBrain. Oh, and we meet a guy who can beat those full body scanners at the airport. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Google's New Privacy Guidelines, Raspberry Pi, Salamworld, and LuminAID

2012-03-02 Length: 18s
In this episode, we'll explore the ins and outs of Google's new privacy regulations. Also, you'll hear about Raspberry Pi, the $35 computer. We'll also offer some LuminAID to go with that pi; LuminAID is an inflatable, solar lantern designed to assist in post-disaster situations. And we'll also tell you about Salamworld, which bills itself as a Muslim alternative to Facebook. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP B-side, Vol. 9: Deep Blue v. Gary Kasparov…and a Bit of Stonehenge

2012-02-17 Length: 16s
In this B-side episode, we'll take you back 16 years…back to the first time a computer beat a Grand Master in chess. It's a full-out tech v. man smackdown between Deep Blue and Gary Kasparov. And then, because we needed an excuse to get Spinal Tap on the show, we have a segment about the sounds…of Stonehenge. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …, Eolas vs. The Web, Spider Silk, Virtual Therapy, and Celebrating Tetris

2012-02-10 Length: 31s
A German company goes online, and on apps, to connect drivers and passengers for cheap rides across Germany and beyond. Also, a Texas company that's thinking of suing, well, a heck of a lot of websites. We'll also talk spider silk, and virtual therapy for burn victims. And we'll end with a look at the wonder of Tetris. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

EU Online Privacy Rights, Invisibility Cloak, Magnetic Soap, and A New Plan to Save Venice

2012-01-27 Length: 26s
This week, an in-depth look at the new online privacy laws that the European Union wants to enact. Do you have the right to be forgotten online? And practically speaking, is it possible? Also, scientists get to work on that invisibility cloak we've all wanted, and some magnetic soap too. And we'll end with a new plan to save Venice, which, as we've been told for hundreds of years, is sinking. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Megaupload, SOPA Protests, Cruise Ship Technology, Angry Brides, Apps in India, and Ash Cloud Detection

2012-01-20 Length: 29s
We've got a great show this week. We'll hear about the takedown of file-sharing site MegaUpload, and the retaliation by Anonymous. Also, protests against SOPA and PIPA. And why didn't modern cruise ship technology keep the Costa Concordia from foundering? We'll end with two stories on apps in India, and a personal tale of travel woe, and tech-driven hope, related to 2010's ash cloud fiasco in Europe. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Conflict Minerals in Congo, Digital Detox, Sweden's File-Sharing Religion, Kodak's Legacy, and The Toaster Experience

2012-01-13 Length: 22s
This week, we'll hear a plea from a Congolese man. He wants Apple to produce a conflict mineral-free iPhone by 2013. Also, how to do a "digital detox." Plus, Sweden gets a new religion…based around file-sharing. We'll also examine Kodak's photographic legacy, digital and otherwise. And we'll end with the story of a man who wanted to build a toaster, from scratch, all by himself. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP B-sides, Vol. 8: Diamond Light Source Synchrotron

2012-01-06 Length: 20s
Happy New Year. Happy New Podcast. Happy New App. That's right: WTP is now available in a handy app for your mobile device. And to celebrate, we offer a B-Side podcast on Britain's Diamond Light Source Synchrotron. Very B-side, very cool! Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP B-sides, Vol. 8: Diamond Light Source Synchrotron

2012-01-06 Length: 20s
Happy New Year. Happy New Podcast. Happy New App. That's right: WTP is now available in a handy app for your mobile device. And to celebrate, we offer a B-Side podcast on Britain's Diamond Light Source Synchrotron. Very B-side, very cool! Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Militants and Twitter, Radio in Rwanda, OLPC From the Skies, and a Christmas Cracker

2011-12-23 Length: 34s
We finish the year with a cracker of a podcast. We'll talk about militant groups on Twitter, and about how an old school technology like radio can have a big impact in a place like Rwanda. Also, OLPC is planning on dropping laptops from helicopters. Yes, that's right. And we end with the ultimate B-Side story: Augusta Chiwy and the Siege of Bastogne. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

The Wikileaks Effect, China Microblogs, Twitter and Revolutions, and An App for Diagnosing Diseases

2011-12-16 Length: 21s
This week, we look at what effect Wikileaks has really had on intelligence gathering and sharing. Also, we hear about new microblogging rules in China, and about some academic research into the role of Twitter in recent social movements. We end with a Tech That Matters segment on the search for an app that can diagnose malaria, HIV, and tuberculosis. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

New Rules for Cyberwar, The Tech Monitoring South Sudan, Random Hacks of Kindness, and Helping Amputees

2011-12-09 Length: 22s
WTP 349 will both terrify and inspire. First, learn about how experts are debating the rules of engagement for wars that have moved online. Then, you'll hear an in-depth interview about the Satellite Sentinel Project in South Sudan. Also, some geeks help inspire Random Hacks of Kindness. And we end with a story of a young woman who is helping amputees fight their phantom limb pain. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Pepper Spray, Tear Gas, A Bionic Eye, Soft Robots and Bletchley Park

2011-12-02 Length: 24s
On this week's podcast, we look at two compounds that are making news around the world of late: pepper spray and tear gas. Also, would you wear a contact lens that could project your email onto your eye? Then, we talk about soft robots, and we end with a check-in on Britain's code-breaking HQ, Bletchley Park. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP B-sides, Vol. 7: Iconic Geometry of The Great Pyramid

2011-11-25 Length: 24s
In this B-side episode, we explore the iconic geometry of The Great Pryamid. I love triangles. Don't you? Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Syrian Net Censorship, Instant Wild App, Liberia Gets Fiber, Uganda's Electric Car, and Nigeria's Plastic Bottle House

2011-11-18 Length: 24s
Episode 346 has some great stories for you. First, an extended interview about the US technologies that Syria seems to be using to monitor the Internet. Also, an app called Instant Wild lets you explore the animal kingdom. Then, Liberia gets fiber, Uganda gets an electric car, and some clever Nigerians recycle plastic bottles into houses. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Hidden Tech Heroes, Magnetic Tongue, Scammers Go Pro, Tunisians Occupy Obama's Facebook Page, and The Sound of Falling Stock Prices

2011-11-10 Length: 23s
This week's podcast has some great stories in it. You'll hear about bubble wrap, post-its, and the other "Hidden Heroes" of tech. Also, we explore the Magnetic Tongue, and hear about how click-jackers are going pro. Very pro. We end with Tunisians occupying President Obama's Facebook page, and some Germans who have turned falling stock prices…into music. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Aakash Tablet Computer, Congo Conflict Minerals, Hydrogen Cars in Britain, and Solar Power in the Middle East

2011-10-28 Length: 22s
WTP 344 has stories about the Aakash tablet computer in India, conflict minerals in Congo, hydrogen cars in Britain, and solar power in Israel. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Duqu, Dark Market, Mobile Phone Shopping, Solar Power Decathalon, Mr. Mummy

2011-10-21 Length: 27s
WTP 343 has a great lineup. We'll talk about Duqu, the "Son of Stuxnet" variant that's turning up on computers in Europe. Also, Misha Glenny discusses his new book "Dark Market." We'll hear about shopping by mobile phone in South Korea, and about the Solar Power Decathalon. And we'll end with none other than Mr. Mummy. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP B-Sides, Vol. 6: Iconomic Geometry, The Taj Mahal

2011-10-18 Length: 25s
In this B-side episode, we continue with structrual engineer and designer Cecil Balmond as he explores iconic geometric shapes. This time, we're focusing on the square, and on the Taj Mahal in India. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Steve Jobs' Influence in Africa, Environmental Cost of Gadgets, Robotics in Ghana, and the Alma Array Fires Up

2011-10-07 Length: 21s
WTP 341 bids farewell to Steve Jobs. We'll hear how his thinking and his products influenced Africans. Also, we'll take stock of the environmental costs of a world filled with Jobsian gadgets. Then, we'll hear about a robotics program in Ghana. And we'll end with a tour of a new radio telescope in Chile. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Drones, Memory Suppressing Tech, Digital After-Life, Resomation, and Ashes to the Cosmos

2011-09-30 Length: 28s
WTP 340 looks at the use of drones in war, and the ethics of using drugs and technology to suppress memories. Then, three segments on your favorite topic: death. We'll look at what happens to your online life after you die. Also, two alternatives to cremation, and a service to shoot your ashes into space. RIP. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP B-sides, Vol. 5: The Iconic Geometry of Stonehenge

2011-09-23 Length: 24s
Time for this month's "B-side" edition of The World's Technology Podcast. This time, we hear about some iconic geometry. More specifically, we talk about circles. And Stonehenge! Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

DigiNotar and Comodohacker, Twitter and Hedge Funds, Social Media and Mexico Violence, mHealth, and Treycycle Bold

2011-09-21 Length: 24s
WTP 338 will not disappoint. We'll talk about the Comodohacker and DigiNotar. Also, Twitter takes on the markets, and how social media can be a dangerous thing to use in Mexico. In addition, we'll hear about mHealth projects in Africa. And what do NASA engineers do when they get laid off? Build the Treycycle Bold, of course. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Syrian Electronic Army, Tech Aids Repression in Bahrain, Nuclear Power in Africa, and Spies in the Sky

2011-09-09 Length: 21s
Episode 337 begins with two segments about tech and the so-called Arab Spring. We'll talk about the Syrian Electronic Army and about Nokia-Siemens in Bahrain. We'll also hear a great piece about nuclear power in Africa. And we'll end with a look back into the history of aerial surveillance. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

PlantLab, Internet Addiction, DMZ Augmented Reality, and Space Junk

2011-09-02 Length: 22s
WTP officially returns…to the lilting sounds of bagpipes of course. On the tech front, we've got a story about a new way of growing plants being tested in the Netherlands. Also, fighting Internet addiciton in South Korea. We'll hear about an app that augments the reality of the DMZ. And we'll end with an item on that orbital scourge, space junk. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP B-sides, Vol. 4: The Internet Cafe Hobo, Part 1

2011-08-26 Length: 27s
Our August B-sides podcasts continue as we follow the BBC's Nick Baker, aka "The Internet Cafe Hobo." Nick had a great idea - go to an Internet cafe somewhere in the world, and then let what he found there take him to another cafe, in another part of the world. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP B-sides, Vol. 3: Tracking the Lincolnshire Poacher

2011-08-19 Length: 30s
Our August "B-Sides" podcasts continue with this gem. We try to track down the Lincolnshire Poacher, and find some mysterious radio transmissions along the way. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP B-sides, Vol. 2: Ray Kurzweil

2011-08-12 Length: 28s
Our August selection of "B-Sides" continues. In this episode, an in-depth interview with Ray Kurzweil, the man who wants to live forever. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP B-sides, Vol. 1: The Foghorn

2011-08-05 Length: 33s
We're back. Sort of. Until we start new episodes in September, we're bringing you all of those great semi-tech stories that never found their way onto a podcast. It's the WTP B-sides. Enjoy. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

So Long and Thanks for Listening

2011-07-12 Length: 39s
Items this time around on a begging robot, North Korea's supposed cyber-army, and Japan's virtual pop star. We'll also discuss adding sounds to electric cars, and a video game designed to help with rehab. We'll end with a listener segment on Ears to our World. And, we'll say goodbye. For real. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

SETI Search Gets New Telescope, Syria's E-Army, Cell Phones in North Korea, Machine Translation in the US Military, and Dutch Band Helps Your Webcam See Better

2011-06-17 Length: 23s
Episode 330 will, we hope, not disappoint. You'll hear about a new kind of radio telescope helping researchers scan the skies for possible signals from an alien civilization. Also, Syria's E-Army, and how cell phones may be opening up reclusive North Korea. We've got a piece on machine translation, and we end with a Dutch band that's helping your webcam see a bit better. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Solar Impulse Landing, Space Shuttle Endeavor Launch, FrontlineSMS Radio, and Planking

2011-05-17 Length: 23s
Episode 329 will astound, delight and entertain. We hope. We'll have a follow-up to last week's historic flight of the world's first completely solar-powered airplane. Also, we'll take stock of the last mission of the Space Shuttle Endeavor. Then, we'll revisit FrontlineSMS - they're getting into radio now! And we'll end with planking. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

A Conversation with Andre Borschberg, Pilot of the Solar Impulse Plane

2011-05-13 Length: 9s
A special podcast to end the week! I got the chance to interview Andre Borschberg, pilot of the Solar Impulse plane, as he attempts to complete the first international flight of the world's only all-solar powered aircraft. If all goes well, Andre and his plane will be landing in Brussels later this evening. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Sci/Tech and Osama, Rethinking Black Box Technology, The Enigma Machine, and SETI Shutdown

2011-05-10 Length: 33s
Episode 327 is a corker. We've got four sci/tech items on Osama bin Laden, including a look at how technicians might get information off of the hard drives collected during the raid. Also, is it time to replace black box cockpit recorders with a better system? We'll end with a look back at The Enigma Machine, and we'll hear about SETI's struggle to keep scanning the skies for alien messages. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Biofuels in Denmark and Kenya, Happy Birthday Microchip!, and The Institute of Brilliant Failures

2011-04-27 Length: 23s
Episode 326 will bring you two stories on biofuels, one from Denmark and one from Kenya. We also look back on the importance of the microchip. And we'll end with a tour of Amsterdam's Institute of Brilliant Failures. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Inspire Japan, Yuri Gagarin's Legacy, and The Oramics Machine

2011-04-15 Length: 35s
Episode 325 has stories on a global effort by architects and designers to help in the rebuilding of Japan. It's called PechaKucha, and it's happening on Saturday, April 16. Also, we delve into the legacy of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, who became the first human being in space 50 years ago this week. And we end with a tribute to the Oramics Machine. Good times. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Nuclear Accidents Past: Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Tokaimura

2011-04-08 Length: 36s
This podcast will take a look back into nuclear accidents past to help us better understand the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima plant in Japan. We'll revisit Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Tokaimura. We'll end with an interview with a blogger who is translating Japanese twitter messages. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Global Nuke Jitters, Assessing Risk, A German and His Cellphone, FBI Crowdsources Crypto, Inside Virgin Galactic, and Superglue Inventor, RIP

2011-04-01 Length: 27s
Episode 323 is packed with global technology goodness. You'll hear about global nuclear power jitters, and a risk expert assesses the, you guessed it, risk. Also, a German man finds out just how much his government knows about him. We'll also take a tour of the Virgin Galactic spaceship, and hear about why the FBI is crowdsourcing a crytography conundrum. That, plus the inventor of Superglue dies. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Satellite Sentinel Project, Age-Appropriate Tech, and Danish Postage Goes Digital

2011-03-25 Length: 16s
Episode 322 brings you stories on the Satellite Sentinel project in Sudan. Also, designing age-appropriate technologies in Surrey, England. We'll talk about a plan to drill down to the center of the earth, and we'll hear about a new idea that's got Danes asking, "To Lick or to Text?" Yummy. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

The Nuclear Crisis in Post-Quake Japan

2011-03-18 Length: 24s
Episode 321 deals exclusively with the unfolding nuclear crisis in Japan, after last week's devastating earthquake and tsunami. Don't get caught up in the hype and hyperbole. Get answers, context and perspective in this episode. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Libya Citizen Video, Bradley Manning Charged, Computerized School Exams, CeBit, and South Korean Language Robots

2011-03-04 Length: 27s
Episode 320 includes items on getting citizen video out of Libya, and on the charges facing Bradley Manning in the WikiLeaks case. Also, is it time to give up pen and paper in school exams? Then, items on CeBit, and language teaching robots in South Korea. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Being Wrong: A Conversation with Kathryn Schulz

2011-03-04 Length: 19s
We aim to misbehave in this special podcast. We have a conversation with Kathryn Schulz, who calls herself "the world's leading wrongologist." Find out why failing can be good for you. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Clinton's Internet Freedom Speech, UK and US Uncut, Cryonic Freezing Craze, and The Backpack Heart

2011-02-24 Length: 31s
Episode 319 will get one Iranian's take on the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's Internet Freedom Speech. Also, UK and US Uncut use social media to protest. Then, we revisit the cryonics craze of the 1960s, and we hear about a man who carries his heart, or at least the pump for it, in his backpack. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Expiration Dates for Online Data, and The Wireless World of Gerry Wells

2011-02-11 Length: 28s
This week, a story about two projects looking to help you put expiration dates on your online data. And then, a mini documentary on radio guru Gerry Wells. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Egypt: Tech Shutdowns and Work-Arounds

2011-02-01 Length: 25s
This week, it's all about the dramatic events in Egypt. When the Egyptian government shut down most telecommunications, Egyptians and activists across the globe jumped in to keep communications flowing. Hear all about that, plus a very nice email from listener Paul Gearon. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Sputnik Moment, Social Networks Past and Future, Clay Shirky, and Polar Bears with Spycams

2011-01-27 Length: 27s
This week, we've got a look back at the original "Sputnik moment." Also, we start a multi-part series on social networking, and hear from big thinker Clay Shirky on what socnets can, and can't do. And we'll end with polar bears playing with spycams. All that, plus unicorns, double rainbows and cherry pie. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Tunisian Update, Gaza Cyber-Activism, Stuxnet Update, Cyberwar! Overhyped!!, and Wikipedia Turns 10

2011-01-21 Length: 27s
In this week's episode you'll hear how one Tunisian tech entrepreneur went from being an outspoken critic of the government, to being a part of the government...with a brief stop in jail in between. Also, an update on Stuxnet, and a new study that says "cyberwar" is both overhyped, and misunderstood. Plus, we'll hear about cyber-activists in Gaza. And we'll wish Wikipedia a happy 10th birthday. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Tunisian Update, DNA Spray Helps Nab Crooks, Computer History Museum, and the Thing-o-Matic!

2011-01-14 Length: 22s
Episode 314 has an update on the situation in Tunisia, with a special eye toward what's going on online. Also, a British company is making a spray laced with synthetic DNA to help the cops connect crooks to a crime scene. Then, a tour of the newly opened Computer History Museum in California. And we'll end with, what else, the Thing-o-Matic! Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Tunisian Protests Go Online, Tech Helps Haitians Find Jobs, and Openleaks is Open for Business

2011-01-07 Length: 32s
WTP 313's got a great line-up for you. We'll talk Tunisia, where street protests have spilled onto the Internet, and it's having serious consequences for bloggers and activists in the country. Also, Konbit: a melding of high and low-tech that's helping Haitians find jobs a year after a devastating earthquake. And finally, we'll hear from Daniel Domscheit-Berg, formerly of Wikileaks. He's launched a new whistleblowing site called Openleaks, and he'll tell us about it. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Mobile Banking in Haiti, IAEA Inspector Gadgets, Cuba's Homegrown Wikipedia, and Robotic Limbs in Japan

2010-12-28 Length: 29s
Episode 312 sees out 2010 with, what else, bagpipes! Yes, a little Auld Lang Syne for you. Plus, some great tech stories, including a look at how Haitians are banking on mobile banking. Also, the gadgets that an IAEA weapons inspector gets to use, Cuba's homegrown Wikipedia, and robotic limbs to help the disabled in Japan. Awesome sauce. Here's to a great 2011. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

Leaks, Leaks and More WikiLeaks

2010-12-13 Length: 32s
It's all about the leaks...WikiLeaks that is. We'll hit the story from every angle, from the technical, to the poltical to the social. Don't just hear about what's going on with WikiLeaks. Understand it. We'll hear from smart 'net people like Kevin Mitnick, Jeff Jarvis and Evgeny Morovoz. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 310: Surely You Don't Expect Me to Download this Podcast...

2010-12-02 Length: 25s
WTP 310 pays tribute to a giant in British computing, and a giant in Canadian acting. Surely you don't mean Leslie Nielsen? Yes, we do...and stop calling us Shirley. Also, we'll talk about the SIPRnet system and how hundreds of thousands of State Department cables went from there to WikiLeaks. And the European Commission is going to investigate Google, while engineers try to figure out what's wrong with those Airbus 380 engines. Good luck, we're all counting on you. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 309: I Thought Turkeys Could Fly...

2010-11-23 Length: 34s
Our special Thanksgiving Episode (for our US listeners), in which no turkeys were actually thrown from a helicopter. We go deep into some newly released, detailed forensic work on the Stuxnet computer worm. Also, we run a long interview with Japanese entrepreneur, venture capitalist and web guru Joi Ito. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 308: Tetris and Memory, Ushahidi Maps Sexual Harassment, iPhone App Maps Israeli Settlements, and Cell Phone Learning in South Africa

2010-11-18 Length: 19s
And...we're back. Great stories this week. We hear about a new study looking at the effects of playing Tetris just after witnessing horrific visions. Also, mapping sexual harassment in Cairo using Ushahidi. We'll talk about a new iPhone app that looks at Israeli settlements, and find out how cell phones are being used in South African schools. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 307: The Relentless Deluge of Unwanted Drivel

2010-10-29 Length: 32s
WTP 307's got some great stories. We'll talk about the new supercomputer smackdown between China and the U.S., and hear about how some Chinese are getting serious about gaming. Also, Russia's Spam King under fire. Plus, Sony decides that the cassette Walkman has had its day, at least in Japan. Oh, and we've got a big, juicy Star Trek appreciation, and some spooooky Halloween fun. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 306:, Flying Humvees, Inflatable Tanks, and Remembering Benoit Mandelbrot

2010-10-22 Length: 27s
This week, we hear about a citizen science project that allows you to help climate scientists and naval historians at the same time. Also, the Pentagon wants flying Humvees, while the Russians are getting inflatable tanks. And we remember the father of fractals, Benoit Mandelbrot. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 305: Robot Miners, Google's Self-Drive Cars, Internet Eyes, Cell Tower Power for Vaccines, and A Whole New Chewing Gum

2010-10-12 Length: 28s
WTP 305 has got it all, from non-stick, dissolving chewing gum, to novel ideas for keeping vaccines cool in the developing world. In between, we'll talk robot miners, self-driving cars, and the joys of watching the neighbors get up to mischief on CCTV. Good times. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 304: Stuxnet, Haystack, and Hossein Derakhshan

2010-10-07 Length: 23s
In this edition of our monthly Tech Roundup, we talk about the Stuxnet computer worm that's invaded Iran. Also, what happened to the promise of some anonymity software called Haystack? And, the fate of Canadian-Iranian blogger Hossein Derakhshan. All that, plus -- the Internet gets nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize! Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 303: Iranian Blogger May Face Death Penalty, Germans say "Nein" to Google Street View, Greener Electronics, and Whales Get High-Tech Help

2010-09-23 Length: 26s
In this episode, you'll get an update on Hossein Derakhshan, the Canadian-Iranian blogger who may be facing the death penalty in Iran. Also, Germans say "nein" to Google Street View. Then, you'll hear about an effort to make greener, fairer electronics. And we'll end with some high-tech help for whales. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 302: War Data, Smartphone Eye Exam, iStethoscope, The Optigan, and Mario Turns 25

2010-09-14 Length: 27s
WTP 302 has a ton of great stuff in it. We start with a story on the millions of biometric records collected in Iraq during the past seven years. Then, two segments on ingenious uses for smartphones - one for an eye exam, and the other as a stethoscope. Then, we hear about the rebirth of a primative electronic organ called the Optigan. And we end with a birthday celebration for Mario. He's 25, but he doesn't look at day over 52. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 301: Tanzania Tries Solar, Your Brain on Internet, Things Speak Up, and Mad Texting Skills

2010-09-07 Length: 23s
WTP 301's got some great stories. We'll hear an in-depth report on efforts to bring solar power to Tanzania, one of the world's poorest countries. Also, how the Internet may be rewiring our brain circuitry. Yikes! We'll also look at a project designed to get everyday objects to tell their stories. And we end with a woman who claims the crown of World's Fastest Texter. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 300: WikiLeaks, BlackBerry Bans, Google in Germany, NoKo No on Twitter, and Rubik's Cube

2010-08-26 Length: 35s
Well, we made it to Episode 300. Thanks for buying the ticket and taking the ride. In this Tech Roundup episode, we're joined by Jonthan Fildes of the BBC, and Cyrus Farivar of Deutsche Welle. We discuss WikiLeaks, BlackBerry Bans, Google Streetview, North Korea's possible attempts at using social media, and the maximum minimum number of moves needed to solve a Rubik's Cube. Fun. Guaranteed. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 299: Engineering the Indus, North Korea Turns to Twitter, Vietnam and the Net, Einstein@Home, and Giant Humanoid Electrical Pylons

2010-08-19 Length: 26s
A great line-up for WTP 299. We've got citizen scientists finding pulsars, and electrical pylons shaped like giant humans. What, you want more? OK. We'll also talk about how the Indus has been engineered, or mis-engineered. And did you know North Korea's on Twitter, and YouTube? It's true! Plus, Vietnam tries to figure out what to do with this thing called The Internet. All that, from the Bayswater Hilton in London. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 298: BlackBerry Bans, Indian Cops Turn to Facebook, Green Data Centers in Finland, and Talking Tutor

2010-08-11 Length: 23s
TThe tech desk is back in action with a full show. We'll talk about plans to ban some BlackBerry services in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Also, Delhi's Transit Police have turned to Facebook to out violators. Then, to Finland where we'll hear about a scheme to harvest the heat from data centers and use it to heat the local water supply. And, we end in Birmingham, England, where we'll hear about the Talking Tutor! That's Tutor, not Tudor. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 297: Monthly Tech Roundup 2.0

2010-07-30 Length: 33s
The second of our monthly tech roundups, with Jonathan Fildes of the BBC. Jonathan and I talk about Facebook's 500,000 users worldwide. We also look at some stories that Jonathan worked on from the TED conference in Oxford, England. And we'll end with a trans-atlantic take on British hacker Gary McKinnon. And we get help from Lisa Simpson herself! Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 296: WikiLeaks, Google Maps, Conflict Minerals, and Gary McKinnon

2010-07-28 Length: 26s
Wow. Just when we thought the tech news was slowing down for the summer, we're hit with the WikiLeaks story. We've got two takes on WikiLeaks, tech and the Afghan War. Also, Google Maps wades into some border disputes, and we hear about some recently passed legislation on the so-called "conflict minerals" that are in your precious electronic equipment. We end with an update on Gary McKinnon. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 295: A Shameless Repeat of the Most Hated Episode Ever (w/ Ricky Gervais)

2010-07-20 Length: 30s
Yep. It's that time of year. News is slow, Clark is lazy. So, we're doing what we hardly ever do. We're bringing you a repeat of one of the most beloved, and loathed, episodes of all time. Yep, from February 2006, here's the interview with Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington. We wonder if you *still* hate it? Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 294: Solar Plane Soars, China and Google Make Nice, and The Pleasure Telephone

2010-07-13 Length: 35s
Here's the lineup for WTP 294. We've got an update on the Solar Impulse project, which aims to have a solar-powered plane circumnavigate the globe. Also, some interesting developments in China regarding Internet filtering. And we end with an amazing look at some old school tech that resonates strongly today. It's...The Pleasure Telephone! Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 293: FITS.ME, Criminals on Facebook, Estonia's Johnny Appleseed of Free Wi-Fi, and Lego World Cup Madness

2010-07-06 Length: 21s
WTP 293 spends some more time in Estonia. We profile a start-up that's using some serious robot technology to help you buy better fitting clothes online. We also profile Veljo Haamer, the "Johnny Appleseed" of free wi-fi in Estonia. Also in this episode: Interpol uses social networking sites to track down some of the world's most wanted criminals, and a German Lego enthusiast recreates the World Cup's finest, and worst, moments. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 292: Our Newly Minted Monthly Technology Round-Up

2010-06-30 Length: 30s
WTP 292 is different, but in a good way. We're trying out something new: a monthly tech round-up. At the end of each month, the BBC's Jonathan Fildes and I will choose five or so stories that intrigue us, and we'll talk in-depth about them. This month we've got Wikileaks, .XXX domain name, an OLPC update, more on cyber-war, and whether technology and soccer refs will ever mix. Good stuff. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 291: Belgian Turf Tech at World Cup, Adopt a Flemish Person or Walloon, and Cyber-Security Conference in Estonia

2010-06-22 Length: 27s
Another cracking episode for you. We take a look at some high-tech turf designed by a Belgian company that's getting a work out at the World Cup in South Africa. Also, Dutch speakers and French speakers in Belgium just try to create one big happy family online. And we end with some in-depth coverage from a recent cyber-security conference in Tallinn, Estonia. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 290: Salad Spinner Centrifuge, Haiti Cell Phone Survey, Erasing David, Solar Internet Cafe, Mars Mission in Russia, and World Cup Soccer Ball

2010-06-08 Length: 32s
WTP 290 is a bit late, but full of great stuff. We've got stories on students modifying salad spinners into blood centrifuges, and on statisticians using cell phones to survey Haitians. Also, one man's bid to outwit Britain's CCTV cameras. Plus, astronauts strap themselves in for a manned mission to Mars, in Russia. And finally, the World Cup soccer ball. Perfection, or perfidy? Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 289: Google's Europe Woes, Facebook Blocked in Pakistan, Digital Genome, ATM Inventor Dies, and Pac-Man Fever!

2010-05-25 Length: 22s
This week we've got another great program. First up, Google's privacy woes in Europe. Then, Pakistan cracks down on Facebook and YouTube. We'll hear about how our digital genome is being buried in what's called the Swiss Fort Knox. Also, a homage to the inventor of the ATM, and another homage to that pesky little dot muncher, PacMan. That ravenous yellow mouth is now 30 years old. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 288: Oil Spill Update, Laser Turns 50, Haystack in Iran, Latvia's Robin Hood, and Robot Nurses in Japan

2010-05-18 Length: 26s
WTP 288 features sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads. OK, not really. But we do have a birthday celebration for the laser, which turned 50 this week. Also, an oil spill update and how the Soviets dealt with gas leaks back in the day. Yikes. Also, Latvia's digital Robin Hood is unmasked, and the Japanese might choose robots over immigrants. Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 287: Hair and Hosiery vs. The Oil Spill, Inside GCHQ, and Design for the First World

2010-05-11 Length: 35s
In this episode, we hear about a plan to use human and animal hair, and hosiery, to combat the effects of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Also, we go deep inside Britain's top secret listening post, GCHQ, and hear about the tech that makes it tick. Finally, an NYU grad student asks people in the developing world to solve the developed world's problems. All that, plus the Jetsons! Visit the homepage:, or join us on Facebook at …

WTP 286: Eruption!, Haiti Trash Turns to Charcoal, Russia's Hackers, Spain's DVD Pirates, and Loudening Electric Cars

2010-05-07 Length: 25s
And, we're back, following volcanoes, a transatlantic move to Brussels, and super slow Internet. Hope it was worth the wait. We've got Haitians turning trash into charcoal. We also try to find out why Russia produces such great computer criminals, and why Spaniards won't pay for their DVDs. But the best is the professor who wants to put more sound in the electric car. You know, for safety's sake. More info at We're on Facebook at …

WTP 285: Sats and Nukes, Online Extremism, CO2 into Fuel, and Such Tweet Sorrow

2010-04-13 Length: 33s
It's a great lineup with week. We'll hear about the role satellites play in keeping track of nuclear weapons worldwide. We'll also have two segments on online extremism, and hear about an academic who is carrying on an ongoing online conversation with a jihadist. Then, some interesting research that seeks to eventually turn CO2 into usable fuels. And we end by revisiting the Apollo 13 mission, and hear about what happens when Romeo and Juliet met each other on Twitter. Forsooth. More info at We're on Facebook at …

WTP 284: Geo-engineering, China's Shadow Network, and Cell Phones Fight Drug Fakes

2010-04-06 Length: 35s
In this tech podcast, we hear about a company that is using cell phone text messaging and scratch off labels to help tackle the trade in counterfeit drugs in Nigeria. We also have the story of China's Shadow Network of hackers, and also the story of Red Star, North Korea's open source, but not-so-open,operating system. And,we hear about how the Finnish post office wants to scan snail mail, and email it on to you. More info at …

WTP 283: LHC Does the Business, Google and China, Afghan Net Censorship, and I'm Halal Search Engine

2010-03-30 Length: 26s
Perfect timing for a Tuesday relaunch of The World's Tech Podcast! We've got some really big fireworks from the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. Also, Google and China continue to make some online fireworks of their own. It has us asking: is the Internet somewhere, or nowhere? Then, we hear that more Afghans are getting online, and the government is getting nervous. And we end with "the world's first halal search engine." Hmmm. All that, plus Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington. More info at …

WTP 282: Silicon Sweatshops, Wikileaks, Hacktivism, and Four Views on the Internet's Future

2010-03-19 Length: 29s
This week, we hear about a factory in China that helps make your groovy high-tech touch screens. Trouble is, they're using a solvent that may be causing them serious health problems. Also, we explore the Wikileaks website, and hear about the rise of hacktivism. We end with four opinion pieces on the future of the global Internet. …

WTP 281: South Koreans Go Off-Grid, Nigerians Go On-Grid, and Indians Try to Find Love Online

2010-03-12 Length: 28s
This week, we stay online (mostly). The US Treasury Department gives the go-ahead to some new communications exports. Also, South Koreans fight cyber-bullying. Then, the BBC asks a couple of South Korean families to disconnect from the 'net, and connects a couple of farmers in Nigeria. Interesting things ensue. And we end with a lovely little piece about Indians turning to the web to find love. …

WTP 280: New Body Scanners, Cross Cultural Training Goes Online, Reliving the Dot Com Bubble, and Voice Recognition Study

2010-03-05 Length: 24s
This week, we take a few sideways glances at tech. First, new body scanners are going in at some US airports. Will they make a difference? Also, Alex Gallafent explores how cross-cultural business training is going online. We relive those heady days before the dot com bubble burst a decade ago, and we hear about some new research on voice recognition. Take the survey at …

WTP 279: FUmanoids Prepare for RoboCup 2010, Google's Europe Woes, and Latvia's Virtual Robin Hood

2010-02-26 Length: 30s
This week, we start with a listener-generated segment on the team that is currently second in the world when it comes to robotic soccer, at least in the KidSize Humanoid league. They're called FUmandoids, and they're from Germany. We'll also hear about Google's woes in Italy and beyond, and hear about Latvia's virtual Robin Hood. We end with a segment on one library's plea to archive the ever-changing Internet. Take the survey at …

WTP 278: Robowarriors, Make Your Own Newspaper, and Pecha Kucha Redux, and Goodbye

2010-02-19 Length: 24s
We've got an in-depth look at the robowarriors of the future. Also, the chance to make your own newspaper. And find out what the finished piece on Pecha Kucha sounds like. Take the survey at …

WTP 277: Swedish High-Tech Skiing Treadmill, sOccket, Iran Info Embed, and Pecha Kucha for Haiti

2010-02-12 Length: 31s
You'd be hard pressed to find another tech podcast quite like this. We've got a high-tech cross-country skiing treadmill designed by Swedes, and a soccer ball that stores energy and can power an LED light. Also, Cyrus Farivar "embeds" with a group of information junkies trying to help Iranians communicate. And we end with a "cool stuff listeners are doing" segment on Pecha-Kucha and Haiti. Give to the podcast at …

WTP 276: Haiti Crisis Camps, Blue Nile Footbridge, Better Pint Glasses, and Internet Addiction and Depression

2010-02-05 Length: 31s
A great mix this week. We visit a Crisis Camp for Haiti, and hear about the role radio played in the wake of the quake. Also, the design and technology that goes into building a footbridge over the Blue Nile. And some new designs for a better, safer pint glass for beer in Britain. And we end with a study on Internet addiction and depression. Give to the podcast at …

WTP 275: Nope, Not a Single Thing About Apple's iPad

2010-01-29 Length: 32s
This week, rural Nigerians weigh in on what an Internet connection might mean. We revisit the push to make Internet access a human right for every Finn. We have a wonderful history piece on the technology of television, and look ahead to a day when 3D TV might go mobile. Give to the podcast at …

WTP 274: Mapping Haiti, Tweak the Tweet, Clinton's Net Freedom Speech, Two Views on Google and China, Haiti Redux

2010-01-22 Length: 37s
More Haiti, and lots more on Google and China. Also, Clinton's Internet Freedom Policy speech. Give to the podcast at …

WTP 273: Haiti, Google in China

2010-01-15 Length: 19s
We have two stories on Haiti, and two takes on Google's decision to possibly leave China. Give to the podcast at …

WTP 271: The Last Podcast...of 2009

2009-12-18 Length: 32s
Back to the drones this week. We explore a report that insurgents are pulling down the video feeds from Pentagon drones. Also, a former proponent of social networking tools like Twitter in combatting repressive regimes has a change of heart. Then, we hear about how different tech tools and platforms are helping in times of crisis. And we end in Copenhagen, on a bicyle. Give to the podcast at …

WTP 270: Drones, Virgin's SpaceShipTwo, NASA Telescope, Space Beer, and The Bladerunner's Blades

2009-12-11 Length: 30s
We spend alot of time in space this week. But first, the drones that are patrolling the airspace over Pakistan and Afghanistan. Then, Virgin Galactic rolls out its commercial spaceship for viewing, and NASA readies a really cool new space telescope. Meanwhile, on Earth, Sapporo brews up a beer made with barley that spent some time, as seeds, in space. Oh, and just what are Oscar Pistorius' amazing prosthetic legs made of? We'll find out. Give to the podcast at …

WTP 269: Cybercrime, Spam and How To Stop Them (Maybe)

2009-12-04 Length: 32s
In this episode, we tackle cybercrime. We've got our yearly round-up of trends in cybercrime with Graham Cluley of the British anti-virus firm Sophos. Also, law professor Susan Brenner offers up a new approach to combating cybercrime. And we have an update on the story of Simon Cox, the intrepid BBC reporter who set out to nail one of the world's most prolific spammers. Give to the podcast at …

WTP 268: Homemade African Windmill, Internet Governance, Semtex, and Book Six in the H2G2 Trilogy

2009-11-20 Length: 34s
Marvin the Paranoid Android gives the podcast a boost this week. And fair enough, as we have an interview with Eoin Colfer, author of Book Six of the Unaptly Named Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy. Also, we talk Internet governance, Semtex and homemade windmills in Africa. Cool. Give to the podcast at …

WTP 267: Churchill Flunks Computer Test, Comet Fun, Samasource, and the Pandemic Ventilator Project

2009-11-13 Length: 31s
Happy Friday the 13th. We celebrate with music and stories about luck, both good and bad. Churchill's speeches don't pass electronic muster, while shorthand makes a case for itself. Also, trying to land a probe on a comet, and trying to get IT work for those with few prospects at all. And, listener Clarence Graansma tells us about his open source hardware project, the Pandemic Ventilator. Give to the podcast at …

WTP 266: World's Smallest FM Transmitter, Hossein Derakhshan and Persian Blogs, and Digital Memory Redux

2009-11-06 Length: 30s
This week, we hear about what's billed as the world's smallest FM transmitter. Also, we ask you to weigh in on our discussion about appropriate technologies for the developing world. Then, the strange case of Hossein Derakhshan, and the wider world of Persian language blogs. Then, we revisit digital memory. Give to the podcast at …

WTP 265: "Internet's" Birthday: 40 Years of Modulated Anarchy

2009-10-30 Length: 34s
It's all about Internet this week. Our raison d'etre turned 40, and we're here to celebrate in style with half an hour of stories about how it came to be, what it is today, and where it's going tomorrow. Enjoy. …

WTP 264: EpiCollect, Electric Cars, and Political Tweets in the US and UK

2009-10-23 Length: 29s
This week's tech podcast comes to you not from Boston, but from London. We speak to a researcher who is trying to bring the power of smartphones to field data collection in the fight against infectious diseases. Also, as more car makers come out with electric cars, how far does the technology still have to go? And we end with a transatlantic comparison of political Tweets. …

WTP 263: Cuba Cable Capers, Finns Get Right to Broadband, Twitter Trumps Newspapers, and The Value of Forgetting

2009-10-16 Length: 35s
Cuba gets word that not one, but possibly two, fiber optic cables are headed its way. Also, the Tsunami Early Warning System gets a test run in the Pacific, and Finns get the right to have broadband Internet access. Twitter gets a big jump on a big story in Britain. And we have an extended conversation with Viktor Mayer Shoenberger, author of Delete: The Value of Forgetting in a Digital Age. …

WTP 262: Moon Crash, Peruvian Fog Nets, Nobel Prize in Physics, and Trongs!

2009-10-09 Length: 25s
Oh, what a show! NASA crashes two spacecraft into the moon. Don't worry, they meant to do that. Also, in Peru, some ingenious folks are harvesting water with huge fog nets. We give an audio nod to the winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics. And we end with a nod to one of the interesting folks who listens to The World's Technology Podcast. Eric Zimmerman tells us about Trongs! …

WTP 261: Europe takes on Iran Net Filtering, Smart Electricity Meters, Nanotechnology Update, and the Ignobels

2009-10-02 Length: 31s
Cyrus Farivar reports on an attempt by the EU to ban the sale of Internet filtering hardware to Iran. Also, French and British takes on the idea of smart electricity meters. We also hear an in-depth report on the future of nanotechnology. And we end with a short preview of the World Science Podcast with Rhitu Chatterjee. …

WTP 260: Potential AIDS Vaccine, Embrace Thermoregulator, Scottish Earthworms, and Mumbai Cell Phone Symphony

2009-09-25 Length: 31s
Scottish accordionist leads us off with a tune called Exhausted. Then, on to big news about an AIDS vaccine that researchers contend can prevent infections. Also, the Embrace thermoregulator, designed to save low birth weight babies in the developing world. We chat about Scottish earthworms, and we hear a cell phone symphony in Mumbai.…

WTP 259: Iraq Internet Regs, Africa Connected, NComputing, and Autism Detection Software

2009-09-18 Length: 33s
It's Friday, I'm in Love. With technology, I mean. We've got a look at a new measure that may curtail Internet access in Iraq. Also, Africa's broadband fibre-optic cable goes live, and we'll get reactions. Stephen Dukker from NComputing talks about how to turn one PC into 10 or more. And we end with some software designed to detect autism in infants and children.…

WTP 258: High-Speed Rail, Bamboo Trains, Bio-Truck Expedition, Coltan/Congo Redux and Winston the High-Speed Pigeon

2009-09-11 Length: 33s
We take a look at global models for America's proposed high-speed rail system, and then keep it real by dipping into the podcast archive for a piece on Cambodia's Bamboo Railway. We talk about a unique bio-truck that will attempt to go around the world, and hear about the downside of hybrid vehicle technology. We go to Congo to hear about how mining for the materials that make your cell phone work is making life miserable for the locals. And we end with Winston, the high-speed data pigeon.…

WTP 257: Recreating Pre-War Nagasaki in 3D, Ars Electronica 2009, and A Brief History of GPS Drawing

2009-09-04 Length: 33s
Great show this week. Find out how students in Japan are using 3D technology and people's memories to recreate pre-war Nagasaki. Also, we take you to Linz, Austria for the Ars Electronica 2009 festival. We hear about a wind-up vibrator. Yes, you read that correctly. And we'll explore a way to turn your urine into fertilizer. We end with a tech podcast listener who imparts some serious knowledge about GPS drawing on your host.…

WTP 256: Cell Phones in the Classroom, Steam Car Redux, New Wikipedia Guidelines, and Artificial Trees

2009-08-28 Length: 30s
No More Whining, that's our motto. This week: we meet a history teacher who is letting his students fully embrace the tech that they are carrying around. Also, we revisit the British steam car team trying to break a 100 plus year old record. We have an interview with Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales on new editing guidelines, and we hear about the trade in conflict minerals in Congo. We end, of course, with artificial trees. …

WTP 255: Botnets, Russia v. Georgia, Steam-Powered Car, Creative Commons Flamenco, and Zombies!

2009-08-21 Length: 29s
No one's listening anyway, so let's have some fun. We talk about attempts to get international law to catch up with botnets. Also, a study details last year's cyberspat between Russia and Georgia. We hear about a seriously fast steam-powered car, and also about a flamenco and hip-hop mash-up that's got a real creative commons feel about it. We end with zombies. How much more do you want? Oh yeah, Dan Deacon and Quincy Jones provide light entertainment. …

WTP 254: Castle Building Gets Medeival, Solar Impulse, Driverless Cars, and GPS Atari Art!

2009-08-14 Length: 25s
We start with a tribute to the pioneer of that outstanding piece of technology, the single body electric guitar. RIP Les Paul. Then, some builders in France use 13th century tools and technology to build a castle from scratch. Also, Bertrand Piccard and his quest to fly a solar powered plane around the world. Then, driverless cars may be coming to Heathrow Airport. And we end by featuring podcast stalwart Vicente Montelongo, who makes, well, some very Atari-like art out of his San Francisco bike rides. …

WTP 253: Sand Dunes Made from Bacteria, Electronically Enhanced Borders, and WE CARE Solar

2009-08-07 Length: 30s
We start with a geek's audio tribute to the late John Hughes, director of Weird Science. Then, architect Magnus Larsson wants to build sand dunes out of bacteria. Not just any sand dunes. We're talking thousands of miles long in the Sahara. Whoah. Also, countries try to enhance their borders with, wait for it, technology. And we end with an interview with Dr. Laura Stachel of WE CARE Solar. …

WTP 252: Gary McKinnon Update, New Military Tech in Afghanistan, and Pirate Parties Go Global

2009-07-31 Length: 24s
Briton Gary McKinnon stands accused by the US government of committing the biggest military computer hack of all time. McKinnon's been fighting extradition to the US for three years. Today, we have an update on the case. Also, the US Army tries out some new military technology in Afghanistan. We explore the rise of Pirate Parties worldwide, and we hear about how outdated Japanese political campaign laws are hampering Obama style elections. …

WTP 251: Apollo Mission Computers, Undersea Net Cables in Africa, and Bamboo Bikes from Zambia

2009-07-29 Length: 34s
Vertigo is now gone, so back to your regularly scheduled technology podcast. We've got a great story on the computers used 40 years ago on the Apollo 11 mission. Also, a series of fiber-optic cables go live in Africa, bringing hope that affordable high-speed Internet access will be coming soon. And also, a Zambian company starts to export its bamboo bicycles. …

WTP 250: Tech in China and Iran, Air France 447, Codex Sinaiticus, and Hal and the Big 5

2009-07-10 Length: 28s
The Chinese government's trying to control information, especially online information, coming from the city of Urumqi, which has been the scene of violence this week. Also, global geeks try to help Iranians keep the flow of information coming. We check in on the search for the black boxes for Air France flight 447. Next, an ancient Bible finds a new home on the Internet, which also happens to be the ONLY place the band Hal and the Big 5 have ever jammed together. …

WTP 249: Updates on Internet Filtering in Iran and China, One-on-One with Ken Banks, and an Intercontinental Wedding via Skype

2009-07-03 Length: 29s
Updates on two stories we've been following in recent weeks. First, the Iranian government continues to try to control the flow of on-line information out of the country. We try to sort out Twitter fact from fiction with regard to Iran. Also, China's new Internet filtering plan gets delayed. Then, we have an extended conversation with Ken Banks, founder of FrontlineSMS. We end with a Skype-enabled wedding ceremony between someone in China, and someone in Denver. Cool. …

WTP 248: Eco-cooker, Generation Google, Kiva in the US

2009-06-26 Length: 22s
Three stories today: the first is a look at an impressive piece of engineering – a cooker that its makers claim reduces carbon emissions by a staggering degree. …

WTP 247: Twitter and Other Social Media Tools in Iran

2009-06-19 Length: 27s
It's all Iran this week, folks. Violence and protests have flaired in Iran following last week's disputed election results. The government moved quickly to shut down the flow of information out of, and into, the country. But Twitter and other social media tools are keeping that flow of information going. In fact, it's not a flow, but a flood. We'll take an in-depth look at how vital social media tools have become in Iran in the wake of the elections. Show notes, links and pics at …

WTP 246: China Net Surveillance Gets Personal, Video Technology in Sports, and Google Earth in Mozambique

2009-06-12 Length: 34s
China announced new rules regarding PCs this week. Starting July 1, all PCs sold in China must contain a government mandated piece of software designed to "protect Chinese youth" from pornography and violent content. Rights groups are calling foul, and Internet experts say it's ripe for exploitation by hackers and criminals. Also, we answer your calls for a segment on the use of video technology in sports. And we end with a look at how a discovery on Google Earth may help save a rain forest in Mozambique. Show notes, links and pics at …

WTP 245: Iranian Elections Online, US Cybersecurity, Emergency ICT in Pakistan, and Chinese Students Surveilled

2009-06-05 Length: 28s
For this week's podcast, we look at how Iran's presidential candidates are taking to the Internet to win votes. Also, President Obama's plans to beef up America's cybersecurity. We check-in with ICT emergency responders in Pakistan, and then we hear about just how many surveillance cameras will be trained on Chinese students during their national exams this weekend. Music by The Hold Steady. Show notes, links and pics at …

WTP 244 "Vacation Edition:" Wind Power in Antarctica, OR318, Sherlock Holmes Lives!, and The Photographer

2009-05-27 Length: 35s
A special "vacation" episode this week. We have two tech stories to start. The first is out of Antarctica, where the Belgians have built a base camp that produces all of its own energy by using a Scottish company's wind turbines. Then, an online movement to commemorate the life and death of Iranian blogger Omid Reza Mirsayafi. In honor of vacation, we take a break from tech. We talk about the enduring legacy of Sherlock Holmes, and we hear about an amazing new graphic novel that charts the journey of one photographer into war-torn Afghanistan in the mid-1980s. Show notes, links and pics at …

WTP 243: EU Puts Hurt on Intel, Persian Bloggers on Saberi's Release, Google Oceans Goes Deep, and SixthSense at MIT

2009-05-16 Length: 27s
We start this week with a look at how, and why, the European Union leveled a world of financial hurt on US chip-maker Intel. Wow, the EU dislikes someone more than it dislikes Microsoft! Also, journalist Roxana Saberi is released from prison in Iran, the Persian language blogs are buzzing. We'll have a sample. Then, Google Oceans tries to bring mapping help to endangered coral reefs. And finally, a very interesting MIT Media Lab project called SixthSense. No, it's not about seeing dead people. But it will display your email on an airport wall. Show notes, links and pics at …

WTP 242: Vodafone Wireless Innovation Project, UK DNA Database, Swine Flu Listener Questions Answered, and Airplanes!

2009-05-08 Length: 38s
We start the show with three projects that have been chosen as the winners of Vodafone's Wireless Innovation Project. All three harness the power of wireless technologies in pursuit of social good. Then, an in-depth look at the UK's DNA database, and what America's plans are for a similar database. Also, we try to answer some of the great questions you sent in about the swine flu virus. And we end with another competition; Airbus wants to know if you can figure out how to use engineering to make flights cheaper. Show notes, links and pics at …

WTP 241: Google Book Search, World Digital Library, E-Books, Psiphon, and Yahoo's Purple Pedals

2009-05-01 Length: 26s
We start out all bookish this week. We hear about Google's plan to digitally scan every book in the world, and make those books available to everyone with an internet connection. Also, UNESCO wants in on that action too, with a project called The World Digital Library. Then, an in-depth look at e-publishing; are paper books a thing of the past? Then, we hear about some Internet filtering circumvention technology called Psiphon. And we end with Yahoo's bid to trick out bikes with net cams and geo-location software. Show notes, links and pics at …

WTP 240: Pirate Bay Founders in the Brig, Obama Tech Policy, and Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

2009-04-20 Length: 27s
Sorry we're a couple of days late, but so it goes. First, we look at the Swedish court ruling against the founders of The Pirate Bay. We have an explainer and analysis on that. Also, how is Barack Obama's embrace of new technologies during the campaign playing out now that his administration is in power? And we end with a segment on robots. Lovely. Show notes, links and pics at …

WTP 239: Twitter Revolution in Moldova?, Urban Pac-Man, Spies in the Electricity Grid?, Extremist Websites, A Winning Solar Oven, and GoogleLitTrips

2009-04-10 Length: 46s
An incredibly packed show this week. First, to Moldova to find out what role Twitter and other social networking sites have played in the protests there. Then to France for Urban Pac-Man! Also, two hits on tech and security. Are there Russian and Chinese spies pinging the US electricity grid? And are extremist websites being hosted on servers in the United States? Good questions. We also hear about an award-winning solar cooker, and about GoogleLitTrips. Show notes, links and pics at …

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