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When Outlines Behave Like Cats: How To Keep An Outline From Going Off At A Tangent

Good doggie. Nice doggie. Yes, dogs will often do what you say The cat, on the other hand, has a mind of its own. Your outlines are often like cats. You try to rein them in, but they just meow, snarl and go their own way. And it will drive you crazy. But you can [...]…

Announcing! BlackBelt Presentations Series: How To Make Your Presentations Come Alive

  When you make a presentation, wouldn’t it be amazing to completely control the room–without turning anyone off? Wouldn’t you like to create a presentations that enthrall, hold and move an audience to action? So what causes presentations to come alive? There are three core components to presentations: 1) Design control. 2) Delivery control. 3) Event control. [...]…

The Science of Undervaluing Yourself (And How To Overcome It)

Do we charge less? Do we value ourselves less than we should? Do you think that sometime in the future, there will be this perfect product at the perfect price, and the perfect client will come along? I used to have a client who had exacttttttly the same problem And I can categorically tell you [...]…

How To Get Your Clients To Show Up To Your Course Regularly (Without Ever Sending A Reminder)

You may not realise it, but McDonalds has a cue. A cue is simple. It’s a trigger. It’s proven that most people who frequent McDonalds didn’t start that way They started out with just going there because the kids were hungry and McDonalds was cheap (and salty and sugary). But mostly because the kids were [...]…

Announcing! How To Put That Zing-Kapow In Your Articles (With StoryTelling)

Storytelling seems to be the rage these days. And yet, it’s not new at all. It’s been around for thousands of years. What’s more, it’s not even alien to us. Even as a three-year old, you can tell when a story is really cool and when it’s just plain boring. The problem arises when we [...]…

How To Correctly Use Emotion To Create Drama In Your Article

I raced madly. I raced madly, but I didn’t care. I raced madly, but I was too excited. I raced madly, but something was gnawing inside of me. Something was about to go wrong. I raced madly, but I couldn’t shake the depression. So what’s the difference between the first line and all the rest? [...]…

Announcing: How To Create Compelling Pages On Your Website- Critical Website Components Series

Do you often wonder if your home page, about us page or client acquisition page is working at less than its full potential? These three pages are critical to any website, and yet we often put the content together on these pages hurriedly. This is what Philip Riggs has to say about one of the books [...]…

How To Prevent Dropouts In Courses (With Monkeys And Dinosaurs)

When I was in school, I wanted to learn the guitar. But Mr.Henderson wasn’t having any of that. He wanted me to learn to read music. He wanted me to pass the Trinity School of music exam. And I didn’t learn the guitar. Then I moved on to university, and I ran into this guitar [...]…

Announcing: Critical Website Components-How To Create Compelling Pages On Your Website

Do you often wonder if your home page, about us page or client acquisition page is working at less than its full potential? These three pages are critical to any website, and yet we often put the content together on these pages hurriedly. Well, “hurriedly” is the wrong word to use. Instead we spend hours [...]…

How To Avoid Speed Bumps When Writing Sub-Heads

I used to live in an apartment block when I was growing up And there were these twins: Wayne and Dwayne. And as you’d expect, it was common for me to make a mistake. I’d call Wayne, Dwayne. And Dwayne, Wayne. And sometimes get it right, without knowing if I got it right or not. [...]…

Do you often wonder if your home page, about us page or client acquisition page is working at less than its full potential? These three pages are critical to any website, and yet we often put the content together on these pages hurriedly. Well, “hurriedly” is the wrong word to use. Instead we spend hours trying to get [...]…

The 6 Most Important Lessons In Marketing

1) Follow up. 2) Follow up. 3) Follow up. 4) Follow up. 5) Follow up. 6) Follow up. How do I know this to be true? Because recently we launched a book on Membership Sites. As is the norm, we give the best price to our members at 5000bc. We also let them know about [...]…

How Do You Decide On The Length Of An Article?

I don’t. I create an outline. And with the help of that outline I can usually write about 500-800 words. Then I stop. If the outline has a lot more elements then the article goes on forever You can indeed write an article that goes deeper and deeper, but for the most part, you definitely [...]…

Announcing: The Cartooning Course 2013 + The “First 50 Words” Course

On 12th May, two Psychotactics courses will be launched. You’ll want to read more about these courses, so here goes. 1) The “First 50 Words” Course 2) The DaVinci Cartooning Course 1) The “First 50 Words” Course You know how they say “first impressions count?” Well, they do. They count a heck of a lot. [...]…

How The Concept of “Isolation” Creates Increased Sales

I remember flying to Pittsburgh in the year 2004 It was a 7am presentation in front of about 40 people who I didn’t know. And who didn’t know me, either. And by the time the presentation was done at 7:45am, I asked the crowd a simple question. “How many of you would like to buy [...]…

Final Announcement: Opening Waiting List for 5000bc

I just wanted you to know that 5000bc is now at  the point where we have to restrict entry. However from  16-19 April, 2013 you can join 5000bc without having to endlessly wait in the wings. But the wall will only be down for three days. That means that after April 19th 2013, you will [...]…

Why Working With Your Brain Is The Key To Avoiding Writer’s Block

Olive oil Aubergines Onions Garlic, Cinnamon, Oregano, Minced lamb, Tomato purée, Parsley And red wine. Writing an article is like making a yummy dish called moussaka And making the moussaka takes a bit of work. The first port of call is of course, the ingredients. You have to make that all important trip to the [...]…

How To Write Faster and Better Using The Power of Limitations

When you walk into an ice-cream parlour, something weird occurs. We look up to the board and find twenty or thirty flavours of ice-cream. And to most of us, this doesn’t even seem weird. We expect to have tons of choice. But notice what you’re doing as you step up to order your ice-cream Your’e [...]…

Why Driving Home the “BEFORE and AFTER” Scenario Is Critical To Get Superb Testimonials

A testimonial can go wrong. Horribly wrong. And it doesn’t take much for it to go off track. All it takes is using the wrong words. If you use the wrong words, the customer is confused. And the testimonial goes over the hill, down the ravine and smashes into a million teeny-tiny fragments. No, we [...]…

Announcing: The Brain Audit Workshop—Amsterdam!

Yes, if it’s June, it must be Amsterdam! And we’re planning on having The Brain Audit workshop in early June. So if you’re planning to enjoy a “summerish” couple of days in Amsterdam, this is your chance. You could be local, or fly in–and stay a while in this wonderful country. Either way you’ll get [...]…

How Your Local Bookstore Can Help You Consistently Create Content For Your Newsletter

  Every time you sit down to write an article, it’s the same story. You really want to say something, but nothing comes out. The longer you sit there, the minutes will tick away And before you know it, the phone will be ringing, the distractions will be piling up and you’ll find yourself mindlessly [...]…

How To Use Objections To Get Awesome Before-After Testimonials

Haven’t you ever been in a group where there’s a slacker? Everyone’s working really hard, but there’s this one person that won’t do much, and so everyone else has to work a lot harder. On a sales page, or in your brochure, you’re going to have a similar problem if you have sugary testimonials That’s [...]…

The Blech System of Pattern Recognition

  Did you eat something today? Drank some sort of drink? Well, there’s a good chance you’ve been exposed to the multi-billion dollar flavour industry. Almost all the products we eat or drink have these flavours and companies spend massive amounts of money researching to make sure the get the right flavour for their product. [...]…

Why It’s Critical To Slow Down The First Week Of A Course

When do most people drop out from a course? The answer may surprise you. It’s not in the middle of the course, or at the end. Incredibly, it’s right at the start Right at the start of the course, is when you see (and feel) the most enthusiasm. Everyone’s been held back by those barriers [...]…

How To Avoid The Clash of Testimonials and Feedback

I like tequila. And I also like lime juice. When you mix the two together, with a bit of Cointreau, you get a yummy margarita. The results aren’t quite so good when you mix up your testimonial with critical appraisal. So what is the difference between a testimonial and a critical appraisal? As you probably [...]…

Announcing: Membership Site Strategy Book (Yes, you can buy it today at a special early bird rate)

I started writing this book around August 2009. Now it’s 2013. And it’s the story of 5000bc. A membership site that hasn’t lasted just one, or two years but will be around–and thriving for 10 whole years. Introducing “Be Kind, Be Helpful or Begone”- A book on how to create a thriving, helpful community online. [...]…

The Four Critical Zones Required to Speed Up Your Learning

Have you ever seen two pianists play the same music? It’s the very same score, the very same piano, but one seems to play it better than the other. Not just a little better, but a lot better. So what makes one person’s playing so different from the other? It’s inborn talent. That’s what most [...]…

Why Focusing on “One Concept” Helps Create Powerful InfoProducts

I don’t know if you’ve read a watercolour instruction book before. But no matter which book you read, the instructor will tell you one thing: You need to understand ‘values’. Without ‘values’ in your painting, you will never create a watercolour that is dramatic. And then you open the book, and guess what? One page. [...]…

The Magic of Vanishing Reports (And How It Increases Consumption on Membership Sites)

Around 1970 or so, a guy called Bill Gaines did something  pretty interesting. You see, Bill Gaines was the publisher of the famous comic known, weirdly, as ‘Mad Magazine.’ And he’d put in a whole bunch of gags and cartoons in the magazine itself. Then, several months later, he’d take that content and mix a [...]…

Reminder: $2500 Free Workshop: How To (Finally) Get On The List

This is a reminder in case you missed it last week. Last week we announced about the $2500 Brain Alchemy Masterclass Workshop we were giving away. And you were promised that you’d get a follow up email.Well, tah…dah…here’s the follow up email.   Find out the story and philosophy behind the free offer. (And the [...]…

How To Be A Critic

As you chomp into any dish, something happens in your brain. Your brain analyses the contents of the dish, compares it what it knows and then spits out a critique. So the dish could be too salty, too sweet—or, or, or,—it could be just right, or even better than you’ve ever tasted before. In a [...]…

$2500 Free Workshop: How To (Finally) Get On The List

Last week we announced about the $2500 Brain Alchemy Masterclass Workshop we were giving away. And you were promised that you’d get a follow up email. Well, tah…dah…here’s the follow up email. And the link to read more details and get on the list is at: Have fun Warm regards from a warm sunny [...]…

Let’s Just Get To The Bottom Of This Hill, Mr.Frodo

Imagine thirty thousand menacing obstacles in your path to success. You’re dehydrated. Hungry as hell. And wobbling like a drunk on too much Guinness. Your eyes hurt, your head throbs and your will is all but broken. You’re not even sure you want to go on. You feel like Frodo. As in the character Frodo, [...]…

Free from Psychotactics: The $2500 Brain Alchemy Marketing Strategy Workshop

In the year 2007, I had a discussion with a client. It was about giving most of our courses away—yes, almost every Psychotactics Course—by the year 2020. Without charge. It sounds unusual: Why would someone just give valuable information away? You and I know that “normal” people don’t do this kind of stuff. No one [...]…

Why Creating “Document-Based Barriers” Is Critical For Your Business

It was the year 2012. There we were in Washington DC doing a three-day workshop on Uniqueness. And among the group of about 35 people, there was one person who was being disruptive. She casually interrupted the presentation to ask bizarre questions. She wouldn’t co-operate within the group. In short, this person was that pain-in-the-butt-client [...]…

Why I Gave Up Video (And Why I’m Back)

I didn’t give up video. I just got busy. You know how it is, right? You want to do something and then you make this grand list. Then you do a bit of it. And you do some more. And some more. And you get results. And then you do a spectacularly stupid thing. You [...]…

Special Christmas Day Offer: The Brain Audit 3.2 + Special Goodies worth $158 (Valid until 28th Dec. 2012)

You must be a bit of an email-aholic to check email on Christmas day. (Yes, yes, I know everyone doesn’t celebrate Christmas). Anyway, there’s no reason why you can’t have some ho, ho, ho cheer! It’s a special Christmas day offer for the Brain Audit. I know you’ve been strongly considering whether or not you [...]…

When’s the Right Time To Publish Your Article?

Imagine a daughter who’s about to utter her first word For a long time her expectant parents have been waiting to guess what that first word would be. Would it be ‘dada’ or ‘mama’? Or something else altogether? And then she says it! And there are whoops of joy. Except this daughter is not really [...]…

Announcing! Client Attractors: How To Speed Up Your Sales

You already know that 80% of a sales letter depends on your headline And therefore it’s not uncommon to see writers spend many hours testing and re-testing their headline. But what happens once your customer goes past the headline into the rest of the copy? Which are the elements that cause customers to feel an [...]…

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