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2008-04-19 :: Pat Cook Length: 1h 9m 10s
This was originally to be the audio portion of a VIDEO podcast, but since the batteries in my $100 cam & I didn't find the amount f fresh ones I needed until AFTER I got back (Just my luck as I've been wanting to use the iRiver with my cam FOR MONTHS ever since I put out my first video podcast with the cam). But what the heck. I figured that since I hadn't done an audio only podcast IN YEARS, I'd do one. So here it is. :) Enjoy!…

Pat's Podcast Episode 29

2006-04-21 :: Pat Cook Length: 1h 18m 4s

Topics featured: =========== * Washington's handling of the Immigration issue (Including Bush's $.02 worth). * RTD Bus Strike IS OVER (Yay!) * More on the relocation process * LATE NEWS TO THE PODCAST CENTER - Brother, wife & Niece in town from KC All this & MORE on the TWENTY-NINTH edition of Pat's Podcast. **NOTE: The first podsafe music/Promo/PSA break is distorted. THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT. I tried editing and filtering it, had to leave it as it was to avoid ruining it (And potentially the whole recording). Also, there is a jazz song in the 2nd break to which I DID NOT jot down the ID3 tag info. as I was busy trying to debug the entire first break. Sorry about that. I shall strive to do better next time. :) PROMOS & SWEEPERS RUN: ======================== * Ham Radio PSA (Twice - 1st time run was distorted in first break). * Blast The Right (Promo) - **NEXT PODCAST - EPISODE 30 - Thursday, May 4th, 2006 (I promise I'll post it in a more timely fashion!) :)…

Pat's Podcast Episode 28

2006-04-06 :: Pat Cook Length: 1h 32m 38s

From Windy Denver, Colorado comes yet another "Tag Along For The Ride" style of a sound-seeing tour edition of Pat's Podcast. Topics featured are the local mass transit strike & my respective takes on Immigration Reform & Steroids in Baseball. Plus, a sound-seeing tour (of sorts) of the local Sam's Club No podsafe music or promos this time around. Sorry, but Dem's Da way Da cookie crumbles sometimes. :/ To send feedback, call the PodLine @ 206-203-4744

Pat's Podcast Episode 27

2006-03-11 :: Pat Cook Length: 2h 10m 33s

Topics featured: =========== User-friendliness of the iRiver The nice spring weather Re-launch of The Pat Cook Show in Podcast form (As well as TV show in Video Blog format) Remembering when the mailman used to arrive in the morning The local mass transit company & its persistent lack of accessibility and respect for the physically disabled issues. And MORE! Promos Run: ========= PodCacher (A little distorted due to technical glitch) Diabetic Feed (Partly because I am a Diabetic myself) NBX Ultimate Sports Challenge Network (Not exactly family safe. Last promo in episode) All this plus podsafe jazz music courtesy of and (another new feature) a 78 RPM from the Internet Archive and its78 RPM Collection. CHECK IT OUT!! :D…

Pat's Podcast Episode 26

2006-03-11 :: Pat Cook Length: 1h 25m 14s

Topics featured: =========== * The UAE and our ports - Is Bush SURRENDERING to Al Qaeida? * Lazyass Bums vs. Working Class people - Who should get the breaks (A response to comments made by Dan Tencer on The Dan Tencer Show Plus a mashup rendition of "Let It Be", a Ham Radio PSA and more! :) CHECK IT OUT!! :)…

Pat's Podcast Episode 25

2006-03-11 :: Pat Cook Length: 1h 23m 44s
NOTE: Before I begin, lemme preface this by announcing there are currently some missing episodes. Episode 24 was aborted due to my not knowing of a way to export audio from an iRiver player that doesn't export like my old Olympus VN240PC did and THE ORIGINAL Episode 25 was the Christmas show, but it too for some reason also got lost. When Episode 25 is re-edited from the accompanying video podcast, I'll post it (even though it's sequentially out-of-sync). In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this episode and apologies in advance for the lack of synchronicity as of late. We will get to Episode 30 - eventually :D :)
This is the second podcast with Mom in tow. :) Topics included are a trip with Mom to HER Doctor's office (On a FREEZING day no less!), Bush & his hypocritical comments on America's "addiction" to oil, A rant on Drivers who seemingly get their license out of a Cracker Jack box (With the so-called "skills" to match) AND MORE!! NOTE: This is FAR from the best audio quality for someone using an iRiver due to my not ensuring the clip on mic was actually plugged into the MIC jack instead of the headphone jack AND slipping the iRiver UNDER my coat, thus making it difficult for the built-in mic to capture audio properly. Basically...It's all due to MY STUPIDITY!! :} *Look of Embarrassment* But if you REALLY wanna download it....GO FOR IT!! :)…

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