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#81 I Can See It Now: The Wigs, Orally Part 1

The official history rewritten by Marty and Jim.…

Para language

2007-01-05 Length: 2m 20s
Some Funny and real noises that we can make in English during a conversation to show that we are listening and to express what we think. …

Grrr Brrrr Raarrrr

2006-12-21 Length: 2m 3s
What noises mean what? …

Fun or Funny

2006-12-01 Length: 1m 33s
What's the difference??? Listen and find out! …

Tongue Twisters

2006-11-26 Length: 4m 24s
Some funny tongue twisters to get you playing with the sounds of words and flow of sentences. …

Handling telephone enquiries

2006-11-25 Length: 12m 5s
A rather large file that could help you with language neede for dealing with telephone enquiries. Lot's to listen for here! Expressions, form, polite register and more... …

Latest tech test

2006-11-15 Length: 10s
Just another quickie to keep testing. The real podcasts will be on their way from next week onwards. …


2006-11-09 Length: 4m 18s
A little first try with some info about Swansea in Wales, UK …

Please bear with me

2006-11-09 Length: 41s
I am doing technical trials as I am new to all of this. Sorry …

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