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RobOnt Radio Episode 154 – Hello Out There!

2011-09-19 :: Rob, Jason, Dan and Paul Length: 51s
Well hello dare children! Do you know we did an episode waaaaaay back on May 9th and me being the lazy bastard I am, I never got around to posting it, until now that is. So I bet you’re wondering what the show was about… How the fuck am I supposed to remember it was [...]…

RobOnt Radio Episode 153 – Blue Waffles

2011-01-04 :: Rob, Jason, Dan and Paul Length: 1s
Happy New Year(s) fine people of the internetz… We are back to celebrate 5 years of sporadic shows Lots to discuss, and for the first time in a long time we’re ALL back for this episode.. with the webcam on.. staring at the Cleavland Cuck… And dreaming of blue waffles… and if you’re wondering what [...]…

RobOnt Radio Episode 152 – Oh Hai!!

2010-11-09 :: Rob, Jason, Dan and Paul Length: 49s
And would you look at that? A new episode? Could it really be? Yes my friends it could be and in fact is After 6+ months 3/4 of us got back together on a Monday night to record an episode for y’awl. Obviously a ton of stuff to discuss, most important of all, did Egotastic [...]…

110110 Bitchz

November 1st the band will be back together… stay tuned for more details soon…

RobOnt Radio Episode 151 – Born Again

2010-05-18 :: Rob, Jason, Dan and Paul Length: 54s
Can it be? After a month and a half absence we’re back? And who exactly is back? We know it ain’t Ronnie James Dio, cuz he died…. Could the same fate have fallen upon some of the RoR crew… More importantly, what would the guys that are here say about banging while kids are in [...]…

Watch Amy Schumer This Friday at 11:30pm On Comedy Central!

Well Kim was supposed to be our hiatus post, but we’ll give to someone way more deserving.. Couple of episodes back Jason turned us onto Amy Schumer, we thought she was genuinely hysterical and yapped about her during the show, we watched some of her shit, and found out she was rather hot as well, [...]…

RobOnt Radio Episode 150 – We’re Hiatusing Aieght?

2010-03-30 :: Rob, Jason, Dan and Paul Length: 1s
OK before I get too far into the usual bullshit you’re probably asking yourself why there is a nekkid pic of Kim Kardashian here? Well you see, it’s kinda related to this episode, I mean I would have rather had a nekkid picture of comedianne  Jackie Nicholson, I mean she’s a fine piece of ass [...]…

RobOnt Radio Episode 149 – Amy Schumer We Wanna Bang Your Ass

2010-03-23 :: Rob, Jason, Dan and Paul Length: 50s
Two episodes left until our hiatus so you would think we would have a lot to talk about… Well you would be horribly wrong, but then again most of you guys know that we’re lazy bastards by now.. How lazy? Well we start the show off by playing Rock Band… ok maybe not playing, we [...]…

RobOnt Radio 148 – Admit it, you’d eat Jessica Simpson’s ass and tell the world

2010-03-16 :: Rob, Jason, Dan and Paul Length: 1s
And we’re back with the third last show before hiatus time, on the table tonight is a rather thick (and in all the right places if you ask me) looking Jessica Simpson, and a debate over whether or not it’s cool to yap about banging someone, Kate Winslet’s edible and newly single ass, Adrianne Curry’s [...]…

RobOnt Radio 147 – Chin Up Boys

2010-03-09 :: Rob, Jason, Dan and Paul Length: 1s
OK so if you’re sitting there (as I am right now) looking at this picture and the title of this episode and thinking to yourself ( and rightly so), “What the fuck is wrong with these people?!?!?”, this is sooooooooo NOT the episode for you. Actually it’s also probably not the episode for any decent [...]…

RobOnt Radio 146 – Ohhh Canada

2010-03-02 Length: 1h 24m 58s
And we return with an all new episode of RoR, and a first because we spend most of the episode doing sports talk. Lots on the table with the closing of the Olympics including the love shown us by those dear newspapers in Russia and England,…

RobOnt Radio 145 – Plain Ole Generic Us

2010-02-16 Length: 1h 4m 17s
Kick'n it old school this evening with just Jason and lil ole moi, doing one of those old time RoR shows, Ron Stubbings calls in, we talk about the Olympics, make fun of people we shouldn't really be making fun of....…

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