Last update: 2015-09-14

Sorry If We Offended You

2015-09-14 :: Podcast In The Closet Hour Length: 1s
Threes a crowd in this episode in the closet. Steph welcomes her younger sister, Kurstin, to the show in her Steph own way. The gang all have a lot to pitch a fit about including #McDoubleDouchbag! Scott drops a bomb on Steph and sis with a one-two Confessional/WTF News combo. The cheesiest jokes ever are … … Continue reading

Drunk & Disorderly

2015-09-07 :: Podcast In The Closet Hour Length: 1s
We are back in the closet for our second episode and its twice as crazy and twice as tipsy! This week we learn how the duo face down medical problems in the wake of car issues while PITCHing a fit. We find out how Scott is a reality show reject and how Steph is trying … … Continue reading

The First PITCH

2015-08-29 :: Podcast In The Closet Hour Length: 1s
Our inaugural episode is finally here! This is our first time sitting down to record Podcast In The Closet Hour and what a wild show it is. We go over the birth of the podcast and where the name comes from. We PITCH a Fit and confess some secrets to one another. Steph debuts her … … Continue reading

About this podcast:

Podcast In The Closet Hour

A glimpse into the contained, chaotic world of Stephanie and Scott as they step into their closet and let out all their skeletons. While dwelling inside, these closet monsters pitch some fits, drop weekly confessional secrets on one another and deliver news that will make you go WTF. You never know what you will get with this crazy duo!

Podcast In The Closet Hour