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Wheelchair-bound teen singer steals Vietnam's heart

2013-06-11 :: Marianne Brown, Hanoi Length: 5s
Brittle bone disease means Phuong Anh is restricted to a wheelchair. "Moving is ordinary; I can do more," says the 16-year-old singer. A finalist in Vietnam's Got Talent, she is inspiring other handicapped youth.…

Cake and coffee for an hour and an ear

2013-06-04 :: Li Fern Ong, Bonn Length: 4s
Instead of surfing the web or playing soccer, 15-year-old Nicholas spends each Wednesday afternoon with an elderly widow. He lends his time and an ear - but gains in turn a completely new perspective on life.…

Syrian Arab promotes Kurdish culture

2013-05-28 :: Gayatri Parameswaran and Felix Gaedtke, Qamishlo Length: 5s
Since the Syrian revolution, Kurdish culture has been experiencing a revival in Syria. Sameer, 28, helps run a Kurdish cultural center where dance, music and theater are performed. What's unusual is that he is Arab.…

Project runway in Buenos Aires

2013-05-21 :: Eilis O'Neill, Buenos Aires Length: 4s
Many young women in the shantytowns of Buenos Aires struggle with drug abuse or unwanted pregnancy. Learning to walk with self-confidence can change that, says Guido Fuentes. So he opened a modeling school.…

Morocco's street circus for the people

2013-05-14 :: Elizabeth Grenier, Tahanahoute, Morocco Length: 5s
Gigantic puppets and acrobats are part of a street festival that draws on traditional Moroccan culture. Organizer Azeddine, 22, integrates troubled youths in a project that makes them proud of their heritage.…

Opening hearts for epileptics in Ireland

2013-05-07 :: Eoin Kernen, Dublin Length: 4s
When Rachel was diagnosed with epilepsy, she was shocked by the prejudice she encountered. So she founded her own support network to raise awareness for the disease that affects over 30,000 people in Ireland.…

Rwandan refugee fights for education equality

2013-04-30 :: Kim Chakanetsa, Cape Town Length: 5s
From official documents to funding and red tape, refugees in South Africa face numerous hurdles when it comes to attending a university. But Alice from Rwanda is committed to helping her fellow refugees get an education.…

Reggae tunes against bribes

2013-04-23 :: Ngala Killian Chimtom, Yaoundé Length: 5s
Cameroon's up-and-coming reggae star, Silver, is dedicated to fighting corruption in his country. The 29-year-old uses his music to publicly criticize corrupt politicians and raise awareness for the problem.…

Skiing with heroes

2013-04-09 :: Michael Hartlep, Kloster Length: 5s
Some are missing a limb, while others suffer from depression. Learning to ski gives wounded war vets a chance to feel alive, reach new goals, and have fun. Ski enthusiast Ella, 22, is there to help them down the slope.…

UK mentor brightens dying child's world

2013-04-02 :: Andrew Edwards, Manchester Length: 4s
Shlomie, a youth orthodox Jew from northern England, is like a big brother to a terminally ill 10-year-old. Sharing the gift of quality time, says Shlomie, makes him feel on top of the world.…

Somali refugee combats extremism with hiphop

2013-03-26 :: Zoe Flood, Eastleigh Length: 5s
Islamist militants fighting in Somalia are trying hard to recruit young Somalis. But a young refugee, Shiine Ali, is determined to turn his peers away from Islamic extremism - with his hiphop music.…

Cape Town artist beautifies local quarter

2013-03-19 :: Kim Chakanetsa, Cape Town Length: 4s
The Woodstock neighborhood in Cape Town became more known for crime, gangs and drugs. Now the area is changing - thanks to a young artist known as FreddySam who is working to uplift the area one mural at a time.…

Spaniard with spina bifida a hero for disabled kids

2013-03-12 :: Ashifa Kassam, Lleida, Spain Length: 5s
Eric from northern Spain defied the odds by reaching his second birthday. Now the 23-year-old with spina bifida shows other disabled kids that they can exceed expectations, too.…

Delhi musician tells untold stories of suffering

2013-03-05 :: Henry Peck, Meara Sharma, Delhi Length: 5s
An Indian musician travels to rural regions to record the music tied to struggles that rarely make the news. He integrates the untold stories and unheard sounds into his Jamaican dancehall sound for a new audience.…

Generation Change: Young women volunteers provide companionship for Russia's elderly

2013-02-26 Length: 5s
Marina Kochevalova is a member of Starost v radost, or "It's nice to be old." Founded in 2006, its young women volunteers provide much needed companionship and care for the elderly in Russia.…

Generation Change: Painting murals inspires children in Sarajevo

2013-02-21 :: Pavel Sraj Length: 6s
Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, was torn apart by war. Twenty years later, one young architecture student is bringing color back to the city through murals painted with the help of local schoolchildren.…

Helping homeless migrants in Berlin

2013-02-13 Length: 4s
28-year-old social worker Marie-Therese Reichenbach helps homeless Eastern Europeans in Berlin survive the city's bitterly cold winter. It's all part of a new project called "Frostschutzengel".…

Dance empowers Kenyan prostitutes

2013-01-29 Length: 4s
Two young Germans believe dance can change lives and are bringing a holistic dance program to prostitutes in Kenya. They not only want to restore the women's self-confidence, but also meet their medical needs.…

At home on the streets of Birmingham

2013-01-22 :: Ashley Byrne, Birmingham Length: 4s
Birmingham's youth got a bad wrap after the 2011 riots. Rochelle Roberts is determined to win back her generation's reputation. She mentors her peers who are trapped in drug-dealing and violence - but want to change.…

Singer raises his voice in Myanmar

2013-01-15 :: Nadine Wojcik, Berlin Length: 5s
Darko and his indie rock band Side Effect are singing for change in Myanmar. Despite looser censorship laws, he doesn't feel totally free. But the band's first-ever tour abroad has given them courage to continue.…

Bahraini crosses class borders to help torture victims

2013-01-08 :: Reese Ehrlich, Manama, Bahrain Length: 5s
As an upper-class Shia Muslim, Jihan Kazerooni was far removed from Bahrain's Arab Spring revolution. But when she learned of human rights abuses in her country, she founded a rehabilitation group for torture victims.…

Photos for love

2012-12-27 :: Robert Tofani, Hanoi / Andreas Grigo Length: 4s
Hanoi-based photographer Maika candidly portrays homosexual love in an effort to encourage tolerance in Vietnam. The photo series has even been an opportunity for some gay couples to come out to their families.…

Brazilian hiphop artist promotes respect for women

2012-12-21 :: Naomi Conrad, Rio de Janeiro Length: 5s
Six out of 10 Brazilians know a woman who's experienced domestic violence, according to a recent survey. Hiphop artist André Luis Machados in Rio de Janeiro uses his music to get people to rethink violence against women.…

Rapper brings hope to Kurdish refugees

2012-12-11 :: Jodi Hilton, Diyarbakir, Turkey Length: 4s
With fighting increasing in recent months, more Kurds in Turkey are seeking refuge in temporary camps. But a 27-year-old Swedish-Kurd is making the people's lives there a bit more bearable - with his rap music.…

Dignity in disease

2012-12-04 :: Laura Postma, New York Length: 4s
Playing the piano, going for walks and doing household chores are what make Daniel in New York an everyday hero for Alzheimer's patient Byron O'Connell. Now he's making a film to encourage those dealing with the disease.…

The gift of a home

2012-11-27 :: Subir Che Selia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Length: 4s
Jayne saw that a community in Malaysia was living in unsafe homes. So she founded an organization that builds sustainable houses for the families. It's a lot more rewarding than her old advertising job, she says.…

Nairobi photographer inspires political activism

2012-11-20 :: Lucas Laursen, Nairobi Length: 4s
Nairobi photographer Boniface Mwangi is fed up with his country's politicians. To raise awareness, he's taking an in-your-face approach with a graffiti campaign, political art show and online newspaper.…

Resuscitating a Portuguese ghost town

2012-11-13 :: Guilherme Correia da Silva, Querenca, Portugal Length: 5s
Francisco could have gotten a well-paying job in the city. But the the young Portuguese academic decided to use his agricultural expertise to rejuvenate a local town suffering from economic decay.…

Crossing continents to reach kids in a Nairobi slum

2012-10-23 :: Nik Martin, Lyon Length: 5s
Their lives couldn't be more different, but Amelia in France and Regynnah in Kenya have the same goal: to make life better for kids in Nairobi's largest slum who've been orphaned by AIDS.…

Bringing peace to Papua New Guinea

2012-10-16 :: Emily Richmond, Rabaul, Papua New Guinea Length: 4s
It was a single act of violence that changed 28-year-old John Wamelik's life. At home in a country with one of the world's most diverse populations, John is now on a mission to make Papua New Guinea more peaceful.…

American in Berlin combats sexual violence

2012-10-09 :: Charlotta Lomas, Berlin Length: 5s
Melanie, an American in Berlin, works with both survivors and perpetrators to help overcome and prevent sexual violence. Her alternative approach focuses more on changing behavior than on traditional punishment.…

Keeping Gansu green

2012-10-02 :: Ruth Morris, Gansu Length: 4s
Gansu province in western China is poor, polluted and parched. After 29-year-old Zhao Zhong survived a serious climbing accident, he decided to dedicate himself to preserving Gansu.…

A young filmmaker's personal take on Arab Spring

2012-09-25 :: Kerry Skyring, Linz Length: 5s
At just 18, Agnes Aistleitner was determined to get to the bottom of the Arab Spring, so she went to Cairo alone with a borrowed video camera. The resulting film won a major prize and garnered international attention.…

Empowering Chinese kids with books

2012-09-18 :: Gaia Manco, Beijing Length: 4s
Mao Ju was concerned when she learned that many Chinese children don't read for fun, so she founded a free library in Beijing. She encourages the kids to help manage the library and also share their opinions on a blog.…

Opening doors for Cape Town kids

2012-09-11 :: Faatimah Hendricks, Cape Town Length: 4s
Lonwabo in Cape Town wants to give the kids in his community a better future. He helped found the local school's first library in 60 years and launched a mentoring organization that gives career counseling.…

Rapper twins shrug off stigma of albinism

2012-09-04 :: Ngala Killian Chimtom, Yaounde, Cameroon Length: 5s
In Cameroon and many parts of Africa, albinos face discrimination. But albino twin brothers Clifford and Rene aren't afraid to stand out. They're committed to encouraging tolerance with their rap music.…

An ear for adolescent girls in Bangalore

2012-08-28 :: Pia Chandavarkar, Bangalore Length: 5s
Menstruation is a taboo topic in parts of India and some teenage girls drop out of school when they hit puberty. Sinu, 30, gave up a promising career to educate girls on health issues and keep them in school.…

A young German voice for Syria

2012-08-21 :: Anja Küppers-McKinnon Length: 5s
When Philipp von der Wippel, a 16-year-old German exchange student in the UK, met Ibrahim, originally from Syria, neither guessed their friendship would lead them to the pinnacle of British politics.…

Being black in Brazil

2012-08-14 :: Milton Bragatti, Sao Paulo Length: 5s
Brazilians with an African background deal with racism and a lack of representation. Roberta heads a small NGO that works to reaffirm Afro-Brazilian identity, build girls' self-esteem and discuss prejudice in daily life.…

Peace through the arts in Bahrain

2012-08-07 :: John Ridley, Bahrain Length: 4s
Wafa from Bahrain believes that reconciliation is possible in her divided country. One of the ways she is bringing people back together is with an arts community she founded.…

Democracy goes grassroots in Montreal

2012-07-31 Length: 4s
What started as a protest against Canada's tuition hikes has turned into a country-wide social movement for change. IT worker Jerome saw a chance to give his community a political voice.…

Russian activist changes Moscow by counting cars

2012-07-24 Length: 5s
Maksim, 27, was elected a deputy in the local council in Moscow and has started counting parked cars. He's collecting statistics to show the city is unfriendly to pedestrians - and improve the cityscape in small ways.…

Bolivian gives his language a digital future

2012-07-17 Length: 4s
Aymara is spoken by fewer and fewer Bolivians. But 30-year-old Ruben is now working with Facebook and Wikipedia to make sure his indigenous language is armed for the future.…

Earning trust one child at a time

2012-07-10 Length: 5s
In an underprivileged neighborhood of Lublin, alcohol is a serious problem and most of the kids don't get the attention they need. That's why Kasia dedicates her spare time to doing homework and playing with them.…

Pakistani teacher sacrifices respect to help kids in need

2012-06-26 Length: 4s
In Pakistan, being a school teacher is looked down on. But that doesn't stop 24-year-old Farrukh from following his passion and teaching kids from some of the country's most socially disadvantaged areas.…

Ghanaian choreographer looks after street children

2012-06-19 Length: 4s
Jay, 28, is passionate about preserving traditional African dance - and about watching out for the street kids in the impoverished city of Accra.…

Books for a future in Nepal

2012-06-05 Length: 4s
Santosh from Nepal has a heart for kids living in homes, many of them trafficking victims. He brought them something completely new: a library.…

North Korean defector works toward democracy

2012-05-08 Length: 4s
Emma, 18, managed to flee North Korea with her mother. Now she's networking with other young political activists with hopes of eventually developing democracy in her home country.…

Deaf guitar teacher shares joy of music

2012-05-01 Length: 4s
Some experience music through their eyes, others use their ears, says Mischa Gohlke. He is nearly deaf, but that hasn't stopped him from playing the guitar - and teaching music to others with hearing impairments.…

Dutch food activist encourages ethical eating

2012-04-24 Length: 5s
Samuel in Amsterdam loves to eat. A trained chef and political scientist, he co-founded the Youth Food Movement to get other young people thinking about where their food actually comes from.…

Disabled politician making waves

2012-04-18 Length: 4s
Australia has been a forerunner in granting political rights to women. Today, a young woman is making big changes on the political scene, despite some enormous challenges, but Kelly Vincent is not letting that stop her.…

One-legged cyclist inspires others to ride

2012-04-10 Length: 5s
Dedan Ireri in Nairobi, Kenya, is all about bicycles. Maybe one day, a bicycle ride will earn him international recognition in sports. But Dedan Ireri is also on a mission: he wants to help others to take up cycling.…

Mission possible in Paris

2012-03-27 Length: 4s
Tiffany from Paris discovered a passion for helping others during a year in Vietnam. Now back home, she offers spiritual support and down-to-earth friendship to the teens in her neighborhood.…

Liberia's first recycling center

2012-03-13 Length: 4s
James' biggest hope is to empower the people in his community. One way he is doing that is by running a recycling and compost center in Monrovia, Liberia. He provides jobs with a purpose, and helps keep the city cleaner.…

Canadian high school student campaigns for gay rights

2012-03-06 Length: 5s
Leanne, a high school student in Toronto, is battling the principal and board at her public Catholic school for the right to found a Gay Straight Alliance club.…

South African neighborhood turns purple

2012-02-28 Length: 4s
Marcelle from Cape Town helps her impoverished, troubled town by cultivating what grows there naturally: lavender. She is not only turning the whole area purple, but also creating desperately need jobs.…

Young refugee from Burma organizes medical aid for others

2012-02-21 Length: 4s
A refugee and young mother, Snow organizes medical care for other refugees and migrant workers in Thai territory and internal displaced people inside Burma.…

Activist uses hip-hop music to help Brazil's poor

2012-02-14 Length: 4s
When fire swept though her shantytown in Sao Paulo, 27-year-old Alessandra immediately began coordinating emergency relief for those who lost everything.…

Peace, one person at a time

2012-02-07 Length: 4s
Viola in the Netherlands gave up her high-level job to start making a difference in the world. She and the organization Masterpeace are mobilizing people all over the world ahead of the 2014 International Day of Peace.…

The power of words

2012-01-31 Length: 4s
Writing can sometimes be like pulling teeth, especially if you're a kid. But Amy from San Francisco boosts schoolkids' confidence by showing them that they're a lot better at it than they mave have though.…

India's 'Paperman' recycles waste to fund education for girls

2012-01-24 Length: 4s
India's 'Paperman,' 23-year-old Mathew, makes the most of trash. He organizes recycling projects to raise money for girls' schooling - and the environment and the country's scrap dealers benefit, too.…

Russian student works toward honest democracy

2012-01-17 Length: 5s
Anatoly from Moscow distributes white ribbons at political demonstrations. They've become a symbol of the people's longing for free elections and a functioning democracy.…

Equine therapist opens doors for disabled children

2012-01-10 Length: 4s
Treating disabled kids is no easy job. But one young woman - Kim Michel - has been doing it on her own now for 5 years. The 29-year-old is one of the few exponents of equine therapy in Germany.…

Kenyan environmentalist gives butterflies a future

2012-01-03 Length: 5s
Emily from Kenya protects the butterfly species that are native to the area. She works with the local young people, raising awareness of the butterflies and of the importance of protecting the environment.…

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