Last update: 2011-06-08

Episode 11: Photoshopping iCloud Style Aluminium Icons

2011-06-08 :: Ash Davies
In Apple's recent iCloud and iOS5 keynote, a vast array of brushed aluminium style icons were used. In this tutorial we learn how to create an incredible iCloud style aluminium icon in just a few minutes.…

Episode 10: Photoshopping Neon Text

Neons were invented by accident over 300 years ago when a scientist shook a test tube. It took another 200 years for the concept to be rediscovered, and they called their invention 'The New Gas', or, as it was known in Greek, 'Neon'. In this tutorial we learn how to create an incredibly realistic neon using nothing but photoshop.…

Episode 9: Photoshopping a Heroes Style Eclipse

If you've ever seen the show Heroes then you'll no doubt remember the stunning eclipse intro. It really is an incredible piece of design. In this tutorial, we learn how to recreate that solar eclipse image in a slightly retro style using nothing but photoshop.…

Episode 8: Photoshopping Digital Bokeh

In photography, bokeh is one of the most incredible implementations of Aperture. The shallow depth of field causes any light in the background to blur into a floating orb. In this tutorial, we go through how to create bokeh using Photoshop, with simply beautiful results.…

Episode 7: Photoshopping Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks are a great way to preserve a memory. In this tutorial you'll learn how to create a high resolution scrapbook on photoshop, including torn paper, sticky tape, handwriting and spilt ink.…

Episode 6: Photoshopping Obama ‘Hope’ Posters

President Obama's 'Hope' poster is one of the most recognisable pieces of street art of all time, and is being called a cultural phenomenon. In this tutorial you'll learn how to apply the same effect to your own photo using nothing but Photoshop.…

Episode 5: Photoshopping Apple’s Aqua Wallpaper

When Apple first released OSX, the benchmark for computer design was set to a new level. This was largely because of their Aqua theme. In this tutorial you'll learn how to recreate the famous Aqua wallpaper in just a few minutes using photoshop. It's actually very easy!…

Episode 4: Photoshopping iPhone Icons

2009-08-08 :: Ash Davies
In this video tutorial you'll learn how to create high quality glass style iPhone Application icons and buttons using photoshop.…

Episode 3: Photoshopping Tiny Planets

2009-07-10 :: Ash Davies
Tiny Planets are amazing little photoshop creations that turn a panoramic image into a little planet. They are surprisingly easy to create too. All you need is a panoramic photo, Photoshop, the most basic of understandings and a few minutes.…

Episode 2: Photoshopping iPod Graffiti

2009-06-29 :: Ash Davies
Ever since apple started the campaign a few years ago, iPod graffiti has been immensely popular and is one of the most recognized and effective trademarks in advertising today. In this guide you'll learn how to create your own iPod graffiti photo in a few simple steps. …

Episode 1: Photoshopping Tilt Shift

2009-06-20 Length: 3m 30s
Tilt shift uses a shallow depth of field to transform a normal scene into a tiny toy world. In this tutorial you'll learn how to use photoshop to create the tilt shift effect. It's very easy and produces really cool results.…

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