Last update: 2008-08-25

POR Podcast 12-14 - Is Atheism Stupid? 2-4

2008-08-25 Length: 48m 50s

After receiving some feedback from the last podcast, Adam and Derek crush the remaining Christian "arguments" in this blitz of podcasts 12-14. Send a message through and let them know what you think! Running Time: approx. 44 minutes …

POR Podcast 11 - Is Atheism Stupid? 1 of 4

2008-08-10 Length: 42m 44s

Adam and Derek start off the first in a series of 4 podcasts entitled, Is Atheism Stupid?, in response to an email from a Christian giving 40 arguments why atheism is stupid and Christianity is not. Enjoy! Please be sure to check out for updates! Running Time: approx. 39 minutes …

POR Podcast 10.5 - kNOwRELIGION Convo

2008-07-07 Length: 25m 31s

Here is a candid discussion with Joseph R. Hanson of and Adam and Derek following an interview about faith, belief, religion, spirituality, Christianity, atheism etc. Running Time: approx. 23 minutes …

POR Podcast 10 -

2008-06-03 Length: 27m 43s

Joseph R. Hanson of joins Derek for an interview about faith, belief, religion, spirituality, Christianity, atheism etc. The podcast to follow this one will be a more candid conversation between Joseph, Derek, and Adam. Running Time: approx. 25 minutes …

POR Podcast 9 - Expelled Exposed

2008-05-14 Length: 7m 50s

In Podcast 9, Adam briefly discusses the controversy surrounding Ben Stein's movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, how to get free science DVDs, Derek's mormon project, and what's up for podcast #10! Please be sure to check out the for updates! Running Time: approx. 8 minutes …

POR Podcast 8 - Meeting Richard Dawkins

2008-03-24 Length: 27m 55s

After some necessary downtime, in Podcast 8, Adam and Derek discuss their experience meeting Richard Dawkins on his God Delusion Book Tour, the First Freedom First simulcast, starting a local freethought group, etc. Please be sure to check out the for updates! Running Time: approx. 28 minutes …

POR Podcast #7 - Religious Right

2008-01-21 Length: 35m 10s

Welcoming 2008, Derek and Adam discuss H. R. 888, the religious right, Fighting Words by Robin Morgan, Church-State separation event, Expelled the movie, etc. Please be sure to check out the important and helpful links regarding these issues at Running Time: approx. 35 minutes

POR Podcast #6 - Just For Fun!

2007-12-15 Length: 53m 2s

DISCLAIMER! This year-end Path of Reason podcast is more laid back and informal than usual (i.e. it is unedited and has all the bloopers and a few profanities)! We just wanted to have fun this time around and discuss things like: - Islam - Our church-going days - Girls Gone Wild (for Christ) - Irenaeus and the Four Gospels - Early Christianity - Marrying author, Elaine Pagels ***Thanks to all of our listeners! We'll be back with more podcasts in 2008!*** Running Time: approx. 48 minutes Keep checking out for updates etc! …

POR Podcast #5 - Minister Turns Atheist

2007-11-23 Length: 49m 22s

Adam and Derek interview minister turned atheist, Joe E. Holman and discuss his experience, christianity, morality, etc. Holman's book, "Project Bible Truth: A Minister Turns Atheist and Tells All." will be released January 2008. Check out his website at *Wonder how much it has cost to run Path of Reason? Check out the DONATE page at and help out! Running Time: approx. 45 min. …

POR Podcast # 4 - Not Finding Faith

2007-11-04 Length: 15m 54s

In Podcast #4: Adam talks more about his recent review of Finding Faith: A Search for What Makes Sense by Brian D. McLaren. Path of Reason joins the OUT Campaign. Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on trial. Running Time: approx. 15 minutes …

POR Podcast # 3 - The False Miracle of Jesus.

2007-10-23 Length: 34m 7s

Here, Derek presents a dissection of one of the miracles of Jesus as described in the Bible. More proof of the Bible working against itself.

Be sure to check out the reference materials mentioned in this podcast by going to

Running Time: approx. 34 minutes

POR Podcast # 2 - Answering an Email...

2007-10-23 Length: 3m 42s

Here, Derek replies to an email from a Christian visitor to our site and gives some info on updates. Running Time: approx. 4 minutes. …

POR Podcast #1 - Into the realm of AUDIO!

2007-10-23 Length: 40m 50s

Here's the first Path of Reason podcast where Derek and Adam discuss crazy Christians, miracles, worshiping pens, common sense, ya know...the usual. Running Time: approx. 37 minutes …

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