Last update: 2015-02-14

Episode 6: Waiting For Godus

2015-02-14 :: Reused Assets Team
No, your eyes don’t deceive you, Reused Assets has returned.  On this show, we discuss a wide range of topics, including what a relative disappointment 2014 was for gaming, problems with Kickstarter, Nottingham, a terrible bar story, Evolve, Cities XXL, Beseige, Dying Light, Never Alone and Baiten Kaitos.  So sit back and enjoy the ride. […]…

Episode 5: Don’t Read The Comments

2014-11-30 :: Reused Assets Team Length: 1s
Reused Assets returns with a three man cast this week, and we talk about a lot of things, and even some video games.  Topics covered include Dublin, Geometry Wars 3, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Far Cry 4 and the horribleness of internet comments. Hosted by Barry Guihen, Mike Jones and Leigh Groocock. Intro music is ‘Intro’ […]…

Episode 4: Tangled Tech Web

2014-10-31 :: Reused Assets Team Length: 48s
On this shorter episode of Reused Assets, we discuss some of the newer games that have been occupying our time, such as Civilization: Beyond Earth, Fantasia: Music Evolved, Destiny, The Evil Within and Sunset Overdrive.  Also, Barry regales us with stories of his recent visit to Preston. Due to technical issues, this episode was taken […]…

Episode 3: Best. Segue. Ever.

2014-10-13 :: Reused Assets Team Length: 1s
We’re back with a regular episode of the podcast this time.  We played some new games, such as Alien Isolation, Forza Horizon 2 and Shadow of Mordor, and we also talk about what games we’re looking forward to for the rest of 2014. Starring Barry Guihen, Mike Jones and Zeth Ward. Intro music is ‘Intro’ […]…

Episode 2: The One From EGX London

2014-09-27 :: Reused Assets Team Length: 1s
This episode of Reused Assets was recorded live in the press area at EGX London.  This time, Mike, Zeth and his son Matthew share their thoughts on some of the games on show this year – the good, the bad and the downright weird.  We cover Bayonetta 2, Sunset Overdrive, Driveclub, The Crew and a […]…

Episode 1: Biscuit Justice Warriors

2014-09-12 :: Reused Assets Team Length: 1s
Welcome to the first episode of Reused Assets, a podcast where we try to talk about video games and, for the most part, succeed. The crew introduces themselves and almost immediately launch into a heated discussion about what qualifies as a biscuit. Oh, and we also talk about some of the most interesting video games […]…

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Back in the dark, dark times of the internet (so 2007) an unlikely alliance was formed. A gaggle of gamers with little more in common that Left Trigger, Right Trigger formed together to make a podcast and create some websites. Over that glorious period of time these unlikely strangers forged a friendship built around gaming and the love of talking about those games. Over 7 years later they’re back to waffle and blather their way through the latest releases and anything else that tickles their jawbones.

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