Last update: 2006-11-06

Sweet Adultery

2006-11-06 Length: 29m 30s

Sex is always better in someone elses bed..... …

Stripped Bare

2006-09-23 Length: 42m 3s

Inner sexual revolution,Knowing your self, The Person vs. The Couple, A bit about my me, Stand on your own, Be safe or die. Email me: Website: …

Professional Pleasure

2006-08-03 Length: 38m 41s

Sex at work, open relationships,F**king Bastard,coming to terms,sisterly love, Sex and the office …

Sex Toys

2006-07-01 Length: 48m 29s
Sex toys,moved,love,gossip,celb rundown,adult talk,explict, photoshop is wonderful, naked Kevin, and much more..... Blog: …

Get Naked

2006-05-15 Length: 14m 43s
Naked email,Dear Rachael,Random Bitch,Why not be selfish, …


2006-04-15 Length: 27m 38s
Changes,Segment Ideas,Babble,Smart Chicks vs Dumb Girls,Stripped, The Ex, Stand out. Voice Mail: 206-333-0104 …

Two Rights do make a Wrong

2006-04-06 Length: 25m 37s
For worse or worse, know your role,blog peep show,updates,shout out,advertise. Voice Mail: 206-333-0104 …

Hard to cure crazy!

2006-03-16 Length: 21m 44s,Apartment Update, Crazy Co-worker Update, Pump It, Better late then never. …

Where the hell are we?

2006-03-02 Length: 20m 37s
Mardi Gras, Lewd Act ticket,Birthday Trip,sake,Fridays,torino,OK!,Gossip, …

Much to do about a Stalker

2006-02-21 Length: 18m 31s
Rachael talks about- her first podcast,finding a apartment,crazy co-worker,gossip. …

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Early 20something commenting on: life,relationships,dating,friends and sex.Get the inside thoughts of a stright forward woman trying to find her niche in the world.

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