Last update: 2013-05-26

PCDU Episode 109: Dave’s Cambridge Airforce

2013-05-26 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 1s
We're joined by Dave Homewood from the Wings Over New Zealand forum & podcast who talks to us about his career with the RNZAF, the Kiwi warbird scene and his excellent forum & podcast. We also feature more Avalon content including our KC-30A interview, the Herron RPV and Charles Cheeseman from Eco 2000. Finally, we introduce new team member Maikha Ly, announce another competition and work through a stack of listener mail.…

PCDU Episode 108: On a Wing & a Chair

2013-04-27 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 1s
Flying solo around Australia is a challenging & amazing experience, even today (just ask Owen Zupp :) ). It's even more mind-blowing when you're a quadriplegic! This episode Steve & Grant talk to Dave Jacka who is setting out to be the first quadriplegic person to fly solo around Australia! We also include a chat Steve recorded with Laurie Jones from Adventure Wings about his role as a fire-bomber and the Nanchang adventure flights they operate from Tooradin (YTDN), a new View from the Lounge and even a competition!…

PCDU Episode 107: Avalon 2013 – Globemaster Central

2013-03-30 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 43s
We still have some Avalon 2013 coverage not yet released so we decided to produce a single episode dedicated to the C17 as there were multiple RAAF C17s and a ...…

PCDU Episode 106: Avalon 2013 – Day Six

2013-03-03 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 1s
We had contemplated a quiet final day at Avalon 2013 where the team could gather a few last interviews but it wasn’t to be. There were still so many people ...…

PCDU Episode 105: Avalon 2013 – Day Five

2013-03-02 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 56s
Day Five of the Avalon Airshow 2013 is the first full public day and they turned out in force to enjoy great aviation action under clear blue skies. Despite the ...…

PCDU Episode 104: Avalon 2013 – Day Four

2013-03-01 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 1s
The sun came out in force on Day 4 of Avalon 2013 and with mostly clear blue skies we finally felt like we’d arrived at a real airshow. With aircraft ...…

PCDU Episode 103: Avalon 2013 – Day Three

2013-02-28 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 1s
From a Gulfstream G650 to an RAAF C17, Day Three of Avalon 2013 has certainly kept Team PCDU on the go…

PCDU Episode 102: Avalon 2013 – Day Two

2013-02-27 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 1s
Day Two of the Avalon 2013 Airshow has kept Team PCDU very busy shooting video & recording interviews. Here’s some of the content we recorded today: Captain Robin Pursey, Chief Pilot ...…

PCDU Episode 101: Avalon 2013 – Day One

2013-02-26 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 44s
It's been a good start to the Avalon 2013 Airshow with Team PCDU recording a few interviews and setting up their schedule for the rest of the week.…

PCDU Episode 100: The Ton

2013-02-21 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 2s

PCDU Episode 99: RAAF C-130H – Into History

2013-01-29 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 2s
In November of 2012 the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) decommissioned their C-130H fleet, transitioning to the C-130J and reaching the end of an era for flight engineers & navigators in the Air Lift Group (ALG). We were fortunate enough to be invited to partake in some of the decommissioning events including a final media flight over Sydney Harbour, watching a formation flyby practice from RAAF Base Richmond's control tower and the delivery of C-130H A97-011 to the RAAF Museum at Point Cook. In the course of these events we obtained a number of great interviews with past & present air crew which are gathered here in our tribute episode to the C-130H in RAAF service.…

PCDU Episode 98: Farewell 2012

2012-12-30 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 1s
As 2012 draws to a close come & spend a bit of time with Steve, Grant, Bas & ATC Ben as they wrap up the year with some new content, ...…

PCDU Episode 97: Journos & Aeros

2012-12-09 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 2s
We have a variety of content for you in this episode including: 0:03:50 – A great chat we recorded with Andrew McLaughlin, previously co-owner and deputy editor of Australian Aviation and ...…

PCDU Episode 96: “Serge” – An Australian Top Gun

2012-11-17 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 1s
It takes a special breed to push an F18 out to the edge of the envelope, fly missions ranging from surface attack to dog fights and then blow off steam ...…

PCDU Episode 95: Northern Exposure

2012-11-03 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 2s
Steve & Grant go north of Melbourne thanks to the aid of some members of Team PCDU, both current & new. First up we tag along with ATC_Ben on his visit to Oshkosh 2012, discussing his journey there & listening to a few of the interviews he recorded (yes, we're still jealous we couldn't get there!). We then introduce long-time listener Damien Rose who's joining us as our Queensland correspondent & lives about 2,000km north of PCDU HQ. Finally, we play a few of the interviews Steve & Grant recorded at Oshkosh 2011 to help us feel a bit better about not being there this year (nope, still jealous! :)…

PCDU Episode 94: AusFly “Together Under One Sky”

2012-10-06 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 1s
The Sport Aircraft Association of Australia (SAAA) held their inaugural AusFly event at Narromine, New South Wales on the 14th & 15th of September. As part of the show, Plane ...…

PCDU Episode 93: Positive Moves

2012-09-07 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 1s
After three years of lamenting the hassles involved in getting to the West Coast of Australia to report on aviation happenings wwwaaayyy over there on the other side of the ...…

PCDU Episode 92: Helene Young – A Novel Approach to Flying

2012-08-16 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 1s
[Kathy Mexted joins Steve & Grant to interview Helene Young, a Dash-8 pilot who's written three great books based around pilots flying for Australia's border patrol in the far north of Queensland. In addition to being a captain with the regionals, Helene has managed to juggle her home & social life with work and writing, producing three great books in a relatively short period of time. We also have interviews with Peter Sobey (Chief Flying Instructor at Sharp Airlines) and Chris Dewhirst (first man to fly a balloon over Mt Everest) along with a brand new View From the Lounge segment (also about balloons).…

PCDU Episode 91: New Horizons

2012-07-23 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 1s
After a number of years and the inevitable stumbling blocks that life throws at us, Grant has finally become a balloon pilot having completed his check flight up at Mildura just the other day. From how the final stages of solos & check flight unfolded to a comparison of "first solo" moments, Steve & Grant talk briefly about the realisation that a new license & $5 can now buy you a beer... Meanwhile, Bas & AntCB join Steve to talk iPad aviation apps, Pieter Johnson interviews Australians at Farnborough 2012, Steve & Bas talk to Peter Gibson from CASA about the new Class 2 Medicals, we talk to Aviation Australia about their training courses & Aviation Careers Expo and Grant chats with Alan Joyce (no, really! :)…

PCDU Episode 90: Moments in Time

2012-07-03 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 1s
Steve's been considering buying an aircraft so he got together with Anthony Crichton-Browne and Ben Morgan to discuss the costs of owning an aircraft. After that we're joined by Kathy Mexted to interview Justin Sheedy about his book "Nor the years condemn" before heading off into a discussion of various items (including Grant getting on his soapbox about 'aircraft snobs'). It's worth sticking around to the very end for a huge, 5 minute mega-blooper reel at the end :)…

PCDU Episode 89: RA-Aus NatFly 2012

2012-06-16 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 1s
Way back in April, Steve & ATC_Ben flew "Ben Air" from Lilydale (YLIL) to Temora (YTEM) for the RA-Aus NatFly 2012 event, leaving Grant behind in Melbourne attempting to recover from bronchitis. While not as vibrant as 2011, there was still plenty of activity to keep Steve & Ben busy recording lots of great content. Join us to check out all the light aircraft fun.…

PCDU Episode 88: Dreamtime

2012-05-29 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron ( Length: 29s
Boeing have been taking their 787 Dreamliners on the DreamTour, a series of 7 multi-stop flights, or segments, that take one of the 787 test aircraft around the world. Each segment visits multiple countries, allowing airlines & invited guests to get up close to the advanced new airliner. Perhaps saving the best for last, the DreamTour came to the Dreamtime during it's 7th segment. Team PCDU were invited by Qantas & Jetstar to join the DreamTour in Melbourne. This "quick cast" episode features our interview recorded in Melbourne with Captain Todd Abraham, a Boeing technical pilot flying the 787 on segment #7.…

PCDU Episode 87: Wings Over Illawarra 2012

2012-05-18 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
The Great PCDU Road Trip of 2012 covered over 1,700km in the course of a single weekend. From late on Friday night to early on Monday morning, Steve, Grant & Allan drove from Melbourne up to Wollongong (just south of Sydney) to attend the Wings Over Illawarra 2012 air show. Firmly ensconced in the Southern Biplanes hangar with a great view of the show unfolding beyond "Lilly Warra" (their big red Boeing Stearman), the mobile studio was set up (thanks Allan! :) allowing Steve, Grant & Anthony Crichton-Browne to record lots of great content. C130J RAN SH60B Seahawk Army Red Berets parachute demo team leader NSW Air & Australian Aerial Patrol and much much more…

PCDU Episode 86: One Fine Day at Parafield

2012-04-26 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Thanks to OzRunways, Steve was able to get to Adelaide to cover the Parafield Airshow 2012. He & Bas recorded a number of interviews, including: Chris Sperou The Roulettes Tammy Augostin David Hales from 5DME And much more, including Pieter Johnson's next "From Up Here to Down There" segment and an update from the B24 Liberator Restoration Project.…

PCDU Episode 85: Tyabb Air Show 2012 & ATC Ben Answers Your Questions

2012-03-31 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
After a long break from the show, Ben Ippolito (aka ATC Ben) returns in this packed episode to tell us about getting current again, wrap up the Tyabb airshow and answer some of your ATC questions. Our Tyabb coverage includes: Matt Hall Mark Pracy talking about the Reno crash The formation & operation of the Southern Knights ATC Ben talks about re-gaining proficiency and ATC Q&A session We also introduce a new sponsor (OzRunways) and with lots of airshows coming up, we're looking for more :) …

PCDU Episode 84: Geoff Whitty: Pidgin Tales

2012-03-17 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
This episode we're joined by Kathy Mexted & her brother Geoff Whitty to talk about his adventures running aviation operations & airports in Papua New Guinea. We then talk to Tammy Augostin, the Promotion & Marketing Manager of the Parafield Airshow before featuring Anthony Crichton-Browne's chat with a Blackhawk pilot and Anthony Simmons' latest View from the Lounge segment. …

PCDU Episode 83: Replicate This!

2012-02-29 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
This episode we dip into aviation's rich & storied history as we chat with a few replica builders who are working hard to preserve our access to our fledgling beginnings as we first pushed into the sphere of powered, heavier than air flight. (show title image supplied by Project 2014) This episode includes: Bristol Military Boxkite flying replica being built by Geoff Matthews & Ron Gretton AM BE2a static replica being built by Andrew Willox. Richard Gardner, Charman of the Trustees at the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Replica of Eugene Ely's Curtis Pusher by Bob Coolbaugh& Andrew King The Barnstorming Movie with Paul Glenshaw & Andrew King followed by a chat with Paul about the Wright Brothers movie he has reassembled…

PCDU Episode 82: Keeping up with Owen Zupp

2012-02-15 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Our good friend Owen Zupp takes time out from his very busy schedule to hang out & chat with us about his new blog, flight testing the GA8 Airvan and much more. We also include chats with Ken Wright OAM from the RAAF 2OTU Museum and Noel Breetag at the RAAF Catalina Museum plus Pieter Johnson has a great chat with Paul Fowler about the Spitfire Project. …

PCDU Episode 81: An Infrequent Flyer goes to Europe

2012-01-29 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
There’s been a few delays in getting our first episode for 2012 out but what can you expect with the Summer heat to enjoy and games of Cricket to watch ...…

PCDU Episode 80: Farewell 2011 (aka “Tom Cruise wraps my Dolmades” :)

2011-12-30 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
All good things must come to an end and so too must the year 2011. It has been an amazing year of growth for PCDU as we’ve covered Avalon 2011, ...…

PCDU Episode 79: Flying Low

2011-12-09 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Steve’s finally picked up his instructor’s rating although it’s in trains, not aircraft, but don’t worry, we’re not switching the show over to Train Crazy Down Under :) Once again we’re ...…

PCDU Episode 78: Tim Smith: Flying Saved My Life

2011-11-16 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Many people in Australia know of Tim Smith, a Melbourne comedian who’s worked on television and in radio for years. What many people don’t know is that Tim is a ...…

PCDU Episode 77: Qantas Crisis: After the Grounding

2011-11-02 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Almost one year after the QF32 incident, Qantas is again in the news around the world and for a short time again appeared to be on the brink of a ...…

PCDU Episode 76: Air Wilpena

2011-10-20 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
A few episodes ago we introduced Kathy Mexted as a new member our group of occasional PCDU contributors and this episode she’s back with some great content. She recently took ...…

PCDU Episode 75: Talking Aerobatics with Anthony Crichton-Browne

2011-10-05 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Today we’re joined by Anthony Crichton-Browne, a commercial airline pilot who also likes to take his Pitts Special out for a spin (and a few other fun manoeuvres :) In ...…

PCDU Episode 74: Kiwi User Fees … and other issues

2011-09-05 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
We’re joined by our mate Dan Morris from New Zealand to discuss some news from the Land of the Long White Cloud. Topics include: Air Traffic Control in the aftermath of ...…

PCDU Episode 73: Oshkosh: The Greatest Show on Earth

2011-08-20 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Today Steve & Grant are chatting with Bas Scheffers, reviewing their experiences at EAA‘s AirVenture Oshkosh 2011. We talk about the long haul across the Pacific via V Australia 777 ...…

PCDU Episode 72: Oshcast #3 – Hugging your Roo

2011-07-30 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
As all good things must come to an end, so too must our time at Oshkosh 2011. It’s been an incredible event for us and an eye-opener to just how ...…

PCDU Episode 71: AirVenture 2011 – Oshcast #2

2011-07-28 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
We’re still here at Oshkosh and working hard despite heat, humidity, rain, storms and sore feet. There’s something about being at the greatest aviation event in the world & surrounded ...…

PCDU Episode 70: AirVenture 2011 – Oshcast #1

2011-07-26 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Steve & Grant are at Oshkosh along with Bas Scheffers, David Vanderhoof and a large number of other aviation podcasters, swimming in the sea of aviation that is AirVenture Oshkosh ...…

PCDU Episode 69: Carbonated

2011-07-20 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Ben Morgan from Aviation Advertiser returns to join us in a discussion of current events in the Australian aviation scene. Following a quick intro, the first topic we discuss is ...…

PCDU Episode 68: Flyabout to Memory Lane

2011-07-11 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
We open this episode having a chat with James Williams of the LifeStyle PodNetwork, Australia’s global podcast network. We are very happy to announce that we’ve been invited to join ...…

PCDU Episode 67: Team Pracy: Racing, JetRides & Aircraft Imports

2011-06-29 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
We’re joined by Mark Pracy Sr and Mark Pracy Jr to talk about the many aviation endeavours they’re involved in, including JetRide Australia, Pracy Racing and Aircraft Imports. We also ...…

PCDU Episode 66: That Wasn’t in the Script!

2011-06-21 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
It’s been a while since we got down & dirty with the Australian commercial airline scene so with that in mind, we called up Ben Sandlilands from the PlaneTalking blog ...…

PCDU Episode 65: Innovative Ideas

2011-06-12 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
There’s no denying that aviation has been the home of many innovative ideas when it comes to aerodynamics, systems and so on. Sometimes we even get to hear about innovation ...…

PCDU Episode 64: Dick Smith – Setting it Straight

2011-05-24 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
We are fortunate to have Dick Smith return to PCDU, joining us to discuss his views on Australia’s aviation environment. We talk about his time as chairman of the Civil ...…

Video 001: Steve’s Flight in JetRide’s L39

2011-05-17 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Here’s a quick teaser video of Steve’s flight in JetRide’s L39 down at Tooradin airport recently. We’re still working on the full “Adventure Flights” video so this one’s a bit ...…

PCDU Episode 63: RA-Aus NatFly 2011

2011-04-29 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Every year at Easter, Recreational Aviation Australia holds its National Fly In (NatFly). This is an event where RA-Aus members, vendors & interested folks come to meet, attend workshops, review ...…

PCDU Episode 62: Advertising Advocacy

2011-04-20 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Aviation in Australia is experiencing a difficult time and General Aviation is especially being hit hard. User fees are continuing to increase, rules are being changed and airports are being ...…

PCDU Episode 61: The Great Pilgrimage

2011-04-10 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Most people interested or involved in aviation have a special love for warbirds and antique aircraft and we at PCDU are certainly no exception. This episode features a number ...…

PCDU Episode 60: Now the Party’s Over

2011-03-25 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
The Australian International Airshow (aka Avalon 2011) is over but the show must go on. We have mountains of content from Avalon 2011 in addition to the interviews we released ...…

PCDU Episode 59: Avalon Not-So Quick Cast #6

2011-03-06 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
We’ve made it to the end of day 6 of the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition (aka Avalon 2011). It’s the final day of the airshow and ...…

PCDU Episode 58: Avalon Quick Cast #5

2011-03-05 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
It’s day 5 of the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition (aka Avalon 2011) and it’s the first whole day open to the general public. The PCDU team ...…

PCDU Episode 57: Avalon Quick Cast #4

2011-03-04 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
We’re up to day 4 of the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition (aka Avalon 2011) and the general public are arriving as of today. The PCDU team ...…

PCDU Episode 56: Avalon Quick Cast #3

2011-03-03 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
It’s time once again for the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition (aka Avalon 2011) and Team PCDU are there to arrange interviews with people & organisations that ...…

PCDU Episode 55: Avalon Quick Cast #2

2011-03-02 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
It’s time once again for the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition (aka Avalon 2011) and Team PCDU are there to arrange interviews with people & organisations that ...…

PCDU Episode 54: Avalon Quick Cast #1

2011-03-01 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
It’s time once again for the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition (aka Avalon 2011) and Team PCDU are there to arrange interviews with people & organisations that ...…

PCDU Episode 53: A Ditch, Some Dutch & De-Icing

2011-02-20 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Steve & Grant are joined once again by Bas Scheffers from Adelaide to discuss a few items, including: A follow up to the ADSB discussion we had with Bill Hamilton back ...…

PCDU Episode 52: The Misty Dawn of Avalon

2011-02-02 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Every two years Avalon Airport is the home to one of the biggest airshows & aviation expositions in the Southern Hemisphere (the biggest, according to many). One of Australia’s premier ...…

PCDU Episode 51: Pig Out!

2011-01-20 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
In November 2010 the PCDU team were invited to attend the Media Day at RAAF Amberley where members of 6 Squadron were gathered to give us one final look at ...…

PCDU Episode 50: Farewell 2010

2010-12-31 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
As the final hours of 2010 pass by and the year draws to a close, we release our 50th episode with a mix of annual review, Christmas greetings and a ...…

PCDU Episode 49: Hovering Matilda

2010-12-14 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Rosemary Arnold learned to fly fixed wing in the early 60s then converted helicopters in the mid-60′s, becoming the first woman in Australia to receive a helicopter pilot’s license. From ...…

PCDU Episode 48: ADS-B: C’est un pétard! – with Bill Hamilton

2010-11-27 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
While the technology behind ADS-B is nothing new, it is becoming the centerpiece of modern Air Traffic Management systems around the world. Unfortunately, CASA is once again taking a global ...…

PCDU Episode 47: Bull Me!

2010-11-22 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
The 2010 RedBull AirRace season was exciting, eventful and disappointing all at once. From Adilson Kindleman’s crash in Perth to Hannes Arch’s pylon hit and Matt Hall’s “walk on water” ...…

PCDU Episode 46: Qantas A380 incident – from the Ground Up

2010-11-09 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
On November 4th, 2010 Qantas A380 VH-OQA (“Nancy Bird Walton”) was operating flight QF32 from Singapore to Sydney. During the climb out from Singapore, the number 2 Rolls Royce Trent ...…

PCDU Episode 45: Keeping it to Scale

2010-10-30 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
It’s been a while since our last episode but at last we’re able to present our latest update with some more great content. First up, Matt Hall joins us once ...…

PCDU Episode 44: Hannes, Bas and the Rhino

2010-10-08 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
In an effort to reassure you that we’re not trying to cut any corners as we build towards our 50th episode, this episode comes in at over 2 hours in ...…

PCDU Episode 43: Back to the Air Show

2010-09-18 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Back in March we attended the Centenary Air Show at Melton airport near Diggers Rest (a short drive from Melbourne). In addition to being a great air show that celebrated ...…

PCDU Episode 42: Wings Down Under

2010-09-03 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
This episode we’re joined by Will Horton from the Wings Down Under blog to chat about recent aviation news items. We also have Anthony Simmons returning for another View from ...…

PCDU Episode 41: Australian Federal Election QuickCast #3: Comments on the Greens & Labor’s White Paper

2010-08-19 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
In our third & final Election QuickCast, we take a look at the published transportation policies from the The Greens and the Labor Party’s “Aviation White Paper.” Sadly, Christine Milne ...…

PCDU Episode 40: Australian Federal Election QuickCast #2: Ken Hill & Tim Sheen

2010-08-18 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Australians are about to go to the election booths on Saturday 21st August so we’re working to bring our listeners information about the aviation policies of the various political parties. ...…

PCDU Episode 39: Australian Federal Election QuickCast #1: Warren Truss

2010-08-17 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Australians are about to go to the election booths on Saturday 21st August so we’re working to bring our listeners information about the aviation policies of the various political parties. ...…

PCDU Episode 38: Dick Smith: Around the World in Many Ways

2010-08-09 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Dick Smith is an entrepreneur well known to most Australians, ranging from the country wide chain of Dick Smith Electronics stores he created to Dick Smith Foods and Australian Geographic. ...…

We tried to get to Oshkosh 2010

2010-08-07 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Air Venture: Oshkosh is the place to be if you’re into aviation. There’s something for everyone from home builts to military to warbirds to commercial to seaplanes to antiques to ...…

PCDU Episode 37: It’s “Flight Attendant,” Grant

2010-07-30 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
It seems that Grant has always had troubles with the label “Flight Attendant” ever since his sister joined Australian Airlines and mistakenly told him she would be a “Trolley Dolly.” ...…

PCDU Episode 36: Incidentally, Matt…

2010-07-14 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Most of you will have already seen Matt Hall’s splash on the river at Windsor back in June. Then he was denied a go at racing in New York, to ...…

PCDU Episode 35: Perseverance & Persistence

2010-07-03 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
These days it’s quite common to find ladies in command of commercial airliners, bizjets and combat aircraft. Thirty years ago, however, this was certainly not the case here in Australia ...…

PCDU Episode 34: Arching over the Swamp

2010-06-16 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
This episode we feature an interview with Hannes Arch, the Austrian Red Bull champion in 2008 who came second in 2009 and is currently second on points for 2010. We ...…

PCDU Episode 33: Four Degrees of Separation from Ben Sandilands

2010-05-27 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
In this episode we join noted aviation journalist Ben Sandilands from Plane Talking to review the latest news & information. When we called Ben, he was experiencing a heat wave ...…

PCDU Episode 32: Switch to Plan Delta

2010-05-12 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
This episode features a discussion with Peter Gibson, the manager of corporate communications at CASA. He’s joined us to explain the airspace changes that will come into effect on June ...…

PCDU Episode 31: Red Bull all The Way

2010-05-07 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
The Red Bull Air Race came back to Perth this year and Steve was there, flexing his newly minted press credentials and discovering the amazing world of the Red Bull ...…

PCDU Episode 30: Antarctica: The Last True Wilderness

2010-04-20 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
The first aircraft to be used in Antarctica was Henry Mawson’s Vickers REP monoplane. Sadly, it had been damaged in Australia before arriving in Antarctica and was used as an ...…

PCDU Episode 29: What’s in a Checklist?

2010-04-05 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Some in-cockpit audio provided by a listener triggered a discussion on the differences in pre-landing checklists (GUMPS vs BUMFTH vs BUMFOH vs whatever). All of Grant’s aviation books & manuals ...…

PCDU Episode 28: Save the Liberator

2010-03-27 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
The B24 Liberator was the most produced heavy bomber of World War 2 and saw service in all theaters of the war. The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) flew B24s ...…

PCDU Episode 27: Trans World Adventures

2010-03-09 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
The common theme in this episode is about going around the world, first by bringing Saj Ahmad (Fleetbuzz Editorial) in the UK and Ben Sandilands (Plane Talking) in Australia together ...…

PCDU Episode 26: Enjoying the Views

2010-02-24 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
You can always count on this podcast to have some interesting, opinionated and, occasionally, diverse points of view. This episode really brings them all and (bonus!) includes a whole ...…

PCDU Episode 25: Fan Boys

2010-02-13 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Yes, Steve & Grant are Fan Boys (big Fan Boys, in fact :) and this episode we demonstrate it once again by interviewing Matt Hall and hanging out with some ...…

PCDU Episode 24: Misuse of Accents

2010-02-03 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Despite the annoying habit of our “day jobs” and families encroaching into our PCDU time, we’ve finally managed to get some time to record an episode. Steve even managed ...…

PCDU Episode 23: Australia: A TSA free zone (for now)

2010-01-15 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Even down here in Australia we’re being impacted by the out-of-control antics of the TSA, so what the heck, we’ll have a bit of a c’est la vent moment about ...…

PCDU Episode 22: Farewell 2009

2009-12-31 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
It’s the Christmas & New Year holiday period, plus down here it’s Summer so we’re totally into listening to long aviation podcasts when we’re not distracted by having fun. So, ...…

PCDU Episode 21: London Calling

2009-12-18 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
For the majority of our listeners it’s warm and getting warmer down here in the Southern Summer with Christmas just around the corner. Not so in London where it’s ...…

PCDU Episode 20: A Tribute to Pip Borman

2009-12-10 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
As part of the recent Show us ya Wheels event in Numurkah the PCDU team attended a memorial tribute dinner for Pip Borman, a famous Australian aerobatics pilot ...…

PCDU Episode 19: Interview with a Vampire … Pilot (& Other Stories)

2009-12-04 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Steve’s out sick (he must have eaten the fish :) so Grant’s flying solo on this one and cheating madly by assembling a few interviews and a slightly modified version ...…

PCDU Episode 18: Tally Ho, it’s the Red Baron!

2009-11-26 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
If you’ve ever looked skyward in Sydney, there’s a high chance you’ve seen a bright red aircraft with old-style German crosses on the wings. Originally flying an old Tiger Moth, ...…

PCDU Episode 17: The Ipanator says “Rivet Shower? Not on *my* Watch!”

2009-11-19 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
How many of you folks have wanted to be Air Traffic Controllers? Do you dream of Pushing Tin around the skies? Think you can keep The Flick in your head? ...…

PCDU Episode 16: Rant on Steve, Rant on

2009-11-14 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
We review the latest news items, Steve gets to vent on a few topics and Owen Zupp returns to help us select the winner of our first competition.…

PCDU Episode 15: And now for something completely different, here is the news

2009-10-31 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
We review a stack of news items & Bas Scheffers returns to talk to us about some more RA-Aus issues.…

PCDU Episode 14: Lang’s Great Journeys

2009-10-29 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
We recorded a lecture presented by Lang Kidby at the Australian National Aviation Museum (Moorabbin Air Museum) about flying a Vickers Vimy replica aircraft from England to Australia to re-enact the 1919 flight by Keith & Ross Macpherson Smith and an Avro Avian from England to Australia to re-enact Bert Hinkler's completion of the first solo flight from England to Australia in 1928.…

PCDU Episode 13: The Only Way is Zupp

2009-10-20 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Despite some audio quality issues (lucky 13, right? :) we have a great chat with Owen Zupp covering his early aviation life, how working as an Ambo provided a good foundation for dealing with emergencies, his father's influence and his "There and Back" fund raising flight project.…

PCDU Episode 12: It’s not that late in Adelaide…

2009-10-12 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Despite his better judgement, Bas Scheffers comes back to hang out with us once again as we discuss some of the news items from the past week or so.…

PCDU Episode 11: Recreationally Yours

2009-10-03 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
This episode we're joined by Bas Scheffers, a Recreational Aviation Australia pilot (our version of the US Sport Pilot rules) who flies out of Parafield airport (YPPF) in Adelaide, South Australia. We have a great chat about flying RA-Aus aircraft, GAAP issues, the benefits of learning to fly under RA-Aus instead of the usual GA, the information available from the recreational flying community and even discuss the new AAAF Forum.…

PCDU Episode 10: On the Podium with Matt Hall

2009-09-26 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Once again we get to interview Matt Hall, Australia's Top Gun RAAF pilot who's making a big hit in the RedBull AirRace as the first rookie to ever score a podium. We talk with Matt about his performance at Porto, his preparations for Barcelona, how visualisation plays a major role in his flying and flying his P51 Mustang. …

PCDU Episode 9: Airplane Geeks Down Under

2009-09-21 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
This episode we're joined by Dan, David & Rob from the Airplane Geeks podcast to discuss airline news and have a great discussion about air traffic control issues here & in the USA. We also have interviews with Dr Bruce Searle, dean of the Australian Centre for Mission Aviation, and Andrew Temby, aerobatic pilot & owner of a YAK-52TW. …

PCDU Episode 8: Riding Our Segways

2009-09-11 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
We thought we'd have this episode out within a few days of our previous one, but there was so many news items to review, so much to discuss and so many bits to splice together that it took a whole week to bring it to you. Weighing in at almost 2 hours, this episode has interviews, GA, follow ups and much much more.…

PCDU Episode 7: Matt Hall, we’re not worthy!

2009-09-04 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
This episode detours from our usual opinionated discussion of the news and instead features an interview we were fortunate enough to arrange with Matt Hall, an ex-RAAF F18 pilot who has flown the F15 on exchange with the USAF and is currently flying an MXS aerobatic aircraft in the RedBull AirRace. We were expecting to get a half hour or so to chat with Matt and were thrilled to discover an hour had passed before we all thought to double check the time. …

PCDU Episode 6: Plugcast

2009-08-29 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
After almost two weeks we finally get another episode out, but this one should be worth the wait. We have our first guest discussion session (@MaxFlight from the Airplane Geeks Podcast and we have our first interview (Carlo Santoro from the "Flight Experience Melbourne" 737 simulator). In addition to all this, we also discuss some current news stories.…

PCDU Episode 5: Jet Lag Recovery

2009-08-15 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Steve's back from his trip to the USA and, despite some jet lag woes, he's in the recording studio and the banter is flowing in our longest episode yet. Sadly, the first 15 minutes sound like Grant's testing NASA's new Interplanetary Internet and experiencing a really crappy connection. Not to worry, it soon clears up and the rest of the episode quite clearly reveals our usual commentary on this week's local aviation news stories.…

PCDU Episode 4: Hand Propped

2009-08-06 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
This week's episode comes out a little late as Steve's still in the USA and Grant was up in Sydney for the PCDU / SimpliFlying TweetUp that happened along side the Asia / Pacific Aviation Outlook Summit 2009. A great time was had by all who attended the event but now it's back to work as there's news to read, interviews to arrange and a podcast to produce. For now, here's a review of the news.…

Greetings Oshkosh, 2009

2009-08-01 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
A recent event at Oshkosh has been the Podapalooza “gathering of aviation podcasters” where attendees get to meet some of the voices in their heads. Much as we would have ...…

PCDU Episode 3: Flying Solo

2009-07-30 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
We were a little delayed because Grant was trying to do it all this week, but better late than never. With Steve in the USA, Grant was flying solo and discovering that he missed having someone to put the gear up on take off. Despite that, he does manage to review a number of current news items.…

PCDU Episode 2: Aero Neuro What???

2009-07-22 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Surprisingly less than one week after our first episode was released, we're releasing our second episode. During this one, we again discuss a number of current aviation news items.…

PCDU Episode 1: And so it begins…

2009-07-15 :: Steve Visscher & Grant McHerron (
Weighing in at a whole 27 minutes and 18 seconds, here's the first episode of the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast. During this episode, we discuss a number of news items.…

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