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The Potty Mouth Edition

2015-03-31 :: Phil Hulett Length: 1s

Settle down! We talk about bathrooms with a guy who quite possibly is the only “bathroom photographer” in the world. We ask why are bathrooms embarrassing? Plus, you won’t believe what Phil Hulett wanted to know about public restrooms. And are you an over or under toilet paper roll person?  Plus you get details about the 69 classic cars that were found on a property in Southern California - they could be worth millions. Our travel guy talks bacon maple bars (say no more). 4 movie stars had tunnels from their homes to the Playboy Mansion. Can you guess who they are? Is McDonald’s finally going to serve your breakfast after 10:30 in the morning? How many women want to date their gynecologist? Now you can get night vision injected into your eyes? Shut up and behave in the movie theater, will ya? Stray dogs pay their respects to a human friend. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act has people hopped up. And finally, keep your legs crossed ladies…behold th [...]

Women be Like, What is this Show?

2015-03-26 :: Phil Hulett Length: 1s

There’s a decidedly absent female voice on today’s program. Erin Myers takes a personal day leaving duties to Phil Hulett and Chris Martin who chose to tackle all sorts of female issues. From long-term birth control to equal pay, to the biological clock and who women want to have lunch with, we’re pretty sure Phil and Chris got it all wrong. You decide. Other stories today: Is there going to be a super highway from London to New York? Mountain Dew will kill you! Racist frat boys apologize, but is it enough? Lollapalooza line-up. A stray pit bull nurses a kitten. Scientists carefully “analyze” the 400 most popular online porn videos and come up with 4 earth-shaking takeaways. Manny the Movie Guy issues a warning about this weekend’s box office offerings. Tech Dude, Jeremy Anticouni explains why Facebook wants to launch a drone to 60,000 feet. And finally, why carnies might be the key to happiness.

Dreams, Bad Texting and K-Cups

2015-03-24 :: Phil Hulett Length: 1s

On today’s episode we learn what our dreams mean and how to harness that creativity to enhance our lives. The trick is remembering those dreams. Dream expert Justina Lasley explains how to do it. If you lack the grammar and spelling skills to text properly, relationship reporter Ashley Papa says if you’re not careful, you’ll lead a long and lonely life. Our travel guy, Gary Warner checks in from the Pacific Northwest to talk about the wonders of the Columbia River Gorge. Find out why Germans will love Sharknado 3. Angelina Jolie has had another preemptive surgery to make sure she never gets cancer. Will tell you which lady parts she had removed this time. The people who make K-Cups finally realize how those use em and lose em plastic cups are polluting the planet, and they are doing something about it. Behold the Taco Biscuit. Erin Myers says dog germs are good f [...]

Cancer-Fighting Nanobots

2015-03-19 :: Phil Hulett Length: 1s

What a breakthrough in science! Tiny robots made of DNA enter your blood stream and destroy cancer cells. Sounds like science fiction but it’s been tried and it works…and a nanobot could be navigating through your body some day looking for baddies. But then again, robots could be primed to take over America’s dirty jobs. Manny the Movie Guy reviews Insurgent. What is “Stuffocation” anyway? Good news for folks who were not allowed to drive Tesla’s. Google’s new luxury watch partner. Which baseball stadium has the best hot dog? The top 10 best lines from the worst movies. Urine-repelling paint and pees back! The church of the not-so-compassionate sprinkler head. Should voting be mandatory? Man Madonna is getting old…she can’t even beat a TV show on the music charts. And finally, all the doctors who told a lady to stop drinking her favorite drink three times a day have long died…she’s still drinking it and attributed her [...]

St Paddy’s Day, Eat More Fat, Bracket Time

2015-03-17 :: Phil Hulett Length: 1s

It’s an episode packed with goodness. Today Americans get their drink on in honor of a guy who died 1,583 years ago on either March 8th or 9th. Listen to find out why we celebrate on the 17th. Plus you hear from a Doctor who says go ahead and eat all the butter and fried chicken skin you want because animal fat is good for you. If you haven’t filled out your NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament bracket, we have expert advice for you. Our travel guy wonders what’s next for Down Town Las Vegas? If you are constantly distracted does it mean you are a creative genius? A psychology researcher has the answer. Plus, never mind Pacman vs Money, get ready for the “Quake in Salt Lake” when Evander Holyfield steps back into the ring to fight a guy who never gives up. Plus, the Karate Kid is HOW old? Skinny models may be banned in another country. Starbucks wants its baristas to have a conversation with you that will probably not end well. Microsoft is saying buh [...]

This Episode Powered by Palcohol

2015-03-12 :: Phil Hulett Length: 1s

After all the outrage over the invention of powdered alcohol, Palcohol has been approved by the Feds and will hit stores soon for kids to put in their juice boxes. At least that’s the fear among parents, educators and doctors. Plus today we reveal the timing for Lisa May to “tell all” about her departure from Los Angeles radio station KROQ. And a guy who ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks explains how you can do that too. Our tech guy gives us a virtual tour of Mt. Everest and he says he’s not into the Apple Watch but he loves the new Mac Book. Manny the Movie guy talks about Cinderella’s particular set of skills for he battle with Liam Neeson for box office primacy. Ms. California United States Sande Charles popped in from Arizona to describe Will Ferrell’s quest to play ever baseball position at training camp. Erin Myers is afraid of the new “Hello Barbie” and you should be too. Something else to be afraid of - the Poopetrator. Chris Mart [...]

The Lisa May Episode

2015-03-10 :: Phil Hulett Length: 1s

Listen to this episode of Phil Hulett and Friends to hear what Lisa May is willing to say about her sudden departure from Los Angeles radio station KROQ. Needless to say, she’s a talent and fit right in with “the Friends” and contributed stories like: Music for Cats, things that shorten your life, who’s more narcissistic - men or women?, what the TSA found in a lady’s luggage and the idiot girls from California who did THIS at the Colosseum in Rome. Our regular friends, Erin Myers and Chris Martin filled up the line-up with facial tats in a “breastaurant”, men of Instagram, toxic donuts, sexist washing instructions, and the nurse who fakes it. Phil Hulett interviewed today’s guests including a taxi driver who hates Uber (and immigrant taxi drivers for that matter), an Inn-Keeper who is giving away the Inn with an essay contest, a AAA lady in South Dakota who isn’t thrilled about a proposal to hike the speed limit to 80mph, and ou [...]

Rats, Monkey Brains and Flesh-Eating Deer

2015-03-05 :: Phil Hulett Length: 1s

Today’s episode will test your adventurer’s spirit. An author who’s traveled to every country in the world describes the places he’s seen, the women he’s loved and the food he’s eaten…not to mention his brushes with death. If you’re squeamish about conversations about eating rats and live monkey brains, the remember to fast-forward. But you might want to get busy eating rats before they kill us with the plague. Yup, it’s back. And, Bambi might come to our homes and eat our children someday. Wait until you hear about the herd of deer with a taste for blood. You might think twice about going to any of the new movies this weekend after our movie reviewer gives his opinion on them. You might also think twice about buying car insurance through Google. That’s right, Google! Plus we have these stories: Ammo Vending Machines, creepy talking pillow with lady-parts, Jodi Arias sentence, Mugshot McDreamy is ready to pursue modelling, [...]

Spring Training, Sleep Disorders and Relationship Hell

2015-03-03 :: Phil Hulett Length: 1s

We’re covering everything today with Ms. California United State Sande Charles checking in from Scottsdale, Arizona with a baseball training camp report. Plus The Sleep Apnea Girl returns with helpful tips on how to get a good night’s rest, and Tanii Carr is back with pointers on how to emerge from relationship hell. You might want to take a vacation once you hit the dating scene again, so why not cruise? Our Travel Guy Gary Warner lets you in on a tip that could save you 70 percent on your fare. The friends dive into a wide array of topics including: The third degree black belt airline pilot lady with no arms, Paula Dean’s healthy cookbook, the hidden Lewinsky in the official Clinton Presidential portrait, the brick does the trick with a thick thief, China beats Hollywood at it’s game, a special fabric makes movie stars invisible to paparazzi, twin sisters - one white, one black, is Maggie Smith leaving Downton Abbey?, maybe she’s joining the cast of S [...]

Lions, Tigers and Net Neutrality, Oh My

2015-02-26 :: Phil Hulett Length: 1s

Today is Net Neutrality Day. The FCC approved it and you don’t even know what it is, you just know you don’t like it. At least, that’s what the polls say. Plus a guy who provides therapy to veterans with PTSD by introducing them to Lions, Tigers and Bears…no, really! Manny the Movie Guy explains why he got the Oscars so wrong this year and reviews the latest Will Smith Movie, Focus. Our special guest-host today is the reigning Ms. California United States, Sande Charles. Gonzo Greg Spillane sits in, too. Chris Martin and Phil Hulett handle the familiar faces responsibilities. Other topics include: The Bachelor Finale, crazy chicks, the AKC’s top dogs, Taylor Swift is WHAT? Human head transplants, hyper-loop testing, the world’s hottest hamburger, the bluetooth whiskey bottle, the body parts women are unhappy with, and a social media network for flatulence.  

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