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Pilotslog Episode #15

2008-04-16 Length: 19s
Pilot's Log Podcast number 15 includes highlights from the 4/12/08 Burnet, TX airshow.  The spotlight interview for this episode features Capt. Paul Fiala.  Capt. Fiala is the Manager and chief pilot for the King Ranch, a great pilot, and a frequent airshow performer in his Great Lakes Bi-plane.  Snoopy loves to watch him fly.  Listen closely to find out why.

Pilotslog Episode #14

2008-04-03 Length: 11s
Interview with Julie Clark at the Commemorative Airforce Airsho 2006. I talk about the Blue Bonnet air show at Burnet Texas on April 12,2008 and about planning for this years trip to Oshkosh.

Pilotslog Episode #13

2008-03-25 Length: 32s
Interview with Col Joe Levinson USA Ret.

Pilotslog Episode #12

2008-03-21 Length: 33s
William interviews Ralph Royce.  Ralph is the Airboss at the Commemorative Air Force Airsho '07 in Midland, Texas, as well as many other air shows across the nation.  Following the interview with Ralph, you get to hear him in action.  William hooked the recorder up to the intercom system of the U-11A.  You get to hear what the pilots hear as they are flying the airshow, and Ralph works his magic, keeping the show flowing and safe.

Pilotslog Episode #11

2008-03-18 Length: 32s
Interview with Pat and Karen McClure.  Pat talks about his flying experience and very scary in-flight emergency in his replica Kate torpedo bomber.  Karen talks about the importance of wives being active and supportive in their husband's hobbies.  And Pat talks about flying safety.  William and Mike open the podcast talking about their recent flight to Midland, Texas, by way of Abilene, Texas.  They discuss a very interesting place to eat in Abilene, surrounded by airplane parts and Chuck Yeager's signature.  They lament the poor flight conditions due to high headwinds, causing slow ground speed and a bumpy ride.

Pilotslog Podcast - A new Beginning

2008-03-16 Length: 7s
My first podcast in more than a year. My Daughter is here with me so I am putting something out... Enjoy

William Foster

Pilotslog Vidcast #1 : Tora! Tora! Tora!

2006-12-15 Length: 11s
My first attempt at a vidcast... The audio was done by Col. Ken Crites of the CAF during the AIRSHOW 2006 Midland... Pictures were taken during several of the shows this year...…

Pilotslog Episode #10

2006-08-11 Length: 20s
I talk about my recent trip to Oshkosh. I also interview Captain GrandMa a retired 757 pilot. Misic by Dick Jonas.

Pilotslog Episode #9

2006-08-05 Length: 15s
Interview with Jason Miller from The Finer Point of Aviation Podcast.
The music intro and exit is by Jason and Pilot Kent from the Pilotcast Podcast. I recorded all this at Airventure 2006 at Oshkosh.

Pilotslog Episode #8

2006-07-10 Length: 26s
This is episode #8 for July 11,2006
 I interview Grant Lannon who is a pilot for the Commemorative Airforce in San Marcos Texas. We talk a little about the Minuteman and about the B-25 Yellowrose. We also talk about his AT-6 Triple Nickle.

Pilotslog Episode #7

2006-07-01 Length: 24s
On the episode I interview Dan Linebarger who is the wingleader of the Blastards Pyro team for the Commemorative Airforce. I also discuss some of the fly-in I have been too.

Pilotslog Episode #6

2006-04-23 Length: 25s
Pilotslog episode #6 opens with a song from Dick Jonas. I am flying solo on this podcast as Mike and I had some problems getting together. I talk about the flying and airshows that I have attended. Burnet airshow at Burnet Texas BMQ. I also talk about the Brady fly-in with the Cessna 150-152 Club.
 In the aviation news. Scott Crossfield crashed. New ME-262 and a upcoming event... The Dolittle Raiders Reunion to take place in San Antonio sometime in 2007 hosted by the Yellowrose Sq.
  I also interviewed Larry Cook manager at the Llano airport.
New contest on my site "There I was" with prizes...

Pilots-log episode #5

2006-03-26 Length: 54s
This episode we interview Roland Coyote from San Marcos Texas. He is a LT in the Civil Air Patrol and a member of the Tex Hill SQ. Roland is a pilot with more than 700 hours. Mike will also update us on some of the aviation news. Opening and closing music by Dick Jonas at…

Pilots-log episode #4 revised

2006-03-14 Length: 33s
In this episode of pilots log we interviewed Ed Davis who was a pilot for the united States Navy. We also covered some of the news and a little about some of the airshow in the near future. Checkout the site…

Pilots-log episode #3

2006-03-05 Length: 46s
This episode we talk to a Balloon Pilot Duane Katizer. We also take a look at what it takes to become and A&P. There is also some news and a taste of music by Dick Jonas…

Pilots-log episode #2

2006-02-24 Length: 42s
Music by Dick Jonas and an interview with Joe Luther on his flying career in the Air Force. We also talk about upcoming events in the Texas Area.…

pilots-log episode #1

2006-02-16 Length: 14s
This episode just gives a little back ground about the hosts of this show. We all talk about up coming airshow... Hope you enjoy..…

pilots-log Introduction

2006-02-08 Length: 3s
New show on aviation..Travel with us to airshows,fly-ing and other aviation events.…

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