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Coincidence Control Network: File #047 - Close Encounters of the Pizza Kind!

2013-06-08 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s

This week: The Beast cometh!, Weed Weekly, Wake up and smell the bacon, Joe's infomercial, Beware the Build-A-Bear Group, Kim wants Google glass to look at porn because Kim is a massive perv, Icke-TV, Bradley Manning's trial, Kim wants to join the Israeli army to perv over girls because Kim is a massive perv, and Lou Reed gets a new liver...for cash. [powerpress] Personnel –   Joe Nolan, Kim Monaghan, and Ken Eakins Linkypoos:

The Mark of The Beast has Arrived! - Link

Two excellent reasons to get stoned - Link

Francis Bacon’s Triptych Turns 40 Link Link

Tales of Hot Rod Horror 2 Link Link

Bilderberg comes to the Uk, provides speakers corner for twats - Link, Link

Awwwwwwww - Link

David Icke is launching a TV channel … fuuuuuu- Link Link

Bradley Manning’s Trial Begins Link

Lots of reasons to join the army - Link

Lou Reed Gets a New Liver Link

Interludes: Arnie, The Lonely Island, and Zombi

BehindClosedDoors - Broadcast #040

2013-05-30 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s

Come talk music with us on Facebook here.

1. Naked City - La cathédrale engloutie

2. Cyclea - Olive Pit (Oddity Play)

3. Man or Astroman - Many Pieces Of Large Fuzzy Mammals Gathered Together At A Rave & Schmoozing With A Brick

4. Little Dragon - Ritual Union

5. Jimmy Rosso - Held

6 Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Prowler

7. Richard Cheese - Rape Me

8. Silver Pyre - Urn Reconstruction

9. Dissolved  - Michler’s Ketone

10. Tomahawk - Rise Up Dirty Waters

11. Galoshins - Fly On You

12. NODe - Dead Man Working

13. The Fucked Up Beat - Dawn In New York Has Four Columns of Mire And A Huricane of Black Pigeons Splashing In The Putrid Waters

If you want us to play your band/noise/whatever, drop us a line here. Peace. ***Signal Ends***

Coincidence Control Network: File #046 - Snails on a Plane

2013-05-14 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s

This week: Ken cocks up his microphone, Kim learns about Native Americans, We're all going to Mars, The FBI confirm what we've suspected for a while now, Arthur  Magazine props, Massive Roman heads in rivers, and SNAILS!! [powerpress] Personnel –   Joe Nolan, Kim Monaghan, and Ken Eakins Linkypoos:

The Shadow Biosphere Link Link

Navajo - Link

Wanna go to Mars? Link

The FBI archives all digital information - Link

Dick Gregory, Spike Lee and Django Link

Genius - Link

The Return of Arthur Magazine Link

Lunatics - Link

Massive head found floating in a river - Link

The Dreadlocked Pygmies of Indonesia Link Link

Snails - Link

Interludes Ennio Morricone, John Barry, and P. Bonneau

BCD - A Tad Dank - Episode 3

2013-05-04 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s

A Tad Dank 3   Seizure Crypt - One Way Herma Puma- Beneath The Sea feat. Elemental (Bugseed Remix) Pelt- From The Lakebed Benjamin Shaw- I Got The Samba, The Samba Is What I Got My Dry Wet Mess- Mombasa Tutu The Herbaliser - A Sad State of Affairs Swin Deorin- I’m Over Here Busdriver- Public Grope (It’s So Squishy) Devilman- Seiki Dub Godspeed You ! Black Emperor - Mladic [powerpress]

Coincidence Control Network: File #045 - Death and Justice

2013-04-19 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s

  This week: We get all political and stuff, we celebrate the justice of a man released for a crime he didn't commit, we keep up to date on Bradley Manning, we send off Thatcher with a twist of feminism, we celebrate the art of Joan Cornellà, and finally, we say Google Glass...who gives a fuck? [powerpress] Personnel –   Joe Nolan, Kim Monaghan, and Ken Eakins Links:

Patton Oswalt on the Boston Bombings  Link

Man in jail 38 years for rape that he didn’t commit gets released -Link

An Update on Bradley Manning and the Press Link Link

Thatcher hated your lungs - Link

Thatcher hated black people - Link

Thatcher hated gays - Link

I hate Thatcher - Link

Nothing to do with Thatcher - Link

Google Glass...who gives a flying fuck Link

  Interludes:  Leonard Nimoy, accompanied by Ennio Morricone, and Secret Chiefs 3

Coincidence Control Network: File #044 - Beware The Nolaghan

2013-03-24 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s

This week: The death of heavy metal, Mc Donalds deviant provelactics, Wholefoods' GMO revolution, plagues of locusts on the roach-coach, and much more.

Personnel –   Joe Nolan, and Kim Monaghan



Is nothing sacred - Link

Twilight fail - Link

Weiwei metal - Link

Just an average bus ride - Link

Just an average trip to McDonalds - Link

The Original Cypherpunk Manifesto Link

Whole Foods will label GMO foods Link

Plague of Locusts hits Israel Link


Richard Cheese …

Coincidence Control Network: File #043 - The Wrath of Khen!

2013-03-16 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s

This week: Kim is finally outed by Facebook, The best birthday gift a young man could ever dream of, Is Gitmo worse than ever?, The third coming of the Anti-Christ, Be careful where you leave your DNA, Hertzog's trouser explosions, and death done right!

Personnel –   Joe Nolan, Kim Monaghan, and Ken Eakins



Facebook knows you’re gay Kim Monaghan – Link Arraigned for being awesome – Link Is Guantanamo Bay worse than ever? - Link Make it stop – Link Some artists are spooky bastards - Link Link 2 New book examines Herzog’s relationship to documentary filmmaking. - Link Live by the gun, die by the gun - Link (Kim)


Funki Porcini Holy Fuck Electric Masada 

BCD - A Tad Dank - Episode 2

2013-03-12 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 55s

Trackulations New Souls - En Orbita Red Elbow Eye- Ancestors Lie Dead Fader ft Sensational- Work It, No Jucumari- Goldberg Variations No.35 Genesee- Digital Analogue Bagpipe Whiskey- Utterly Kiss and the Motivated Vagina Sweet Benfica- Warmy Morning Porvort - Chair Music 5 Thumpermonkey- Toxocatl Zano Bathroom- Circuitry Nursery

Coincidence Control Network: File #042

2013-03-08 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s

Hey, why not come and chat with the hosts, or hit us up with links for future shows on our Facebook page, or our Twitter feed, Kim may reveal himself to you, you lucky, lucky ladies! Personnel –   Joe Nolan, and Kim Monaghan [powerpress] Links:

Florida Man Swallowed by the Earth - Link Bravo, Mexicans, bravo. - link Is Russian Serial Killer also a Wizard - Link Welcome to your Police state - Link Bookish Talking - Amazon won’t Keep Calm and Rape - Link Mundus Subterraneous Now Online - Link Henry and Glenn forever and ever #1- Link  I Need A Wife - Link Jimi Lives - Link


Jimmy Rosso Silver Pyre Benjamin Shaw

Coincidence Control Network: File #041 - Soylent Green Is Horse Meat

2013-02-28 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s

Hey, why not come and chat with the hosts, or hit us up with links for future shows on our Facebook page, or our Twitter feed, Kim may reveal himself to you, you lucky, lucky ladies!

This week: Ken is away in Florida, the home of theme parks, and no Internet, Kim wishes death upon Catholicism,  Is squid actually the rectum of a pig?, Horsemeat burgers, Banksy-mania, and more.

Don't panic! Ken will return soon. Order will be restored. Mic checks will be done before recording, and the lost art of 'fading into music' will be resumed....

Personnel –   Joe Nolan, and Kim Monaghan



Catholicism’s last gasp? Pig Bung Calamari – Link Banksymania –Link


Noise of Trouble Phlex 141G  …

The Viking Youth Power Hour - The Waning Wagon Wanking Along

2013-02-20 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 38s

This episode finds Matt and Alex barfing along, maintaining the viking boat despite dwindling numbers and even more meager interests.

I think Jason shows up later too and he, at least, manages to indulge in some cocktails.

Thanks Cosmic Barista for the cookies!!


Coincidence Control Network: File #040 - Revenge 3D Dicks!

2013-02-13 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s

Hey, why not come and chat with the hosts, or hit us up with links for future shows on our Facebook page, or our Twitter feed, Kim may reveal himself to you, you lucky, lucky ladies!

This week: We talk Star Wars and JJ Abrams, Joe Nolan disses some boffins, Kim mocks another nation, plastic guns, Comic book anarchy, Techno Viking: yesterday's memes, TODAY, and Beyonce is mad for the Illuminati!

Personnel –   Joe Nolan, Kim Monaghan, and Ken Eakins


The Mind of the Universe - Link Kim’s Traditional “Let’s Laugh At The Funny Foreigners Post” - Link Sneaky gun-nuts make a printable gun - Link (3D printed Houses - Link) Anarchy Comics Back on the Rack - Link Why did no-one tell me about Technoviking ? - Link Beyonce and the illuminati - Link

Interludes:  Estradasphere 

BehindClosedDoors: A Tad Dank - Episode 1

2013-02-04 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 52s

Tracks: Devilman – 93 Eyvind Kang – Pure Nothing Busdriver – Arguments With Dreams Phlex – Nordish Smegma Trio – Appiness My Dry Wet Mess – Austere Coincidences Kirameki – John Lennon vs The Martians Citizens – Woolen Mammoth Warm Glow – Gum Down (Owl Babies cover) Stanley Odd – Going Through The Motions   If you want Kim to play your gubbins, get in touch through the site.

BehindClosedDoors - Broadcast #039

2013-01-23 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s


 Kabul Golf Club - 5 Minutes 2 Midnight

Land of Kush’s Egyptian Light Orchestra - The First and the Last

All Dinosaurs - Mongoloid Three Piece Combo - First the bad news

Stanley Odd - Get Out Ma Headspace

Fantomas - Animali In Calore Surriscaldati Con Ipertermia Genitale

Marblemouth - Dear Doe Eyes

Blue Bob - 911

Old Man Gloom - Christmas Eve Pt II

Death Grips - Hustle Bones

Bandwidth - Mountain of Shit

Todd - Happy Easter Florida

Jack Hayter - O,Dreamland !

If you want us to play your band/noise/whatever, drop us a line here. Peace. ***Signal Ends***

Coincidence Control Network: File #039 - Frenchskis and the Apocalypse

2013-01-15 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s

This week: We re-round-up 2012 because we lost the episode to the apocalypse, The great cat conspiracy, The man who was never right, Wales's occult invasion, Religion messes you up...wait, this is news?, and of course...Frenchskis.

Personnel –   Joe Nolan, Raymond Wiley, Kim Monaghan, and Ken Eakins 


I dont think a cat can tape things to itself - link Piers Morgan vs Alex Jones Link I can predict stuff wrong but no-one ever asks me - link Is Wales the “witch capital” of the UK? Link Evidence for what we’ve always known - link Frenchskis - link

Interludes: Secret Chiefs 3  Herve Villechaize

The Viking Youth Power Hour: 2012: Then & Now Part 2

2013-01-06 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 29s

The Vikings want to wish all of you degenerates, heathens and holy fucks a very Merry Christmas! And to celebrate that we decided to post another part of our first official train wreck in 4 years. Jason is sipping on his own personal flask while Cohnny regails us with stories about Korea-town and the King’s Spa in Niles. We hear about tiny jewish penises and the tactless path of the middle-aged ablution.

And what would a discussion of tact and penises be without full disclosure of Jesse Jackson’s workout garb? Everybody have a safe, happy, and sickly drunk holiday. We love almost every one of you! Don’t forget to tune in Friday, December 28 for our next live show!!

BehindClosedDoors - Broadcast #038

2012-12-27 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s


 Pool Boyz - Squeegee Bop

Flint Kids - Triptych 76

Telcosystems - Abu Kiffan

Lemonade Kangaroo - For True

Shhh... - Afterglow

THKAD - Dectal

Black Magician - Ghost Worship

Astrid Engberg - Siberia

MC Lars (feat Sage Francis) - Art of Darkness

Suck Susan -  Fantastic Damage

Black Pyramid - Visions Of Gehenna

Guano Padano - Sleep Walk

Phlex - Beckett  

If you want us to play your band/noise/whatever, drop us a line here. Peace. ***Signal Ends***

The Viking Youth Power Hour - 2012: Then & Now

2012-12-14 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 42s

In an Avengers style team-up, SittingNow is proud to it's rotten guts to be syndicating the new series of the The Viking Youth Power Hour. Now download this shit, and quit dreaming like a pussy!

 [powerpress] Hey everybody, guess what? The Vikings are back! We’re a little bit older, substantially fatter, though somehow we’re worlds smarter, much, much funnier and more prescient than ever before. So, in this, our inaugural show, we discuss that heavy potato… the Apocalypse, of the Mayan sort. Just a warning: this episode does get very technical as we discuss time travel and the finer points of the Mayan’s conception of precession. Without a college degree from an accredited state school, you may not be able to follow this high-minded horse shit.

And then, after we unpack the upcoming Galactic Convergence, we discuss all those tiny korean peckers in the dark heart of the Chicago suburbs.

Fuck you, pay us!

The Viking's are doing live shows, streaming video, chatting and all that good stuff. 

Coincidence Control Network: File #038

2012-11-23 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s

**Sorry for the delay in this episode, I (Ken) have had stomach flu. Now that's a Black Friday!**

This week: DMT Hysteria is Coming to a Suburb Near You, Neil deGrasse Tyson shows Superman where Krypton is, Kim's Oompahlievable, Martian Petrol Pumps, Occupy loses its sass, and those wacky Mormons.

Personnel –   Joe Nolan, Nicholas Pell, Kim Monaghan, and Ken Eakins[powerpress]


DMT Hysteria is Coming to a Suburb Near You - Link  Neil deGrasse Tyson finds Krypton - Link Oompahlievable - Link Putting Mars to Work for Us - Link Occupy Sandy - Link You dont need to talk to Navy Seals to make an FPS - Link LDS on LSD: Mormonism and Entheogens Link  Link


 Secret Chiefs 3  …


2012-11-06 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s

This week: We get down and dirty with some US Election banter! Nick Pell vents...more than usual, Joe Nolan vote swaps, and Ken invokes Alex Jones...badly!

Normal CCN service will resume next week folks. HAIL LEMMY!

Personnel –   Joe Nolan, Nicholas Pell, and Ken Eakins



The Class Issues in the U.S. Election LINK RT’s Third Party Debate LINK Lemmy: Don’t Vote For Romney LINK …

Coincidence Control Network: File #037

2012-10-31 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s

This week: The science behind Halloween monsters, The GTMO beard mystery, Heaven is real? Obama covered Bush, India's black magic capital, wtf is Gangnam Style? The end of days, The conspiracy Tsunami, Kim's 'lephant garde, and Halloween movies you must see.

Personnel –   Joe Nolan, Nicholas Pell, Kim Monaghan, and Ken Eakins[powerpress]


The Science Behind Halloween Monsters -Link The kind of hard hitting investigative reportage we need - Link Confused-Boffin-Talk: Heaven is real, says a Doctor - Link Obama covered Bush’s ass - Link India’s Black Magic Capital - Link Can someone please explain what a Gangnam Style is? - Link Frankenstorm creates conspiracy tsunami - Link lephant Garde  - Link


Messer Chups - Vincent Price Bible Fantomas - Spider baby MC Wrekshin - My house is fucking haunted …

BehindClosedDoors - Broadcast #037

2012-10-28 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s


1. MC Wrekshin - My House is Fucking Haunted!! (feat. Betty Rebel)

2. Burning Love - The Body

3. Phillipe Petit - Pyramid of the Moon

4. Kavinsky - Nightcall

5. Rappy McRapperson - Dino Dude

6. Red Cosmos - I Decided to Love You

7. Barn Owl - Pale Star

8. Junkie Kut - Battlecry

9. College - Real Hero

10. Philm - Sex Amp

11. The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - Giallo

12. Wirewound - Wirewound

13. Bunny & The Electric Horsemen - Tivoli [powerpress]

If you want us to play your band/noise/whatever, drop us a line here. Peace. ***Signal Ends***

Coincidence Control Network: File #036

2012-10-19 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s

This Week: The Space Jump, US fails at human, and civil rights, The Mayor of Mars, Planet spotting, Religious numbers down, Hulk Hogan vs. Bubba the Love Sponge, The CIA Skyhook is freaking real!, Geeks in Greece, John Lydon: still a twonk, and The Media Minute. Personnel –   Joe Nolan, Nicholas Pell, and Ken Eakins[powerpress]

 Links Gary McKinnon - Link  Richard O’Dwyer - Link Mayor of Mars - Mars Rovers in Social Media Standoff  Link Amateurs discover a planet with four suns - Link Welcome to the rest of the modern world America - Link Hulk Hogan to Sue Bubba the Love Sponge - Link CIA Skyhook was real - Link Greek Strikes Delay Trial for Czech “Spies” Link John Lydon, Still a Cunt After All These Years - Link T Rex classic gets deluxe re-release Link Messy Isn’t It - The Life and Works of Richard Brautigan on BBC Link Interludes  shhh... - Junk Kick Baby Dicepticon - Pickled Punk MC Lars - History's Greatest Assholes …

BehindClosedDoors - Broadcast #036

2012-10-06 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 2s

I mean, seriously, you know it'll happen.  

1. Laborintus - Part 2

2. Dead in the Dirt - Bastards of the Bleak

3. Kingbastard - Rocking Chair

4. Bohren Und Der Club of Gore - Zombies Never Die (Blues)

5. Lovage - Pit Stop (Take Me Home)

6. Undersmile - Myra

7. Horse Latitudes - Hornblas

8. Badun - I Can Not Remember My Funk School

9. Citizens - Old Flame

10. Necro Deathmort - Wretched hag

11. Old Man Gloom - To Carry The Flame

12. Dinner For One - Junoflo and Evolv

13. Broken Shoulder -Oak and Mirrors

If you want us to play your band/noise/whatever, drop us a line here. Peace.

***Signal Ends***

Coincidence Control Network: File #035

2012-09-27 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s

This Week: Pre-Italy Italian Pyramids, Anti-Blasphemy Laws Coming Soon, Free the old!, Robot Cancer Ass-Snakes, Nader Savers, Dawn of the Zombie Bees, Castration ftw!, Free Gary Johson...sort of, Bad Pharma, Ornette Coleman, and Pure Pwnage: Teh Movie. Personnel –   Joe Nolan, Nicholas Pell, and Ken Eakins [powerpress] Links

Etruscan Pyramids Found in Italy - Link Anti-Blasphemy Laws Coming Soon to a Country Near You - Link Free the Old! - Link Science News: Robot Snakes to Fight Cancer, through...your...ass! - Link Nader Calls Obama a “War Criminal” - Link Dawn of the Zombie Bees Link Want to live longer? Get Castrated! - Link Gary Johnson Files Lawsuit to Get Into Debates - Link Bad Pharma! Book preview/recommend from Boing-Boing Link Pure Pwnage: Teh Movie - Link Movie: Ornette Coleman: Made in America Link


Biosphere …

Coincidence Control Network: File #034

2012-09-19 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s

This Week: Tesla gets some props, Ruby Ridge Remembered, Tom Cruise's Wife Auctioning Process, The 100 year Spaceship, Jump to Warp Drive, Book Reviews, and The Summer Movie Roundup Personnel –   Joe Nolan, and Ken Eakins [powerpress] Links

Let’s build a goddamn Tesla Museum - Link, Link 20 Years Later and the Mentality Behind Ruby Ridge is Alive and Well - Link Tom Cruise’s Wife Auditioning Process - Link Space News: The 100 year spaceship project - Link Space News: IRL Warp Drive - Link Book: Kill Decision by Daniel Suarez - Link Book: Richard Brautigan Biography - Link and Link

Interludes MC Lars - Scientology = WTF? Deltron 3030 - Things You Can Do David McCallum - 1-2-3

Coincidence Control Network: File #033

2012-08-29 :: (Ken Eakins (WSH Media)) Length: 1s

This week: Men find a new reason to annoy women, Space Elevators!, The art of Jesus, Toddler Fight Club!, Blatent bribery, Don't roof-rack me bro!, Israeli courts are asshats, RIP Jerry 'Count Bon Count' Nelson, and Doug Lain's love-affair with Zizek continues. Personnel –   Nicholas Pell, Douglas Lain, and Ken Eakins [powerpress] Links

Science: Men get PMS - Link Space Elevator by 2020 - Link botched art restoration of Jesus goes viral - Link Toddler Fight-Club - Link Corporate bribery on display at conventions - Link Israeli court wrongs Rachel Corrie? - Link RIP Jerry ‘Count Von Count’ Nelson - Link Slavoj Zizek sequel hits the Film Festival circuit - Link

Interludes Hits from Rappy McRapperson's 'Live at the Amway Arena'

SittingNow TV begins this month with the Summer of Love

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