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If We're Using A Surrogate How Come I'm The One With Morning Sickness?

2013-06-12 :: Length: 7s

In Marco Pennette's comedic monlogue a gay parent comically rants about fatherhood. With James Lecesne.

Playing on Air: Skin (Segment)

2013-01-31 :: Length: 10s
Romance sparks at the college health clinic when an undergraduate uses Thoreau, Bengali song, and the bubble wrap game to win over another student. Skin is by Naveen Bahar Choudhury with Vandit Bhatt and Nitya Vidyasagar.

Playing on Air: Two Holidays and a Blizzard

2012-12-16 :: Length: 52s

Three short plays. The Blizzard, a mystery thriller, features Jesse Eisenberg as a snowed-in screenwriter facing unexpected guests. In The Miracle of Chanukah, a holiday guest’s personal miracle throws a family for a loop. In Christmas Breaks, a guy dumps a girl but presents a substitute. The Blizzard is written by David Ives, directed by John Rando (Tony) with Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), Alfredo Narciso, Heidi Schreck and Sarah Sokolovic. Miracle of Chanukah is by Sheri Wilner and features Zach Appelman, Peter Friedman, Judy Gold (Emmy), Marcia Jean Kurtz, Lisa Joyce. Christmas Breaks is by Patrick Gabridge and features Zach Appelman, Steven Boyer, and Halley Feiffer.  Interview with David Ives, John Rando and The Blizzard cast; Sheri Wilner and The Miracle of Chanukah cast and the cast of Christmas Breaks.

Playing On Air: Survivors

2012-11-22 :: Length: 52s

Three short plays. In Two Jewish Men in Their Seventies, Jerry Stiller and Bob Dishy play two holocaust survivors berating a new holocaust museum. Waking Up juxtaposes an American urbanite and an African villager's experiences with breast cancer. In the romance Dear Kenneth Blake, a Khmer Rouge refugee and a homeless man find each other. Two Jewish Men in Their Seventies by Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros (Pulitzer nom) with Bob Dishy, Jerry Stiller. Waking Up by Cori Thomas with Lynette Freeman, Amy Staats. Dear Kenneth Blake by Jacquelyn Reingold with Matthew Cowles, Jodi Long. Interview with Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros, Cori Thomas and Jacquelyn Reingold.

Playing On Air: Dearly Departed, Two Comedies

2012-11-05 :: Length: 52s

Two short plays. In Milton Bradley by Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me host Peter Sagal; a flummoxed Rabbi has to eulogize a mother whose son has only terrible things to say about her. In Goodbye, Howard, three batty sisters make a mortifying mistake. Milton Bradley by Peter Sagal with Bob Balaban and Michael Stuhlbarg (“Boardwalk Empire”) and Good-bye, Howard by Romulus Linney (Obie, National Critics Award) with T. Cat Ford, Jacob Callie Moore, Lois Smith (Oscar Nom), Frances Sternhagen (2x Tony), Dana Ivey (5x Tony nom) and Scott Sowers. Interview with Peter Sagal and cast members Lois Smith, Frances Sternhagen and Scott Sowers.

Playing On Air: Tying the Knot, Or Not

2012-10-26 :: Length: 52s

Two short plays. An impending 50th birthday party sets off calamity over coffee and Kindles for Tony Award-winners Bill Irwin and Julie White in Open Arms. Oscar winner Chris Cooper and Emmy winner Margo Martindale star in Bite the Hand.  A young woman ‘of ill repute” is grabbing a chance at marriage when a client shows up with some jaw dropping news. Open Arms by Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros (Pulitzer Finalist) is directed by John Rando (Tony) and stars Bill Irwin (Tony) and Julie White (Tony). Bite the Hand by Ara Watson is directed by Doug Hughes (Tony) and stars Chris Cooper (Oscar), Margo Martindale (Emmy) and Liv Rooth. Interview for Open Arms with Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros, director John Rando, Bill Irwin and Julie White; and for Bite the Hand with Ara Watson, Chris Cooper and Margo Martindale.

Playing on Air: Home Runs

2012-10-25 :: Length: 52s

Two short plays. In I’m with Ya, Duke; Jerry Stiller plays a fruit vendor mouthing off about Brooklyn these days, impending surgery, and the loss of the Dodgers. In Getting In, a scrappy GI, gleefully recalls how he went from almost flunking high school to the trenches of WWII to Dartmouth. I'm With Ya, Duke by Herb Gardner (Tony winner) with Jerry Stiller, Fiana Toibin, Gordon MacDonald and Getting In by Frank Gilroy (Tony, Pulitzer) starring David Beach, Kim Benheim, Matthew Cowles, Caroline Gilroy, Michael Godere, Carter Hudson, Lillian Laserson, Thomas Lyons, David Margulies, Fiana Toibin and Jack Wetherall. Interview with Tony award-winning director John Rando follows Herb Gardner’s play and with Pulitzer and Tony winner, Frank Gilroy.

Playing On Air: Mothers

2012-10-10 :: Length: 52s

Two short plays. In West of Stupid, a teacher, vacationing with her son, falls for Rome and won’t go home. In Relative Strangers, on a flight to South Carolina, a young woman selects a new mother.  Cusi Cram's West of Stupid with Alfredo Narciso, J. Smith-Cameron, and Sheri Wilner's Relative Strangers with Julie Halston, Michael Keck, Debra Monk (Tony, Emmy), Merritt Wever (“Nurse Jackie”). Interview with playwrights Cusi Cram and Sheri Wilner follow their play.

Playing On Air: Like No Business I Know

2012-10-04 :: Length: 52s

Three short plays. In Mrs. Sorken, a wacky theater devotee gets her chance in the spotlight. In I Know, an acting couple faces disastrous news. And in The Burial Society, Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara as former Yiddish theater stars steal the show at a memorial service. Mrs. Sorken by Christopher Durang (Tony nom) with Dana Ivey, I Know by Jacquelyn Reingold with Jack Davidson, Beth Dixon and The Burial Society by Susan Sandler with Anne Meara, George Morfogen, Jerry Stiller. Interview with Christopher Durang, Jacquelyn Reingold and Susan Sandler.

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